vmware官方推荐的几种VMware ESXi备份方案

既有免费的ghettoVCB备份,如ghettoVCB.sh支持 esxi5

ghettoVCB.sh - Free alternative for backing up VM's for ESX(i) 3.5, 4.x+ & 5.x


也有Veeam Backup & Replication这种第三方商业备份工具。


Veeam Backup & Replication专门为VMware vSphere而开发,旨在为ESX(i)虚拟机提供快速的备份和恢复支持(ESG:VMware恢复快77倍!。利用Veeam Backup & Replication,您可以从任何应用或文件系统恢复整个虚拟机或单个对象(所有这些都是基于相同的映像级备份),这在业内是绝无仅有的。


Backup solutions for VMware ESXi


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Free solutions

ghettoVCB.sh - Free alternative for backing up VM's for ESX(i) 3.5 and 4.x+ - Updated 09/28/2010
ghettoVCBg2 - Free alternative for backing up VMs in ESX(i) 3.5 and 4.x (no SSH console required!)
This script performs backups of virtual machines residing on ESX(i)  3.5/4.0+ servers using methodology similar to VMware's VCB tool.
It's created and well maintained by lamw


Other script based solutions
Another ESXi backup script
Re: Free ESXi Backup Solution for Windows
Any new backup VM Solutions - ESX 3.5


VMware Converter Standalone
Is not designed as a backup solution, but could be used also for this purpose.


File copy solutions
For a powered off VM is possible to simple copy all the files in the VM folder.
To use also with a powered on VM you need to do create a VMware snapshot to unlock the *-flat.vmdk files
To make this copy several tools could be used:



VMware solutions (need license)

VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB)
VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB)

Note that next product version will not include VCB anymore


VMware Data Recovery (VDR)

VMware Data Recovery (VDR) as a backup solution

This solution could be fine for small environment... But has some limits.

Other commercial solutions

Veeam Backup & Replication


Veeam Backup 5.x


Veeam Backup 4.x
Veeam Backup & Replication 4 offers a major breakthrough in full and  incremental backup speeds. Using technological advancements within  VMware vSphere 4 and the VMware vStorage APIs for data protection, Veeam  customers experienced the following benefits derived from native  support of thin provisioned disks and changed block tracking


Veeam Backup 3.x
Veeam Backup & Replication is the first enterprise-ready solution  that combines backup and replication in a single product for fast  recovery of your VMware ESX servers. Backup is easy, but recovery can be  hard – and that’s when the clock is ticking loudest. But with Veeam  Backup & Replication, fast recovery is easier than you ever thought  possible.


Quest (Vizioncore) vRanger Pro


vRanger Pro 4 Data Protection Platform
vRanger Pro Data Protection Platform (DPP) is a comprehensive backup and  recovery solution for virtual infrastructures that complements existing  data protection strategies to reduce the backup window with minimal  impact on IT resources. With vRanger Pro, administrators can ensure all  virtual assets are properly backed up on a regular basis and that  "computing ready" virtual environments can be restored and populated  with recovered data as quickly as possible. With faster VM recovery  organizations can minimize costly outages to applications and business  services.


vRanger Pro 3.3
Vizioncre vRanger Pro 3.3 is the ideal solution for customers wanting  the same reliability of vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP but require features that  are not yet supported in the 4.0 version. Supports VMware 3.X, 4.0  (vSphere) and ESXi.


Trilead VM Explorer
Trilead VM Explorer is a management tool that eases management, backup  and disaster recovery tasks in your VMware ESX environment. Backups can  be stored to ESX, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD based storage platforms or  directly to a SAN. VM Explorer has only to be licenced once for your  infrastructure, you don't have to pay any fees per ESX Server, CPU, or  anything similar.


PHD Virtual esXpress
esXpress  radically alters the notion of how to protect data in virtual   infrastructures in one simple way: we use the virtual infrastructure to   backup and restore itself!
esXpress v3.6 is Compatible with VMware ESX v3, v3.5 and vSphere4.

PHD Virtual in the current  5.x  product now supports ESXi and you can backup to network storage  (CIFS/NFS)  as well as local attached disk.



Another good option. vBackup's Standard Edition is free and should provide all of the functionality needed in small environments.

The free ESXi "problem"

With the free version of ESXi then you cannot actually use a third party  tool to perform any backups. This is against your EULA. If it is the  paid version of ESXi go for it.
So be sure which you are using to be sure you do not violate the EULA.


As for other mechanisms, you can snapshot the VM and then copy the data  via the vSphere Client/VIC as well. There is also VMware Converter.  These tools do not violate the EULA.


See also: http://www.virtualizationpractice.com/blog/?p=274 - VMware Forcing Third Parties to NOT Sell Products for Free ESXi


Storage based solutions

If you have a stora NFS base, then file copy could be simple...
For other shared storage you can use storage snapshots.


Backup ESXi configuration

You can use the RCLI to make a backup configuration of your ESXi host using
You can find more information for the RCLI documentation here: http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi3_35/esx_3/r35u2/vi3_35_25_u2_rcli.pdf


There are also other ways to do a backup of ESXi configuration, see:

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