Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for selling ebooks?


There are dozens of WordPress themes designed to promote and sell digital products. You can easily select a professional theme that matches your requirements for design and features.

有数十个WordPress主题旨在推广和销售数字产品。 您可以轻松选择符合您对设计和功能要求的专业主题。

In this article, we will share some of the best WordPress themes for selling ebooks that you can use.


Best WordPress Themes for Selling eBooks

建立一个WordPress网站销售电子书 (Building a WordPress Website to Sell eBooks)

WordPress is an excellent platform to sell ebooks online. It lets you have full control over how you sell your books. You also get to keep all the profit, without Amazon or another retailer taking a cut.

WordPress是在线销售电子书的绝佳平台。 它使您可以完全控制书籍的销售方式。 您还可以保留所有利润,而无需亚马逊或其他零售商削减。

Many large publications and brands are using it around the world.


It’s important to make sure that you’re using the right version of WordPress as there are 2 different types. WordPress.com is a hosting platform that provides a limited version of the WordPress software. WordPress.org is open-source software that anyone can install on their website in full.

确保您使用的是正确版本的WordPress,因为有2种不同的类型,这一点很重要。 WordPress.com是提供有限版本的WordPress软件的托管平台。 WordPress.org是开源软件,任何人都可以完全安装在其网站上。

Take a look at our full comparison between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org for more details.


For your ebook selling website, you will need self-hosted WordPress.org. This gives you full control and comes with all the features you need.

对于您的电子书销售网站,您将需要自托管的WordPress.org。 这使您可以完全控制并具有所需的所有功能。

But first, you will need to purchase a domain name (typically $14.99/year) and WordPress hosting ($7.99/month). You will also need an SSL Certificate ($69.99/year) to accept payments on your website.

但首先,您将需要购买域名 (通常为$ 14.99 /年)和WordPress托管 ($ 7.99 /月)。 您还需要SSL证书(每年69.99美元)才能在您的网站上接受付款。

That’s quite a lot of money if you’re just getting started with selling ebooks.


Bluehost, an official WordPress and WooCommerce recommended hosting provider, can help. They have agreed to offer WPBeginner readers a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and a BIG discount on web hosting.

Bluehost是官方的WordPress和WooCommerce推荐的托管服务提供商,可以为您提供帮助。 他们已经同意为WPBeginner读者提供免费域名,免费SSL证书以及网络托管的BIG折扣。

This means you can get started for just $2.75/month.


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After purchasing hosting, the next step is to install WordPress. Once you’ve done that, simply follow our step by step guide on how to make a website.

购买主机后,下一步是安装WordPress。 完成此操作后,只需按照我们的逐步指南制作网站即可

Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for selling ebooks for your website.


1.阿斯特拉 (1. Astra)


Astra is the best WordPress multipurpose theme to create a website and sell ebooks online. It comes with a few built-in templates to set up your book store quickly.

Astra是创建网站和在线销售电子书的最佳WordPress多用途主题。 它带有一些内置模板,可快速设置您的书店。

The theme provides color choices, custom backgrounds, beautiful fonts, and header options. It has quick layout settings for page templates, including the blog page, cart page, and checkout page.

主题提供颜色选择,自定义背景,漂亮的字体和标题选项。 它具有页面模板的快速布局设置,包括博客页面,购物车页面和结帐页面。

2. OceanWP (2. OceanWP)


OceanWP is a fantastic free theme with premium-like features. This super flexible WordPress theme comes with fast page load time, mobile-responsive layouts, and support for multilingual languages.

OceanWP是一个梦幻般的免费主题,具有高级功能。 这个超级灵活的WordPress主题具有快速的页面加载时间 ,移动响应式布局以及对多语言语言的支持。

It includes advanced options to set up a modern homepage layout. It also works with all popular page builder plugins like Beaver Builder, so you can create your own layouts as well.

它包括用于设置现代首页布局的高级选项。 它还可以与所有流行的页面构建器插件(例如Beaver Builder)一起使用 ,因此您也可以创建自己的布局。

Plus, OceanWP is built with good SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. You can also easily add extra widgets such as social icons and a MailChimp widget using the Ocean Extra plugins.

另外,OceanWP的构建考虑了良好的SEO(搜索引擎优化) 。 您还可以使用Ocean Extra插件轻松添加其他小部件,例如社交图标和MailChimp小部件。

3. Divi (3. Divi)


Divi is a modern WordPress multipurpose theme. It’s packed with hundreds of ready-made templates that you can use to launch your ebook selling site quickly.

Divi是现代WordPress多用途主题。 它包含了数百个现成的模板,您可以使用它们来快速启动电子书销售网站。

These templates and the Divi builder’s drag and drop interface make it easy to design a professional website. Make sure that you’re using a professional email address too.

这些模板和Divi Builder的拖放界面使设计专业网站变得容易。 确保您也使用专业的电子邮件地址

Divi has built-in elements. modules, and customization options to fine-tune how your website looks. You can also undo, redo, or revise your changes with an easy theme options panel. It’s also easy to add social media icon links.

Divi具有内置元素。 模块和自定义选项,以调整网站的外观。 您还可以通过简单的主题选项面板撤消,重做或修改更改。 添加社交媒体图标链接也很容易。

4.作者临 (4. Author Pro)

Author Pro

Author Pro is a classic WordPress ebook selling theme for book authors. It’s built on top of the Genesis Framework, making it powerful and robust.

Author Pro是针对书籍作者的经典WordPress电子书销售主题。 它基于Genesis Framework构建,使其功能强大而强大。

Author Pro lets you display featured books on the homepage in an eye-catching way. You can fully integrate eCommerce features into the theme to sell your books online.

Author Pro可让您以醒目的方式在首页上显示特色书籍。 您可以将电子商务功能完全集成到主题中,以在线销售书籍。

StudioPress is now part of WP Engine, the most popular managed WordPress hosting company. You can get this theme and all 35+ other StudioPress themes when you sign up for WP Engine hosting to build your website.

StudioPress现在是WP Engine(最流行的托管WordPress托管公司)的一部分 。 当您注册WP Engine托管以构建您的网站时,您可以获取此主题以及所有其他35+个StudioPress主题。

Bonus: WPBeginner users also get an additional 20% OFF. Get started with WP Engine today!

奖励: WPBeginner用户还可以获得额外20%的折扣。 立即开始使用WP Engine!

5.超 (5. Ultra)


Ultra is a professional WordPress multipurpose theme with tons of flexible layout options. It comes with a few ready-made templates that you can install in 1-click to launch your website. Then, you just need to replace the demo content with your own for your online bookstore.

Ultra是一个专业的WordPress多功能主题,具有大量灵活的布局选项。 它带有一些现成的模板,您可以一键安装这些模板以启动您的网站。 然后,您只需要用自己的在线书店替换演示内容即可。

Ultra also offers a built-in drag and drop page builder to create custom page templates and landing pages.


6. Binder Pro (6. Binder Pro)

Binder Pro

Binder Pro is a WordPress theme ideal for publishers, eCommerce websites, and book selling. It’s a magazine style theme with ready-made templates for different niches and industries.

Binder Pro是WordPress主题,非常适合出版商,电子商务网站和书籍销售。 这是杂志风格的主题,带有适用于不同领域和行业的现成模板。

Binder Pro takes a modular approach to design and lets you build pages instantly. It has pricing tables, sliders, contact form, multiple headers, and an easy customization panel.

Binder Pro采用模块化方法进行设计,可让您立即构建页面。 它具有定价表,滑块, 联系表 ,多个标题和一个简单的自定义面板。

7.电子商务时尚 (7. Ecommerce Fashion)

Ecommerce Fashion

Ecommerce Fashion is a classic WordPress theme that’s ideal for bloggers who want to sell fashion or lifestyle-related ebooks. It features a drag and drop homepage layout that lets you add useful sections in 1-click.

电子商务时尚是经典的WordPress主题,非常适合想要出售时尚或与生活方式相关的电子书的博客作者。 它具有拖放式首页布局,可让您一键添加有用的部分。

The theme features include a full-width header image, product reviews, latest product widget, recent posts, and beautiful blog section. It has a simple and powerful custom theme options panel that lets you set up your website quickly.

主题功能包括全角标题图片, 产品评论 ,最新产品小部件,最新帖子和漂亮的博客部分。 它具有一个简单而强大的自定义主题选项面板,可让您快速设置网站。

8.万宝龙 (8. Montblanc)


Montblanc is a modern WordPress theme designed to boost lead generation and increase sales. It comes in 5 layouts for blog, homepage, and shop front.

万宝龙是一个现代的WordPress主题,旨在促进潜在客户的产生和增加销售。 它有5种布局,分别用于博客,主页和店铺。

Montblanc includes multiple widgets for cart popup, login, and user registration. It even has an account page for users to manage and download their ebooks seamlessly, like a virtual bookshelf. This makes it a great choice for any publishing house.

万宝龙包含用于购物车弹出,登录和用户注册的多个小部件。 它甚至有一个帐户页面,供用户无缝管理和下载其电子书,就像虚拟书架一样。 这使其成为任何出版社的绝佳选择。

9. Hestia Pro (9. Hestia Pro)

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a one-page WordPress theme that comes with multiple starter sites and page templates. It supports page builders such as Visual Composer and WPBakery. This means you can design custom landing pages easily.

Hestia Pro是一页的WordPress主题,带有多个入门站点和页面模板。 它支持页面构建器,例如Visual Composer和WPBakery。 这意味着您可以轻松设计自定义登录页面。

The theme works with popular WordPress plugins to extend the functionality of your site. You can also integrate it with Easy Digital Downloads to sell your ebooks online.

该主题可与流行的WordPress插件配合使用,以扩展您网站的功能。 您也可以将其与Easy Digital Downloads集成以在线销售您的电子书。

10.诺托 (10. Noto)


Noto is a free WordPress theme for writers and digital book sellers. It offers a creative template with multiple colors, motion effects, and more.

Noto是作家和数字图书卖家的免费WordPress主题。 它提供了具有多种颜色,运动效果等的创意模板。

With Noto, you can display your introduction in the top fold of your website. Other notable features include newsletter signup form widget, RTL language support, multi-column layout, and featured images.

使用Noto,您可以在网站的首页显示您的介绍。 其他值得注意的功能包括新闻通讯注册表单小部件,RTL语言支持,多列布局和特色图片。

11.纳尔科斯 (11. Narcos)


Narcos is a stylish WordPress theme for selling ebooks. It’s a beautifully designed multipurpose WordPress theme with parallax background effects, engaging product pages, and a modern shopfront page.

Narcos是用于销售电子书的时尚WordPress主题。 这是一个设计精美的多功能WordPress主题,具有视差背景效果 ,引人入胜的产品页面和现代化的店面页面。

It includes homepage sections to add team members, testimonials, sliders, contact us form, Google Maps, and more. It’s highly optimized for speed and performance.

它包括主页部分,以添加团队成员,推荐书,滑块,与我们联系的表单,Google地图等。 它针对速度和性能进行了高度优化。

12.没有侧边栏专业版 (12. No Sidebar Pro)

No Sidebar Pro

No Sidebar Pro is a premium WordPress theme with beautiful fonts and light colors. It makes a great ebook WordPress theme as it gives you lots of control.

No Sidebar Pro是具有精美字体和浅色的高级WordPress主题。 它使WordPress成为一个很棒的电子书主题,因为它给了您很多控制权。

With custom page templates, you can create an ebook selling landing page to maximize your sales. The theme is translation ready to convert your site into any language using a plugin such as WPML.

使用自定义页面模板,您可以创建电子书销售目标页面以最大程度地提高销售量。 主题是翻译,可以使用WPML这样的插件将您的网站转换为任何语言。

13.转换 (13. Convert)


Convert is a minimalist WordPress theme to sell ebooks. It has a beautiful layout and comes with an easy to use drag and drop homepage with unlimited color choices.

转换是出售电子书的极简主义WordPress主题。 它具有漂亮的布局,并带有易于使用的拖放主页以及无限的颜色选择。

It includes custom post types for portfolio, careers, events, testimonials, and more. With the multi-column layout, it’s easier to fit in more content and images on your site.

它包括用于投资组合,职业,事件, 推荐书等的自定义帖子类型。 使用多列布局,可以更轻松地在您的网站上容纳更多内容和图像。

14.尼夫 (14. Neve)


Neve is an excellent WordPress all-purpose theme for any type of website. It comes with seamless WooCommerce integration to create an ebook selling store.

Neve是适用于任何类型网站的优秀WordPress通用主题。 它具有无缝的WooCommerce集成来创建电子书销售商店。

The theme is very customizable with tons of header and footer layouts, color choices, custom backgrounds, and more. It also ships with built-in starter sites to launch your online ebook shop in just a few minutes. It’s fully compatible with all standard WordPress plugins, so you can add things like a mega menu to your site.

主题非常可定制,具有大量的页眉和页脚布局,颜色选择,自定义背景等等。 它还带有内置的入门网站,可在几分钟之内启动您的在线电子书商店。 它与所有标准WordPress插件完全兼容,因此您可以在网站中添加大型菜单等内容。

15.专柜 (15. Shoppe)


Shoppe is a WordPress eCommerce theme designed for online stores. It comes with 3 demos and a 1-click installer to give you a quick start.

Shoppe是专为在线商店设计的WordPress电子商务主题。 它附带3个演示和一键安装程序,可让您快速入门。

It has a built-in drag and drop builder with 14 header styles, 9 archive layouts, 6 footer styles, and many custom widgets. It’s also WooCommerce ready with options that include a product slider, quick view, and detailed product pages. These help you sell more books to the booklovers who visit your site.

它具有一个内置的拖放生成器,具有14种页眉样式,9种归档布局,6种页脚样式以及许多自定义小部件。 WooCommerce也已准备就绪,提供的选项包括产品滑块,快速查看和详细的产品页面。 这些可以帮助您向访问您网站的书迷出售更多图书。

16.平衡 (16. Balance)


Balance is a feature-rich WordPress theme designed to impress your customers. It features a welcome section with a call-to-action button, followed by your featured products or book previews in a grid layout below.

Balance是功能丰富的WordPress主题,旨在打动您的客户。 它包含一个带有号召性用语按钮的欢迎部分,随后是您喜欢的产品或下面的网格布局中的书籍预览。

It comes with a widgetized homepage layout, and all theme options are available in the live theme customizer. There’s also a theme options panel for general theme settings.

它带有微件化的主页布局,并且所有主题选项在实时主题定制器中均可用。 还有一个用于常规主题设置的主题选项面板。

17.整体 (17. Integral)


Integral is a great free WordPress theme that you can use to sell ebooks. It is a one-page WordPress theme with eCommerce integration.

Integral是一个很棒的免费WordPress主题,您可以用来出售电子书。 这是具有电子商务集成功能的单页WordPress主题。

The homepage offers a full-width header image with call-to-action buttons. Below that, you can add different sections, including portfolio, products, blog posts, and more.

主页提供了带有号召性用语按钮的全幅标题图片。 在此之下,您可以添加不同的部分,包括产品组合,产品,博客文章等。

18.日光 (18. Daylight)


Daylight is a modern WordPress multipurpose theme for business websites. It comes with full WooCommerce support so you can use it for selling ebooks or any other digital products like software, music, or apps. With WooCommerce, you can take payments through PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.NET, and more.

Daylight是用于商业网站的现代WordPress多功能主题。 它具有WooCommerce的全面支持,因此您可以将其用于销售电子书或任何其他数字产品,例如软件,音乐或应用程序。 使用WooCommerce,您可以通过PayPal,Stripe,Authorize.NET等进行付款。

It includes 2 homepage designs, 10 page templates, multiple portfolio templates, Google Fonts, and shortcodes.

它包括2个首页设计,10个页面模板,多个投资组合模板 ,Google字体和简码。

19.萨弗里恩 (19. Safreen)


Safreen is a free WordPress theme designed to sell ebooks online. It comes with a flat layout design with a large fullscreen header, followed by a grid layout.

Safreen是一个免费的WordPress主题,旨在在线销售电子书。 它带有带有大全屏标题的平面布局设计,然后是网格布局。

It integrates with your favorite drag and drop page builder like Elementor Pro for customization. You can also use the WordPress live customizer to change colors and rearrange homepage sections.

它与您喜欢的拖放页面生成器(例如Elementor Pro)集成在一起以进行自定义。 您还可以使用WordPress实时定制器来更改颜色并重新排列主页部分。

20.浮动 (20. Float)


Float is a colorful WordPress theme that you can repurpose to use for any kind of website. It comes with tons of templates, header and sidebar styles, and built-in Themify page builder.

Float是一个丰富多彩的WordPress主题,您可以将其重新设置用途以用于任何类型的网站。 它带有大量的模板,标题和侧边栏样式以及内置的Themify页面构建器

It also includes a custom theme settings page, live customizer support, and a 1-click demo content installer to set up your website quickly. It uses responsive design so will look great on all devices and screen sizes.

它还包括一个自定义主题设置页面,实时自定义器支持以及一键式演示内容安装程序,可快速设置您的网站。 它使用了响应式设计,因此在所有设备和屏幕尺寸上都看起来不错。

21. Academy Pro (21. Academy Pro)

Academy Pro

Academy Pro is an elegant WordPress education and online courses theme. It comes with a built-in membership system for users to sign up for book reading or purchasing books from your site.

Academy Pro是一个优雅的WordPress教育和在线课程主题。 它带有内置的会员系统,供用户注册阅读书籍或从您的网站购买书籍。

Academy Pro supports video embeds to promote your books, courses, and educational content. With full eCommerce support, you can set up your book store and sell ebooks online.

Academy Pro支持视频嵌入,以宣传您的书籍,课程和教育内容。 有了全面的电子商务支持,您可以建立您的书店并在线销售电子书。

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress theme for selling ebooks. You may also want to check out our list of the best WordPress plugins to take your site further and help you sell more ebooks.

我们希望本文能帮助您找到销售电子书的最佳WordPress主题。 您可能还需要查看我们的最佳WordPress插件列表,以使您的网站更进一步,并帮助您销售更多的电子书。

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