LTE 5G UDN 小站的春天?


Workshopreview: Small Cells and License Exempt Spectrum: Carrier Wi-Fi, Wi-FiCalling and LAA


SmallCells World 2015 and Small Cell Forum ad hoc plenary took place inLondon last week. Once again, experts came together to shareknowledge across small cell, Wi-Fi, and backhaul technologies.

上周SmallCell World 2015SmallCell Forum 全体会议在伦敦召开。专家们再次齐聚,并共享SmallCell, Wi-Fi和回传技术相关的知识。

However,some of the strongest technical discussion occurred during the annualSmall Cell Forum Friday workshop – this year titled Small Cells andLicense Exempt Spectrum: Carrier Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling and LAA. Thosethat attended were treated to expert debate and presentation fromindustry leaders including Caroline Gabriel, Mark Grayson, MonicaPaolini, and Simon Saunders. It was evident from the sessionthat moving forward solving the HetNet will drive the Small CellForum activities as small cell deployments expand globally.

不出意外,好戏总是在后头。周五的小站论坛年度工作坊上进行了几场最热烈的讨论-此次讨论的主题是SmallCells 和免费频谱: 运营级Wi-FiWiFi呼叫和LAA。参与人员既参与了专家辩论,也看了工业界领袖门的展示,包括CarolineGabrielMarkGrayson, Monica Paolini, and Simon Saunders。本次活动看来,在smallcell全球部署风头正劲之时,解决HetNet相关问题将推进小站论坛蓬勃发展。

Smallcell deployments have entered the period of continued growth with theindustry moving towards the integrated HetNet. With this increase indensification, integration of all the available technologies iscritical to support the significant growth of IP trafficglobally. LTE Unlicensed supports a high spectral efficiencywith solid device management and performance under trafficload. Operators will have a choice of technologies between LAAand LWA. LAA uses carrier aggregation principles with the Licensedand the unlicensed spectrum bands both operating LTE to increase theoverall bandwidth of the offered service where as LWA integrates theLicensed LTE service with legacy Wi-Fi services to aggregate theoffered bandwidth. Some of the most recent efforts in theindustry have been to ensure fair operation of the LAA technology inthe presence of legacy Wi-Fi service through listen-before-talkfunctionality.  Operators are driving towards these abilities toincrease the bandwidth and overall performance to cellularsubscribers, but not with performance impact to Wi-Fi subscribers.


Theproductive debate over the merits of LAA, LWA, and general Wi-Fiservice associated with Small Cells is expected to producesignificant discussion and industry direction over the next few SmallCell Forum plenary sessions, starting with the meeting in Septemberin Rome.  

While unlicensed spectrum is mainly utilized forWi-Fi access today, cellular mobility use is expected to supportsubscriber performance amid the exponential trafficgrowth. Supporting this ever increasing traffic demand requiresefficient operation with all available spectrum.  With smallcells deployments rapidly expanding, there is no better opportunityto set the industry direction than with participation in the SmallCell Forum.