my comments on one child policy in China

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    Actually, many of my foreign friends are keeping on asking me the same questions: Why China has the policy that one couple can only have one kid? It's really hard for a foreigner to completely understand what's going on in China.
    The problem is China has a huge population base already, can you imagine the situation that if the government don't do anything to stop the rising birth rate and just let it be? I believe we can't affort that much of population. I think there are a lot of reasons that we can't abolish the policy right now.
    Not all people get well-educated, especially those in the rural places. They even don't know what will be brought to the country if they give birth 3 or 4 times, or ever more. Who to blame? The government or the people? I think either of them. The government is doing their best to make a well-being society, and the people are tring their best to perform the policy even they don't understand.
    I knew this policy when I was a little girl who could recognize Chinese characters and read.I accept it because we were taught so since we were little kids, it is a natural thing for our generation and we don't think it is strange even I know that the kid will be lonely and no one can play with him for his childhood, or even that they will get spoiled by their grandparents.I believe these problems will be resolved by sociologists. And as we can see, Chinese government is doing something right now.
    Let's go back to your investment in China, I don't think one child policy should affect your investment. If you want to invest on something, I believe you have been doing your own survey for quite a long time, which country will have a prosperous future, investment on which country can bring you benefit.

   Hope you can make a good decision.


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