EduShareHub--Demand Analysis

  In this blog, we will specifically introduce the requirements analysis of our project ----EduShareHub, including the division of labor and contribution ratio of team members, key points and challenges in the analysis process, software requirements specification and so on.

Which course does this assignment belong toSoftware Engineering
Where are the requirements for this assignment?
Team NameAppWhizzes
Project NameEduShareHub
The objective of this assignmentProject requirements analysis and division of labor’s division of labor and the proportion of work

The following is the specific distribution of work content and contribution ratio of our team members.

1.1 Courseware note sharing section of the website

Student IDTask DescriptionContribution
Jian Hang Zheng 832101320Database administrator10%
Long Xuan Liao 832101328Back-end development10%
Wei Xiang Lin 832101317Front-end development10%

1.2 Question part

Student IDTask DescriptionContribution
Chen Hao Wang 832102102Front-end development10%
Zi Xuan Zhao 832101321Front-end development10%
Zi Yun Ouyang 832101319Back-end development10%
Bo Yi Zhang 832101313Database administrator10%

1.3 Link and UI design section

Student IDTask DescriptionContribution
Ling Jie Zhang 832101310UI design10%

1.4 other section

Student IDTask DescriptionContribution
Jia Ying Zhang 832102102Quality director10%
Ling Jie Zhang 832101312Team manager10%

2.Database administrator

  1. Establish clear roles and responsibilities: Based on each team member’s expertise and interests, define their roles and responsibilities in the project. For example, the project manager is responsible for overall project management and coordination, while different members are assigned tasks such as writing functional specifications, flowcharts, user scenarios, etc.
  2. Regular communication and collaboration: Team members need to communicate and collaborate regularly to ensure a clear understanding of project goals and requirements and coordinate their work effectively. Use meetings, discussions, and online collaboration tools to facilitate team communication and cooperation.
  3. Set milestones and objectives: Divide the project into multiple milestones and set clear objectives and deadlines for each milestone. This helps team members understand the project’s progress and enables them to manage their task timelines effectively.
  4. Encourage innovation and collaboration: Encourage team members to contribute new ideas and solutions and foster collaboration within the team. Sharing experiences and knowledge will inspire learning and growth among team members.

3.Rough Timeline for Campus Forum Website Development (7 weeks)

  1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis:
  • Week 1: Collect requirements from stakeholders such as students, teachers, and administrators. Analyze the main features and interface specifications of the campus forum.
  1. Design and Planning:
  • Week 2: Create wireframes and models for the forum’s interface. Plan the database structure and user role permissions.
  • Week 3: Finalize the forum’s design, including interface layout, color schemes, and branding elements.
  1. Front-end Development:
  • Week 4: Develop the front-end interface of the forum. Implement user registration, login, and basic discussion functionalities.
  • Week 5: Enhance the forum’s interface design, implement responsive layout, and perform compatibility testing.
  1. Back-end Development:
  • Week 6: Set up the server environment and create the forum’s database. Develop the back-end logic using an appropriate programming language to achieve full forum functionality.
  1. Testing and Bug Fixing:
  • Week 7: Conduct functional testing, user interface testing, and performance testing. Identify and fix any issues or bugs.
  1. Deployment and Release:
  • Week 7: Prepare the server deployment environment and perform final testing. Deploy the forum to the server and ensure smooth operation.
  • Week 7: Release the campus forum to the target user base and gather user feedback.
  1. Maintenance and Updates:
  • Ongoing: Monitor the performance and security of the forum, promptly addressing any vulnerabilities. Plan and implement regular updates and enhancements based on user feedback and requirements.

4.Requirements Specification

Here is a download link to our requirements specification document: click here

5.Analysis of possible key points and challenges

5.1 Analysis of possible key points and challenges

  1. User Experience design: The user interface of the forum should be simple, easy to navigate and user-friendly. Make it easy for users to browse, ask questions, post, answer and share resources.
  2. Community management and user safety: Establish an effective community management mechanism to ensure a good learning atmosphere and high content quality. And take measures to protect the user’s privacy security, information security, information is not leaked.
  3. technical architecture and performance optimization: The forum needs to have a strong technical architecture, has handled a large number of users and content. At the same time, the stability, response speed and scalability of the system are guaranteed.
  4. Content management and quality testing: Establish a content management mechanism, review published content, mark useful answers and good learning resources, etc., and take certain measures against bad content. Ensure the quality and usefulness of forum content.
  5. community activity and user engagement: Encourage users to actively participate in the forum, actively post and provide resources. Set up reward mechanism, expert mentor system, mutual assistance interaction, etc., to improve the activity of the forum and user participation.

5.2 Some of the challenges

  1. content quality control: The content on the forum should have high quality and valuable information. This requires the audit mechanism to properly audit the content in a timely manner to ensure that the content posted by users is nutritious and valuable. At the same time, it is necessary to encourage users to contribute useful content, promote knowledge sharing and display of learning results.
  2. The correctness of the information provided to users in the Forum.
  3. Technical challenges: The technical challenges of handling large numbers of users and content are an important consideration. In the later period, the number of people using the forum increased, and the forum needed to have high-performance servers and databases to handle and respond to the needs of users. As the number of users increases, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the system and ensure that users can use the forum smoothly. And ensure user privacy security, prevent user information disclosure and malicious attacks.
  4. Forum community construction and management: need to establish a positive, friendly and beneficial learning and exchange atmosphere. The management team should establish clear rules and guidelines to govern user behavior and resolve conflicts and disputes. Managers with good communication and decision-making skills are needed to maintain order in the community.

6.Demand analysis report PPT

Here is a download link for our requirements analysis report:click here

7.demand analysis review form

Here is a download link to our review form:click here

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