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翻译 typescript类类型_解释TypeScript类型-帮助您思考类型的思维模型

One day I came across this tweet from Lari Mazza: 有一天,我从Lari Mazza看到了这则推文 : As a software engineer who learned Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Clojure first, when I tried C++ it was a horror movie. I c...

2020-08-28 14:17:26 1218

翻译 如何使用CSS计数器自动为元素编号

css3 计数器CSS counters are used to add counts to elements. The count is added by providing variables that can be initialized (using counter-reset), and these variables can then be incremented by CSS rul...

2020-08-21 08:44:35 620

翻译 github 和git_Git和GitHub速成班

github 和gitGit and GitHub are used frequently by developers everywhere. These tools are used at most software companies and so they are important to understand if you want a job in the software indust...

2020-08-21 07:55:18 572

翻译 计算机专业开设课程及顺序_今年八月您可以开设700门免费在线编程和计算机科学课程

计算机专业开设课程及顺序Eight years ago, universities like MIT and Stanford first opened up free online courses to the public. Today, close to 1,000 schools around the world have created thousands of free online ...

2020-08-21 01:06:00 914

翻译 如何破解2020年的Google季节文档申请流程

Over the years, surveys have shown the importance of good documentation in how developers choose and use open source. 多年来, 调查表明,良好的文档对于开发人员如何选择和使用开源非常重要。 In the inaugural Google Season of Docs (GSoD...

2020-08-20 23:55:38 486

翻译 带快照的Linux软件包管理

linux 快照A big part of administrating Linux machines - especially remote machines - is managing and installing software. 管理Linux机器(尤其是远程机器)的很大一部分是管理和安装软件。 When something goes wrong with a local appli...

2020-08-20 23:44:43 310

翻译 架构设计 过度设计_为什么可以对博客进行过度设计

架构设计 过度设计Every so often, a popular headline in web development argues why you shouldn’t use a certain framework on your blog. Or why, simply, you shouldn’t over-engineer it. Web开发中的一个流行标题经常每时每刻都在争论为什...

2020-08-20 23:05:53 252

翻译 在此免费的1小时课程中学习用于Python的Flask Web开发

Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. Flask是一个用Python编写的微型Web框架。 Flask is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries. It is extremely light-...

2020-08-20 22:05:01 355

翻译 node.js 静态属性_如何使用静态站点和Node.js开发和部署第一个全栈式Web应用程序

node.js 静态属性This tutorial will show you how to convert a static website that uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS) to a dynamic one using MongoDB, Express, Static HTML, CSS, JS, and Node.js. 本教程将向您展示如何使...

2020-08-20 21:35:27 434

翻译 github 自动化集成_如何自动化您的GitHub个人资料自述文件

github 自动化集成GitHub’s new profile page README feature is bringing some personality to the Myspace pages of the developer Internet. GitHub的新个人资料页面README功能为开发人员Internet的Myspace页面带来了一些个性。 Though Markdow...

2020-08-20 21:16:54 665

翻译 羊皮卷坚持不懈直到成功_坚持不懈的秘诀:当您想做的所有事情都退出时,如何成功地成为一名开发人员

羊皮卷坚持不懈直到成功When you think about skills, you're probably thinking about programming languages and frameworks. There are a lot of those, and they vary depending on which kind of developer you want to be...

2020-08-20 20:56:49 322

翻译 node deno_为什么我相信Deno是JavaScript运行时环境朝错误方向迈出的一步

node denoI haven't found any other developers on YouTube with a channel the size of codedamn (100K+ subscribers) who are not not "super excited" about the release of Deno. 我还没有在YouTube上找到其他开发者,他们的频道大...

2020-08-20 20:05:28 315

翻译 jQuery Mobile框架的简单介绍

When the world discovered the web, things were unexciting and lifeless. For example, building a simple image mouseover application required several lines of code, and couldn't work on some platforms. ...

2020-08-20 19:55:27 806

翻译 sudoku me_如何构建Sudoku Game Java桌面应用程序– 2小时的免费课程

sudoku meWant to use your Java skills to build a real-world project? How about a Sudoku game? 是否想使用您的Java技能来构建实际项目? 数独游戏怎么样? We just posted a full course from Ryan Kay on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube...

2020-08-20 19:46:02 114

翻译 如何免费在线破解自己的CS学位

I don’t have a Computer Science degree so I had to create my own. 我没有计算机科学学位,所以必须创建自己的学位。 When I graduated from a coding bootcamp five years ago, I was completely unprepared for technical interviews....

2020-08-20 19:15:33 355

翻译 谷歌amp 下拉_Google AMP是您网站的正确选择吗?

谷歌amp 下拉Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, is an open-source initiative by Google. In their words, it helps "make the web better for all". 加速的移动页面或AMP是Google的一项开源计划。 用他们的话说,它有助于“使网络更好地为所有人服务”。 So is ...

2020-08-20 17:55:26 365

翻译 vim a.vim如何使用_我如何使用ripgrep使VIM的全项目搜索变得无缝

vim a.vim如何使用Yes, I ditched grep & the_silver_searcher(ag) for ripgrep. 是的,我放弃了grep和the_silver_searcher(ag)作为ripgrep。 Whether you're forced to use VIM at your workplace or you're a mad VIM fan li...

2020-08-20 13:41:58 1464

翻译 泛型 typescript_TypeScript泛型如何帮助您减少编写代码

When developers discuss Typescript, one of their main complaints is that you have to write more code to achieve the same result. While I agree with that, I think Typescript Generics can reduce the cod...

2020-08-20 12:10:31 148

翻译 vue 折叠面板 带标头_解释了访问控制允许来源标头-带有CORS示例

vue 折叠面板 带标头Often times when calling an API, you may see an error in your console that looks like this: 通常,在调用API时,您可能会在控制台中看到如下所示的错误: Access to fetch at 'http://somesite.com' from origin 'http://yo...

2020-08-20 11:39:27 427

翻译 React TypeScript备忘单–如何在挂钩上设置类型

TypeScript lets you type-check your code in order to make it more robust and understandable. TypeScript使您可以对代码进行类型检查,以使其更加健壮和易于理解。 In this guide, I will show you how to set up TypeScript types on Rea...

2020-08-20 11:29:09 157

翻译 vanilla代码_如何将jQuery代码转换为Vanilla JS

vanilla代码jQuery was once one of the most popular JS libraries available. It solved a lot of problems, like making DOM manipulation and Ajax calls standard across all the different browsers, which all ...

2020-08-20 11:19:38 370

翻译 前端项目结构构建_如何通过构建项目成为更好的前端开发人员(包括想法)

前端怎么构建项目If you want to fast-track your growth as a front-end developer, nothing beats doing real development projects.The truth is you can watch all the tutorials and courses in the world, but without...

2020-08-20 09:56:45 345

翻译 react 生命挂钩_了解如何使用React挂钩构建井字游戏

react 生命挂钩If you have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React you might be wondering where to go next on your learning journey. So why not check out Scrimba's brand new, free tutorial...

2020-08-20 07:06:06 327

翻译 使用vue3创建vue项目_如何使用Go和Vue建立真实的项目

使用vue3创建vue项目When I first started with Go programming I found it pretty hard to get my head around it. It was way more low-level than anything else I had ever coded in. 当我刚开始使用Go编程时,我发现很难理解。 它比我以前编写的任...

2020-08-20 04:37:59 999

翻译 最佳编码hdu_8个最佳编码挑战网站可帮助您在2020年提高技能

最佳编码hduDespite the lowest unemployment rate in decades, analysts expect technology hiring to continue growing steadily into the 2020s. 尽管失业率是几十年来最低的,但分析人士预计,技术招聘将在2020年代继续稳定增长。 That’s great news for...

2020-08-20 00:14:40 456

翻译 slice 与splice_JavaScript Array Slice与Splice:Cake的区别

slice 与spliceThis title could have been "how not to get confused between JavaScript's splice and slice," because I can never remember the difference between the two. 这个标题本来可以是“如何在JavaScript的拼接和切片之间不混...

2020-08-20 00:04:54 143

翻译 构建meteor应用程序_如果要构建安全的树屋(或软件应用程序),请从底部开始

构建meteor应用程序If you’ve ever watched a kid draw a treehouse, you have some idea of how applications are built when security isn’t made a priority. 如果您曾经看过一个孩子画一棵树屋,那么您将对如何在不将安全放在首位的情况下构建应用程序有所了解。 It’s...

2020-08-19 23:44:15 156

翻译 使用Spring Boot和Java创建Rest API(教程)

Rest APIs are used all over the place. If you are learning the Spring Boot Java-based framework, you will need to know how to create one. We've released a full video course that will teach you how to ...

2020-08-19 22:44:34 395

翻译 敏捷史诗故事是什么_什么是敏捷以及如何成为史诗般的讲故事的人

敏捷史诗故事是什么Running a team of developers is hard. Trying to coordinate a mountain of work while keeping everyone productive is a challenge itself. But on top of that, you have to keep open communications...

2020-08-19 18:52:39 795

翻译 如何使用Zapier自动执行生活和日常任务

Every day, we perform hundreds of small tasks. On their own, they don’t take much time. But they can add up, especially if you consider that time for a whole year. 每天,我们执行数百项小任务。 靠自己,他们不需要花费很多时间。 但是它...

2020-08-19 18:31:04 2489

翻译 刻意练习好好学习_如何使用刻意练习更有效地学习编程

刻意练习好好学习I truly believe anyone can learn to code. 我真的相信任何人都可以学习编码。 At the end of the day programming is a skill, and acquiring a skill is open to anyone. 归根结底,编程是一种技能,而获得技能对任何人都是开放的。 Sometimes getti...

2020-08-19 16:40:56 547

翻译 css div居中对齐_如何使用CSS将所有内容居中-对齐Div,文本等

css div居中对齐Centering things is one of the most difficult aspects of CSS. 使事物居中是CSS最困难的方面之一。 The methods themselves usually aren't difficult to understand. Instead, it's more due to the fact that the...

2020-08-19 15:30:50 1256

翻译 sci写作sci写作模板_如何更有效地写作和发展自己的独特风格

sci写作sci写作模板Writing is an important way for all of us to share our thoughts and experiences. While the content itself is important, what else can we can do to more effectively get our thoughts across?...

2020-08-19 13:21:40 396

翻译 postman api测试_如何使用Postman轻松进行Web API的测试和播放

postman api测试In a world where static websites and apps increasingly depend on separately maintained APIs, it can be hard to figure out how they work by just playing around in the browser. 在当今静态网站和应用程...

2020-08-19 13:11:30 757

翻译 jsp编写乘法表_乘法图表-使用JavaScript编写自己的时间表

jsp编写乘法表Learning your times tables is an essential skill and it's a basic part of any math education. A multiplication chart is a handy tool that turns tedious memorization into a fun, logical exercis...

2020-08-19 10:14:14 370

翻译 如何增加观众群并与世界分享您的内容

假想观众Building quality content can be a really rewarding task. But for those just starting out or those who don't yet have a large audience, that content can easily get buried amongst the other million ...

2020-08-19 09:44:06 311

翻译 python 数据挖掘图书_Python数据科学熊猫图书馆终极指南

python熊猫图案Pandas (which is a portmanteau of "panel data") is one of the most important packages to grasp when you’re starting to learn Python. Pandas(这是“面板数据”的写照)是您开始学习Python时要掌握的最重要的软件包之一。 The packa...

2020-08-19 08:31:41 1098

翻译 noah云_想学习苗条吗? 这是Noah Kaufman的免费16部分课程

noah云If you're looking to learn a new Javascript framework which allows you to write less code, use no virtual DOM, and create truly reactive apps, then Svelte is for you. 如果您想学习一个新的Javascript框架,该框架可...

2020-08-19 08:21:50 207

翻译 gwen语音课_想学习Vuetify? 这是Gwen Faraday的免费15部分课程

gwen语音课If you love building apps in Vue.js but struggle to know where to start with UI design, look no further than Vuetify. It's a UI library containing handcrafted material components which give app...

2020-08-19 08:11:40 1016

翻译 面向数据编程的编程语言_如何为您的数据科学项目选择最佳的编程语言

面向数据编程的编程语言The battle between programming languages has always been a hot topic in the tech world. And given how fast technology is advancing, we have a new programming language or framework every few...

2020-08-19 03:42:24 483



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