Announcement: Fluorida 0.0.1

I'm glad to announce that Fluorida 0.0.1 (the first preview release) is out. The project homepage is

Fluorida is a Flex/Flash functional testing tool. It manipulates Flash just as real users do. It allows testers write test cases with simple but still expressive DSL. What makes Fluorida different is that it doesn't rely on mx.automation package, which is only available in Flex Builder Professional Edition. Other functional testing tools such as HP QuickTest Professional (formerly Mercury QuickTest Professional) and FunFX depend on mx.automation package but fortunately it seems like that dependency is not necessary to a Flex functional testing tool -- Fluorida is the evidence.

Version 0.0.1 is the first preview release. The main purpose is to gather feedbacks from the community. So far Fluorida has a basic "Tester" UI and it runs both locally and in web environment. It supports some fundamental actions. Check out the online demo and get started here.

What's next? It really depends on the feedback. We have a couple of things remaining on our TODO list, however the future direction is largely undecided yet. We are willing to see how people use it and figure out what to do in following releases. Therefore, your suggestion and feedback would be highly appreciated.