1. Regular exercise will increase one’s confidence.

    2. Our confidence will be increased with regular exercise.

    3. Our confidence will be increased as we doing exercise regularly.

    1. Regular exercise will increase people’s confidence and it is of great importance to not only young man but also the old.

翻译2: 依赖计算器会影响人的心算能力(mental arithmetic)。

    1. The dependence of the calculation will affect the mental arithmetic of people.

    2. The rely on the calculation will have a bad impact on a person’s mental arithmetic.

    3. The people’s mental arithmetic will be influenced by the rely on the calculation.

    1. Depending too much on the calculation may have some bad affects on one’s mental arithmetic and it threatens the development of children’s intelligence.
      [Excessive reliance of]

翻译3: 很多女孩都不愿意在男人居多的行业里(male-dominated world)找工作。

    1. Many girls do not like to find a job in which is a male-dominated world.
    1. A great number of young women would not like to look for a job in male-dominated world because of the obstacles that they will face in the promotion to a higher position. 有困难


    1. The environmental issues have became the focus of the public concerns. [problem of environment]
    1. The environmental issues, such as greenhouse gases, have became the focus of the public concerns. In this way, some policies must be implemented to solve these problems.
      [enforce a regulation]


    1. The parents and teachers should try to reduce the time that children spend watching TV.

    2. The parents and teachers should attempt to make children have less time to watch TV.

    1. The parents and teachers should make best effort to make children watch less TV, which will protect the eyesight of them, and encourage them to go outside and play sports.


    1. Art disciplines do not belong to the major subjects of the school.
    1. Although art disciplines do not belong to the major subjects of the school, they own a place in the syllabus, for they can make life colorful.
      [add some spice to life]

tip:表原因常用[because→since→as→for], 前三是从属连词引导原因状语从句。since、as多放在句首。for为并列连词接句子。

翻译7:农村的失业问题在某种程度上可以通过城乡转移 (rural-to-urban shift)解决。

    1. The unemployment issue in rural can be solved through rural-to-urban shift to some degree.
      [to some extent] [partly]
    1. The main cause of the unemployment issue in rural is the lack of infrastructure and the fund of the government, which can be solve through rural-to-urban shift to some extent.

翻译8:经济的下滑(economic slowdown)导致失业率的上升

    1. The economic slowdown lead to the rise of the unemployment. [bring in] [give rise to] [result in]
    1. Since people hesitate to start a new career and a lot of big
      companies lay off their employees, the economic slowdown has result in the rise of unemployment.

翻译9:因为不够明朗的经济前景(economic outlook),很多公司不可能招聘新的职员。

    1. A great many of companies would not to employ new staff because of the obscure economic outlook.

    2. Since the economic outlook is not bright enough, many companies would not hire new clerk.

    1. Numbers of companies would not recruit new staff because of the obscure economic outlook, so a quantity of graduated students could not find a job.

翻译10 高层建筑有时候被认为是城市的eyesore(难看的东西)。

  1. The high-rise buildings sometimes are considered to be the eyesore of the city. [regard as]


    1. The development of economy requires young workers.
      [need] [demand ] [rely on]
    1. The economic development demands a certain amount of workers but the issue is that the aging society will have a negative effect on the work force. [ labour force]

翻译12:工作很多的人没有时间去休息,去充电(recharge batteries)[中文有歧义..]

    1. The people who work a lot have no time to rest or recharge batteries.
    2. People with too much work to do don’t have time to rest or recharge batteries.
    1. People with too much work to do don’t have time to rest or recharge batteries, which has harmful effect on their health.

[cause damage to] [have bad effect on] [do harm to]

翻译13 : 送贵重的礼物(lavish gifts)是中国的习惯

    1. It’s traditional to send lavish gifts in China.
    2. Sending lavish gifts is a Chinese habit.
    1. As it is traditional to send lavish gifts in China, many people feel lose face when they receive or send ordinary gift.

[embarrassed] [ heart pride] [general gift] [ cheap] [common]

翻译14 : 在中国,很多学生晚上都要自习

    1. In China, many students have to take the self-study class in the evening.
    1. Many students in China have to attend the self-study class in the evening, so the outdoors sports have to give way to the study.

[self-taught class 自学课程,当自习来讲不合适]
[at night 晚于evening,指要睡觉的时间]
[outdoor a., ad. outdoors ad.]

翻译15 : 空运产生很多的温室气体

    1. Air transport produces much greenhouse gas.
    1. The air transport may produce more greenhouse gas than any other mode of transportation.

[any | any other 用法]

翻译16 : 未来几十年我们很难保护植物多样性

    1. It is difficult to protect the plant diversity in the next several decades.
    1. We will find that it is hard to protect the plant biodiversity in the next tens of years unless the local government reduces the influence of the urban expansion.

翻译17: heritage sites因为城市发展而受到威胁

    1. The heritage sites is threatened by the urban expansion.
    1. The heritage sites is threatened by the urban expansion while the local government hasn’t decided whether to protect or ruin these buildings.

[destroy] [damage]

翻译18 孩子很有可能有行为的问题

  1. Child is possible to have problem with behavior.
  2. The child who is abused or neglected at home is possible to have problem with behavior.

翻译19 人口的扩大是大量垃圾产生的原因 [人口增长?]

    1. The increasing population is the cause of the creation of huge amount of garbage. [there are too many ‘of’….]
  1. Population expansion is the reason why there are a great deal of garbage created, which will take decades to be degraded.

翻译20 我们不能够忽视面对面的交流

  1. We can’t neglect the face-to-face communication.
  2. Although the network is able to enrich our life, we shouldn’t neglect the face-to-face communication because of its direct influence on social relationship. [与relation的区别?]

翻译21 随着年龄增长,很难和朋友和家人保持联系

    1. As we age, it is hard to keep in contact with friends and family.

    2. It is hard to keep in touch with friends and family with advancing age.

  1. People find it is difficult to keep in touch with friends and family as they are getting older, because they are occupied by work and other tasks.

[mission 主要表达“使命”“天职”之意:XX大使带着外交使命出访某国。]

翻译22 严格的惩罚是减少犯罪率的有效手段

  1. The strict punishment is an effective measure to reduce the crime rate. [不是 criminal rate] [means]

  2. The strict punishment is an effective measure to reduce the crime rate, because the criminals are afraid of being captured and they are not likely to commit crimes.

翻译23政府对太空科技的投资可以支持 [中文病句]

  1. The government should support the investment in space technology.

  2. The government should support the investment in space technologies, because the commercialization of these will bring numerous business opportunities and improve the living standard of the people.

翻译24 有些公共服务很难收支平衡

    1. Some public services are hard to make both ends need.
    1. Some public services are hard to make both ends need and need government’s fund.


    1. Our living environment is still terrible.
    1. Our living environment will still be very bad unless there is a deep reform.

翻译26 因为失业率高升,大学生感到有压力去努力学习

Since the unemployment rate is rising, the college students feel pressure to study hard.

翻译27 免费上大学使得家境不好的学生有同等的上学机会

  1. What makes students in poor have equal chance to go to school is that college charges free.

  2. The one who support that college should charge free hold the view that this measure will help students in poor gain equal chance to go to college.

[Some people think that
some people believe that
some hold the view that
Some people feel that
Some people see that
Some argue that]

翻译28 我们需要考虑社会和经济的环境

  1. We need to consider the social and economic environment.

  2. We are supposed to consider the social and economic environment when we analyze the root cause of the juvenile delinquency.

翻译29 基因工程让人们能培养新品种农作物

  1. Genetic engineering let us be able to cultivate new breed of crops.

  2. Genetic engineering make people have ability to cultivate crops with drought resistance, so it can increase the land utilization ratio.

翻译30 密度种植对生物多样性造成了威胁

  1. High density planting threatens the plant biodiversity.

  2. High density planting has great impacted on the wild plants, and has huge threat to biodiversity.

翻译31 没有受过高等教育的年轻人只能找到低技术的工作

  1. The young without high education can only find low technique job.
  2. A broad accepted concept is that the young people without college diploma usually only can find a job with low technique and it jeopardizes their life quality.

翻译32 体育课可以促进身体健康,增强信心

    1. The P.E. class can contribute to physical health and increase confidence.
    1. We should find the importance of the P.E. class, because it can contribute to the students’s health physically and mentally, and boost their confidence.

[enhance confidence] [bolster confidence] [boost confidence]


  1. The relic is reserved because of its historic importance.

翻译34: 学校活动的设置要能让孩子体会到成就感和提升他们的幸福

  1. The arrangement of the school activities is able to make children have the sense of achievement and rise their happiness.

翻译35: 一些员工 被鼓励着去打破陈规

  1. Some workers are encouraged to break the rules.

  2. The company prefer the employee who can think out of the box.

翻译36 平等的教育能帮助解决学生学习成绩不好 [中文有问题]

    1. Education, which gives equal opportunity to every student, can help to solve the problem that students’ grades are poor.
    1. Local government should ensure the equal access to education and it can help the students fallen behind in study.


  1. Racial discrimination is still very severe.

  2. Although the government promote the equality, the racial discrimination is still a severe issue.


翻译38 接触不同的文化可以促进创新

  1. The contact with different culture can encourage innovation.

  2. The contact with different culture can promote innovation, and it is wealth of the enterprise and country.

[区分:corporation 公司]

翻译39 一些人不支持转基因食品

  1. Some people don’t support transgenetic food.
    [be opposed to] [object to] [be against doing]

  2. Some people objects to the transgenetic food, because they think it has more harms then benefits.


翻译40 上下班的时间变得更长了

The commuting time has became longer.

翻译41 旅游景点竭力满足游客的需要和品味

The tourist attraction tries its best to satisfy the tourists’ requirement and the taste.

[tourist spots] [meet]
[make best efforts to]

翻译42 电脑技能可以运用到学习工作中

  1. The computer technique can be used into study and work.

  2. Students can get computer techniques which can be used into their study and work.

翻译43 社区改造为罪犯提供了获得职业技能的机会

  1. The community reformation supports a opportunity for criminals to gain vocational skills. [occupational skills] [profession skills ].

  2. The community services provide prisoners opportunity to acquire practical techniques which will provide them a good start when they are released.

翻译44 政府应该重视社会福利,尤其是医疗服务。

  1. The government should attach importance to the social welfare especially the medical services.

  2. When it comes to allocation of the public fund, someone believes that the government should ascribe great importance to the social welfare, especially the medical services, because it can help prevent the vulnerable group from being dead helplessly.

[from being dead可以这么用?] [communal fund可以换么?]

翻译45 在竞争激烈的社会中,有工作的人关心职业发展,很难实现工作和生活的平衡。

  1. In fiercely competitive society, people with job concern career development and it is difficult for them to balance work and life.

翻译46 经常运动使得人们保持健康的心态,使他们更容易应对压力

  1. Exercise regularly make people keep a healthy mentality and have more resistance with pressure.

[maintain mentality]


The aesthetic standard is differ from culture to culture.


  1. The environmental protection campaign is able to cross national boundaries.


翻译49: 规则可能会限制人的创造性。

  1. Rules is possible to restrict the creativity of people.


  1. Most of the environmental damage is ascribed to the human activities.


The unhealthy life style puts people in danger of being ill.


  1. Construction of building which is used for living can conduce to solving city congestion problem.

  2. As residential buildings have maximum utilization ratio of land and space, it is contributes to solving the city congestion problem.

[help] [contribute to]

翻译53 贫穷的人可以通过努力工作来提高社会地位

    1. The poor can lift their social status through hard working.

[social position [法]社会地位]

    1. Poor people can improve their social class through hard working. it seems like a tough but effective process.

翻译54: 死记乘法表并不是提高算术能力的最好方式

  1. Memorizing the multiplication table mechanically is not the best way to improve the arithmetical ability.

[memorize mechanically/learn by rote]

翻译55: 贫穷国家的首要问题是满足人们基本生存需求,这是维持国家稳定一个有效方法

  1. The primal problem in poor country is to meet the basic living requirement of people and it is an effective way to maintain the stability of a country.

翻译56: 许多孩子每天接触暴力内容

  1. Numbers of children are exposed to violence contents everyday.

  2. Many children who are exposed to violence contents everyday are likely to use violence, because they regard the violence as part of the daily life.

翻译57: 因为全球化,人们需要和来自不同背景的人工作。

  1. People have to work with others from different background because of the globalization.

翻译58: 家庭环境被认为是小孩成长最重要的影响。

The family environment is supposed to be the most important influence of children’s growth.


There are some poor communities in metropolis.


The fellowship can encourage more students to study master course.


We need to take measures to solve some tough problems.


The reduction of the fund results in that many young people is difficult to acquire college education.


Distributing students into different class based on students’ capacity has no evident connection with grades.


As increasing number of young people engage in volunteer work, the cohesion of community will be strengthened.
[participate in] [join可以用么?]


  1. Since the effect of transgenetic food on health is still unknown, it strongly encourages to put clear tag on each food.


  1. Sometimes, immigration is regarded as a threaten to social solidarity.


The quality of education is considered to be the key part that determines the students’s grade, so parents prefer to choose a famous school for children.


The law should make drunk driving a criminal offence.


The online shopping has become a common part of life for many people.


The rural area is beneficial to health, because it provides people the opportunity to escape from the pressure and noise in modern life.

翻译71:在一个消费社会里,人们不再满足生活必需品(bare necessities)

  1. People are no longer satisfied with the bare necessities in a consumer society.

  2. People don’t content with the bare necessities in a consumer society any longer.

  3. The bare necessities don’t meet the demand of people in consumer society any more.

[not any more 程度上,举重力量练习]
[not any longer 时间长度上,耐力长跑]


  1. The influence of computer on literacy varies with ages and the teachers have complex emotion towards the use of computer.

翻译73:媒体通过夸大受害者的伤痛去吸引观众,而忽视对这些观众的有害结果,比如将他们在公众面前曝光。 [中文的意思是忽视 受害者吧]

  1. The media attracts the audiences by exaggerating the pain that victims suffered, but neglects the harmful impacts to victims like exposing them to the public.


  1. Although in fact the technology has made people’s life more convenient and brings a great improvement to their life, the unhealthy life style is the consequence that they tend to rely on technology.


The poverty is the reason why the community crime rises.


The aviation develops rapidly in recent tens of years with the decline of cost and it means that people will travel more than before.



Illegal hunt will lead to extinction of some kinds of animals and cause loss of biodiversity. [die out] [extinction]


The animal experiment sometimes can’t find adverse side effects of the medicine.



The invention of the electric car is part of the efforts that we made to maintain environment, because this kind of car will produce less waste gas than the traditional car.


Sometimes, it hard to evaluate the environmental cost of human actions. [activity 人类活动]


  1. The aging of population promotes the country to relax the restriction of mandatory age for retirement.


School should allow the teacher forces naughty children to leave the classroom.

翻译83: 很多人觉得自己有必要赶时尚。

  1. A lots of people feel like chasing fashion is necessary.

  2. Many people think it is necessary to pursuit fashion, otherwise they believe that they are out of fashion.


The protection of historical architecture is of great importance in many places.


The education possibly determines the job opportunity of people.


The use of fossil resource will cause damage to the environment.

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