presentation in oral class

Good morning, everyone.


I think you must know about the city of Milan in Italy. It is so beautiful. And in this beautiful city, there is a great football team called AC Milan. Today I want to talk about it. I became the fan of AC Milan after I watched a match of it 9 years ago, when I was a middle student. Such for many years, AC Milan becomes one part of my life. I find I can not leave it now. I watch every match of it, and care about all the news of it. When it wins a match, I will be very happy; but if it loses, I will feel disappointed.


I would never forget the day of this May 25th. In that day, there was a very, very important match for AC Milan, and the adversary is Liverpool, which is from England. In the first half, Milan had showed its formidable strength, and scored three goals to make a 3-0 lead. All the people including me thought Milan would win at last. I was so excited that I wanted to go to the scene immediately and celebrate with Milan and all the Milan fans. But, in the second half, Liverpool staged an incredible fight back to force the match into extra-time as they scored three goals. After extra time, Milan lost 2-3 on penalties(shoot-out). My team lost when it deserved to win. I couldn’t accept this result, and was down from heaven to hell. It took me a week to calm down from this lose.


   AC Milan not only brings color to my life, but also helps me make friends easily. If I come across a fan of Milan, I will make good friends with him immediately. We have so many topics. We could talk about the recent match of Milan, the state of the players and the player transaction. But if I meet a person who supports the hostile team against Milan, the condition is opposite. For example, in my undergraduate course time, I have a classmate, who is the fan of Juventus. Juventus is the biggest enemy against Milan in Italy. In common time, we are good friends. We go to class, eat and play football all together. But we become enemy when we refer to our football team. One time, we watched a match between Juventus and Milan together. At last, Milan won the match. My friend felt despaired extremely, just sitting there silently. I comforted him“The representation of your team today was very good. And the only thing it was short of is luck.” But, in my heart, I could not express how excited I was. I didn’t sympathize with my friend at all. To the contrary, I hoped luck would go with AC Milan forever, and bad luck with Juventus.