Connect to E680i on linux

Linux: gentoo
Kernel: 2.6.15

Confirm your kernel support usblan, acm modem and usbnet zaurus feature.
In my linux config files: /usr/src/linux/.config files:

Connect the e680i on the computer with usb link.
# modprobe cdc_acm

Thus you can find the Motorola modem device on you /dev directory. My device file name  is /dev/ttyACM0. If you can't find the device name, you can use "dmesg" command to find more information.

usb 2-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 6
cdc_acm 2-2:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device

#echo at+mode=99 > /dev/ttyACM0

The e680 will switch to usbd mode. and config the ip address. Maybe the usblan driver on window can send the ip address to e680i, so it can get the ip address "". The e680i usblan driver on linux is "Zaurus" witch is the standard driver. I found that the files on e680i /etc/hotplug/network_fd.agent can setup the ip address as . so we can config the usblan's ip as "" on our PC.

#modprobe zaurus

Load the zaurus usb net driver.

#ifconfig -a

Confirm the zaurus usbnet interface name. On my laptop is "usb0"

#ifconfig usb0

Connected to e680i.
Escape character is '^]'.

MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition 3.0
Linux/armv5tel 2.4.20_mvlcee30-mainstone

(none) login:

Login as root. You can enter the e680i .

Have fun.