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2017年是前端开发人员应该回头并掌握基础知识的一年 (2017 is the year that front-end developers should go back and master the basics)

? The advice is valid for 2019 too, don’t worry if you found this article a year later ?


In our fast-paced ecosystem, we tend to spend our time trying out the latest inventions, then arguing about them on the internet.


I’m not saying we shouldn’t do that. But we should probably slow down a bit and take a look at the things that don’t change all that much. Not only will this improve the quality of our work and the value we deliver — it will actually help us learn these new tools faster.

我并不是说我们不应该这样做。 但是我们可能应该放慢一点,看看那些变化不大的事情。 这不仅将提高我们的工作质量和交付的价值,而且实际上将帮助我们更快地学习这些新工具。

This post is a mix of my experience and my wishes for the New Year. And I want to hear your suggestions in the comments just as much as I want to share my own.

这篇文章融合了我的经验和我对新年的愿望。 我想听听您在评论中的建议,就像我想分享自己的建议一样。

了解如何编写可读代码 (Learn how to write readable code)

Most of our work lies not in writing new code, but maintaining existing code. That means you end up reading code much more often then writing it, so you need to optimize your code for the next programmer, not for the interpreter.

我们的大部分工作不是编写新代码,而是维护现有代码。 这意味着您最终要花更多的时间阅读代码,然后再编写代码,因此您需要为下一个程序员而不是解释器优化代码。

I recommend reading these three amazing books — in this order, from shortest to longest:


深入学习JavaScript (Learn JavaScript deeper)

When every week we have a new JavaScript framework that’s better than any older framework, it’s easy to spend most of your time learning frameworks rather than the language itself. If you’re using a framework but don’t understand how it works, stop and start learning the language until you understand how the tools you use work.

每周我们都有一个比任何以前的框架都更好的新JavaScript框架时,很容易将大部分时间花在学习框架上而不是语言本身上。 如果您使用的是框架但不了解其工作原理,请停止并开始学习该语言,直到您了解所使用的工具的工作原理

学习函数式编程 (Learn functional programming)

For years we wanted classes in JavaScript. Now we finally have them but don’t want to use them anymore. Functions are all we want! We even write HTML using functions (JSX).

多年来,我们一直希望使用JavaScript类。 现在我们终于有了它们,但不再想要使用它们了。 功能就是我们想要的! 我们甚至使用功能(JSX)编写HTML。

学习设计基础 (Learn design basics)

As front-end developers, we’re closer to users than anybody else on the team — maybe even closer than designers. And if designers have to verify every pixel you put on screen, you’re doing something wrong.

作为前端开发人员,我们比团队中其他任何人都更接近用户,甚至比设计师更接近。 而且,如果设计人员必须验证您在屏幕上放置的每个像素,那么您在做错什么。

了解如何与人类合作 (Learn how to work with humans)

Some of us come to programming because we prefer to interact with computers more than with humans. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

我们中有些人之所以进入编程领域,是因为我们更喜欢与计算机互动,而不是与人类互动。 不幸的是,这不是它的工作方式。

We rarely work in isolation: we have to talk to other developers, designers, managers — and sometimes even users. That’s hard. But it’s important if you want to really understand what you’re doing and why, because that’s where the value in what we do lies.

我们很少孤立地工作:我们必须与其他开发人员,设计师,经理,有时甚至是用户交谈。 辛苦了 但是,如果您想真正了解自己的工作及其原因,那很重要,因为那是我们工作的价值所在。

学习如何为人类写作 (Learn how to write for humans)

A big portion of communication with our colleagues and other people are textual: task descriptions and comments, code comments, Git commits, chat messages, emails, tweets, blog posts, etc.


Imagine how much time people spend reading and understanding all that. If you can reduce this time by writing more clearly and concisely, the world will be a better place to work.

想象一下人们花了多少时间阅读和理解所有这些内容。 如果您可以通过更简洁明了的写作来减少时间,那么世界将是一个更好的工作场所。

学习旧计算机科学的智慧 (Learn the old computer science wisdom)

Front-end development isn’t just animated dropdown menus any more. It’s more complicated than ever before. Part of that notorious “JavaScript fatigue” stems from the increased complexity of the tasks we have to solve.

前端开发不再只是动画下拉菜单。 它比以往任何时候都更加复杂。 臭名昭著的“ JavaScript疲劳”部分原因是我们必须解决的任务越来越复杂。

This, however, means that it’s time to learn from all wisdom that non-front-end developers have built up over the decades. And this is where I want to hear your recommendations the most.

但是,这意味着是时候从所有智慧中学习非前端开发人员在过去几十年中积累的知识了。 这是我最想听听您的建议的地方。

Here are a couple resources I personally would recommend on this:


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