Xamarin.Android Build Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added: Lokio/AsyncTimeout$

Here's a GitHub issue raised on a Xamarin.Forms plugin which had a build error when using this plugin with another nuget lib ModernHttpClient https://github.com/AlejandroRuiz/PayPal.Forms/issues/15

the reason caused the build error is the plugin internally includes a native binding reference to okhttp but different version with the one ModernHttpClient depends on, and since the okhttp is available as a nuget, so the solution is to remove okhttp from the plugin thus any project can use both of the plugin and ModernHttpClient and they can share one okhttp nuget

This issue is like you are referencing same .net assembly but different versions in same project but there is a layer of binding which hide the problem which is not easy to figure out.



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