GDB - Debugging stripped binaries

A few days ago I had a discussion with a colleague on how to debug a stripped binary on linux with GDB. Yesterday I also read an article from an ex...

2015-04-16 17:10:25

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Quantitative Risk Analysis Scenarios, Modeling, and Simulations for the PMP Certification Exam

You will need to know some quantitative risk analysis techniques for the PMP Certification Exam. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with ...

2015-03-18 13:36:02

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Plan Procurement Outputs You Should Know for the PMP Certification Exam

Plan Procurement Outputs You Should Know for the PMP Certification Exam By Cynthia Snyder Stackpole from PMP Certification All-in-One For Dummie...

2015-03-15 17:36:26

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Work Performance Data (WPD) and Work Performance Information (WPI)

There are many professionals who have studied the fourth edition of the PMBOK Guide for their PMP exam preparation, and unfortunately could not appea...

2015-02-21 18:52:55

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Quality Control vs Verify Scope

In today’s blog post I am going to discuss the perform quality control process and the verify scope process, and the difference between these two pro...

2015-02-21 17:34:10

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What is The Difference Between Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance and Risk Threshold?

In past few PMP® Facilitation sessions which I conduct online, a number of professionals have been asking me what is the difference between Risk App...

2015-02-20 22:08:09

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Know the Difference between Mitigation plan and Contingency Plan

Mitigation Plan PMBOK®  Guide Fifth Edition defines risk mitigation “Risk mitigation is a risk response strategy whereby the project team acts to ...

2015-02-20 19:25:15

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Underlining the differences between Resource Leveling and Resource Smoothing?

Under Project time management knowledge area there is a specific process called Develop Project schedule. Under this process, we have Resource Optimi...

2015-02-20 19:11:57

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How To Handle Negative Risk-Learn Negative Risk Response Strategies

What is a risk? Most of us understand risk as an uncertain event which can impact us negatively, however, the PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition defines Pr...

2015-02-20 18:39:03

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Learn How To Realize Positive Risk Response Strategies (Opportunities)

The PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition defines project risk a “Project risk is an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or neg...

2015-02-20 18:26:56

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Introduction to Project Management- A Detailed Perspective!

Professionals who are just introduced to project management wonder what makes project special. Today I am going back to basics and talking about a pr...

2015-02-20 17:14:20

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Develop Project Charter and It’s Significant Role in Project Management Planning

When professionals start preparing for PMP® many begin by reading PMBOK®, and they come across Develop Project Charter as the first process in PMBOK®...

2015-02-20 16:53:14

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What are the Differences between Work Package and Planning Package?

In my various interactions with the project management professionals,I found that many professional find it difficult to distinguish between Work Pac...

2015-02-20 16:36:25

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Contingency and Management Reserve

Let’s begin with defining the Reserves: Reserves are the amount of fund, time, or resources that are estimated from the risk management processes. P...

2015-02-20 15:59:33

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Project Management Life Cycle-Predictive & Iterative & Adaptive

All projects across industries follow a life cycle approach. Often I have seen there are so many questions in mind for many PMP® aspirants on differe...

2015-02-20 15:22:01

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What is Lead & Lag?

In so many recent discussions I realised that even though Lead & Lag are easy concepts confusion around it exists with many of PMP® aspirants. Es...

2015-02-20 15:04:31

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What Are Stakeholders – How To Identify Them?

Identify Stakeholders is the second process of Initiating process group processes and plays a crucial role from PMP® exam point of view. Identifying ...

2015-02-20 14:14:00

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What Is Float And How To Calculate Total & Free Float?

In one of the recent discussion on our Forum, I realized PMP® aspirants have lots of questions on float of activities.There is a lot of confusion a...

2015-02-20 13:43:26

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What is Fast Tracking and Crashing?

Fast tracking and crashing are techniques without which a project manager can’t survive. I know many of Project managers out there reading this blog ...

2015-02-20 12:28:01

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Cause and Effect Diagram- Fishbone Diagram Analysis

Cause and Effect diagram also known as Ishikawa Diagram (on the name of the founder) or Fish Bone Diagram as the diagram resembles a skeleton of a fi...

2015-02-20 12:08:08

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