A Business Creed 《职业信条》




A Business Creed 《职业信条》


To respect my work, my associates andmyself. To be honest and fair with them as I expect them to be honest and fairwith me. To be a man whose word carries weight. To be a booster, not a knocker;a pusher, not a kicker; a motor, not a clog.



To base my expectations of reward on asolid foundation of service rendered; to be willing to pay the price of successin honest effort. To look upon my work as opportunity, to be seized with joyand made the most of, and not as painful drudgery to be reluctantly endured.



To remember that success lies withinmyself; in my own brain, my own ambition, my own courage and determination. Toexpect difficulties and force my way through them, to turn hard experiencesinto capital for future struggles.



To interest my heart and soul in mywork, and aspire to the highest efficiency in the achievement of results. To bepatiently receptive of just criticism and profit from its teaching. To treatequals and superiors with respect, and subordinates with kindly encouragement..



To make a study of my business duties;to know my work from the ground up. To mix brains with my efforts and usesystem and method in all I undertake. To find time to do everything needful bynever letting time find me or my subordinates doing nothing. To hoard days as amiser does dollars, to make every hour bring me dividends in specific resultsaccomplished. To steer clear of dissipation and guard my health of body andpeace of mind as my most precious stock in trade.



Finally, to take a good grip on the joyof life; to play the game like a gentleman; to fight against nothing so hard asmy own weakness, and endeavor to grow in business capacity, and as a man, withthe passage of every day of time.




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