The most simple and easy to use Qt GUI library plug-in FTStyle (1)

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Qt since the use of the LGPL license, for C++  programmers, have like CSharp, Java development powerful readily available in the library.The only regret is not beautiful and mature GUI library is available.

In 2011,  I completed 4 color themes like the Office 2003 interface with Qt; In 2015, the skin theme similar to Office 2007 and Office 2010 was added on the basis of the original;Modify the repository structure in 2016, added HiDPI interface support for Retina display。

FTStyle compatible Qt4 and Qt5, support three categories of operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux,as well as other UNIX system.The interface effects of the three classes of operating systems are very similar, the GUI library itself also fixes a lot of BUG in the Qt Library.

The most simple and easy to use Qt GUI library, let your software easily achieve the same effect as the MFC business GUI library, but don't have to modify the software code logic. Let's see how easy it is to use, take Linux for example:

1. Put in the styles subdirectory under the program root,as shown

2. In the program's main function, add a line QApplication::setStyle("Office 2003")

3. Add the license file to your application project file, then compile and run.Preview the Demo program interface effect

More control effects, please download the compiled using FTStyle static library example Demo:

FTStyle-windows-20161212-qt4.7z,FTStyle-windows-20161212-qt5.7z; More, please visit the web site.



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To get the latest FTStyle example, please pay attention to the official website update!!!

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