svd medium_我们刚刚放弃了Medium博客。 您可能也应该这样做。

svd medium

Our blog helped our open source community reach an early critical mass.


In the 18 months since we launched our blog, it’s been viewed half a million times.


And yet, shutting it down yesterday was an easy decision.


Here are the final stats:


Our blog posts followed a power law, with half of the readership focused on just three out of the 30 articles we ultimately published.


Those were articles that “got Reddited,” and also reached the top of Hacker News:


If you clicked through to any of those articles, you probably noticed that they are now Medium posts. We republished each of our blog posts on Medium, then we went into NGINX and created 301 redirects, so that residual Google traffic would be redirected to Medium instead of our blog.

如果单击这些文章中的任何一篇,您可能会注意到它们现在是中型帖子。 我们在Medium上重新发布了每个博客帖子,然后进入NGINX并创建了301重定向,以便将剩余的Google流量重定向到Medium而不是我们的博客。

This took several hours of work, and we probably sacrificed some Search Engine Optimization juice in the process, but I’m confident it was worth it.


These statistics should show you why:


We got significantly more views in the past 90 days on Medium than we got in 18 months on our blog. And that was without explosive interest from Hacker News or Reddit.

在过去90天内,与在Blog上的18个月相比,我们在Medium上获得的观看次数要多得多。 而这并没有引起Hacker News或Reddit的爆炸性兴趣。

Why is this?


1.除非人们真的在乎,否则您的博客文章将一事无成。 (1. Unless people really care, your blog post is going nowhere.)

Getting people to actually go to your blog and read your articles is hard work. You have to share your posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, hoping that someone will notice, care enough to read it, then care enough to share it.

让人们实际去您的博客阅读您的文章是艰苦的工作。 您必须在Twitter,Facebook和LinkedIn上分享您的帖子,希望有人会注意到并注意阅读,然后再分享。

Top 10 lists of kitten gifs practically share themselves. But articles about programming? Not so much.

小猫gif的前10个清单几乎可以彼此分享。 但是有关编程的文章? 没那么多。

If you’re lucky, someone will care enough to share your article on Reddit or Hacker News. And maybe a few other people will care enough to upvote your article before it slides off the “new” page and into oblivion.

如果您很幸运,那么有人会足够在您的Reddit或Hacker News上分享您的文章。 也许还有其他一些人会在您的文章滑出“新”页面进入遗忘之前就足够关心它。

To put things in perspective, every hour Hacker News gets several hundred new submissions. And only nine of those will ever make it to the front page.

透视一下,Hacker News每小时都有数百个新提交。 而且只有其中的九个能够登上首页

2.人们没有时间阅读您的博客文章。 他们太忙于阅读中。 (2. People don’t have time to read your blog post. They’re too busy reading Medium.)

Platforms like Medium, Quora — and to some extent LinkedIn Pulse — offer the single most important ingredient to successful writing: readers.

诸如Medium, Quora (在某种程度上是LinkedIn Pulse)之类的平台为成功写作提供了最重要的要素:读者。

Millions of people are already actively going to these places thinking “I want to read something.”


While it’s true that literally billions of people are searching Google for specific things they want to read, your blog is much less likely to come up there, because recency is only a small factor in Google’s search results.


With content platforms, new articles are significantly more likely to show up in a given reader’s feed than old articles. So after you publish your article, you are practically guaranteed some audience in the first few hours. This cannot be said for most blogs.

通过内容平台,新文章比旧文章更有可能出现在给定的读者供稿中。 因此,在发表文章后,实际上可以确保您在最初的几个小时内得到一些观众。 大多数博客都不能这么说。

And this early readership is an opportunity for people to not only share your article on social media and places like Reddit — attracting other readers — but also to “recommend” your post within the platform itself — further increasing the number of people the platform’s algorithms show your article to.


This is a virtuous cycle. And it can explode in ways that merely “getting Reddited” cannot. Witness my friend Kristyna’s Medium post, which more than 32,000 people have recommended.

这是一个良性循环。 而且它可能以仅“重新定义”无法实现的方式爆炸。 目睹我的朋友克里斯蒂娜(Kristyna)的中级职位 ,推荐人数超过32,000。

媒介使社区更容易撰写和分发文章 (Medium makes it easy for a community to author and distribute articles)

There are dozens of reasonable blogging tools to choose from: Wordpress, Ghost, Octopress — even Blogger. But none of them make it as easy to publish your friends’ articles alongside your own as Medium does.

有数十种合理的博客工具可供选择:Wordpress,Ghost,Octopress甚至Blogger。 但是,它们都没有像Medium一样容易地将您朋友的文章与您自己的文章一起发布。

With our old blog, I ended up writing a vast majority of the articles myself. This wasn’t for lack of trying — it was hard to get even the most dedicated members of our community to research interesting articles, then log into our system and write them.

在我们的旧博客中,我最终自己写了绝大多数文章。 这并不是因为没有尝试-甚至很难让我们社区中最敬业的成员研究有趣的文章,然后登录我们的系统并编写它们。

With Medium, anyone can write an article on their own initiative, then submit it to our Medium publication. After some light editing, I can syndicate their article to the tens of thousands of people who follow Free Code Camp’s publication. And there’s no ambiguity that they wrote the article, and at the bottom of the article, there’s a button readers can click to follow them.

使用Medium,任何人都可以主动撰写文章,然后将其提交给我们的Medium出版物。 经过少量的编辑后,我可以将他们的文章联合发布给Free Code Camp出版的成千上万的人。 他们写这篇文章没有任何歧义,在文章的底部,读者可以单击以跟随他们

We’ve also been able to expand the readership of articles by people from other open source projects, like OhMyZSH.


Medium Publications make it easy to “signal boost” people from other projects and communities, helping them more quickly get the early followers they need to become widely-read thought leaders in their area.


So far in 2016, our open source community has been able to publish roughly one article per day. And only a handful of these articles were written by me. And this is largely thanks to the simplicity and transparency of Medium publications.

在2016年到目前为止,我们的开源社区每天能够发表大约一篇文章。 这些文章中只有少数是我写的。 这在很大程度上要归功于Medium出版物的简单性和透明性。

表达媒介 (A Medium for expression)

Moving to Medium is pretty safe. You can subdomain a Medium publication to your own domain. You can also easily export your articles out of Medium if you change your mind.

转移到中型非常安全。 您可以将“中等”出版物子域化为您自己的域。 如果您改变主意,也可以轻松地从Medium中导出文章。

Medium is still relatively new, and its traffic is steadily growing. The platform itself is under heavy development, and constantly improving.

中等还是相对较新,其流量也在稳定增长。 该平台本身正在大力发展,并在不断完善。

Medium is quickly cementing itself as “one of those websites people visit every day” — to the extent that major newspapers and magazines are now producing articles specifically for Medium, and President Obama even publishes his speeches here.


Our open source community is growing, too. Our publication gets around 200 new followers a day, and — thanks to this large audience — pretty much everything we publish gets at least 1,000 views.

我们的开源社区也在增长。 我们的出版物每天有大约200个新关注者,而且-由于有如此众多的受众-我们发布的几乎所有内容都至少获得了1000次观看。

We plan to keep our publication focused on design, development, data, and open source. If you’re writing about these subjects, and interested in reaching a wider audience, tweet me a link to your article, and we can look into syndicating it.

我们计划使我们的出版物专注于设计,开发,数据和开源。 如果您正在撰写有关这些主题的文章,并且想吸引更多的读者,请向我发送一条指向您文章的链接,我们可以研究将其联合。

I only write about programming and technology. If you follow me on Twitter I won’t waste your time. ?

我只写关于编程和技术的文章。 如果您在Twitter上关注我,我不会浪费您的时间。


svd medium

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