One perfect book for C++

"C++ Coding Standard"  is really an excellent book. It doesnt tell you one special technogoly or some abstruse theory, while it has told yo...

2007-10-28 13:23:00

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Further & Further on my way

Our project is in a "mostly done but not finished" phase. I think this is the period in which we could check our design and coding quality ...

2007-10-23 17:26:00

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[Effective STL] finished!

 It takes me several weeks to finish reading this book. In fact, I read this book not in detail, just with a glance over. I need to read this book se...

2007-10-19 20:22:00

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Testing is Significant!

I hated testing. I thought it was trivial & unnecessary. After these days work, Ive totally pulled down my former opinion on testing. My tasks in...

2007-10-18 21:07:00

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There's always gap between Idealism & Realism

I thought the STL is good enough for solving kinds of issues. But I have to say NO to STL many times now. - STL has different implementations & d...

2007-10-15 11:16:00

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重温Linux源代码 -- 启动代码


2007-10-07 16:45:00

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