《A Discipline of Software Engineering》

朋友推荐一本书《A Discipline of Software Engineering》,对于在程序人生中迷茫已久的我来说,这本书无疑是天降甘露。


有点做广告的嫌疑了,呵呵。但在 WATTS S.HUMPHREY 这本书中特别强调的是 "own" 和 "personal" 。PSP ( Personal Software Process ) 给出的只是一个目标以及通向这个目标的大致方向,每个程序员所“走”的 process 应该都是不同的、各有特色的、适合本人的。


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Progress in software engineering has been remarkable over my professional lifetime. Our societies could not function without large, professional software systems. For building business systems, there is an alphabet soup of technologies—J2EE, .NET, SaaS, SAP, BPEL4WS, SOAP, CBSE, etc.—that support the development and deployment of large enterprise applications. National utilities and infrastructure— energy, communications, and transport—all rely on complex and mostly reliable computer systems. Software has allowed us to explore space and to create the World Wide Web, the most significant information system in the history of mankind. Humanity is now faced with a new set of challenges—climate change and extreme weather, declining natural resources, an increasing world population to be fed and housed, international terrorism, and the need to help elderly people lead satisfying and fulfilled lives. We need new technologies to help us address these problems and, for sure, software will play a central role in these technologies. Software engineering is, therefore, a critically important technology for the future of mankind. We must continue to educate software engineers and develop the discipline so that we can create more complex software systems. Of course, there are still problems with software projects. Software is still sometimes late and costs more than expected. However, we should not let these problems conceal the real successes in software engineering and the impressive software engineering methods and technologies that have been developed. Software engineering is now such a huge area that it is impossible to cover the whole subject in one book. My focus, therefore, is on key topics that are fundamentalto all development processes and topics concerned with the development of reliable, distributed systems. There is an increased emphasis on agile methods and software reuse. I strongly believe that agile methods have their place but so too does ‘traditional’ plan-dri
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