the difference of echo&print function

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There is a difference between the two, but speed-wise it should be 
irrelevant which one you use.  print() behaves like a function in that 
you can do:  $ret = print "Hello World";And $ret will be 1That means 
that print can be used as part of a more complex expression where echo 
cannot.  print is also part of the precedence table which it needs to 
be if it is to be used within a complex expression. It is just about at 
the bottom of the precendence list though.  Only "," AND, OR and XOR 
are lower.echo is marginally faster since it doesn't set a return value 
if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty.If the grammar is: 
echo expression [, expression[, expression] ... ]Then echo ( 
expression, expression ) is not valid.  ( expression ) reduces to just 
an expression so this would be valid: echo ("howdy"),("partner");but 
you would simply write this as: echo "howdy","partner"; if you wanted 
to use two expression.  Putting the brackets in there serves no purpose 
since there is no operator precendence issue with a single expression 
like that.

the difference of echo&print function

There is a difference between the two, but speed-wise it should be irrelevant which one you use. pr...
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