Doxywizard 代码注释及生成帮助文档chm、pdf

1、Doxygen C++注释规范请参考:




           As we know, Doxygen is a very convenient tool to generate documentation of widespread formats. Usually, the output format is HTML, and doxygen can generate HTML directly. However, It needs extra work to generate PDF documentation, because doxygen only generate Latex files which can be transformed to pdf.

Generate Latex files

           Suppose you are familiar with doxygen, otherwise, you need to learn to use doxygen before you read this document.

           To generate a pdf file, you should enable output format Latex, set the tag GENERATE_LATEX  and LATEX_OUTPUT to Yes. Also, to improve the quality of the pdf, the tag  PDF_HYPERLINKS and  USE_PDFLATEXneed to be set to yes.

            After then, run doxygen, then latex files will be generated in the output directory under the directory “latex”.

Convert Latex to PDF

             Now you have latex files, you need to transform the latex files to pdf. There are several tools that you can use. One popular one is MikTex. It is free to use, you can find the software at

At the windows command line,in the generated file latex directory, execute make instructions to generate PDF documents.