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  1. BlockBank will conduct IDO on the Ignition platform. What are the plans for the next secondary market?

  2. BlockBank将在Ignition平台上进行IDO,接下来二级市场有哪些布局?

Darren: BlockBank recently announced exciting news about our Public Sale IDOs on the Ignition platform and BSCpad. Our immediate release upon listing will be Uniswap and Pancakeswap, in terms of big exchanges, we are actively in discussions, stay tuned for more information.


  1. How does BlockBank adopt the most advanced technical solutions to provide users with a convenient digital banking experience and bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi?

  2. BlockBank如何采用最先进的技术解决方案为用户提供便利的数字银行体验,并弥合CeFi和DeFi之间的鸿沟?

Anastasija: The ability for our users to overlay DeFi, CeFi and banking functionality with cutting-edge AI technology will provide them advanced value-added services.

Data will be accumulated, analyzed, learned and compiled all with one main function - is to provide insights on market trends and investment strategies is its core function. It will be expanded over time to more interactive functions like trade execution or APY optimization as the technology learns the interaction between each user including their risk profile, current strategies, and their intended returns they wish to achieve.



Darren: One of the biggest barriers for widespread crypto adoption is that it’s never been that simple. Users who might be interested are quickly turned off with the level of complexity. BlockBank aims to integrate the best of the DeFi and CeFi worlds while keeping it simple for the average user.

Our application was launched back in 2019 and now we are coming back with all the feedback collected from our early adopters. We are removing pain points and unnecessary complexities, creating an all-in-one application that will offer better UX and UI. Making it simple, and coupling it with our AI, will only give our users the upper hand.

Darren:可能感兴趣的用户会很快因为加密技术的复杂性而关闭使用, BlockBank旨在整合DeFi和CeFi领域中最好的产品,同时保持对普通用户的简便性。


  1. How does BlockBank bring smart tools into the DeFi market and improve user experience?

  2. BlockBank如何将智能工具带入DeFi市场并改善用户体验?

Anastasija: Our AI assistant’s patented technology puts the analytical power equivalent of hundreds of highly skilled financial analysts in the palm of our users, levelling the playing field between retail and institutional investors. It will monitor, gather, and provide data in real-time based on investment preferences to maximize gains and minimize unnecessary losses. This is a feature that has been extensively used in traditional finance these last few years, especially with companies investing in ETFs, index funds and specialized trading strategies. Bringing this to crypto, and especially to a non-custodial wallet, will be game changing.


Darren: We will offer pure DeFi services via our web3 browser and non-custodial wallet. DeFi market share is growing, innovation is blossoming and we support DeFi values, we have partnered strategically with other DeFi projects to provide valuable sets of tools such as decentralized insurance, lending and other services to all users. We are also adding the CeFi aspect to our application in a custodial wallet, fiat on and off ramp, and other exciting features we will announce in the future.

Darren: 我们将通过我们的web3浏览器和非托管钱包提供纯DeFi服务。 DeFi市场份额不断增长,创新不断发展,我们支持DeFi价值观,我们与其他DeFi项目建立了战略合作伙伴关系,为所有用户提供有价值的工具集,例如去中心化保险,贷款和其他服务。我们还将CeFi方面添加到我们的应用程序中,放在一个保管钱包,法令开关中,以及将来我们将宣布的其他令人兴奋的功能中。

  1. What technological progress or community dynamics are there in the near future? Please share with everyone.


Darren: In terms of technology, we are building out the next version of the app which will bring in the full banking experience and bridge the DeFi gap. Along with that, our users will get access to a sophisticated robo-advisor to help them navigate this space. The developer and AI teams are working hard to bring as many features as possible in the V2 of the app.

Regarding community, we are very keen in creating the best product for our users, so far the acceptance of the current version of our app has been very good, we are looking to build something that will exceed their expectations. We want to listen to our community to receive feedback, tell us what are the next features that should be implemented, the usage of our BANK token inside of our application and more.



Anastasija: We are a community based product, we love how supportive our community has been and love to see it grow so rapidly. We want them to be part of every step of the project as we share the same vision so please expect us to find our team members always active.





Darren: April 26 tge and april 28 ido listing uniswap and pancakeswap a few hours after



Kelghe:10cents USD



Kelghe:We already did 😃



Kelghe:Probably a few hours I would say…



Kelghe:There are more than 25k users, community is going massivly!



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