opencv3.0 新算法

  • Text detection and recognition by Lluis Gomez
  • HDR by Fedor Morozov and Alexander Shishkov
  • KAZE/A-KAZE by Eugene Khvedchenya, the algorithm author Pablo Alcantarilla and some improvements by F. Morozov.
  • Smart segmentation and edge-aware filters by Vitaly Lyudvichenko, Yuri Gitman, Alexander Shishkov and Alexander Mordvintsev
  • Car detection using Waldboost, ACF by Vlad Shakhuro and Nikita Manovich
  • TLD tracker and several common-use optimization algorithms by Alex Leontiev
  • Matlab bindings by Hilton Bristow, with support from Mathworks.
  • Greatly extended Python bindings, including Python 3 support, and several OpenCV+Python tutorials by Alexander Mordvintsev, Abid Rahman and others.
  • 3D Visualization using VTK by Ozan Tonkal and Anatoly Baksheev.
  • RGBD module by Vincent Rabaud
  • Line Segment Detector by Daniel Angelov
  • Many useful Computational Photography algorithms by Siddharth Kherada
  • Shape descriptors, matching and morphing shapes (shape module) by Juan Manuel Perez Rua and Ilya Lysenkov
  • Long-term tracking + saliency-based improvements (tracking module) by Antonella Cascitelli and Francesco Puja
  • Another good pose estimation algorithm and the tutorial on pose estimation by Edgar Riba and Alexander Shishkov
  • Line descriptors and matchers by Biagio Montesano and Manuele Tambourin
  • Myriads of improvements in various parts of the library by Steven Puttemans; thank you a lot, Steven!
  • Several NEON optimizations by Adrian Stratulat, Cody Rigney, Alexander Petrikov, Yury Gorbachev and others.
  • Fast foreach loop over cv::Mat by Kazuki Matsuda
  • Image alignment (ECC algorithm) by Georgios Evangelidis
  • GDAL image support by Marvin Smith
  • RGBD module by Vincent Rabaud
  • Fisheye camera model by Ilya Krylov
  • OSX framework build script by Eugene Khvedchenya
  • Multiple FLANN improvements by Pierre-Emmanuel Viel
  • Improved WinRT support by Gregory Morse
  • Latent SVM Cascade by Evgeniy Kozhinov and NNSU team (awaiting integration)
  • Logistic regression by Rahul Kavi
  • Five-point pose estimation algorithm by Bo Li


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