AppWhizzes ——User usage survey

AppWhizzes ——Users usage survey

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Team nameAppWhizzes
The goal of this assignmentUser usage survey

Up to now, our project has been completed. The purpose of this part is to collect user feedback. We have invited several users to do interviews,We also did a census of the popularity of each part of the platform on each part of our platform.

We can find from the above chart that the clicks of the three parts are similar, but because the courseware of Maynooth College will be lacking every session, the teacher’s side is not a good way to obtain, so our platform can provide courseware for the previous seniors and seniors to facilitate the learning of new students, so the clicks will be higher. Let’s take a look at the user’s feedback

1.In part of Link compleat


Pros: I am very pleased with the links you created. The interface design is clean and clear, making it easy for me to find the links I need. The content covers various fields, so that I can get the information I need in one stop, which is very convenient. Also, the link updates quickly, ensuring that I get the latest information. In general, this link collection has provided me with great help in my work and study.

Cons: However, I found that the links in some specific areas were not comprehensive enough, and I still needed to get some information from other sources. In addition, sometimes the search function is not very accurate, so I hope to improve the search algorithm and improve the accuracy of the search results


Pros:The website loads quickly and is very smooth to use. Most importantly, the content of the links is very rich, covering almost every area of information I need. This has provided me with great help in my study and work.Education links, learning assistance links, life services links, employment internship links

Cons: I sometimes find that certain linked resources are out of date or ineffective and would like to add a feedback mechanism so that users can report these issues so that they can be updated in a timely manner. In addition, sometimes the search results are not accurate enough, and I hope to improve the search algorithm to provide more accurate search results. Finally, I’d like to see some user reviews or comments to get a better idea of what other users are saying about the linked resources.

2.In part of Q&A


Pros:I really like this question-and-answer platform. First of all, its interface design is very simple and beautiful, and it is very comfortable to use. When I put forward questions, someone will reply to me in a short time. The questions and answers on the stage are very valuable and provide great help to my study and work. Finally, the community atmosphere of the platform is good, and other users actively participate in discussions and answer questions.
Cons:However, I hope that the platform can add some high-quality professional respondents to provide users with more professional answers and suggestions. In addition, sometimes the answers on the platform are not necessarily accurate or comprehensive, and I hope to strengthen the audit and management. Finally, I hope the platform can add some interactive functions, such as private messages, likes and favorites, so that users can better participate in discussions and sharing.

3.In part of Courseware sharing platform


Pros: I really like this courseware sharing platform. First of all, the interface design of the platform is very beautiful, simple and intuitive to operate, so that I can easily upload and download courseware. Secondly, the courseware resources on the platform are very rich, covering various disciplines and professional fields, giving me a lot of reference materials for study and research. Finally, the community features of the platform are great, and I can communicate with other users and learn more from their sharing.

Cons: However, I wish the platform could add some filtering and sorting features to make it faster to find courseware that fits your needs. In addition, sometimes the quality and accuracy of courseware are not consistent, and I hope the platform can strengthen the audit and evaluation mechanism. Finally, I hope the platform can provide more types of learning resources, such as teaching videos, experiment reports, etc., to meet different learning needs.


Pros:The courseware on the platform is of high quality, and most of them are excellent resources that have been rigorously screened and audited. Finally, the platform provides convenient online preview and download functions, so that I can get the necessary learning materials anytime and anywhere
Cons: However, I hope the platform can add some personalized recommendation functions to provide more accurate recommendation courseware based on my learning interests and history. In addition, sometimes the number of courseware for specific disciplines on the platform is small, hoping to attract more users to contribute and share related resources. Finally, I hope that the platform can enhance the functions of user communication and interaction, such as comments and ratings, to promote interaction and feedback among users.

4.Part of the statistical chart shows

4.1 The chart of the Interface aesthetics


4.2 The chart of convenience and effectiveness


4.3 The part of Rating the overall experience of campus forums



Based on user feedback, the Q&A platform needs more professional respondents and more accurate and comprehensive answers, while strengthening interactive functions and audit management. The courseware sharing platform needs to add screening and sorting functions, provide diversified types of learning resources, personalized recommendations, and strengthen courseware quality assessment, user contribution and sharing, and user communication and interaction.The advantage of the link Daqo platform is that it provides rich link resources, and has the characteristics of clear classification, high link quality and timely update. However, among the suggestions from users, they want the platform to add more link classifications, add filtering and sorting functions, and strengthen the evaluation and review mechanism of links.
This feedback is very valuable to us and we will work hard to improve the platform and meet the needs of our users to provide a better experience. Thank you for your valuable suggestions!

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