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As I am sure you know, JavaOne kicked off this morning. TheServerSide will be offering day by day coverage, giving you the juicy info that you want to hear. This information will show up the morning after the night before :) If you are at the conference, please post to this thread anything that you find interesting yourself.

Todays Keynote

Java is to be everywhere. That was one of the key points Sun is trying to get across. Here is some info:

Pushing the Sun Brand:

  Two new websites to look at are and Check out the new logo! To me it looks basically the same, but it probably cost a bomb! The reason for the new logo is that the old one was awful when shrunk (or on small devices). That is probably all :)

Java.Net is not microsoft's J# :) It is a portal for developers. is for "consumers". That means John Doe... as *everyone* will be using Java. (If you like Christina Aguillera go there).

Showing off tools:

  Different vendors came up on stage to show off their tools. Oracle showed JDeveloper playing with JavaServer Faces, Borland showed the integration of their product family (JBuilder + Together + StarTeam + CaliberRM + OptimizeIt!), and Vodofone showed David Beckham commercials.

Gosling was writing code while this was going on :)

We will add detailed info on Day One tomorrow morning, and every morning after that.


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JavaOne现场报道(6月13日)这一天是黑色星期五。这一天网队输掉了总决赛的第5场,从而有83%的概率丢掉总冠军。这一天,Joshua Bloch在JavaOne露面了,他的一首诗把我对他的崇敬推...
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在正式开幕的第二天,JavaOne大会渐入佳境。Marc Fleury的演讲、JBoss AOP展示、Rave(Sun的全新Java开发工具)的Demo、“敏捷方法 vs. MDA”、“重负荷网站的设...
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JAVAONE 2016大会的所见所感

有幸获得阿里赞助,前去旧金山参加Oracle举办的JAVAONE 2016开发者大会,JAVAONE作为java界最顶级的盛会,会议内容将展现出数千万开发者最关心的问题,以及java的未来发展方向。大...
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#ifndef MYWIDGET_H #define MYWIDGET_H#include namespace Ui { class MyWidget; }class MyWidget : publi...
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关于Hibernate一个配置参数 properties>           property name="hibernate.show_sql" val...
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JavaOne 2008

JavaOne 2008 --Anthony Rogers Photo FlockerSun Microsystems demos two new JavaFX-powered application...
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Java起源Java语言设计始于1991年,SUN公司想在消费类电子产品方面寻求市场,成立了由james Gosling领导的Green开发小组,首要目标是编写可内嵌于家用小型电器设备内部的软件,使...
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大家好,我们是微软大中华区安全支持团队。微软于北京时间2015年6月10日发布了8个新的安全公告,其中2个为严重等级,6个为重要等级,修复了Microsoft Windows、Microsoft ...
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duilib第四天 2016年6月10日

最近几天状态不好,学习进度很慢,学一天,歇两天,不能这样了,今天开始继续学习duilib 学习添加事件,感谢原作者,通过学习他的文章,感觉对duilib的原理有了更深刻的理解,将博客截录如下: ...
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