Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure [ID 1312225.1]
Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure [ID 1312225.1]

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  Scope and Application
  Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure
     Validate Existing Clusterware
     Patch Pre-upgrade Clusterware Home
     Start OUI to Install GI
     Patch GI Before Executing
     Patch GI After Executed
     Scalability RAC Community

Applies to:

Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: and later   [Release: 11.2 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


This document is to list known issues to avoid, areas to consider to have smooth upgrade to 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure.

Scope and Application

This document is intended for Oracle Clusterware Administrators and Oracle Support engineers.

For Exadata, refer to the following note for details:

note 1315926.1 - to Database Upgrade on Exadata Database Machine

Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure is a full release, any pre-11.2 Oracle Clusterware (CRS) can be upgraded to directly; also started from 11gR2, in-place patchset upgrade is not supported, any patchset must be installed into a new HOME (out-of-place upgrade).

Validate Existing Clusterware

Before starting OUI to install Grid Infrastructure (GI in short), verify existing environments with the following to eliminate the chance of hitting known issues.

  • The GI owner must be the same as the existing clusterware owner (crs owner for pre-11.2 or GI owner for to avoid the issue in Document 1067606.1
  • ASMCA may fail due to non-default ASM instance names or different username for CRS and ASM in pre-11.2, refer to Document 1113073.1 for details.
  • Unset Oracle related environment variables especially ORA_CRS_HOME before starting OUI or before executing any root script for both root and grid user. For details, refer to Document 952925.1 - NETCA & ASMCA Fail during Upgrade of CRS/ASM to Grid Infrastructure 11gR2
  • The output of the following CVU command should be free of errors, refer to Section "Start OUI" for known CVU issues, refer to Document 986822.1 for instructions how to enable CVU tracing.
$INSTALL_DIR/ stage -pre crsinst -n <node1>,<node2>,<node3>.. -verbose
  • The IP addresses for the public and private networks should not be in a link local subnet (169.254.*.*) and should be in unrelated, separate subnets to avoid the issue in Document 1062682.1. Refer to Document 1054902.1 Section "G. Basics of Subnet" for more information on subnet.
  • The output of "ifconfig" for the private network adapter and the cluster_interconnect part of the "oifcfg getif" command output  should be consistent in regards to the network adapter name and the subnet.
  • Public/VIP network information should be consistent to avoid the issue documented in Document 1296579.1 - PRVF-10205 : The VIPs do not all share the same subnet.
  • The length of GI owner uid should be less than 7 digits in order to avoid the issue documented in Document 10379703.8
  Document 983713.1 - HP-UX: 11gR2 runInstaller Fails with "An internal error occurred within cluster verification framework"

  <Documentnote 1085154.1> - Solaris: 11gR2 runInstaller Fails with "An internal error occurred within cluster verification framework"

  Document 986657.1 - AIX: runInstaller Warns INS-13001 while CLUVFY Reports "Reference data is not available for verifying prerequisites on this operating system distribution"
  • The CSS parameter "diagwait" ("crsctl get css diagwait") should either be unset(output shows "Configuration parameter diagwait is not defined") or set to a small value (13 or less) to avoid issue in Document 1102283.1 - 11gR2 Fails as cssvfupgd Can not Upgrade Voting Disk
  • On AIX, should finish successfully with no "Text file busy" messages before starting OUI to avoid the issue in Document 1053055.1 - 11gR2 Fails as "Symbol ras_arg_t (number 8) is not exported from dependent module". Output of is saved in /tmp/rootpre.out_${TIMESTAMP}.
  • On Windows, network adapter should not have invalid netmask to avoid issue in Document 1252334.1 - Grid Infrastructure Configuration Fails as MDNSD can not Register on Network Adapter with Invalid Mask
  • ASM init.ora/pfile/spfile should not have parameters like SGA_TARGET, SGA_MAX_SIZE, SHARED_POOL_SIZE, and LARGE_POOL_SIZE to avoid "ORA-00600 ksxpmprp1" error.

Patch Pre-upgrade Clusterware Home

Rolling Upgrade Related:

The following issues may be encountered during a rolling ASM upgrade (migration). These issues will not happen when performing a non rolling upgrade.

To perform non rolling upgrade, stop pre-upgrade CRS/GI on all nodes, install new GI(i.e. on all nodes and then execute on one node at a time sequentially. If new GI is installed when pre-upgrade clusterware stack is up, either execute from new GI_HOME/crs/config or remove and reinstall when pre-upgrade clusterware stack is down.

  • Unpublished Bug:9329767, it happens only when upgrading from pre-11.2 to or from to higher version (i.e. It could happen on any node and when it happens, ASM fails to start with ORA-00600 [kjbmmchkinteg:from]. The patch needs to be applied to home, the original one-off Patch:9329767 can not be applied in rolling fashion, Bug:12652740 contains same fix but can be rolling applied.
  • Unpublished Bug:10229886 - ASM rolling upgrade to could fail as lmd process fails to start with ORA-7445 [kernel_vsyscall] / ORA-7445 [SKGXPIVRCV] / ORA-7445 [GSIGNAL], fixed in
  @Call stack of bug 10229886/10321596:
  @ gsignal abort assert_fail skgxp_assert skgxpivrcv skgxpvrcv ksxpqrcvb ..
  • Bug:9941757 - Upgrade from ASM INSTANCES FAILED TO START with error "ORA-15163: cluster not in rolling downgrade" after restart of GI on all nodes but before finishs on last nodes, fixed in and workaround is to:
- Log in as sysasm on a node that is already upgraded to and execute: alter system start rolling migration to '';
- Start ASM on the problematic node, preferably via crsctl
- Upgrade ASM to on the problem node (ex: through script)
- Confirm all ASM instances are running
- If rolling upgrade is still in progress, run 'alter system stop rolling migration' on any ASM instance.

Other Issues:

Start OUI to Install GI

OUI calls CVU to check most components relevant for the clusterware installation, for common 11gR2 GI OUI errors and explanations/solutions, refer to note 1056713.1; to turn on debugging for OUI, refer to note 1056322.1

Below is a list of various OUI and CVU errors/warnings and explanations/solutions.

  • Document 887471.1 - PRVF-4664 PRVF-4657: Found inconsistent name resolution entries for SCAN name
  • Document 1267569.1 - PRVF-5449 : Check of Voting Disk location "ORCL:<diskname>(ORCL:<diskname>)" failed
  • Document 1233505.1 - Checklist for PRVF-10037 : Failed to retrieve storage type for xx on node xx
  • Document 1271996.1 - Grid Install Fails with SEVERE: [FATAL] [INS-13013], and PRVF-5640 or a Warning in "Task resolv.conf Integrity"
  • Document 1051763.1 - INS-20802 PRVF-4172 Reported after Successful Upgrade to 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure
  • Document 1056195.1 - INS-20702 Reported during 11gR2 Installation on getSharedPartitionListCVU
  • Document 970166.1 - INS-20702 "checkFreeDiskSpace" Reported During 11gR2 Installation
  • Document 1056693.1 - How to Configure NTP or Windows Time to Resolve CLUVFY Error PRVF-5436 PRVF-9652
  • Document 974481.1 - INS-20802 PRVF-9802 PRVF-5184 PRVF-5186 Reported after Successful Upgrade to 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

Patch GI Before Executing

GI bundle patches/PSUs are accumulative and contain fixes to the most critical issues, it is recommended to apply the latest available bundle patch/PSU to avoid: 1). known issues that may prevent the root script from succeeding. 2). known issues that are not particular to the upgrade but could happen while the clusterware is being upgraded. At the time of this writing, PSU 2 patch 12311357 is the latest one.

To apply patches to the GI home before the script is executed, only run the "opatch napply" command. For example, to apply PSU 2, as grid user execute the following on all nodes:

$ <>/OPatch/opatch napply -oh <> -local <UNZIPPED_PATCH_LOCATION>/12311357
$ <>/OPatch/opatch napply -oh <> -local <UNZIPPED_PATCH_LOCATION>/11724916

  • One of the top issues that causes the script to fail in is multicast not working for group, Patch:9974223 introduces support for the additional group and has been included in bundle 1 and above, refer to Document 1212703.1 for more details. Patch:9974223 may cause issue on AIX, refer to Document 1329597.1 for solutions.
  • The failure to start HAIP may cause the script to fail, Bug:11077756 will allow the script to continue even if HAIP fails to start, the fix has been included in bundle 2 and above. For more issues in the HAIP area, refer to Document 1210883.1 for more details.
  • Failure to install Oracle Kernel Service could cause the script to fail, for details, refer to Document 1265276.1 - ACFS-9327 ACFS-9121 ACFS-9310: ADVM/ACFS installation failed
  • ora.crf resource may fail to start on Solaris with "CRS-2674: Start of 'ora.crf' on '<nodename>' failed", refer to Document 1289922.1 for details
  • Watch out root script output for "Configure Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster ... failed", if it shows up, it means that the root script has failed and corrective action is needed, refer to Document 969254.1 for details.


When switching to the root user in order to execute, "su -" or "su - root" provides the full root environment, while sudo, pbrun, "su root" or "su" or similar facilities don't always do the same. It is recommended to execute with full root environment to avoid issues documented in the following notes:

  • Document 1315203.1 - ACFS Drivers Fail To Install During Root.Sh Execution Of GI Standalone On AIX
  • Document 1235944.1 - 11gR2 Fails as crsd.bin Does not Come up due to Wrong ulimit
  • Document 1259874.1 - Fails as the ora.asm resource is not ONLINE or PROTL-16 due to Wrong umask
  • Document 1141963.1 - 11gR2 Fails as Environment Variable PATH Points to Wrong crsctl First

If fails, refer to Document 1050908.1 and Document 1053970.1 for troubleshooting steps.

Patch GI After Executed

Here's a list of known critical issues that are affecting GI, many of them have been fixed by latest PSU.

  • Bug:11871469 - ORAAGENT CHECK TASK IS TIMING OUT WHICH IS FORCING THE AGENT TO ABORT AND EXIT, fixed in, 12.1 and one-off Patch:12347844 exists
  • Bug:10034417 - OHASD.BIN TAKING 95-100% CPU ON AN IDLE SYSTEM, fixed Bundle2,
  • Bug:10374874 - RBAL GOT UNRESPONSIVE WAITING FOR A RESPONSE FROM OCSSD, fixed in, one-off patches exist
  • Bug:10131381 - PROCESS PERSISTS AFTER INSTANCE SHUTDOWN, fixed in Bundle1,
  • Bug:9336825 - Repeated error "CRS-2332:Error pushing GPnP profile to "mdns:service:gpnp._tcp.local.://racnode1:16739/agent=gpnpd,cname=crs,host=racnode1,pid=17182/gpnpd h:racnode1 c:crs"" in clusterware alert<nodename>.log, fixed in bundle2,
  • Bug:9897335 - Instance alert.log Flooded With "NOTE: [emcrsp.bin@racnode1 (TNS V1-V3) 3159] opening OCR file", refer to Document 1307063.1 for details.
  • Bug:10056593 - Failed to add (property/value):('OLD_OCR_ID/'-1') for checkpoint:ROOTCRS_OLDHOMEINFO.Error code is 256, fixed in, the warning is ignorable
  • Bug:10371451 - CSSD aborting from thread GMClientListener, refer to Document 1306137.1 - "ocssd.bin Fails to Start: clssgmPeerListener: connected to 1 of 3" for details

For known issues that affect each bundle, refer to Document 1272288.1 - Grid Infrastructure Bundle Known Issues


Bug:10205230 - ORA-600 or Data Corruption possible during shutdown normal/transactional/immediate of RAC instances in a rolling fashion, refer to Document 1318986.1 for details

Bug:10121931 - DBCA CONFIGURE DATABASE OPTION DISABLED IF 11201 DATABASE PRESENT, refer to Document 10121931.8 for more details, one-off patches exist

Bug:11069614 - RDBMS INSTANCE CRASH DUE TO SLOW REAP OF GIPC MESSAGES ON CMT SYSTEMS, refer to Document 1287709.1 - "ocssd.bin High CPU Usage and Instance Crashes With ORA-29770" for details

Refer to Document 1179474.1 for Patch Set Availability and Known Issues

Refer to Document 948456.1 for Known Issues Between Pre-11.2 Database and 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

Refer to Document 810394.1 for RAC and Oracle Clusterware Starter Kit and Best Practices

Scalability RAC Community

To discuss this topic further with Oracle experts and industry peers, we encourage you to review, join or start a discussion in the My Oracle Support Scalability RAC Community.


NOTE:1114533.1 - 11.2.0.x Oracle Database and Networking Patches for Microsoft Platforms
NOTE:1201253.1 - Actions For DST Updates When Upgrading To Or Applying The Patchset
NOTE:810394.1 - RAC and Oracle Clusterware Best Practices and Starter Kit (Platform Independent)
NOTE:948456.1 - Pre 11.2 Database Issues in 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Environment


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