Live in Office (Taking a shower Cont')

Living in Office means you have to find a good place for yourself. A place where is near to the pantry, a place where you might be able to feel safe during sleeping. So checking out wrrs(web room reservation service) becomes a routine. I lost my 24F08 to a philpine guy who book the book from 7:00~16:00. I have to get up early and move to 24F03 in the morning.

When i first came into 24F08 i found that although the air con is on, the temperature is still high. It's hot in the room. I've now tune the air con to 18C to make it fit for my Sleeping Bag's temperature.

Well Loneliness is the other biggest thing that troubles me a lot when try to live in office. Most of the employees have family here, so they won't stay overnight in office. So living in office means living all by yourself to some extent. Loneliness is just like heart attack, it overwhelms me sometimes. And you can't even find a reason to fight back.

I have 2 bags of dirty clothe which i don't know how to deal. I'm planning to go back home tomorrow right after the exam. May be that the ultimate solution!!

Talked with 2 of my former high school classmates. I'm feeling lucky since i'm still in school, still have the chance to learn, to make mistakes and to choose the stuff that i like.

Start watching "Season 2 of the Apprentice". Wish to finish that with in this summer and try to get something out of it.

Well gotta get down to take a 4 hours nap. and good luck for myself in tomorrow's exam.  God Bless me!

Come On!


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