Some videos about Avalon

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*        A good demo illustrating what Avalon can do (amazingly)


*        A quick video showing off XAML and the tool XAMLPad shipped with WindowsSDK


*        A quick video showing the developer/designer interaction ( Visual studio and expression interactive designer product)


*        Video capability in Avalon


*        Typography in Avalon




some data about qt

  • 2008年10月20日 19:15
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some stuff about OPENSSL

  • 2011年08月02日 20:00
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Some examples about perl expression

详见:   ***Primary functions: PRXPARSE, PRXMATCH; ...

some of example about speech in matlab

  • 2011年11月10日 16:16
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some thing about support vector machine

  • 2010年03月31日 23:36
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Some notions about operationg system

1. Multiprogramming system provide an environment in which the various resources (like CPU,memory,an...

Some points about postback and multi-language drop down list

/*By Jiangong SUN*/ Cultures.ascx.cs: public partial class Cultures : System.Web.UI.UserCo...

【DataStructure】Some useful methods about linkedList(二)

Method 1: Add one list into the other list. For example, if list1is {22, 33, 44, 55} and  list2 is ...

How about some Android graphics true facts

How about some Android graphics true facts? (Edit: there have been a number of comments treating ...
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  • CNnumen
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Some questions about ConcurrentLinkedQueue

Question:   I want to use java.util.ConcurrentLinkedQueue as a non-durable queue for a Servlet...
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