As WordPress consultant and developers, we at Uzzz Productions have numerous clients. With security updates on WordPress and WordPress plugins, we need to make sure that each of our client’s site is secure and running the most up to date version of the software. Well it is easy to manage just the WordPress upgrades because every single client is using WordPress, so when a new upgrade comes out, we know that we need to update all of them. But every client is using different plugins, and it is impossible to keep track of all plugin upgrades when you have a good number of clients. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one dashboard that keeps track of all of your client’s upgrades. So instead of checking each client individually, you can just load this dashboard and see what needs updated. Well that’s a dream which have come true thanks to Mindcork. They have built a PHP application called WordPress Status Dashboard that lets you stay updated on the status of your websites or your client’s websites. These stats include Indexing Status, WordPress version, and active plugin updates.

作为WordPress顾问和开发人员,我们Uzzz Productions拥有许多客户。 通过WordPress和WordPress插件的安全更新,我们需要确保我们每个客户的网站都是安全的,并运行最新版本的软件。 好吧,因为每个客户端都使用WordPress,所以仅管理WordPress升级就很容易,因此,当出现新的升级时,我们知道我们需要更新所有升级。 但是每个客户端都使用不同的插件,如果客户端数量很多,就无法跟踪所有插件的升级。 拥有一个可以跟踪客户所有升级的仪表板不是很好。 因此,您不必加载每个仪表板,而只需加载此仪表板并查看需要更新的内容。 多亏了Mindcork,这是一个梦想成真的梦想。 他们构建了一个名为WordPress Status DashboardPHP应用程序,可让您随时了解网站或客户网站的状态。 这些统计信息包括索引状态,WordPress版本和有效的插件更新。

Yes it is exciting, it works, and it is GREAT. It is truly a dream come true. Most importantly it works with Multi-Site installs as well!

是的,它令人兴奋,它有效,而且很棒。 这是一个梦想成真的梦想。 最重要的是,它也适用于Multi-Site安装!

Note: This application is for users who are somewhat familiar with phpMyAdmin interface. (Not for Total Beginners).

注意:此应用程序适用于对phpMyAdmin界面有些熟悉的用户。 (不适用于初学者)。

WordPress Status Dashboard costs $20 over at CodeCanyon, but it is worth every single penny because it saves us tons of time is now Open Source so it is free. Like most of our plugin reviews, we will walk you through the installation of this PHP application as well.

WordPress状态仪表板 在CodeCanyon花费20美元以上,但值得每一分钱,因为它为我们节省了很多时间 现在是开源的,所以它是免费的。 像大多数插件评论一样,我们还将引导您完成此PHP应用程序的安装。

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安装WordPress状态仪表板 (Installing WordPress Status Dashboard)

First thing you need to do is purchase install WordPress Status Dashboard. Then you need to setup a sub-domain, something like (dashboard.domain.com).

您需要做的第一件事是 采购 安装WordPress状态仪表板。 然后,您需要设置一个子域,例如( dashboard.domain.com )。

Second, you’ll need to create a database from which the WP Status Dashboard runs from. If you are unsure of how to do this, contact your hosting provider and they should be able to help you. Then refer to your MySQL folder (specifically the .sql file that is in it) that is part of the zip file that you downloaded. Go inside your phpMyAdmin and import the SQL file. This will setup the proper table structure for the database you just created.

其次,您需要创建一个数据库,WP Status Dashboard将从中运行。 如果不确定如何执行此操作,请与您的托管服务提供商联系,他们应该能够为您提供帮助。 然后,参考您下载的zip文件一部分MySQL文件夹(特别是其中的.sql文件)。 进入phpMyAdmin并导入SQL文件。 这将为刚创建的数据库设置适当的表结构。

Third, you need to edit the config.php file located within the WPSD v1.2 folder (/includes/config.php). You need to edit the appropriate information such as the database username, user and password. You will also create your WordPress Status Dashboard username and password in this file (the credentials required to see the status dashboard). You also want to make sure that you change that security key to something custom for your clients only. This will prevent from everyone else accessing your client’s information.

第三,您需要编辑位于WPSD v1.2文件夹( /includes/config.php )中的config.php文件。 您需要编辑适当的信息,例如数据库用户名,用户和密码。 您还将在此文件中创建WordPress状态仪表板用户名和密码(查看状态仪表板所需的凭据)。 您还想确保将安全密钥更改为仅针对客户定制的名称。 这样可以防止其他人访问您客户的信息。

Fourth, Just upload all the files to the subdomain that you created. Once you have done this, when you load your subdomain, it should show a login screen like this:

第四,只需将所有文件上传到您创建的子域。 完成此操作后,在加载子域时,它应显示如下登录屏幕:


Just use the username and password that you created in the config file to gain access to the status dashboard.


Congratulations, you have setup the status dashboard. Now you need to make use of it by adding your client’s site in it.

恭喜,您已经设置了状态信息中心。 现在,您需要通过在其中添加客户的网站来使用它。

如何利用WordPress状态仪表板 (How to Make Use of WordPress Status Dashboard)

Well, the #1 use of WordPress Status Dashboard is that it brings all of your client’s WordPress site inside this one dashboard. But to do so, it needs to somehow connect to your client’s WordPress site. Well Justin and Dave thought of this already and created a free plugin called WP Status Dashboard which is available in the repository. You need to install this plugin, and then add the security key to it (this is the same security key that you setup in step 3 of the installation above).

好吧,WordPress状态仪表板的#1用途是它将您客户的所有WordPress网站都带到一个仪表板中。 但是要这样做,它需要以某种方式连接到客户的WordPress网站。 Justin和Dave早就想到了这一点,并创建了一个名为WP Status Dashboard的免费插件,该插件在存储库中可用。 您需要安装此插件,然后向其添加安全密钥(这与您在上述安装的第3步中设置的安全密钥相同)。


Once you have entered the settings, click Save, and you are now ready to add this client to your dashboard. Come back to your dashboard which is your subdomain, and add the client.

输入设置后,单击“保存”,现在您可以将该客户端添加到仪表板了。 回到您的子域仪表板,然后添加客户端。


All you have to do is enter the Client name (this is whatever you want), and then their WordPress site url. Make sure that you use http:// in the url. Once you enter the information, and click Add Client button, the script will do the rest. You will begin to see your client’s site information in your status dashboard.

您所要做的就是输入客户端名称(这是您想要的名称),然后输入其WordPress网站网址。 确保您在网址中使用http://。 输入信息后,单击“添加客户端”按钮,脚本将完成其余工作。 您将开始在状态面板中查看客户的站点信息。


As you can see, if you are a problogger who has numerous blogs that you want to stay updated with, or a consultant that has a handful of clients, or a development firm with tons of clients, this is a plugin that you need. It is important that you understand that WordPress Status Dashboard is a PHP Application that works with a WordPress plugin created by the same author. It costs $20, but if you try to get something similar created, it would cost thousands.

如您所见,如果您是一个Problogger,并且有很多博客想要与之保持联系,或者是一个顾问,但是它拥有少量客户,或者是一家拥有大量客户的开发公司,那么这就是您所需要的插件。 重要的是要了解WordPress状态仪表板是一个与同一作者创建的WordPress插件一起使用PHP应用程序。 它的价格为20美元,但是如果您尝试创建类似的产品,则将花费数千美元。

Get WordPress Status Dashboard Now to save your time and get peace of mind.


翻译自: https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/wordpress-status-dashboard-a-dream-come-true/


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