DS3500 重置管理密码

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DS3500  重置密码
     telnet 账户为 shellUsr 密码为 wy3oo&w4 输入 spriMenuPwdReset 然后输入 Y  

日前,发现存储有问题,用stroage manager登录后,发现无法修改配置,提示有管理密码。搜集资料,搞定。

--连接控制器管理口,这里以controller B为例:

[root@ijx ~]# telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

VxWorks login: shellU
VxWorks login: sr
VxWorks login: shellUsr
Login incorrect

VxWorks login: shellUsr

VxWorks login: shwll
Login incorrect

Login timed out after 60 seconds!
Connection closed by foreign host.
[root@ijx ~]#


[root@ijx ~]# telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

VxWorks login: shellUsr
Login incorrect

VxWorks login: shellUsr

-> help

help                           Print this list
dbgHelp                        Print debugger help info
edrHelp                        Print ED&R help info
ioHelp                         Print I/O utilities help info
nfsHelp                        Print nfs help info
netHelp                        Print network help info
rtpHelp                        Print process help info
spyHelp                        Print task histogrammer help info
timexHelp                      Print execution timer help info
h         [n]                  Print (or set) shell history
i         [task]               Summary of tasks' TCBs
ti        task                 Complete info on TCB for task
sp        adr,args...          Spawn a task, pri=100, opt=0x19, stk=20000
taskSpawn name,pri,opt,stk,adr,args... Spawn a task
td        task                 Delete a task
ts        task                 Suspend a task
tr        task                 Resume a task
tw        task                 Print pending task detailed info
w         [task]               Print pending task info

Type <CR> to continue, Q<CR> to stop:

d         [adr[,nunits[,width]]] Display memory
m         adr[,width]          Modify memory
mRegs     [reg[,task]]         Modify a task's registers interactively
pc        [task]               Return task's program counter
iam       "user"[,"passwd"]    Set user name and passwd
whoami                         Print user name
devs                           List devices
ld        [syms[,noAbort][,"name"]] Load stdin, or file, into memory
                               (syms = add symbols to table:
                               -1 = none, 0 = globals, 1 = all)
lkup      ["substr"]           List symbols in system symbol table
lkAddr    address              List symbol table entries near address
checkStack  [task]             List task stack sizes and usage
printErrno  value              Print the name of a status value
period    secs,adr,args...     Spawn task to call function periodically
repeat    n,adr,args...        Spawn task to call function n times (0=forever)
version                        Print VxWorks version info, and boot line
shConfig  ["config"]           Display or set shell configuration variables
strFree   [address]            Free strings allocated within the shell (-1=all)

Type <CR> to continue, Q<CR> to stop:

NOTE:  Arguments specifying 'task' can be either task ID or name.

value = 1 = 0x1
-> spriMenuPwdReset

Are you sure that you want to reset the Storage Array Password ? (Y/N): y

Storage Array Password reset successful
value = 42 = 0x2a = '*'

再次用storage manager管理存储时候,会提示设置新密码。可以修改为 Wy3oo&w4