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翻译 如何从JavaScript数组中获取多个随机唯一元素?

The JavaScript is a very versatile language and it has a function almost everything that you want. JavaScript是一种非常通用的语言,它几乎具有您想要的所有功能。 Here, we will show you how to generate random unique elements f...

2020-08-04 15:53:15 815

翻译 c ++递归算法数的计数_C ++程序使用数组中的递归查找数字的最后一次出现

c ++递归算法数的计数Given an array of length N and an integer x, you need to find and return the last index of integer x present in the array. Return -1 if it is not present in the array. Last index means - i...

2020-08-04 14:41:59 1053

翻译 JavaScript | 声明数组并在每个循环中使用的代码

Declare an array and we have to print its elements/items using for each loop in JavaScript. 声明一个数组,我们必须使用JavaScript中的每个循环来打印其元素/项目。 Code: 码: <html> <head> <script>...

2020-08-04 14:31:27 677

翻译 16位的数字高字节和低字节_显示8位数字的较低和较高半字节的掩蔽| 8086微处理器...

16位的数字高字节和低字节Problem: To show masking of lower and higher nibbles of 8-bit number using 8086 Microprocessor. 问题:使用8086微处理器显示8位低半字节和高半字节的屏蔽。 Assumption: 假设: Number is stored at memory location 0600...

2020-08-04 13:31:59 685

翻译 mcq 队列_基于人工智能的智能体能力倾向问答(MCQ) 套装1

mcq 队列1) Which of the following are the main tasks of an AI agent?Movement and Humanly ActionsPerceiving and acting on the environmentInput and OutputNone of the aboveAnswer & Explanation...

2020-08-04 11:41:57 306

翻译 Python | 字符串isdecimal(),isdigit(),isnumeric()和Methods之间的区别

The methods isdigit(), isnumeric() and isdecimal() are in-built methods of String in python programming language, which are worked with strings as Unicode objects. These functions return either true o...

2020-08-04 11:01:53 356

翻译 在给定约束下可以使用a,b和c形成的字符串数

Problem statement: 问题陈述: Given a length n, count the number of strings of length n that can be made using 'a', 'b' and 'c' with at-most one 'b' and two 'c's allowed. 给定长度n ,计算可以使用'a' , 'b'和'c'且长度最多...

2020-08-04 09:21:06 144

翻译 编程 小数位数_使用动态编程的n位数的非递减总数

编程 小数位数Problem statement: 问题陈述: Given the number of digits n, find the count of total non-decreasing numbers with n digits. 给定位数n ,找到具有n位数字的非递减总数。 A number is non-decreasing if every digit (except...

2020-08-04 09:00:09 153

翻译 向量余弦值python_向量/矩阵的余弦值打印(元素明智的操作) 使用Python的线性代数

向量余弦值pythonPrerequisite: 先决条件: Defining a Vector定义向量 Defining a Matrix定义矩阵 Numpy is the library of function that helps to construct or manipulate matrices and vectors. The function numpy.cos(x) is a...

2020-08-04 07:21:24 665

翻译 多台计算机共享内存_共享内存多处理器和指令执行| 计算机架构

多台计算机共享内存 共享内存多处理器 (Shared Memory Multiprocessor)There are three types of shared memory multiprocessor: 共有三种类型的共享内存多处理器: UMA (Uniform Memory Access) UMA(统一内存访问) NUMA (Non- uniform Memory Access) NU...

2020-08-04 05:59:40 2596

翻译 c# 字节十六进制转十进制_用C中的十进制,八进制和十六进制数字初始化字节数组...

c# 字节十六进制转十进制 C中的字节数组 (byte array in C)In C programming language, an unsigned char type can be used to declare byte array in C programming language. An unsigned char can contain a value from 0 to 255...

2020-08-04 05:28:34 777

翻译 dbms标识符无效_DBMS中的嵌套查询,相关的嵌套查询和集合比较运算符

dbms标识符无效 嵌套查询 (Nested Queries)A query embedded in a query. This type of relation is termed as Nested Query and the Embedded Query is termed as a subquery. 查询中嵌入的查询。 这种类型的关系称为嵌套查询,而嵌入式查询称为子查询。 For ...

2020-08-04 03:49:34 366

翻译 c打印行号和函数_使用C中的函数名称,行号从任何函数打印错误消息

c打印行号和函数Sometimes, it is necessary to print some message on logic failure or anytime with the function name and line number, so that program can be debugged and fixed the issue. 有时,有必要在逻辑故障时或在任何时候使用功...

2020-08-04 01:39:41 426

翻译 fisher-yates_使用Fisher-Yates随机播放算法以O(n)时间随机播放给定数组

fisher-yatesExample: 例: Say the input array is [1, 2 3, 4, 5 6, 7]After reshuffling it can be anything like[4, 3, 7, 2, 1, 5, 1]Our goal is that the reshuffling should be as random as pos...

2020-08-04 00:49:19 188

翻译 node oauth2验证_如何设置和使用护照OAuth Facebook身份验证(第2部分)| Node.js

node oauth2验证In my last article (How to set up and use passport OAuth Facebook Authentication (Section 1) | Node.js), we looked at another form of authentication called the OAuth authentication which ...

2020-08-04 00:38:42 269

翻译 08:vigenère密码_密码技术:Vigenére密码,Playfair密码,Hill密码

08:vigenère密码 1)Vigenére密码 (1) Vigenére Cipher)This technique is an example of Polyalphabetic Substitution technique which uses 26 Caesar ciphers make up the mono-alphabetic substitution rules which ...

2020-08-04 00:28:18 516

翻译 Java线程类void setContextClassLoader(ClassLoader loader)方法,带示例

线程类void setContextClassLoader(ClassLoader loader) (Thread Class void setContextClassLoader(ClassLoader loader))This method is available in package java.lang.Thread.setContextClassLoader(ClassLoader ...

2020-08-03 22:26:50 851

翻译 typedef 字符串_typedef在C中使用字符数组(定义别名来声明字符串)的示例

typedef 字符串Here, we have to define an alias for a character array with a given number of maximum characters length to read strings? 在这里,我们必须为具有给定最大字符长度数的字符数组定义别名,以读取字符串 ? In the below-given program,...

2020-08-03 21:46:41 835

翻译 没有输入参数的numpy.random.random()函数| 使用Python的线性代数

Numpy is the library of function that helps to construct or manipulate matrices and vectors. The function numpy.random.random() is a function used for generating a random value between 0 and 1. This f...

2020-08-03 17:17:05 335

翻译 _thread_in_vm_Java Thread类的静态void sleep(long time_in_ms,int time_in_ns)方法,带示例

_thread_in_vm 线程类静态无效睡眠(long time_in_ms,int time_in_ns) (Thread Class static void sleep(long time_in_ms, int time_in_ns))This method is available in package java.lang.Thread.sleep(long time_in_ms, in...

2020-08-03 16:17:59 179

翻译 stl vector 函数_在C ++ STL中使用vector :: begin()和vector :: end()函数打印矢量的所有元素...

stl vector 函数 打印向量的所有元素 (Printing all elements of a vector)To print all elements of a vector, we can use two functions 1) vector::begin() and vector::end() functions. 要打印矢量的所有元素,我们可以使用两个函数:1) vector...

2020-08-03 13:48:27 779

翻译 n-queens_N-Queens问题-人工智能中的一种约束满意问题

n-queensN-Queens problem is a well-known Constraint Satisfactory Problem of Artificial Intelligence. In this problem, we have an NxN square grid board and we have N queens which need to be placed on t...

2020-08-03 12:50:10 713

翻译 mcq 队列_人工智能| AI解决问题| 才能问题解答(MCQ)| 套装1

mcq 队列1) Which of the following definitions correctly defines the State-space in an AI system?A state space can be defined as the collection of all the problem statesA state space is a state which...

2020-08-03 08:46:58 242

翻译 JavaScript | 创建对象并通过JavaScript函数在表中显示其内容

In this example, we created an object named employee with id, name, gender, city, and salary and assigned and displaying the values in the table using JavaScript function. 在此示例中,我们创建了一个名为employee的对象,...

2020-08-03 08:36:40 166

翻译 使用numpy.tanh()打印矢量/矩阵元素的双曲正切值 使用Python的线性代数

Prerequisite: 先决条件: Defining a Vector定义向量 Defining a Matrix定义矩阵 Numpy is the library of function that helps to construct or manipulate matrices and vectors. The function numpy.tanh(x) is a function ...

2020-08-03 07:46:48 1321

翻译 sjf调度算法_如何通过静态方法预测SJF调度中未来过程的突发时间?

sjf调度算法In SJF Scheduling, CPU is assigned to the process having the smallest burst time but it can not be implemented practically, because we don't know burst time of the arrived processes in advance....

2020-08-03 07:36:26 339

翻译 Java文件类boolean setExecutable(boolean exec_file,boolean owner_access)方法,带示例

文件类boolean setExecutable(boolean exec_file,boolean owner_access) (File Class boolean setExecutable(boolean exec_file , boolean owner_access))This method is available in package java.io.File.setExecu...

2020-08-03 06:55:20 145

翻译 sql 视图嵌套视图_SQL视图

sql 视图嵌套视图 SQL | 观看次数 (SQL | Views)Views in SQL are virtual tables. A view also has rows and columns as they're during a real table within the database. We will create a view by selecting fields from...

2020-08-03 03:06:37 1715

翻译 html网页转图片_HTML图片

html网页转图片 HTML图片 (HTML Images)Images are visuals of something that look elegant. In web pages, images are used to create a good and appealing design. 图像是外观精美的视觉效果。 在网页中,图像用于创建良好且吸引人的设计。 The <img...

2020-08-03 01:46:47 1706

翻译 ruby_Ruby弦

ruby Ruby弦 (Ruby Strings)We know that Strings are the sequence of characters which are used to represent some texts; they may also contain some numbers, spaces, and symbols. For example, "Mangoes" an...

2020-08-02 23:56:50 75

翻译 掷骰子

掷骰子图片Description: 描述: In this article, we are going to see a dynamic programing problem which can be featured in any interview rounds. 在本文中,我们将看到一个动态的编程问题,该问题可以在任何采访回合中体现。 Problem statement: 问题陈述...

2020-08-02 23:45:54 355

翻译 ruby 线程id_Ruby中的线程

ruby 线程id Ruby线程 (Ruby Threads)In Ruby, with the help of threads, you can implement more than one process at the same time or it can be said that Thread supports concurrent programming model. Apart f...

2020-08-02 20:44:50 279

翻译 html 表格套表格_HTML表格

html 表格套表格A table is a set of rows and columns, which could be created on a webpage in HTML, by <table> tag. The tabular representation of complex data makes it readable. 表格是一组行和列,可以通过<table...

2020-08-02 19:43:08 802

翻译 在Scala的溪流

Scala | 流 (Scala | Streams)Stream in Scala is a type of lazy val. It is a lazy val whose elements are evaluated only when they are used in the program. Lazy initialization is a feature of Scala that...

2020-08-02 17:46:20 76

翻译 sql的外键约束和主键约束_SQL约束

sql约束 SQL | 约束条件 (SQL | Constraints)Constraints are the guidelines implemented on the information sections of a table. These are utilized to restrict the kind of information that can go into a table....

2020-08-02 16:14:46 727

翻译 python点图_Python | 点图

python点图The dot plot is a type of data representation in which each data-point in the figure is represented as a dot. Dot plot underlies discrete functions unlike a continuous function in a line plot....

2020-08-02 14:34:21 5390

翻译 摄氏温度转换华氏温度_什么是摄氏温度?

摄氏温度转换华氏温度 摄氏温度 (Celsius)Celsius is a temperature measuring scale which as a SI unit derived from the seven base units stated and described by the International System of Units (SI). 摄氏温度是一种温度测量刻度,它...

2020-08-02 11:36:40 683

翻译 python中的元类_Python中的元类

python中的元类 Python元类 (Python metaclass)A metaclass is the class of a class. A class defines how an instance of a class i.e.; an object behaves whilst a metaclass defines how a class behaves. A class i...

2020-08-02 09:18:49 113

翻译 烂橘子

Problem Statement: 问题陈述: Given a matrix of dimension r*c where each cell in the matrix can have values 0, 1 or 2 which has the following meaning: 给定尺寸r * C的矩阵,其中矩阵中的每个单元可以具有其具有以下含义的值0,1或2: 0 : Emp...

2020-08-02 08:08:13 294

翻译 Java AWT TextField

The TextField class is used to create a GUI TextField. It displays an editable line of text. This means that the user has the ability to change the content displayed by the TextField. This class exten...

2020-08-02 07:28:06 670



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