1.– Good morning, General Computers. How can I help you ?
– Good morning. May I speak to Ms. Jerkins, please? I need to know if she has worked out the project plan yet.
2.– We have to sort out the most talented programmers for this significant project.
– Well, Beth is always keeping track of the programmers’ performances. You can ask for his opinion.
3.– You mean we have to depend on our clients in finding a best solution?
– No, what I meant was that they must play a more active role in defining the software. They need to brief us on their exact needs.
4.– So far we have figured out the one best solution for our project.
– Great. What did you come up with?Tell me about it.
5.– You said your team won’t use Java. That doesn’t sound like you.
– Well, because of the current schedule of this project, our programmers won’t have enough time to get familiar with Java. Only three of us are certified Java programmers.


6.– What if we just used a free scheduling software to keep track of the progress? That would save quit a bit.
I’m afraid that’s not workable. I don’t know of any decent free scheduler.
7.– I think if we use the legacy HTML files instead of putting together new stuff with ASP.NET, we’ll save a whole lot of time.
– But there is no way we would give thousands of HTML files to the clients. We don’t deliver inferior products.
8.– We’d really appreciate it if you can port the software to GNU/Linux environment, as long as that won’t be a big problem for you.
I understand you concern. But do we have to release it as free software under the GPL license?
9.– We have to reschedule. I think that’s why we’re all here today. Well, do you think it’s better if we develop the software in multiple versions?
That sounds great. We will win a lot of extra time if we can persuade the client.
10.– Do you mean that our program crashed due to a security leak? But according to our investigation, the downtime was due to a vulnerability in your Windows system.
I see your point. Thank you for the information. Maybe we need to update our operating system more often.


11.– In my opinion, we’ll need to spend more time on the design phase.
– I agree, but now that we’ve spent an extra week in recruitment, we really have little time left.
12.– Well, the current design is quite enough.That is to say,we have nearly everything we need.
– All right. Send me the design specs, and I’ll have a look.
13.– I think it may be better to design a new developing environment for this project.
– I don’t know, but what if the new platform cost us too much and affected our rate of progress?
14.– We can’t drop the current design and make another just based on your report.
– Well, I’ve said enough. Most importantly, please consider its feasibility.
15– The new component sounds good. Could you tell me more about its functions?
– OK.In short, it provides a speech recognition interface for users to input text.


16.– I figured that there would be a new engineer assigned to our group.
Precisely! The young man over there will be on our team from next Monday.
17.– Well, Ms. Jones.I called to ensure that you have everything you need.
– Thanks, Mr. Brown. But could you tell me more about the architecture of the new codes?
18. – The point is, we can’t spend more than one month in designing. That’s too costly.
– I tend to disagree. Well, maybe we need to look into this some more.
19.– Would you mind telling Mike that a design document is ready for his inspection?
– Well, I guess he should be available by now. I’d better transfer you through to him.
20.– That’s an absolutely great idea!You are really something!
– Thank you for your comment. I guess we’d better run this past our Project Manager first.


21.– It would be better to gradually work our way up to these new projects next year.
– I agree. That way, it might demonstrate a year’s worth of understanding as opposed to this mad dash to meet deadlines.
22.– Please remember to be strict about deadlines. We expect all the group members to complete the work they’ve committed themselves to.
– Thanks, Mr. Johnson. This time around, we won’t let you down.
23.– Oh, it should be something like this: a complex system that handles and verifies all the connections.
– I’ve got it. You advice is of great help to us.
24.– For a systems analyst, I guess it is essential to be familiar with UML or other modeling languages.
– Right.On the other hand, developers should also learn to speak the same language.
25.– You seem to have something in your mind. Just go ahead.
– Actually, I think the current design is flawed in terms of its feasibility. We can review it from another perspective.


26.–I guess a new year is a good time for breaking old habits. We should start to make the new development regulations work from now on.
– That sounds great, but are you sure your guys have made the regulations clear enough to put into effect?
27.– There is a problem with the syntax in these lines. Have you checked the code yourself?
– Ah, I am terribly sorry, please let me jot down these lines, and I’ll get around to them as soon as possible.
28.– Well, I assume it would be much better if class names, variables, and comments were in bold or in a different color.
– Thanks for your advice, but I’d better stick to the conventions set by my company.
29.– OK, everyone.That’s about all for this session of our meeting. In the next session, we’ll have group discussions about what we’ve learn today.
I’m sorry to say that I am still confused about one thing: why can’t we capitalize the first word in a function name?
30.– The good news is, with the new platform, programmers will get down to business faster with hundreds of compatible products and integrated solutions.
– Maybe, they just have to spend a lot of time to get ready for this new change.


31.– You really have got a grasp of this whole project, Jim.
– Thank you. I’m just acting on the work plan and sticking to it.
32.– I really wish those new hires could get on the right track as soon as possible.
– Well, I believe it’s important to allow time for things to mature, for mistakes to be made, and for lessons to be learned.
33.– What do you think is the most important thing for anyone who is in charge of a software project?
– I guess the most important thing is to keep on top of scientific and technological progress.
34.– OK, it seems there’s no problem that we’re aware of in this agreement.
– Does that mean we’re finally able to sign off on it? It has already taken us two months.
35.– This work package is assigned to two developers from Ace Corp.One of them will write the code, and the other will test it.
– And I’d like to add that they will be in close cooperation with the rest of the team.


36.– I feel I really can’t go over all these documents today. They are too long.
– Why don’t we put over hands together on this? Two heads are better than one.
37.– I would very much like to put more time and effort into this project, but I already have another project at hand, so I have no choice but to select someone else who has the time, talent, knowledge and skills to complete it.
– Well, you can largely put this project on hold, and resume it after the other is completed.
38.– Sorry to be so blunt, but you guys have to learn to listen or this whole project will continue to get bad comments and eventually it will die.
– The point is, we have no more than five people on our team. How the hell can we succeed?
39.– I guess some of you would still question the decision to leave him out of our team, right?
– I just think you should consult with more shareholders before you make such an important decision.
40.– Actually, we just need to know how much time to allot ourselves to unit test. We have no idea at all.
– You can carry it out soon after an important module is finished, or you may wait till all the modules are finished and do it once for all.


41.– The fact is,the sooner we finish this project,the more satisfied our clients will be.
– But if we don’t take time to specify their exact requirements, we might end up giving something they don’t want.
42– We are asked to design the program to be flexible enough for general use in mathematics. This is highly demanding, and we needed to do a lot more research on its design.
– Yeah, we had better assemble a team of mathematicians and make use of their expertise.
43.– How can I trace down the cause of this crash? Is there anything on the application manual?
– Well, oh, the manual says: this can be done if you proceed as follows.
44.– My home page started out as just a flat list of files.What a pain in the neck!
– Calm down, Jessie. Have you checked the settings concerning the location of the home page file?
45.– Why don’t we let those who are responsible for coding the program do the testing by themselves? It’s more economical and may ensure quality.
– It’s a good idea but doesn’t come up with our client’s expectations. They require professional test engineers to do the job.

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