Corel-1000 dataset Wang 数据集

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  1. Download Databases for research comparison: 
    Download 10,000 test images (low resolution web-crawled misc database used in WBIIS);
    download 1,000 test images (test database used in SIMPLIcity paper)(zip);
    Due to growing demands and concerns of compliance to 'fair-use', we can no longer provide the larger databases for research use. Sorry for inconvenience.

    The databases should be used only for comparing algorithms, which can be considered as 'fair use' of the images and our metadata. You should not redistribute the images. You should reference to

    • Jia Li, James Z. Wang, ``Automatic linguistic indexing of pictures by a statistical modeling approach,'' IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 25, no. 9, pp. 1075-1088, 2003. (download) 

    • James Z. Wang, Jia Li, Gio Wiederhold, ``SIMPLIcity: Semantics-sensitive Integrated Matching for Picture LIbraries,'' IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol 23, no.9, pp. 947-963, 2001.(download)

  2. Download SIMPLIcity Software Package:
    If you are a government agency, an education institution, or a non-profit organization, we may offer you a FREE license of the SIMPLIcity system to run on LINUX or Solaris. Please contact Prof. James Wang by email to discuss details. At the moment, the C source code is not ready for public download. If you are commercial and would like to use SIMPLIcity, let us know and we will try to arrange to let you use. 

    To try SIMPLIcity on a real-world site with more than a million images and many concurrent users, go to

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    Other objectionable image filters: list by Google 

  5. Publications: Jia LiJames Z. Wang (g-scholar

  6. CS 545I Advanced Image Databases Seminar (given by Oscar Firschein in Winter quarters at Stanford) 

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    SCI J. Impact Factor(2)(3) 

  9. Discovering Wavelets
    a textbook on wavelets, mentioned our work in Section 4.3 (A Wavelet-Based Search Engine). 

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