The most simple and easy to use Qt GUI library plug-in FTStyle (2)The latest version - 2019.7

The latest release of the three major platform 4K version, function and performance is very perfect.

FTStyle the theme of HiDPI achieve far beyond QT's own theme.


The latest version uses plug-in library (FTStyle), and enhanced library (FTStyleIO) two parts. Do not use the enhanced library, can realize most of the functionality.


The enhancement library now contains:

1. Windows 7 Explorer desktop behavior simulation class ListView, ListWidget

2. Visual Studio tree control node triangle button simulation class TreeView, TreeWidget


FTStyle support custom palette:

1. the GUI library has a set of similar OfficeXP palette generation algorithm, can monitor the QApplication global palette updated in real time

2. professional users can define the colors generated by the inner palette themselves


FTStyle can currently in the Windows, Linux (Gtk), and Mac systems directly obtained HiDPI scaling factor


Qt library support for HiDPI details:

1. Mac system, Qt4 and Qt5 support only scaling based on logic of pixels, images have sawtooth when using Qt4

2. X11 and Windows systems, Qt4 and Qt5 default to use device based pixel scaling, Qt5 also supports scaling based on logical pixels (the system based on device pixel scaling, pop-up window may be misplaced)


4k - 2x zoom screenshots



buy: Basic Edition, Standard Edition, Professional Edition

To get the latest FTStyle example, please pay attention to the official website update!!!

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