A new type of campus social forum---EduShareHub

This is our blog about the campus social forum we are going to do. Next, we will show you a series of content to introduce the foundation, prospect, function and so on of the project. In this practice, we hope that more people can contact and understand this forum, in which courseware can be exchanged, learning suggestions and even second-hand transactions of daily necessities can be exchanged.

Which course does this assignment belong toSoftware Engineering
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Team NameAppWhizzes
Project NameEduShareHub
The objective of this assignmentProject development direction and task assignment

1.Basic Information of this project

Through group cooperation to achieve a relatively high degree of completion of the software, and with the help of the software to achieve certain social benefits

2.Project induction and Prospects

Project name:EduShareHub

2.1 Project background

When the millennium’s hot Tianyang forum sank in an instant, when Baidu Post bar no longer the glorious time of the past speech noise, when the forum culture slowly disappeared, whether we can keep only the campus pure land, to this end, we decided to do some attempts and add new effects to the forum.

2.2 Market Opportunities

1.Campus forums can make use of the characteristics of concentration of people, unique culture and diverse needs of colleges and universities to create a distinctive community, attract and retain users, and achieve the purpose of drainage

2.The campus forum can cooperate with various activities and organizations of colleges and universities to provide some convenient and preferential functions, such as activity registration, ticket booking, coupon collection, etc

3.Campus forums can connect with the university’s alumni network and social resources, providing some opportunities that help students develop, such as employment information, internship recommendations, alumni mutual assistance, etc

2.3 Project features:

1.Campus Forum is a social platform focused on college students and teachers, which can meet their needs and interests in study, life, work and other aspects

2.Campus Forum is an intelligent forum based on artificial intelligence, which can leverage technologies such as big data and machine learning to provide users with personalized content and services

3.Campus forum is an innovative and influential social forum, which can promote the teaching, research, innovation and other activities of colleges and universities, and enhance the visibility and reputation of colleges and universities.

2.4 Market competition:

1.Campus forums need to compete with other campus forums to expand their influence and coverage. This requires the campus forum to have a good operation and promotion strategy, can adapt to the situation and needs of different regions and universities

2.Campus forums need to compete with other tool products, life service products, part-time products, etc., to provide more value and services. This requires the campus forum to continue to innovate and improve, to solve the practical problems and difficulties of users

3.Campus forums need to compete with other social platforms, micro-blogs, etc., to attract and retain users. This requires the campus forum to have its own characteristics and advantages, to meet the specific needs and interests of users

2.5 Project Outlook:

From a simple campus forum growing step by step to the software related to the needs of students in all aspects of study and life, it can better link students to meet various needs of the school or society, build a bridge between students and schools, better cultivate students’ all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical beauty and labor, provide high-quality students for the society, and create more social value and social benefits.

2.6 Project Competitiveness Report:

1.Improve the content quality and diversity of the forum. The content of the forum is the core element of attracting and retaining users, so it is necessary to ensure the quality and diversity of the content, so that users can find their interest and valuable information and knowledge on the forum. The forum can set up different theme plates, covering learning, life, work, entertainment and other aspects, and can also encourage users to create and publish content independently, forming a good content ecology

2.Make forums more interactive and social. The forum is not only a platform for information dissemination, but also a platform for social communication, so it is necessary to improve the interaction and sociability of the forum, so that users can meet like-minded friends in the forum, and enhance the sense of belonging and identity. The forum can set up some interactive functions, such as comments, likes, private messages, @, etc., and can also hold some online and offline activities, such as questions and answers, contests, parties, etc., to increase communication and contact between users

3.Make the Forum more innovative and influential. If the forum wants to stand out among many campus platforms, it must have its own innovation and influence, so that users can find new and meaningful things on the forum, and improve their ability and vision. The forum can use artificial intelligence and other technologies to provide users with personalized content and services, but also can be combined with the teaching, research, innovation and other topics of colleges and universities to provide some valuable content and services.

3.Introduction of Member

3.1Information of member

LingJie Zhang

FZU ID :832101312

Member Name: Ling
Jie Zhang

CSDN Profile: 832101312

Personality: enthusiasm, patient

Technical Expertise: embedded technology, Java

Hobbies: Video games

Desired Software Engineering Role: game development engineer

Slogan: Don’t give up

JiaYing Zhang

FZU ID:832101311

Member Name: JiaYing Zhang

CSDN Profile: 832101311

Personality: responsible for steady, progressive , detail

Technical Expertise: Front-end development, programing

Hobbies: sport,music ,video clips, cubase

Desired Software Engineering Role: Test engineer

Slogan: The more diligent, the more luckier you are!

Ouyang Ziyun

FZU ID:832101319

Member Name: Ouyang Ziyun

CSDN Profile: 832101319

Personality: strong sense of responsibility, careful and cautious

Technical Expertise: front-end production, UI design, back-end architecture

Hobbies: Music, AE

Desired Software Engineering Role: Back-end development

Slogan: Truth never grows old

Zixuan Zhao

FZU ID:832101321

Member Name: Zixuan Zhao

CSDN Profile: 832101321

Personality: Frank, enthusiastic and principled

Technical Expertise: programing

Hobbies: Photography, travel

Desired Software Engineering Role: front-end development

Slogan: no pain, no gain

JianHang Zheng

FZU ID:832101320

Member Name: JianHang Zheng

CSDN Profile: 832101320

Personality: optimistic ,careful

Technical Expertise: programing,Code Quality Control

Hobbies: fitness

Desired Software Engineering Role: Embedded system development

Slogan: more strive ,more cosy

WeiXiang Lin

FZU ID:832101317

Member Name: WeiXiang Lin

CSDN Profile: 832101317

Personality: enthusiastic and steadfast

Technical Expertise: C++ ,python programing

Hobbies: travel music

Desired Software Engineering Role: Document Management

Slogan: hard work bring success

longXuan Liao

FZU ID:832101328

Member Name: longXuan Liao

CSDN Profile: 832101328

Personality: honest , forthright

Technical Expertise: C++ ,java programing

Hobbies: movie , sport

Desired Software Engineering Role: project Management

Slogan: Sustainability in Every Line of Code.

YiLin Zhang

FZU ID:832101310

Member Name: YiLin Zhang

CSDN Profile: 832101310

Personality: outgoing , studious

Technical Expertise: MCU solidworks

Hobbies: movie ,music

Desired Software Engineering Role: system analyst

Slogan: look to the future and transcend yourself

BoYi Zhang

FZU ID:832101313

Member Name: BoYi Zhang

CSDN Profile: 832101313

Personality: enthusiastic ,optimistic

Technical Expertise: c++ and python programing

Hobbies: sport

Desired Software Engineering Role: back-end engineers

Slogan: go all out and leave no regrets

ChengHao Wang

FZU ID:832102102

Member Name: ChengHao Wang

CSDN Profile: 832102102

Personality: enthusiastic ,frank

Technical Expertise: administration management

Hobbies: sport

Desired Software Engineering Role: front-end engineers

Slogan: keep doing

3.2 Project Division of Labor

Student IDWork DescriptionContribution
832101311 JiaYing ZhangBack-end designer10%
832101319 Ouyang Ziyunfront-end designer10%
832101321 Zixuan Zhaofront-end designer10%
832101320 JianHang Zhengfront-end designer10%
832101317 WeiXiang LinBack-end designer10%
832101328 longXuan LiaoBack-end designer10%
832101310 YiLin Zhangfront-end designer10%
832101312 LingJie Zhangproject manager10%
832101313 BoYi ZhangDatabase Administrator10%
832102102 ChengHao WangBack-end designer10%

4.Project staging plan

4.1 Earlier stage(Planning and preparation phase)

Front-end and back-end developers design the user interface, prototype and user experience so that the design is approved prior to development,Start building the project architecture, selecting the technology stack, formulating the database structure, and preparing the development environment.

4.2Mid-stage (development and testing phase)

Front-end and back-end developers: Responsible for front-end and back-end development work, respectively, to implement the core functions of the website.
Database Administrator: Creates and manages databases to ensure data security and availability.
Assist developers in implementing the design into the website to ensure visual and user experience consistency.

4.3Later (release and maintenance phase)

Front-end and back-end developers continue to test and fix issues to ensure the site is running smoothly.
Content Management and Social Media Administrators: Continue to manage and update content on the site, interact with users, and promote the platform.

Throughout the project, the project manager/product Manager should maintain close supervision and coordination to ensure that the project is progressing as planned, while taking full account of change management and user feedback. The goal of this assignment is to spread the workload across the different phases and ensure that all aspects of the project are adequately addressed and managed.

5.Team photo


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