USB 厂商ID 列表

#              List of USB ID's
#               Maintained by Stephen J. Gowdy <>
#              If you have any new entries, send them to the maintainer.
#              Send entries as patches (diff -u old new).
#              The latest version can be obtained from
# $Id: usb.ids,v 1.332 2008/03/04 09:15:10 gowdy Exp $
# Vendors, devices and interfaces. Please keep sorted.
# Syntax:
# vendor  vendor_name
#               device  device_name                                                      <-- single tab
#                             interface  interface_name                 <-- two tabs
0001  Fry's Electronics
0002  Ingram
0003  Club Mac
0004  Nebraska Furniture Mart
0145  Unknown
               0112  Card Reader
0204  Chipsbank Microelectronics Co., Ltd
               6025  CBM2080 Flash drive controller
               6026  CBM1180 Flash drive controller
02ad  HUMAX Co., Ltd.
               138c  PVR Mass Storage
0386  LTS
               0001  PSX for USB Converter
03e8  EndPoints, Inc.
               0004  SE401 WebCam
               0008  101 Ethernet [klsi]
               0015  USB ATAPI Enclosure
               2123  SiPix StyleCam Deluxe
               8004  Aox 99001
03e9  Thesys Microelectronics
03ea  Data Broadcasting Corp.
03eb  Atmel Corp.
               2002  Mass Storage Device
               2015  at90usbkey sample firmware (HID keyboard)
               2018  at90usbkey sample firmware (CDC ACM)
               2019  stk525 sample firmware (microphone)
               201c  at90usbkey sample firmware (HID mouse)
               201d  at90usbkey sample firmware (HID generic)
               2022  at90usbkey sample firmware (composite device)
               2103  JTAG ICE mkII
               2104  AVR ISP mkII
               2107  AVR Dragon
               2ffb  at90usb AVR DFU bootloader
               2ffd  at89c5130/c5131 DFU bootloader
               2fff  at89c5132/c51snd1c DFU bootloader
               3301  at43301 4-port Hub
               3312  4-port Hub
               5601  at76c510 Prism-II 802.11b Access Point
               5603  Cisco 7920 WiFi IP Phone
               6124  at91sam SAMBA bootloader
               7603  at76c503a D-Link DWL-120 802.11b Adapter
               7604  FastVNET
               7605  at76c503a 802.11b Adapter
               7606  at76c505 802.11b Adapter
               7611  at76c510 rfmd2948 802.11b Access Point
               7613  WL-1130 USB
               7614  AT76c505a Wireless Adapter
03ec  Iwatsu America, Inc.
03ed  Mitel Corp.
03ee  Mitsumi
               0000  CD-R/RW Drive
               2501  eHome Infrared Receiver
               2502  eHome Infrared Receiver
               5609  Japanese Keyboard
               641f  WIF-0402C Bluetooth Adapter
               6438  Bluetooth Device
               6440  WML-C52APR Bluetooth Adapter
               6901  SmartDisk FDD
               6902  Floppy Disk Drive
               7500  CD-R/RW
               ffff  Dongle with BlueCore in DFU mode
03f0  Hewlett-Packard
               0004  DeskJet 895c
               0011  OfficeJet G55
               0012  DeskJet 1125C Printer Port
               0024  KU-0316 Keyboard
               0101  ScanJet 4100c
               0102  PhotoSmart S20
               0104  DeskJet 880c/970c
               0105  ScanJet 4200c
               0107  CD-Writer Plus
               010c  Multimedia Keyboard Hub
               0111  G55xi Printer/Scanner/Copier
               0117  LaserJet 3200
               011c  hn210w 802.11b Adapter
               011d  Integrated Bluetooth Module
               0121  HP49g+ Calculator
               0122  HID Internet Keyboard
               0201  ScanJet 6200c
               0202  PhotoSmart S20
               0204  DeskJet 815c
               0205  ScanJet 3300c
               0207  CD-Writer Plus 8200e
               020c  Multimedia Keyboard
               0211  OfficeJet G85
               0212  DeskJet 1220C
               0217  LaserJet 2200
               0218  APOLLO P2500/2600
               2624  Pole Display (HP522 2 x 20 Line Display)
               0304  DeskJet 810c/812c
               0305  ScanJet 4300c
               0307  CD-Writer+ CD-4e
               0311  OfficeJet G85xi
               0312  Color Inkjet CP1700
               0314  designjet 30/130 series
               0317  LaserJet 1200
               0401  ScanJet 5200c
               0404  DeskJet 830c/832c
               0405  ScanJet 3400cse
               0411  OfficeJet G95
               0412  Printing Support
               0417  LaserJet 1200 series
               0504  DeskJet 885c
               0505  ScanJet 2100c
               0507  DVD+RW
               050c  5219 Wireless Keyboard
               0511  OfficeJet K60
               0512  DeckJet 450
               0517  LaserJet 1000
               051d  integrated module with Bluetooth wireless technology.
               0601  ScanJet 6300c
               0604  DeskJet 840c
               0605  ScanJet 2200c
               0611  OfficeJet K60xi
               0612  business inkjet 3000
               0624  Bluetooth Dongle
               0701  ScanJet 5300c/5370c
               0704  DeskJet 825c
               0705  ScanJet 4400c
               0711  OfficeJet K80
               0712  DeskJet 1180c
               0714  Printing Support
               0801  ScanJet 7400c
               0804  DeskJet 816c
               0805  HP4470C
               0811  OfficeJet K80xi
               0817  LaserJet 3300
               0901  ScanJet 2300c
               0904  DeskJet 845c
               0912  Printing Support
               0917  LaserJet 3330
               0924  Modular Smartcard Keyboard
               0a01  ScanJet 2400c
               0a17  color LaserJet 3700
               0b01  Scanjet 82x0C
               0b17  Laserjet 2300d
               0c17  LaserJet 1010
               0c24  Bluetooth Dongle
               0d12  Officejet 9100 series
               0d17  LaserJet 1012
               0e17  LaserJet 1015
               0f11  OfficeJet V40
               0f12  Printing Support
               0f17  LaserJet 1150
               1001  Photo Scanner 1000
               1002  photosmart 140 series
               1004  DeskJet 970c/970cse
               1005  ScanJet 5400c
               1011  OfficeJet V40xi
               1016  Jornada 548 / iPAQ HW6515 Pocket PC
               1017  LaserJet 1300
               1024  Smart Card Keyboard
               1102  photosmart 240 series
               1104  DeskJet 959c
               1105  ScanJet 5470c
               1111  officejet v60
               1116  Jornada 568 Pocket PC
               1117  LaserJet 1300n
               1151  PSC-750xi Printer/Scanner/Copier
               1202  Photosmart 320 Series
               1204  DeskJet 930c
               1205  ScanJet 4500C/5550C
               1211  officejet v60xi
               1217  LaserJet 2300L
               1302  Photosmart 370 Series
               1305  ScanJet 4570c
               1311  OfficeJet V30
               1312  Deskjet 460
               1317  LaserJet 1005
               1405  Scanjet 3670
               1411  PSC 750
               1424  f2105 Monitor Hub
               1502  Photosmart 420 Series
               1504  DeskJet 920c
               1511  PSC 750xi
               1512  Printing Support
               1517  color LaserJet 3500
               1524  Smart Card Keyboard - KR
               1602  Photosmart 330 Series
               1604  DeskJet 940c
               1605  ScanJet 5530C Photosmart
               1611  psc 780
               1617  LaserJet 3015
               161d  Wireless Rechargeable Optical Mouse (HID)
               1624  Smart Card Keyboard - JP
               1702  Photosmart 380 Series
               1704  deskjet 948C
               1705  ScanJet 5590
               1711  psc 780xi
               1712  Printing Support
               1717  LaserJet 3020
               171d  Wireless (Bluetooth + WLAN) Interface [Integrated Module]
               1801  Inkjet P-2000U
               1802  Photosmart 470 Series
               1804  deskjet 916C
               1805  ScanJet 7650
               1811  PSC 720
               1817  LaserJet 3030
               181d  integrated module with Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology.
               1902  Photosmart A430 series
               1904  DeskJet 3820
               1911  OfficeJet V45
               1917  LaserJet 3380
               1a02  Photosmart A510 series
               1a11  officejet 5100 series
               1a17  color LaserJet 4650
               1b02  Photosmart A610 series
               1b04  deskjet 3810
               1b05  ScanJet 4850C/4890C
               1c02  Photosmart A710 series
               1c17  Color LaserJet 2550l
               1d02  Photosmart A310 series
               1d17  LaserJet 1320
               1e02  Photosmart A320 Printer series
               1e11  PSC-950
               1e17  LaserJet 1160 series
               1f02  Photosmart A440 Printer series
               1f11  PSC 920
               1f12  Officejet Pro K5300
               1f17  color LaserJet 5550
               2001  Floppy
               2002  Hub
               2004  DeskJet 640c
               2005  ScanJet 3570c
               2012  Officejet Pro K5400
               2102  photosmart 7345
               2104  DeskJet 630c
               2112  Officejet Pro L7500
               2202  photosmart 7600 series
               2205  ScanJet 3500c
               2212  Officejet Pro L7600
               2217  color LaserJet 9500 MFP
               2302  photosmart 7600 series
               2304  DeskJet 656c
               2305  ScanJet 3970c
               2311  officejet d series
               2312  Officejet Pro L7700
               2317  LaserJet 4350
               2402  photosmart 7700 series
               2405  ScanJet 4070 Photosmart
               2417  LaserJet 4250
               2502  photosmart 7700 series
               2505  ScanJet 3770
               2512  Officejet Pro L7300
               2517  LaserJet 2410
               2524  LP3065 30" Monitor Hub
               2602  Photosmart A520 series
               2605  ScanJet 3800c
               2611  officejet 7100 series
               2617  Color LaserJet 2820 Series
               2702  Photosmart A620 series
               2704  Deskjet 915
               2717  Color LaserJet 2830
               2811  PSC-2100
               2817  Color LaserJet 2840
               2902  Photosmart A820 series
               2911  PSC 2200
               2917  LaserJet 2420
               2a11  PSC 2150 series
               2a17  LaserJet 2430
               2b11  PSC 2170 series
               2b17  LaserJet 1020
               2c17  Printing Support
               2d11  OfficeJet 6110
               2d17  Printing Support
               2e11  PSC 1000
               2e17  Printing Support
               2f11  PSC 1200
               2f17  EWS 2605dn
               3002  photosmart P1000
               3004  deskjet 980c
               3005  ScanJet 4670v
               3011  PSC 1100 series
               3017  Printing Support
               3102  PhotoSmart P1100 Printer w/ Card Reader
               3104  DeskJet 960c
               3111  officejet 4100 series
               3117  EWS 2605dtn
               3202  photosmart 1215
               3211  officejet 4105 series
               3217  LaserJet 3050
               3302  photosmart 1218
               3304  DeskJet 990c
               3317  LaserJet 3052
               3402  photosmart 1115
               3404  DeskJet 6122
               3417  LaserJet 3055
               3502  photosmart 230
               3504  DeskJet 6127c
               3511  PSC 2300
               3517  LaserJet 3390
               3602  photosmart 1315
               3611  PSC 2410 Photosmart
               3617  EWS 2605
               3711  PSC 2500
               3717  EWS UPD
               3802  photosmart 100
               3817  LaserJet P2015 Series
               3902  photosmart 130
               3a02  photosmart 7150
               3a11  OfficeJet 5500 series
               3a17  Printing Support
               3b02  photosmart 7150~
               3b11  PSC 1300 series
               3b17  LaserJet M1005 MFP
               3c02  PhotoSmart 7350
               3c11  PSC 1358
               3c17  EWS UPD
               3d02  photosmart 7350~
               3d11  OfficeJet 4215
               3e02  photosmart 7550
               3f02  photosmart 7550~
               3f11  PSC-1315/PSC-1317
               4002  PhotoSmart 720 / PhotoSmart 935 (storage)
               4004  cp1160
               4102  PhotoSmart 618
               4105  ScanJet 4370
               4111  Officejet 7200 series
               4117  Printing Support
               4202  PhotoSmart 812
               4205  Scanjet G3010
               4211  Officejet 7300 series
               4217  EWS CM1015
               4302  PhotoSmart 850 (ptp)
               4311  Officejet 7400 series
               4317  Color LaserJet CM1017
               4402  PhotoSmart 935 (ptp)
               4417  EWS UPD
               4502  PhotoSmart 945 (PTP mode)
               4505  ScanJet G4010
               4511  Photosmart 2600
               4517  EWS UPD
               4605  ScanJet G4050
               4611  Photosmart 2700
               4811  PSC 1600
               4911  PSC 2350
               4b11  Officejet 6200
               4c11  PSC 1500 series
               4c17  EWS UPD
               4d11  PSC 1400
               4d17  EWS UPD
               4e11  Photosmart 2570 series
               4f11  Officejet 5600 (USBHUB)
               5004  DeskJet 995c
               5011  Photosmart 3100 Series
               5017  EWS UPD
               5111  Photosmart 3200 Series
               5211  Photosmart 3300 Series
               5311  Officejet 6300
               5411  Officejet 4300
               5511  Deskjet F300 series
               5611  PhotoSmart C3180
               5617  LaserJet M1120 MFP
               5711  Photosmart C4100 series
               5717  LaserJet M1120n MFP
               5811  Photosmart C5100 series
               5817  LaserJet M1319f MFP
               5911  PhotoSmart C6180
               5a11  Photosmart C7100 series
               5b11  Officejet J2100 Series
               5c11  Photosmart C4200 Printer series
               5d11  Photosmart C5200 series
               5e11  Photosmart D7400 series
               6004  DeskJet 5550
               6102  Hewlett Packard Digital Camera
               6104  DeskJet 5650c
               6117  color LaserJet 3550
               6202  PhotoSmart 215
               6204  DeskJet 5150c
               6217  Color LaserJet 4700
               6302  PhotoSmart 318/612
               6317  Color LaserJet 4730mfp
               6402  PhotoSmart 715 (ptp)
               6411  Photosmart C8100 series
               6417  LaserJet 5200
               6502  PhotoSmart 120 (ptp)
               6511  Photosmart C7200 series
               6602  PhotoSmart 320
               6611  Photosmart C4380 series
               6617  LaserJet 5200L
               6702  PhotoSmart 720 (ptp)
               6717  Color LaserJet 3000
               6802  PhotoSmart 620 (ptp)
               6811  Photosmart D5300 series
               6817  Color LaserJet 3800
               6911  Photosmart D7200 series
               6917  Color LaserJet 3600
               6a02  PhotoSmart 735 (ptp)
               6a11  Photosmart C6200 series
               6a17  LaserJet 4240
               6b02  PhotoSmart R707 (PTP mode)
               6c17  Color LaserJet 4610
               6f17  Color LaserJet CP6015 series
               7004  DeskJet 3320c
               7102  PhotoSmart 635 (PTP mode)
               7104  DeskJet 3420c
               7117  CM8060 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology
               7202  PhotoSmart 43x (ptp)
               7204  DeskJet 36xx
               7217  LaserJet M5035 MFP
               7302  PhotoSmart M307 (PTP mode)
               7304  DeskJet 35xx
               7317  LaserJet P3005
               7404  Printing Support
               7417  LaserJet M4345 MFP
               7504  Printing Support
               7517  LaserJet M3035 MFP
               7604  Deskjet 3940
               7617  LaserJet P3004
               7702  PhotoSmart R817 (PTP mode)
               7704  Deskjet D4100
               7717  CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology
               7804  Deskjet D1360
               7817  Color LaserJet CP3505
               7917  LaserJet M5025 MFP
               7a02  PhotoSmart M415 (PTP mode)
               7a17  LaserJet M3027 MFP
               7b02  PhotoSmart M23 (PTP mode)
               7b17  Color LaserJet CP4005
               7c17  Color LaserJet CM6040 Series
               7d04  Deskjet F2100 Printer series
               7d17  Color LaserJet CM4730 MFP
               7e04  Deskjet F4100 Printer series
               8017  LaserJet P4515
               8104  Printing Support
               8117  LaserJet P4015
               811c  Ethernet HN210E
               8204  Printing Support
               8217  LaserJet P4014
               8317  LaserJet M9050 MFP
               8404  Deskjet 6800 Series
               8417  LaserJet M9040 MFP
               8504  Deskjet 6600 Series
               8604  Deskjet 5440
               8704  deskjet 5900 series
               8804  Deskjet 6980 Series
               8904  Deskjet 6940 Series
               9002  Photosmart M437
               9102  Photosmart M537
               9302  Photosmart R930 series
               9402  Photosmart R837
               9502  Photosmart R840 series
               9602  Photosmart M730 series
               9702  Photosmart R740 series
               9802  Photosmart Mz60 series
               9902  Photosmart M630 series
               9a02  Photosmart E330 series
               9b02  Photosmart M540 series
               9c02  Photosmart M440 series
               a004  DeskJet 5850c
               b002  photosmart 7200 series
               b102  photosmart 7200 series
               b202  photosmart 7600 series
               b302  photosmart 7600 series
               b402  photosmart 7700 series
               b502  photosmart 7700 series
               b602  photosmart 7900 series
               b702  photosmart 7900 series
               b802  Photosmart 7400 Series
               b902  Photosmart 7800 Series
               ba02  Photosmart 8100 Series
               bb02  Photosmart 8400 Series
               bc02  Photosmart 8700 Series
               bd02  Photosmart Pro B9100 series
               bef4  NEC Picty760
               c002  Photosmart 7800 Series
               c102  Photosmart 8000 Series
               c202  Photosmart 8200 Series
               c302  Deskjet D2300
               c402  Photosmart D5100 series
               c502  Photosmart D6100 series
               c602  Photosmart D7100 series
               c702  Photosmart D7300 series
               c802  Photosmart D5060 Printer
               d104  Bluetooth Dongle
               efbe  NEC Picty900
               f0be  NEC Picty920
               f1be  NEC Picty800
03f1  Genoa Technology
03f2  Oak Technology, Inc.
03f3  Adaptec, Inc.
               0020  AWN-8020 WLAN
               0080  AVC-1100 Audio Capture
               0083  AVC-2200 Device
               0087  AVC-2210 Loader
               0088  AVC-2210 Device
               008b  AVC-2310 Loader
               008c  AVC-2310 Device
               0094  eHome Infrared Receiver
               009b  AVC-1410 GameBridge TV NTSC
               2000  USBXchange
               2001  USBXchange Adapter
               2002  USB2-Xchange
               2003  USB2-Xchange Adapter
               adcc  Composite Device Support
03f4  Diebold, Inc.
03f5  Siemens Electromechanical
03f8  Epson Imaging Technology Center
03f9  KeyTronic Corp.
               0100  Keyboard
               0101  Keyboard
               0102  Keyboard Mouse
03fb  OPTi, Inc.
03fc  Elitegroup Computer Systems
03fd  Xilinx, Inc.
03fe  Farallon Comunications
0400  National Semiconductor Corp.
               0807  Bluetooth Dongle
               080a  Bluetooth Device
               1000  Mustek BearPaw 1200 Scanner
               1001  Mustek BearPaw 2400 Scanner
               1237  Hub
               a000  Smart Display Reference Device
               c35b  Printing Support
0401  National Registry, Inc.
0402  ALi Corp.
               5462  M5462 IDE Controller
               5602  Video Camera Controller
               5603  USB 2.0 Q-tec Webcam 300
               5621  USB 2.0 Storage Device
               5623  VistaScan Astra 3600
               5627  Welland ME-740PS USB2 3.5" Power Saving Enclosure
               5632  USB 2.0 Host-to-Host Link
               5635  USB 2.0 Flash Card Reader
               5636  USB 2.0 Storage Device
               5637  M5637 IDE Controller
0403  Future Technology Devices International, Ltd
               0000  H4SMK 7 Port Hub
               0232  Serial Converter
               6001  FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC
               6007  Serial Converter
               6008  Serial Converter
               6009  Serial Converter
               6010  FT2232C Dual USB-UART/FIFO IC
               8040  4 Port Hub
               8070  7 Port Hub
               8370  7 Port Hub
               8371  PS/2 Keyboard And Mouse
               8372  FT8U100AX Serial Port
               c630  lcd2usb interface
               c7d0  RR-CirKits LocoBuffer-USB
               cc48  product FTDI TACTRIX_OPENPORT_13M 0xcc48 OpenPort 1.3 Mitsubishi
               cc49  product FTDI TACTRIX_OPENPORT_13S 0xcc49 OpenPort 1.3 Subaru
               cc4a  product FTDI TACTRIX_OPENPORT_13U 0xcc4a OpenPort 1.3 Universal
               d010  SCS PTC-IIusb
               d011  SCS Position-Tracker/TNC
               d012  SCS DRAGON 1
               d013  SCS DRAGON 1
               d6f8  UNI Black BOX
               e700  Elster Unicom III Optical Probe
               e888  Expert ISDN Control USB
               e889  USB-RS232 OptoBridge
               e88a  Expert mouseCLOCK USB II
               e88b  Precision Clock MSF USB
               e88c  Expert mouseCLOCK USB II HBG
               ea90  Eclo 1-Wire Adapter
               f208  Papenmeier Braille-Display
               f680  Suunto Sports Instrument
               f918  Ant8 Logic Probe
               fa00  Matrix Orbital USB Serial
               fa01  Matrix Orbital MX2 or MX3
               fa02  Matrix Orbital MX4 or MX5
               fa03  Matrix Orbital VK/LK202 Family
               fa04  Matrix Orbital VK/LK204 Family
               fc08  Crystalfontz CFA-632 USB LCD
               fc09  Crystalfontz CFA-634 USB LCD
               fc0b  Crystalfontz CFA-633 USB LCD
               fc0c  Crystalfontz CFA-631 USB LCD
               fc0d  Crystalfontz CFA-635 USB LCD
               fc82  SEMC DSS-20 SyncStation
               fd48  ShipModul MiniPlex-4xUSB NMEA Multiplexer
               ff08  ToolHouse LoopBack Adapter
               ff18  Logbook Bus
               ff19  Logbook Bus
               ff1a  Logbook Bus
               ff1b  Logbook Bus
               ff1c  Logbook Bus
               ff1d  Logbook Bus
               ff1e  Logbook Bus
               ff1f  Logbook Bus
0404  NCR Corp.
               0202  78XX Scanner
               0203  78XX Scanner - Embedded System
               0310  K590 Printer, Self-Service
               0311  7167 Printer, Receipt/Slip
               0312  7197 Printer Receipt
               0320  5932-USB Keyboard
               0321  5953-USB Dynakey
               0322  5932-USB Enhanced Keyboard
               0323  5932-USB Enhanced Keyboard, Flash-Recovery/Download
               0324  5953-USB Enhanced Dynakey
               0325  5953-USB Enhanced Dynakey Flash-Recovery/Download
               0328  K016: USB-MSR ISO 3-track MSR: POS Standard (See HID pages)
               0329  K018: USB-MSR JIS 2-Track MSR: POS Standard
               032a  K016: USB-MSR ISO 3-Track MSR: HID Keyboard Mode
               032b  K016/K018: USB-MSR Flash-Recovery/Download
0405  Synopsys, Inc.
0406  Fujitsu-ICL Computers
0407  Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc.
0408  Quanta Computer, Inc.
0409  NEC Corp.
               0011  PC98 Series Layout Keyboard Mouse
               0012  ATerm IT75DSU ISDN TA
               0014  Japanese Keyboard
               0019  109 Japanese Keyboard with Bus-Powered Hub
               001a  PC98 Series Layout Keyboard with Bus-Powered Hub
               0025  Mini Keyboard with Bus-Powered Hub
               0027  MultiSync Monitor
               002c  Clik!-USB Drive
               0034  109 Japanese Keyboard with One-touch start buttons
               003f  Wireless Keyboard with One-touch start buttons
               0040  Floppy
               004e  SuperScript 1400 Series
               004f  Wireless Keyboard with One-touch start buttons
               0058  HighSpeed Hub
               0059  HighSpeed Hub
               005a  HighSpeed Hub
               006a  Conceptronic USB Harddisk Box
               0081  SuperScript 1400 Series
               0082  SuperScript 1400 Series
               0094  Japanese Keyboard with One-touch start buttons
               0095  Japanese Keyboard
               00a9  AtermIT21L 128K Support Standard
               00aa  AtermITX72 128K Support Standard
               00ab  AtermITX62 128K Support Standard
               00ac  AtermIT42 128K Support Standard
               00ae  INSMATEV70G-MAX Standard
               00af  AtermITX70 128K Support Standard
               00b0  AtermITX80 128K Support Standard
               00b2  AtermITX80D 128K Support Standard
               00c0  Wireless Remocon
               00f7  Smart Display PK-SD10
               011d  e228 Mobile Phone
               0203  HID Audio Controls
               55aa  Hub
               55ab  Hub [iMac/iTouch kbd]
               8010  Intellibase Hub
               8011  Intellibase Hub
               efbe  P!cty 900 [HP DJ]
               f0be  P!cty 920 [HP DJ 812c]
040a  Kodak Co.
               0001  DVC-323
               0002  DVC-325
               0100  DC-220
               0110  DC-260
               0111  DC-265
               0112  DC-290
               0120  DC-240
               0121  DC-240 (PTP firmware)
               0130  DC-280
               0131  DC-5000
               0132  DC-3400
               0140  DC-4800
               0160  DC4800
               0170  DX3900
               0200  Digital Camera
               0300  EZ-200
               0400  MC3
               0402  Digital Camera
               0403  Z7590
               0500  DX3500
               0510  DX3600
               0525  DX3215
               0530  DX3700
               0535  EasyShare CX4230 Camera
               0540  LS420
               0550  DX4900
               0555  DX4330
               0560  CX4200
               0565  CX4210
               0566  CX4300
               0567  LS753
               0568  LS443
               0569  LS663
               0570  DX6340
               0571  CX6330
               0572  DX6440
               0573  CX6230
               0574  CX6200
               0575  DX6490
               0576  DX4530
               0577  DX7630
               0578  CX7300/CX7310
               0579  CX7220
               057a  CX7330
               057b  CX7430
               057c  CX7530
               057d  DX7440
               057e  C300
               057f  DX7590
               0580  Z730
               0581  Digital Camera
               0582  Digital Camera
               0583  Digital Camera
               0584  CX6445
               0585  Digital Camera
               0586  CX7525
               0587  Digital Camera
               0588  Digital Camera
               0589  EasyShare C360
               058a  C310
               058b  Digital Camera
               058c  C330
               058d  C340
               058e  V530
               058f  V550
               0590  Digital Camera
               0591  Digital Camera
               0592  Digital Camera
               0593  Digital Camera
               0594  Digital Camera
               0595  Digital Camera
               0596  Digital Camera
               0597  Digital Camera
               0598  Digital Camera
               0599  Digital Camera
               059a  Digital Camera
               059b  Digital Camera
               059c  Digital Camera
               059d  Digital Camera
               059e  Digital Camera
               059f  Digital Camera
               05a0  Digital Camera
               05a1  Digital Camera
               05a2  Digital Camera
               05a3  Digital Camera
               05a4  Digital Camera
               05a5  Digital Camera
               05a6  Digital Camera
               05a7  Digital Camera
               05a8  Digital Camera
               05a9  Digital Camera
               05aa  Digital Camera
               05ab  Digital Camera
               05ac  Digital Camera
               05ad  Digital Camera
               05ae  Digital Camera
               05af  Digital Camera
               05b0  Digital Camera
               05b1  Digital Camera
               05b2  Digital Camera
               05b3  EasyShare Z710 Camera
               05b4  Digital Camera
               05b5  Digital Camera
               05b6  Digital Camera
               05b7  Digital Camera
               05b8  Digital Camera
               05b9  Digital Camera
               05ba  Digital Camera
               05bb  Digital Camera
               05bc  Digital Camera
               05bd  Digital Camera
               05be  Digital Camera
               05bf  Digital Camera
               05c0  Digital Camera
               05c1  Digital Camera
               05c2  Digital Camera
               05c3  Digital Camera
               05c4  Digital Camera
               05c5  Digital Camera
               4000  InkJet Color Printer
               410d  EasyShare G600 Printer Dock
               5010  Wireless Adapter
               5012  DBT-220 Bluetooth Adapter
               6001  i30
               6002  i40
               6003  i50
               6004  i60
               6005  i80
040b  Weltrend Semiconductor
               6510  Weltrend Bar Code Reader
               6520  XBOX Xploder
040c  VTech Computers, Ltd
040d  VIA Technologies, Inc.
               3184  VNT VT6656 USB-802.11 Wireless LAN Adapter
               6205  USB 2.0 Card Reader
040e  MCCI
040f  Echo Speech Corp.
0411  MelCo., Inc.
               0001  LUA-TX Ethernet [pegasus]
               0005  LUA-TX Ethernet
               0006  WLI-USB-L11 Wireless LAN Adapter
               0009  LUA2-TX Ethernet
               000b  WLI-USB-L11G-WR Wireless LAN Adapter
               000d  WLI-USB-L11G Wireless LAN Adapter
               0012  LUA-KTX Ethernet
               0013  USB2-IDE Adapter
               0016  WLI-USB-S11 802.11b Adapter
               0018  USB2-IDE Adapter
               001c  USB-IDE Bridge: DUB-PxxG
               0027  WLI-USB-KS11G 802.11b Adapter
               003d  LUA-U2-KTX Ethernet
               0044  WLI-USB-KB11 Wireless LAN Adapter
               004d  WLI-USB-B11 Wireless LAN Adapter
               0050  WLI2-USB2-G54 Wireless LAN Adapter
               005e  WLI-U2-KG54-YB WLAN
               0065  Python2 WDM Encoder
               0066  WLI-U2-KG54 WLAN
               0067  WLI-U2-KG54-AI WLAN
               008b  Nintendo Wi-Fi
               0091  WLI-U2-KAMG54 Wireless LAN Adapter
               0092  WLI-U2-KAMG54 Bootloader
               0097  WLI-U2-KG54-BB
               00a9  WLI-U2-AMG54HP Wireless LAN Adapter
               00aa  WLI-U2-AMG54HP Bootloader
               00b3  PC-OP-RS1 RemoteStation
               00ca  802.11n Network Adapter
               00cb  WLI-U2-G300N 802.11n Adapter
               00d8  WLI-U2-SG54HP
               00d9  WLI-U2-G54HP
               00da  WLI-U2-KG54L
0412  Award Software International
0413  Leadtek Research, Inc.
               1310  WinFast TV - NTSC + FM
               1311  WinFast TV - NTSC + MTS + FM
               1312  WinFast TV - PAL BG + FM
               1313  WinFast TV - PAL BG+TXT + FM
               1314  WinFast TV Audio - PHP PAL I
               1315  WinFast TV Audio - PHP PAL I+TXT
               1316  WinFast TV Audio - PHP PAL DK
               1317  WinFast TV Audio - PHP PAL DK+TXT
               1318  WinFast TV - PAL I/DK + FM
               1319  WinFast TV - PAL N + FM
               131a  WinFast TV Audio - PHP SECAM LL
               131b  WinFast TV Audio - PHP SECAM LL+TXT
               131c  WinFast TV Audio - PHP SECAM DK
               131d  WinFast TV - SECAM DK + TXT + FM
               131e  WinFast TV - NTSC Japan + FM
               1320  WinFast TV - NTSC
               1321  WinFast TV - NTSC + MTS
               1322  WinFast TV - PAL BG
               1323  WinFast TV - PAL BG+TXT
               1324  WinFast TV Audio - PHP PAL I
               1325  WinFast TV Audio - PHP PAL I+TXT
               1326  WinFast TV Audio - PHP PAL DK
               1327  WinFast TV Audio - PHP PAL DK+TXT
               1328  WinFast TV - PAL I/DK
               1329  WinFast TV - PAL N
               132a  WinFast TV Audio - PHP SECAM LL
               132b  WinFast TV Audio - PHP SECAM LL+TXT
               132c  WinFast TV Audio - PHP SECAM DK
               132d  WinFast TV - SECAM DK + TXT
               132e  WinFast TV - NTSC Japan
               6023  EMP Audio Device
               6024  WinFast PalmTop/Novo TV Video
               6025  WinFast DTV Dongle (cold state)
               6026  WinFast DTV Dongle (warm state)
               6125  WinFast DTV Dongle
               6126  WinFast DTV Dongle BDA Driver
               6f00  WinFast DTV Dongle (STK7700P based)
0414  Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd
0416  Winbond Electronics Corp.
               0035  W89C35 802.11bg WLAN Adapter
               0101  Hub
               0961  AVL Flash Card Reader
               3810  Smart Card Controller
               3811  Generic Controller - Single interface
               3812  Smart Card Controller_2Interface
               3813  Panel Display
               5518  4-Port Hub
               551a  PC Sync Keypad
               551b  PC Async Keypad
               551c  Sync Tenkey
               551d  Async Tenkey
               551e  Keyboard
               551f  Keyboard w/ Sys and Media
               5521  Keyboard
               6481  16-bit Scanner
               7721  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               7722  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               7723  SD Card Reader
0417  Symbios Logic
0418  AST Research
0419  Samsung Info. Systems America, Inc.
               0001  IrDA Remote Controller
               3001  Xerox P1202 Laser Printer
               3003  Olivetti PG L12L
               3201  Docuprint P8ex
               3404  SCX-5x12 Series
               3406  MFP 830 Series
               3407  ML-912
               3601  InkJet Color Printer
               3602  InkJet Color Printer
               4602  Remote NDIS Network Device
               8001  Hub
               8002  SyncMaster 757DFX HID Device
041a  Phoenix Technologies, Ltd
041b  d'TV
041d  S3, Inc.
041e  Creative Technology, Ltd
               1002  Nomad II
               1003  Blaster GamePad Cobra
               1050  GamePad Cobra
               3000  SoundBlaster Extigy
               3002  SB External Composite Device
               3010  SoundBlaster MP3+
               3014  SB External Composite Device
               3015  Sound Blaster Digital Music LX
               3020  SoundBlaster Audigy 2 NX
               3030  SB External Composite Device
               3040  SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit External SB0490
               3060  Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS External
               3061  SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor
               3090  Sound Blaster Digital Music SX
               4003  VideoBlaster WebCam Go Plus [W9967CF]
               4004  Nomad II MG
               4005  WebCam Blaster Go ES
               4007  Go Mini
               400a  PC-Cam 300
               400b  PC-Cam 600
               400c  WebCam 5 [pwc]
               400d  WebCam PD1001
               400f  PC-CAM 550 (Composite)
               4011  WebCam PRO eX
               4012  PC-CAM350
               4013  PC-Cam 750
               4015  CardCam Value
               4016  CardCam
               4017  WebCam Mobile
               4018  WebCam Vista
               4019  Audio Device
               401c  WebCam NX [PD1110]
               401d  WebCam NX Ultra
               401e  WebCam NX Pro
               401f  Webcam Notebook
               4020  WebCam NX
               4021  WebCam NX Ultra
               4022  WebCam NX Pro
               4028  Vista Plus cam [VF0090]
               402f  DC-CAM 3000Z
               4034  WebCam Instant
               4035  WebCam Instant
               4036  Webcam Live!/Live! Pro
               4037  WebCam Live!
               4038  ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
               4039  WebCam Live! Effects
               403a  WebCam NX Pro 2
               403c  WebCam Live! Ultra
               403d  WebCam Notebook Ultra
               403e  WebCam Vista Plus
               4041  WebCam Live! Motion
               4045  Live! Cam Voice
               4049  Live! Cam Voice
               4051  Live! Cam Notebook Pro
               4052  Live! Cam Vista IM
               4053  Live! Cam Video IM
               4054  Live! Cam Video IM
               4055  Live! Cam Video IM Pro
               4056  Live! Cam Video IM Pro
               4057  Live! Cam Optia
               4058  Live! Cam Optia AF
               4068  WebCam Live! Notebook
               4100  Nomad Jukebox 2
               4101  Nomad Jukebox 3
               4102  NOMAD MuVo^2
               4106  Nomad MuVo
               4107  NOMAD MuVo
               4108  Nomad Jukebox Zen
               4109  Nomad Jukebox Zen NX
               410b  Nomad Jukebox Zen USB 2.0
               410c  Nomad MuVo NX
               410f  NOMAD MuVo^2 (Flash)
               4110  Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra
               4111  Dell Digital Jukebox
               4116  MuVo^2
               4117  Nomad MuVo TX
               411b  Zen Touch
               411c  Nomad MuVo USB 2.0
               411d  Zen
               411e  Zen Micro
               4123  Zen Portable Media Center
               4124  MuVo^2 FM (uHDD)
               4126  Dell DJ (2nd gen)
               4127  Dell DJ
               4128  NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra (mtp)
               412b  MuVo N200 with FM radio
               4130  Zen Micro (mtp)
               4131  Zen Touch (mtp)
               4133  Mass Storage Device
               4134  Zen Neeon
               4136  Zen Sleek
               4137  Zen Sleek (mtp)
               4139  Zen Nano Plus
               413c  Zen MicroPhoto
               4151  Zen Vision:M (mtp)
               4155  Zen Stone plus
               500f  Broadband Blaster 8012U-V
               5015  TECOM Bluetooth Device
               ffff  WebCam Live! Ultra
041f  LCS Telegraphics
0420  Chips and Technologies
               1307  Celly SIM Card Reader
0421  Nokia Mobile Phones
               0018  6288 GSM Smartphone
               0019  6288 GSM Smartphone (imaging mode)
               001a  6288 GSM Smartphone (file transfer mode)
               0103  ADL Flashing Engine AVALON Parent
               0104  ADL Re-Flashing Engine Parent
               0105  E-61 (Firmware update mode)
               0106  ROM Parent
               0400  7600 Phone Parent
               0401  6650 GSM Phone
               0402  6255 Phone Parent
               0404  5510
               0405  9500 GSM Communicator
               0407  Music Player HDR-1(tm)
               040b  N-Gage GSM Phone
               040d  6620 Phone Parent
               040e  6651 Phone Parent
               040f  6230 GSM Phone
               0410  6630 Imaging Smartphone
               0411  7610 Phone Parent
               0413  6260 Phone Parent
               0414  7370
               0415  9300 GSM Smartphone
               0416  6170 Phone Parent
               0417  7270 Phone Parent
               0418  E-70 (PC-Suite mode)
               0419  E-60 (PC-Suite mode)
               041a  9500 GSM Communicator (RNDIS)
               041b  9300 GSM Smartphone (RNDIS)
               041c  7710 Phone Parent
               041d  6670 Phone Parent
               041e  6680
               041f  6235 Phone Parent
               0421  3230 Phone Parent
               0422  6681 Phone Parent
               0423  6682 Phone Parent
               0428  6230i Modem
               0429  6230i MultiMedia Card
               0431  770 Internet Tablet
               0432  N90 Phone Parent
               0435  E-70 (IP Passthrough/RNDIS mode)
               0436  E-60 (IP Passthrough/RNDIS mode)
               0437  6265 Phone Parent
               043a  N70 USB Phone Parent
               043b  3155 Phone Parent
               043c  6155 Phone Parent
               043d  6270 Phone Parent
               0443  N70 Phone Parent
               044c  NM850iG Phone Parent
               044d  E-61 (PC Suite mode)
               044e  E-61 (Data Exchange mode)
               044f  E-61 (IP Passthrough/RNDIS mode)
               0453  9300 Phone Parent
               0456  6111 Phone Parent
               045a  6280 Phone Parent
               045d  6282 Phone Parent
               046e  6110 Navigator
               0485  MTP Device
               04c3  N800 Internet Tablet
               04ce  E90 Communicator
               04f9  6300 (PC-Suite mode)
               0600  Digital Pen SU-1B
               0800  Connectivity Cable DKU-5
               0801  Data Cable DKU-6
               0802  CA-42 Phone Parent
0422  ADI Systems, Inc.
0423  Computer Access Technology Corp.
               000a  NetMate Ethernet
               000c  NetMate2 Ethernet
               000d  USB Chief Analyzer
               0100  Generic Universal Protocol Analyzer
               0101  UPA USBTracer
               0200  Generic 10K Universal Protocol Analyzer
               020a  PETracer ML
               0300  Generic Universal Protocol Analyzer
               0301  2500H Tracer Trainer
               030a  PETracer x1
               1237  Andromeda Hub
0424  Standard Microsystems Corp.
               0001  Integrated Hub
               0acd  Sitecom Internal Multi Memory reader/writer MD-005
               0fdc  Floppy
               10cd  Sitecom Internal Multi Memory reader/writer MD-005
               2020  USB Hub
               20cd  Sitecom Internal Multi Memory reader/writer MD-005
               20fc  6-in-1 Card Reader
               2228  9-in-2 Card Reader
               223a  8-in-1 Card Reader
               2503  USB 2.0 Hub
               2504  USB 2.0 Hub
               2524  USB MultiSwitch Hub
0425  Motorola Semiconductors HK, Ltd
               0101  G-Tech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard
0426  Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
               0426  WDM Driver
0427  Motorola Electronics Taiwan, Ltd
0428  Advanced Gravis Computer Tech, Ltd
               4001  GamePad Pro
0429  Cirrus Logic
042a  Ericsson Austrian, AG
042b  Intel Corp.
               9316  8x931Hx Customer Hub
042c  Innovative Semiconductors, Inc.
042d  Micronics
042e  Acer, Inc.
               0380  MP3 Player
042f  Molex, Inc.
0430  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
               0002  109 Keyboard
               0005  Type 6 Keyboard
               000a  109 Japanese Keyboard
               000b  109 Japanese Keyboard
               0082  109 Japanese Keyboard
               0083  109 Japanese Keyboard
               0100  3-button Mouse
               36ba  Bus Powered Hub
0431  Itac Systems, Inc.
               0100  Mouse-Trak 3-button Track Ball
0432  Unisys Corp.
0433  Alps Electric, Inc.
               1101  IBM Game Controller
               abab  Keyboard
0434  Samsung Info. Systems America, Inc.
0435  Hyundai Electronics America
0436  Taugagreining HF
               0005  CameraMate (DPCM_USB)
0437  Framatome Connectors USA
0438  Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0439  Voice Technologies Group
043d  Lexmark International, Inc.
               0001  Laser Printer
               0002  Optra E310 Printer
               0003  Laser Printer
               0004  Laser Printer
               0005  Laser Printer
               0006  Laser Printer
               0007  Laser Printer
               0008  Inkjet Color Printer
               0009  Optra S2450 Printer
               000a  Laser Printer
               000b  Inkjet Color Printer
               000c  Optra E312 Printer
               000d  Laser Printer
               000e  Laser Printer
               000f  Laser Printer
               0010  Laser Printer
               0011  Laser Printer
               0012  Inkjet Color Printer
               0013  Inkjet Color Printer
               0014  InkJet Color Printer
               0015  InkJet Color Printer
               0016  Z12 Color Jetprinter
               0017  Z32 printer
               0018  Z52 Printer
               0019  Forms Printer
               001a  Z65 Printer
               001b  InkJet Photo Printer
               001c  Kodak Personal Picture Maker 200 Printer
               001d  InkJet Color Printer
               001e  InkJet Photo Printer
               001f  Kodak Personal Picture Maker 200 Card Reader
               0020  Z51 Printer
               0021  Z33 Printer
               0022  InkJet Color Printer
               0023  Laser Printer
               0024  Laser Printer
               0025  InkJet Color Printer
               0026  InkJet Color Printer
               0027  InkJet Color Printer
               0028  InkJet Color Printer
               0029  Scan Print Copy
               002a  Scan Print Copy
               002b  Scan Print Copy
               002c  Scan Print Copy
               002d  X70/X73 Scan/Print/Copy
               002e  Scan Print Copy
               002f  Scan Print Copy
               0030  Scan Print Copy
               0031  Scan Print Copy
               0032  Scan Print Copy
               0033  Scan Print Copy
               0034  Scan Print Copy
               0035  Scan Print Copy
               0036  Scan Print Copy
               0037  Scan Print Copy
               0038  Scan Print Copy
               0039  Scan Print Copy
               003a  Scan Print Copy
               003b  Scan Print Copy
               003c  Scan Print Copy
               003d  X83 Scan/Print/Copy
               003e  Scan Print Copy
               003f  Scan Print Copy
               0040  Scan Print Copy
               0041  Scan Print Copy
               0042  Scan Print Copy
               0043  Scan Print Copy
               0044  Scan Print Copy
               0045  Scan Print Copy
               0046  Scan Print Copy
               0047  Scan Print Copy
               0048  Scan Print Copy
               0049  Scan Print Copy
               004a  Scan Print Copy
               004b  Scan Print Copy
               004c  Scan Print Copy
               004d  Laser Printer
               004e  Laser Printer
               004f  InkJet Color Printer
               0050  InkJet Color Printer
               0051  Laser Printer
               0052  Laser Printer
               0053  InkJet Color Printer
               0054  InkJet Color Printer
               0057  Z35 Printer
               0058  Laser Printer
               005a  X63
               005c  InkJet Color Printer
               0060  X74/X75 Scanner
               0061  X74 Hub
               0065  X5130
               0069  X74/X75 Printer
               006d  X125
               0072  X6170 Printer
               0073  InkJet Color Printer
               0078  InkJet Color Printer
               0079  InkJet Color Printer
               007a  Generic Hub
               007b  InkJet Color Printer
               007c  Lexmark X1110/X1130/X1140/X1150/X1170/X1180/X1185
               007d  Photo 3150
               008a  4200 Series
               008b  InkJet Color Printer
               008c  to CF/SM/SD/MS Card Reader
               008e  InkJet Color Printer
               008f  X422
               0093  X5250
               0095  E220 Printer
               0096  2200 Series
               0097  P6250
               0098  7100 Series
               009e  P910 Series Human Interface Device
               009f  InkJet Color Printer
               00a9  IBM Infoprint 1410 MFP
               00ab  InkJet Color Printer
               00b2  3300 Series
               00b8  7300 Series
               00b9  8300 Series
               00ba  InkJet Color Printer
               00bb  2300 Series
               00bd  Printing Support
               00be  Printing Support
               00bf  Printing Support
               00c0  6300 Series
               00c1  4300 Series
               00c7  Printing Support
               00c8  Printing Support
               00c9  Printing Support
               00cb  Printing Support
               00d0  9300 Series
               00d3  X340 Scanner
               00d4  X342n Scanner
               00d5  Printing Support
               00d6  X340 Scanner
               00e8  X642e
               00e9  2400 Series
               00f6  3400 Series
               00f7  InkJet Color Printer
               00ff  InkJet Color Printer
               010b  2500 Series
               010d  3500-4500 Series
               010f  6500 Series
               4303  Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412
043e  LG Electronics USA, Inc.
               42bd  Flatron 795FT Plus Monitor
               4a4d  Flatron 915FT Plus Monitor
               7001  MF-PD100 Soul Digital MP3 Player
               7013  MP3 Player
               8484  LPC-U30 Webcam II
               8585  LPC-UC35 Webcam
               8888  Electronics VCS Camera II(LPC-U20)
               9800  Remote Control Receiver_iMON
               9803  eHome Infrared Receiver
               9804  DMB Receiver Control
               9c01  LGE Sync
043f  RadiSys Corp.
0440  Eizo Nanao Corp.
0441  Winbond Systems Lab.
               1456  Hub
0442  Ericsson, Inc.
               abba  Bluetooth Device
0443  Gateway, Inc.
               000e  Multimedia Keyboard
               002e  Millennium Keyboard
0445  Lucent Technologies, Inc.
0446  NMB Technologies Corp.
               6781  Keyboard with PS/2 Mouse Port
               6782  Keyboard
0447  Momentum Microsystems
044a  Shamrock Tech. Co., Ltd
044b  WSI
044c  CCL/ITRI
044d  Siemens Nixdorf AG
044e  Alps Electric Co., Ltd
               1104  Japanese Keyboard
               2002  MD-5500 Printer
               2014  Bluetooth Device
               3001  UGTZ4 Bluetooth
               3002  Bluetooth Device
               3003  Bluetooth Device
               3004  Bluetooth Adapter
               3005  Integrated Bluetooth Device
               3006  Bluetooth Adapter
               3007  GlidePoint PS/2 TouchPad
               300c  Bluetooth Controller (ALPS/UGPZ6)
               300d  Bluetooth Controller (ALPS/UGPZ6)
               ffff  Compaq Bluetooth Multiport Module
044f  ThrustMaster, Inc.
               0400  HOTAS Cougar
               a003  Rage 3D Game Pad
               a01b  PK-GP301 Driving Wheel
               a0a0  Top Gun Joystick
               a0a1  Top Gun Joystick (rev2)
               a0a3  Fusion Digital GamePad
               a201  PK-GP201 PlayStick
               b203  360 Modena Pro Wheel
               b300  Firestorm Dual Power
               b304  Firestorm Dual Power
               b307  vibrating Upad
               b603  force feedback Wheel
               b605  force feedback Racing Wheel
               b700  Tacticalboard
0450  DFI, Inc.
0451  Texas Instruments, Inc.
               1234  Bluetooth Device
               1428  Hub
               1446  TUSB2040/2070 Hub
               2036  TUSB2036 Hub
               2046  TUSB2046 Hub
               2077  TUSB2077 Hub
               3410  TUSB3410 Microcontroller
               3f02  SMC WSKP100 Wi-Fi Phone
               5409  Frontier Labs NEX IA+ Digital Audio Player
               6000  AU5 ADSL Modem (pre-reenum)
               6001  AU5 ADSL Modem
               6060  RNDIS/BeWAN ADSL2+
               6070  RNDIS/BeWAN ADSL2+
               625f  Trekstor USB-Stick 12 CS-D 12 GB
               dbc0  Device Bay Controller
               e001  GraphLink
               e004  TI-89 Titanium Calculator
               e008  TI-84 Plus Silver Calculator
               f430  MSP-FET430UIF JTAG Tool
               ffff  Bluetooth Device
0452  Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
               0021  HID Monitor Controls
               0050  Diamond Pro 900u CRT Monitor
               0051  Integrated Hub
0453  CMD Technology
               6781  NMB Keyboard
               6783  Chicony Composite Keyboard
0454  Vobis Microcomputer AG
0455  Telematics International, Inc.
0456  Analog Devices, Inc.
0457  Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
               0150  Super Talent 1GB Flash Drive
               0151  Super Flash 1GB Flash Drive
               0162  SiS162 usb Wireless LAN Adapter
               0163  802.11 Wireless LAN Adapter
               5401  Wireless Adapter RO80211GS-USB
0458  KYE Systems Corp. (Mouse Systems)
               0001  Mouse
               0002  Genius NetMouse Pro
               0003  Genius NetScroll+
               0006  Easy Mouse+ USB(USB\Vid_0458&Pid;_0006) Mouse
               000b  NetMouse Wheel(P+U)
               000c  TACOMA Fingerprint V1.06.01
               000e  VideoCAM Web
               0013  TACOMA Fingerprint Mouse V1.06.01
               001a  Genius WebScroll+
               0036  Pocket Mouse LE
               004c  Slimstar Pro Keyboard
               0056  Ergo 300 Mouse
               0057  Enhanced Gaming Device
               0059  Enhanced Laser Device
               005a  Enhanced Device
               005b  Enhanced Device
               005c  Enhanced Laser Gaming Device
               005d  Enhanced Device
               0061  Bluetooth Dongle
               0083  Bluetooth Dongle
               0100  EasyPen Tablet
               0101  CueCat
               1001  Joystick
               1002  Game Pad
               1003  Genius VideoCam
               1004  Flight2000 F-23 Joystick
               100a  Aashima Technology Trust Sight Fighter Vibration Feedback Joystick
               2001  ColorPage-Vivid Pro Scanner
               2004  ColorPage-HR6 V1 Scanner
               2005  ColorPage-HR6/Vivid3
               2007  ColorPage-HR6 V2 Scanner
               2008  ColorPage-HR6 V2 Scanner
               2009  ColorPage-HR6A Scanner
               2011  ColorPage-Vivid3x Scanner
               2012  Plustek Scanner
               2013  ColorPage-HR7 Scanner
               2014  ColorPage-Vivid4
               2015  ColorPage-HR7LE Scanner
               2016  ColorPage-HR6X Scanner
               2017  ColorPage-Vivid3xe
               2018  ColorPage-HR7X
               2019  ColorPage-HR6X Slim
               201a  ColorPage-Vivid4xe
               201b  ColorPage-Vivid4x
               201c  ColorPage-HR8
               201d  ColorPage-Vivid 1200 X
               201e  ColorPage-Slim 1200
               201f  ColorPage-Vivid 1200 XE
               2020  ColorPage-Slim 1200 USB2
               2021  ColorPage-SF600
               301d  Genius MaxFire MiniPad
               6001  GF3000F Ethernet Adapter
               7004  VideoCAM Express
               7007  VideoCAM Web
               7009  G-Shot G312 Still Camera Device
               700c  VideoCAM Web V3
               700d  G-Shot G511 Composite Device
               700f  VideoCAM Web V4
               7012  WebCAM USB2.0
               7014  VideoCAM Live V3
               701c  G-Shot G512 Still Camera
               7020  Sim 321C
0459  Adobe Systems, Inc.
045a  SONICblue, Inc.
               07da  Supra Express 56K modem
               0b4a  SupraMax 2890 56K Modem [Lucent Atlas]
               0b68  SupraMax 56K Modem
               5001  Rio 600 MP3 Player
               5002  Rio 800 MP3 Player
               5003  Nike Psa/Play MP3 Player
               5005  Rio S10 MP3 Player
               5006  Rio S50 MP3 Player
               5007  Rio S35 MP3 Player
               5008  Rio 900 MP3 Player
               5009  Rio S30 MP3 Player
               500d  Fuse MP3 Player
               500e  Chiba MP3 Player
               500f  Cali MP3 Player
               5010  Rio S11 MP3 Player
               501c  Virgin MPF-1000
               501d  Rio Fuse
               501e  Rio Chiba
               501f  Rio Cali
               503f  Cali256 MP3 Player
               5202  Rio Riot MP3 Player
               5210  Rio Karma Music Player
               5220  Rio Nitrus MP3 Player
               5221  Rio Eigen
045b  Hitachi, Ltd
045d  Nortel Networks, Ltd
045e  Microsoft Corp.
               0007  SideWinder Game Pad
               0008  SideWinder Precision Pro
               0009  IntelliMouse
               000b  Natural Keyboard Elite
               000e  SideWinder庐 Freestyle Pro
               0014  Digital Sound System 80
               001a  SideWinder Precision Racing Wheel
               001b  SideWinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick
               001c  Internet Keyboard Pro
               001d  Natural Keyboard Pro
               001e  IntelliMouse Explorer
               0023  Trackball Optical
               0024  Trackball Explorer
               0025  IntelliEye Mouse
               0026  SideWinder GamePad Pro
               0027  SideWinder PnP GamePad
               0028  SideWinder Dual Strike
               0029  IntelliMouse Optical
               002b  Internet Keyboard Pro
               002d  Internet Keyboard
               002f  Integrated Hub
               0033  Sidewinder Strategic Commander
               0034  SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel
               0038  SideWinder Precision 2
               0039  IntelliMouse Optical
               003b  SideWinder Game Voice
               003c  SideWinder Joystick
               0040  Wheel Mouse Optical
               0047  IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
               0048  Office Keyboard 1.0A
               0053  Optical Mouse
               0059  Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer
               005c  Office Keyboard (106/109)
               005f  Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard
               0061  Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109)
               0063  Wireless Natural MultiMedia Keyboard
               0065  Wireless Natural MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109)
               006a  Wireless Optical Mouse (IntelliPoint)
               006d  eHome Remote Control Keyboard keys
               006e  MN510 802.11b Adapter
               006f  Smart Display Reference Device
               0070  Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard
               0071  Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109)
               0072  Wireless Natural MultiMedia Keyboard
               0073  Wireless Natural MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109)
               007a  10/100 USB NIC
               007d  Notebook Optical Mouse
               007e  Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth
               0080  Digital Media Pro Keyboard
               0083  Basic Optical Mouse
               0084  Basic Optical Mouse
               008a  Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
               008b  Dual Receiver Wireless Mouse (IntelliPoint)
               008c  Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0
               0095  IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 (IntelliPoint)
               009c  Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth 2.0
               00a0  eHome Infrared Receiver
               00b9  Wireless Optical Mouse 3.0
               00bb  Fingerprint Reader
               00bc  Fingerprint Reader
               00bd  Fingerprint Reader
               00c2  Wireless Adapter MN-710
               00c9  MTP Device
               00ce  Generic PPC Flash device
               00da  eHome Infrared Receiver
               00db  Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 V1.0
               00e1  Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Reciever
               00f4  LifeCam VX-6000.
               00f5  LifeCam VX-3000.
               00f7  LifeCam VX-1000.
               00f8  LifeCam NX-6000.
               0202  Xbox Controller
               0280  XBox Device
               0284  Xbox DVD Playback Kit
               0285  Xbox Controller S
               0288  Xbox Controller S Hub
               0289  Xbox Controller S
               028b  Xbox360 DVD Emulator
               028d  Xbox360 Memory Unit 64MB
               028e  Xbox360 Controller
               028f  Xbox360 Wireless Controller
               0290  Xbox360 Performance Pipe (PIX)
               0292  Xbox360 Wireless Networking Adapter
               029c  Xbox360 HD-DVD Drive
               029d  Xbox360 HD-DVD Drive
               029e  Xbox360 HD-DVD Memory Unit
               0400  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0401  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0402  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0403  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0404  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0405  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0406  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0407  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0408  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0409  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               040a  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               040b  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               040c  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               040d  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               040e  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               040f  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0410  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0411  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0412  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0413  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0414  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0415  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0416  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0417  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
               0432  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0433  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0434  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0435  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0436  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0437  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0438  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0439  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               043a  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               043b  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               043c  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               043d  Becker Traffic Assist Highspeed 7934
               043e  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               043f  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0440  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0441  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0442  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0443  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0444  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0445  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0446  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0447  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0448  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0449  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               044a  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               044b  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               044c  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               044d  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               044e  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               044f  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0450  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0451  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0452  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0453  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0454  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0455  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0456  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0457  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0458  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0459  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               045a  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               045b  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               045c  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               045d  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               045e  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               045f  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0460  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0461  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0462  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0463  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0464  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0465  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0466  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0467  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0468  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0469  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               046a  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               046b  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               046c  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               046d  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               046e  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               046f  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0470  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0471  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0472  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0473  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0474  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0475  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0476  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0477  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0478  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               0479  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               047a  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               047b  Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
               04c8  Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
               04c9  Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
               04ca  Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
               04cb  Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
               04cc  Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
               04cd  Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
               04ce  Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
               04d7  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04d8  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04d9  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04da  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04db  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04dc  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04dd  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04de  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04df  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e0  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e1  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e2  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e3  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e4  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e5  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e6  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e7  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e8  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04e9  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               04ea  Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
               0708  Transceiver v 3.0 for Bluetooth
               070a  Charon Bluetooth Dongle (DFU)
               930a  ISOUSB.SYS Intel 82930 Isochronous IO Test Board
               fff8  Keyboard
0460  Ace Cad Enterprise Co., Ltd
0461  Primax Electronics, Ltd
               0300  G2-300 Scanner
               0301  G2E-300 Scanner
               0302  G2-300 #2 Scanner
               0303  G2E-300 #2 Scanner
               0340  Colorado 9600 Scanner
               0341  Colorado 600u Scanner
               0345  Visioneer 6200 Scanner
               0346  Memorex Maxx 6136u Scanner
               0347  Primascan Colorado 2600u/Visioneer 4400 Scanner
               0360  Colorado 19200 Scanner
               0361  Colorado 1200u Scanner
               0363  VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
               0364  LG Electronics Scanworks 600U Scanner
               0365  VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
               0366  6400
               0367  VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
               0371  Visioneer Onetouch 8920 Scanner
               0374  UMAX Astra 2500
               0375  VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
               0377  Medion MD 5345 Scanner
               0378  VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
               037b  Medion MD 6190 Scanner
               037c  VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
               0380  G2-600 Scanner
               0381  ReadyScan 636i Scanner
               0382  G2-600 #2 Scanner
               0383  G2E-600 Scanner
               038a  UMAX Astra 3000/3600
               038b  Xerox 2400 Onetouch
               038c  UMAX Astra 4100
               0392  Medion/Lifetec/Tevion/Cytron MD 6190
               03a8  9420M
               0813  IBM UltraPort Camera
               0815  Micro Innovations WebCam
               0819  Fujifilm IX-30 Camera [webcam mode]
               081a  Fujifilm IX-30 Camera [storage mode]
               081c  Elitegroup ECS-C11 Camera
               081d  Elitegroup ECS-C11 Storage
               0a00  Web Cam 320
               4d01  Comfort Keyboard
               4d02  Mouse-in-a-Box
               4d03  Kensington Mouse-in-a-box
               4d04  Mouse
               4d06  Balless Mouse (HID)
               4d2a  PoPo Elixir Mouse (HID)
               4d2b  Wireless Laser Mini Mouse (HID)
               4d2c  PoPo Mini Pointer Mouse (HID)
               4d2e  Optical Mobile Mouse (HID)
0463  MGE UPS Systems
               0001  UPS
               ffff  UPS
0464  AMP/Tycoelectronics Corp.
0467  AT&T Paradyne
0468  Wieson Technologies Co., Ltd
046a  Cherry GmbH
               0001  My3000 Keyboard
               0003  My3000 Hub
               0004  CyBoard Keyboard
               0005  XX33 SmartCard Reader Keyboard
               0010  SmartBoard XX44
               0023  Cymotion Master Linux Keyboard
               002d  SmartTerminal XX44
               003e  SmartTerminal ST-2xxx
046b  American Megatrends, Inc.
               0001  Keyboard
               0101  PS/2 Keyboard, Mouse & Joystick Ports
               0301  USB 1.0 Hub
               0500  Serial & Parallel Ports
046c  Toshiba Corp., Digital Media Equipment
046d  Logitech, Inc.
               0082  Acer Aspire 5672 Webcam
               0200  WingMan Extreme Joystick
               0203  M2452 Keyboard
               0301  M4848 Mouse
               0401  HP PageScan
               0402  NEC PageScan
               040f  Logitech/Storm PageScan
               0430  Mic (Cordless)
               0801  QuickCam Home
               0810  QuickCam Pro
               0820  QuickCam VC
               0830  QuickClip
               0840  QuickCam Express
               0850  QuickCam Web
               0870  QuickCam Express
               0890  QuickCam Traveler
               0892  OrbiCam
               0894  CrystalCam
               0895  QuickCam for Dell Notebooks
               0896  OrbiCam
               0897  QuickCam for Dell Notebooks
               0899  QuickCam for Dell Notebooks
               08a0  QuickCam IM
               08a1  QuickCam IM with sound
               08a2  Labtec WebCam Pro
               08a3  QuickCam QuickCam Chat
               08a6  QuickCam IM
               08a7  QuickCam Image
               08a9  Notebook Deluxe
               08aa  Labtec Notebooks
               08ac  QuickCam Cool
               08ad  QuickCam Communicate STX
               08ae  Quickcam for Notebooks
               08af  QuickCam Easy/Cool
               08b0  QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc]
               08b1  QuickCam Notebook Pro
               08b2  QuickCam Pro 4000
               08b3  QuickCam Zoom
               08b4  QuickCam Zoom
               08b5  QuickCam Sphere
               08b9  QuickCam IM
               08bd  Microphone (Pro 4000)
               08c0  QuickCam Pro 3000
               08c1  QuickCam Fusion
               08c2  QuickCam PTZ
               08c3  Camera (Notebooks Pro)
               08c5  QuickCam Pro 5000
               08c6  QuickCam for DELL Notebooks
               08c9  QuickCam Ultra Vision
               08ca  Mic (Fusion)
               08cb  Mic (Notebooks Pro)
               08cc  Mic (PTZ)
               08ce  QuickCam Pro 5000
               08cf  QuickCam UpdateMe
               08d0  QuickCam Express
               08d7  QuickCam Communicate STX
               08d8  QuickCam for Notebook Deluxe
               08d9  QuickCam IM/Connect
               08da  QuickCam Messanger
               08dd  QuickCam for Notebooks
               08e0  QuickCam Express
               08e1  Labtec WebCam
               08f0  QuickCam Messenger
               08f1  QuickCam Express
               08f2  Microphone (Messenger)
               08f3  QuickCam Express
               08f4  Labtec WebCam
               08f5  QuickCam Messenger Communicate
               08f6  Quickcam Messenger Plus
               0900  ClickSmart 310
               0901  ClickSmart 510
               0903  ClickSmart 820
               0905  ClickSmart 820
               0910  QuickCam Cordless
               0920  QuickCam Express
               0921  Labtec WebCam
               0922  QuickCam Live
               0928  Quickcam Express
               0929  Labtec WebCam Pro
               092a  QuickCam for Notebooks
               092b  Labtec WebCam Plus
               092c  QuickCam Chat
               092d  QuickCam Express / Go
               092e  QuickCam Chat
               092f  QuickCam Express Plus
               0950  Pocket Camera
               0960  ClickSmart 420
               0970  Pocket750
               0990  QuickCam Pro 9000
               0991  QuickCam Pro for Notebooks
               0992  QuickCam Communicate Deluxe
               0994  QuickCam Orbit/Sphere AF
               09b0  OrbiCam
               09c0  QuickCam for Dell Notebooks Mic
               09c1  QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks
               0a01  USB Headset
               0a02  Premium Stereo USB Headset 350
               0a03  Logitech USB Microphone
               0a04  V20 portable speakers (USB powered)
               0b02  BT Mini-Receiver (HID proxy mode)
               8801  Video Camera
               bfe4  Premium Optical Wheel Mouse
               c000  N43 [Pilot Mouse]
               c001  N48/M-BB48 [FirstMouse Plus]
               c002  M-BA47 [MouseMan Plus]
               c003  MouseMan
               c004  WingMan Gaming Mouse
               c005  WingMan Gaming Wheel Mouse
               c00b  MouseMan Wheel
               c00c  Optical Wheel Mouse
               c00d  MouseMan Wheel+
               c00e  M-BJ58/M-BJ69 Optical Wheel Mouse
               c00f  MouseMan Traveler/Mobile
               c011  Optical MouseMan
               c012  Mouseman Dual Optical
               c014  Corded Workstation Mouse
               c015  Corded Workstation Mouse
               c016  M-UV69a/HP M-UV96 Optical Wheel Mouse
               c018  Optical Wheel Mouse
               c019  Optical Tilt Wheel Mouse
               c01a  M-BQ85 Optical Wheel Mouse
               c01b  MX310 Optical Mouse
               c01c  Optical Mouse
               c01d  MX510 Optical Mouse
               c01e  MX518 Optical Mouse
               c024  MX300 Optical Mouse
               c025  MX500 Optical Mouse
               c030  iFeel Mouse
               c031  iFeel Mouse+
               c032  MouseMan iFeel
               c033  iFeel MouseMan+
               c034  MouseMan Optical
               c035  Mouse
               c036  Mouse
               c037  Mouse
               c038  Mouse
               c03d  M-BT69a Pilot Optical Mouse
               c03e  Premium Optical Wheel Mouse
               c03f  UltraX Optical Mouse
               c040  Corded Tilt-Wheel Mouse
               c043  MX320 Laser Mouse
               c044  LX3 Optical Mouse
               c045  Optical Mouse
               c046  RX1000 Laser Mouse
               c047  Laser Mouse
               c050  RX 250 Optical Mouse
               c051  G3 (MX518) Optical Mouse
               c053  Laser Mouse
               c101  UltraX Media Remote
               c201  WingMan Extreme Joystick with Throttle
               c202  WingMan Formula
               c207  WingMan Extreme Digital 3D
               c208  WingMan Gamepad Extreme
               c209  WingMan Gamepad
               c20a  WingMan RumblePad
               c20b  WingMan Action Pad
               c20c  WingMan Precision
               c20d  WingMan Attack 2
               c20e  WingMan Formula GP
               c211  iTouch Cordless Reciever
               c212  WingMan Extreme Digital 3D
               c213  J-UH16 (Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick)
               c214  ATK3 (Attack III Joystick)
               c215  Extreme 3D Pro
               c216  Dual Action Gamepad
               c218  Logitech RumblePad 2 USB
               c219  Cordless RumblePad 2
               c21a  Precision Gamepad
               c221  G15 Keyboard / Keyboard
               c222  G15 Keyboard / LCD
               c223  G15 Keyboard / USB Hub
               c281  WingMan Force
               c283  WingMan Force 3D
               c285  WingMan Strike Force 3D
               c286  Force 3D Pro
               c291  WingMan Formula Force
               c293  WingMan Formula Force GP
               c294  Driving Force
               c295  Momo Force Steering Wheel
               c298  Driving Force Pro
               c2a0  Wingman Force Feedback Mouse
               c2a1  WingMan Force Feedback Mouse
               c301  iTouch Keyboard
               c302  iTouch Pro Keyboard
               c303  iTouch Keyboard
               c305  Internet Keyboard
               c307  Internet Keyboard
               c308  Internet Navigator Keyboard
               c309  Internet Keyboard
               c30a  iTouch Composite
               c30c  Internet Keys (X)
               c30d  Internet Keys
               c30e  UltraX Keys (X)
               c30f  Logicool HID-Compliant Keyboard (106 key)
               c315  Classic New Touch Keyboard
               c316  HID-Compliant Keyboard
               c401  TrackMan Marble Wheel
               c402  Marble Mouse (2-button)
               c403  Turbo TrackMan Marble FX
               c404  TrackMan Wheel
               c408  Marble Mouse (4-button)
               c501  Cordless Mouse Receiver
               c502  Cordless Mouse & iTouch Keys
               c503  Cordless Mouse+Keyboard Receiver
               c504  Cordless Mouse+Keyboard Receiver
               c505  Cordless Mouse+Keyboard Receiver
               c506  MX-700 Cordless Mouse Receiver
               c508  Cordless Trackball
               c509  Cordless Keyboard
               c50a  Cordless Mouse
               c50b  Cordless Desktop Optical
               c50d  Cordless Mouse
               c50e  MX-1000 Cordless Mouse Receiver
               c510  Cordless Mouse
               c512  LX-700 Cordless Desktop Receiver
               c513  MX3000 Cordless Desktop Receiver
               c514  Cordless Mouse
               c517  LX710 Cordless Desktop Laser
               c518  MX610 Laser Cordless Mouse
               c51a  MX Revolution/G7 Cordless Mouse
               c521  MX620 Laser Cordless Mouse
               c625  3Dconnexion Space Pilot 3D Mouse
               c626  3DConnexion Space Navigator 3D Mouse
               c627  3DConnexion Space Explorer 3D Mouse
               c702  Cordless Presenter
               c703  Elite Keyboard Y-RP20 + Mouse MX900 (Bluetooth)
               c707  Bluetooth wireless hub
               c708  Bluetooth wireless hub
               c709  BT Mini-Receiver (HCI mode)
               c70b  BT Mini-Receiver (HID proxy mode)
               c70c  BT Mini-Receiver (HID proxy mode)
               c70d  Bluetooth wireless hub
               c70f  Bluetooth wireless hub
               c712  Bluetooth wireless hub
               c715  Bluetooth wireless hub
               c71a  Bluetooth wireless hub
               c71d  Bluetooth wireless hub
               c720  Bluetooth wireless hub
               ca03  MOMO Racing
               ca04  Formula Vibration Feedback Wheel
               d001  QuickCam Pro
046e  Behavior Tech. Computer Corp.
               0100  Keyboard
               3001  Mass Storage Device
               3002  Mass Storage Device
               3003  Mass Storage Device
               3005  Mass Storage Device
               3008  Mass Storage Device
               5250  KeyMaestro Multimedia Keyboard
               5273  KeyMaestro Multimedia Keyboard
               5308  KeyMaestro Keyboard
               5408  KeyMaestro Multimedia Keyboard/Hub
               5720  Smart Card Reader
               6782  BTC 7932 mouse+keyboard
046f  Crystal Semiconductor
0471  Philips
               0101  DSS350 Digital Speaker System
               0104  DSS330 Digital Speaker System [uda1321]
               0160  MP3 Player
               0161  MP3 Player
               0201  Hub
               0222  Creative Nomad Jukebox
               0302  PCA645VC WebCam [pwc]
               0303  PCA646VC WebCam [pwc]
               0304  Askey VC010 WebCam [pwc]
               0307  PCVC675K WebCam [pwc]
               0308  PCVC680K WebCam [pwc]
               030b  PC VGA Camera (Vesta Fun)
               030c  PCVC690K WebCam [pwc]
               0310  PCVC730K WebCam [pwc]
               0311  PCVC740K ToUcam Pro [pwc]
               0312  PCVC750K WebCam [pwc]
               0314  DMVC 1000K
               0316  DMVC 2000K Video Capture
               0321  FunCam
               0325  SPC 200NC PC Camera
               0326  SPC 300NC PC Camera
               0327  WebCam SPC 6000 NC (WebCam w/ mic)
               0329  ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
               0401  Semiconductors CICT Keyboard
               0402  PS/2 Mouse on Semiconductors CICT Keyboard
               0406  15 inch Detachable Monitor
               0407  10 inch Mobile Monitor
               0471  Digital Speaker System
               0601  OVU1020 IR Dongle (Kbd+Mouse)
               0602  ATI Remote Wonder II Input Device
               0603  ATI Remote Wonder II Controller
               0608  eHome Infrared Receiver
               060a  TSU9600 Remote Control
               060e  RF Dongle
               0619  TSU9400 Remote Control
               0700  Semiconductors CICT Hub
               0701  150P1 TFT Display
               0809  AVNET Bluetooth Device
               0811  JR24 CDRW
               0815  eHome Infrared Receiver
               1120  Creative Rhomba MP3 player
               1125  Nike psa[128max Player
               1137  HDD065 MP3 player
               1201  Arima Bluetooth Device
               1230  Wireless Adapter 11g
               1232  SNU6500 Wireless Adapter
               1233  Wireless Adapter Bootloader Download
               1236  SNU5600
               1237  TalkTalk SNU5630NS/05 Wireless Adapter
               1552  ISP 1581 Hi-Speed USB MPEG2 Encoder Reference Kit
               1801  Diva MP3 player
               200a  Wireless Network Adapter
               200f  802.11n Wireless Adapter
               485d  Senselock SenseIV v2.x
0472  Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd
               0065  PFU-65 Keyboard
0473  Sanyo Information Business Co., Ltd
0474  Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd
               0110  Digital Voice Recorder R200
               0217  Xacti J2
               022f  C5 Digital Media Camera (mass storage mode)
               0230  C5 Digital Media Camera (PictBridge mode)
               0231  C5 Digital Media Camera (PC control mode)
               0401  Optical Drive
               0701  SCP-4900 Cellphone
               071f  Usb Com Port Enumerator
0475  Relisys/Teco Information System
               0100  NEC Petiscan
               0103  Eclipse 1200U/Episode
               0210  Scorpio Ultra 3
0476  AESP
0477  Seagate Technology, Inc.
0478  Connectix Corp.
               0001  QuickCam
               0002  QuickClip
               0003  QuickCam Pro
0479  Advanced Peripheral Laboratories
047a  Semtech Corp.
               0004  ScreenCoder UR7HCTS2-USB
047b  Silitek Corp.
               0001  Keyboard
               0002  Keyboard and Mouse
               00f9  SK-1789u Keyboard
               0101  BlueTooth Keyboard and Mouse
               020b  SK-3105 SmartCard Reader
               050e  Internet Compact Keyboard
               1000  Trust Office Scan USB 19200
               1002  HP ScanJet 4300c Parallel Port
047c  Dell Computer Corp.
047d  Kensington
               1001  Mouse*in*a*Box
               1002  Expert Mouse Pro
               1003  Orbit TrackBall
               1004  MouseWorks
               1005  TurboBall
               1006  TurboRing
               1009  Orbit TrackBall for Mac
               1012  PocketMouse
               1013  Mouse*in*a*Box Optical Pro
               1014  Expert Mouse Pro Wireless
               1015  Expert Mouse
               1016  ADB/USB Orbit
               1018  Studio Mouse
               101d  Mouse*in*a*Box Optical Pro
               101e  Studio Mouse Wireless
               101f  PocketMouse Pro
               1020  Expert Mouse Trackball
               1021  Expert Mouse Wireless
               1022  Orbit Optical
               1023  Pocket Mouse Pro Wireless
               1024  PocketMouse
               1025  Mouse*in*a*Box Optical Elite Wireless
               1026  Pocket Mouse Pro
               1027  StudioMouse
               1028  StudioMouse Wireless
               1029  Mouse*in*a*Box Optical Elite
               102a  Mouse*in*a*Box Optical
               102b  PocketMouse
               102c  Iridio
               102d  Pilot Optical
               102e  Pilot Optical Pro
               102f  Pilot Optical Pro Wireless
               104a  PilotMouse Mini Retractable
               105d  PocketMouse Bluetooth
               105e  Bluetooth EDR Dongle
               1061  PocketMouse Grip
               1062  PocketMouse Max
               1063  PocketMouse Max Wireless
               1064  PocketMouse 2.0 Wireless
               1065  PocketMouse 2.0
               1066  PocketMouse Max Glow
               1067  ValueMouse
               1068  ValueOpt White
               1069  ValueOpt Black
               106a  PilotMouse Laser Wireless Mini
               106b  PilotMouse Laser - 3 Button
               106c  PilotMouse Laser - Gaming
               106d  PilotMouse Laser - Wired
               106e  PilotMouse Micro Laser
               1070  ValueOpt Travel
               1071  ValueOpt RF TX
               1072  PocketMouse Colour
               1073  PilotMouse Laser - 6 Button
               1074  PilotMouse Laser Wireless Mini
               1075  SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse
               1076  SlimBlade Media Mouse
               1077  SlimBlade Presenter Mouse
               1152  Bluetooth EDR Dongle
               2002  Optical Elite Wireless
               2010  Wireless Presentation Remote
               2021  PilotBoard Wireless
               2030  PilotBoard Wireless
               2034  SlimBlade Media Notebook Set
               4005  Gravis Eliminator GamePad Pro
               4006  Gravis Eliminator AfterShock
               4007  Gravis Xterminator Force
               4008  Gravis Destroyer TiltPad
               5001  Cabo I Camera
               5002  VideoCam CABO II
               5003  VideoCam
047e  Agere Systems, Inc. (Lucent)
               0300  ORiNOCO Card
               1001  USS720 Parallel Port
               2892  Systems Soft Modem
               bad1  Lucent 56k Modem
               f101  Atlas Modem
047f  Plantronics, Inc.
               0101  Bulk Driver
               0301  Bulk Driver
               0ca1  USB DSP v4 Audio Interface
0480  Toshiba America Info. Systems, Inc.
               0001  InTouch Module
               0004  InTouch Module
               0011  InTouch Module
               0014  InTouch Module
0481  Zenith Data Systems
0482  Kyocera Corp.
               000e  FS-1020D Printer
               0100  Finecam S3x
               0101  Finecam S4
               0103  Finecam S5
               0105  Finecam L3
               0106  Finecam
               0107  Digital Camera Device
               0108  Digital Camera Device
               0203  AH-K3001V
               0204  iBurst Terminal
0483  SGS Thomson Microelectronics
               0137  BeWAN ADSL USB ST (blue or green)
               1307  Cytronix 6in1 card reader
               163d  Cool Icam Digi-MP3
               2015  TouchChip庐 Fingerprint Reader
               2016  Fingerprint Reader
               2017  Biometric Smart Card Reader
               2018  BioSimKey
               2302  Portable Flash Device (PFD)
               4810  ISDN adapter
               481d  BT Digital Access adapter
               5000  ST Micro Bluetooth Device
               5001  ST Micro Bluetooth Device
               7554  56k SoftModem
               ff10  Swann ST56 Modem
0484  Specialix
0485  Nokia Monitors
0486  ASUS Computers, Inc.
0487  Stewart Connector
0488  Cirque Corp.
0489  Foxconn / Hon Hai
               0502  SmartMedia Card Reader Firmware Loader
               0503  SmartMedia Card Reader
048a  S-MOS Systems, Inc.
048c  Alps Electric Ireland, Ltd
048d  Integrated Technology Express, Inc.
048f  Eicon Tech.
0490  United Microelectronics Corp.
0491  Capetronic
               0003  Taxan Monitor Control
0492  Samsung SemiConductor, Inc.
0493  MAG Technology Co., Ltd
0495  ESS Technology, Inc.
0496  Micron Electronics
0497  Smile International
0498  Capetronic (Kaohsiung) Corp.
0499  Yamaha Corp.
               1000  UX256 MIDI I/F
               1008  UX96 MIDI I/F
               3001  YST-MS55D USB Speaker
               4000  NetVolante RTA54i Broadband&ISDN Router
               4001  NetVolante RTW65b Broadband Wireless Router
               4002  NetVolante RTW65i Broadband&ISDN Wireless Router
               4004  NetVolante RTA55i Broadband VoIP Router
               6001  CRW2200UX Lightspeed 2 External CD-RW Drive
049a  Gandalf Technologies, Ltd
049b  Curtis Computer Products
049c  Acer Advanced Labs, Inc.
               0002  Keyboard (???)
049d  VLSI Technology
049f  Compaq Computer Corp.
               0002  InkJet Color Printer
               0003  iPAQ PocketPC
               000e  Internet Keyboard
               0012  InkJet Color Printer
               0018  PA-1/PA-2 MP3 Player
               0019  InkJet Color Printer
               001a  S4 100 Scanner
               001e  IJ650 Inkjet Printer
               001f  WL215 Adapter
               0021  S200 Scanner
               0027  Bluetooth Multiport Module by Compaq
               002a  1400P Inkjet Printer
               002b  A3000
               002c  Lexmark X125
               0032  802.11b Adapter [ipaq h5400]
               0033  802.11b Adapter [orinoco]
               0036  Bluetooth Multiport Module
               0051  KU-0133 Easy Access Interner Keyboard
               0076  Wireless LAN MultiPort W200
               0080  GPRS Multiport
               0086  Bluetooth Device
               504a  Personal Jukebox PJB100
               505a  Linux-USB "CDC Subset" Device, or Itsy (experimental)
               8511  iPAQ Networking 10/100 Ethernet [pegasus2]
04a0  Digital Equipment Corp.
04a1  SystemSoft Corp.
               fff0  Telex Composite Device
04a2  FirePower Systems
04a3  Trident Microsystems, Inc.
04a4  Hitachi, Ltd
               0004  DVD-CAM DZ-MV100A Camcorder
               001e  DVDCAM USB HS Interface
04a5  Acer Peripherals Inc. (now BenQ Corp.)
               0001  Keyboard
               0002  API Ergo K/B
               0003  API Generic K/B Mouse
               12a6  AcerScan C310U
               1a20  Prisa 310U
               1a2a  Prisa 620U
               2022  Prisa 320U/340U
               2040  Prisa 620UT
               205e  ScanPrisa 640BU
               2060  Prisa 620U+/640U
               207e  Prisa 640BU
               209e  ScanPrisa 640BT
               20ae  S2W 3000U
               20b0  S2W 3300U/4300U
               20be  Prisa 640BT
               20c0  Prisa 1240UT
               20de  S2W 4300U+
               20f8  Benq 5000
               20fc  Benq 5000
               20fe  SW2 5300U
               2137  Benq 5150/5250
               2202  Benq 7400UT
               3003  Benq WebCam
               3008  Benq 1500
               300a  Benq 3410
               300c  Benq 1016
               3019  Benq DC C40
               4000  P30 Composite Device
               6001  Mass Storage Device
               6002  Mass Storage Device
               6003  ATA/ATAPI Adapter
               6004  Mass Storage Device
               6005  Mass Storage Device
               6006  Mass Storage Device
               6007  Mass Storage Device
               6008  Mass Storage Device
               6009  Mass Storage Device
               600a  Mass Storage Device
               600b  Mass Storage Device
               600c  Mass Storage Device
               600d  Mass Storage Device
               600e  Mass Storage Device
               600f  Mass Storage Device
               6010  Mass Storage Device
               6011  Mass Storage Device
               6012  Mass Storage Device
               6013  Mass Storage Device
               6014  Mass Storage Device
               6015  Mass Storage Device
               6125  MP3 Player
               6180  MP3 Player
               6200  MP3 Player
               7500  Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device
               9000  AWL300 Wireless Adapter
               9001  AWL400 Wireless Adapter
               9213  Kbd Hub
04a6  Nokia Display Products
               00b9  Audio
               0180  Hub Type P
               0181  HID Monitor Controls
04a7  Visioneer
               0100  StrobePro
               0101  Strobe Pro Scanner (1.01)
               0102  StrobePro Scanner
               0211  OneTouch 7600 Scanner
               0221  OneTouch 5300 Scanner
               0223  OneTouch 8200
               0224  OneTouch 4800 USB/Microtek Scanport 3000
               0225  VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
               0226  OneTouch 5300 USB
               0229  OneTouch 7100
               022a  OneTouch 6600
               022c  OneTouch 9000/9020
               0231  6100 Scanner
               0311  6200 EPP/USB Scanner
               0321  OneTouch 8100 EPP/USB Scanner
               0331  OneTouch 8600 EPP/USB Scanner
               0341  6400
               0361  VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
               0362  OneTouch 9320
               0371  OneTouch 8700/8920
               0380  OneTouch 7700
               0382  Photo Port 7700
               0390  9650
               03a0  Xerox 4800 One Touch
               0410  OneTouch Pro 8800/8820
               0421  9450 USB
               0423  9750 Scanner
               0424  Strobe XP 450
               0425  Strobe XP 100
               0426  Strobe XP 200
               0427  Strobe XP 100
               0444  OneTouch 7300
               0445  CardReader 100
               0446  Xerox DocuMate 510
               0447  XEROX DocuMate 520
               0448  XEROX DocuMate 250
               0449  Xerox DocuMate 252
               044a  Xerox 6400
               044c  Xerox DocuMate 262
               0474  Strobe XP 300
               0475  Xerox DocuMate 272
               0478  Strobe XP 220
               0479  Strobe XP 470
               047a  9450
               047b  9650
               047d  9420
               0480  9520
               048f  Strobe XP 470
               0491  Strobe XP 450
               0493  9750
               0494  Strobe XP 120
               0497  Patriot 430
               0498  Patriot 680
               0499  Patriot 780
               049b  Strobe XP 100
               04a0  7400
04a8  Multivideo Labs, Inc.
               0101  Hub
               0303  Peripheral Switch
               0404  Peripheral Switch
04a9  Canon, Inc.
               1005  BJ Printer Hub
               1035  PD Printer Storage
               1050  BJC-8200
               1051  BJC-3000 Color Printer
               1052  BJC-6100
               1053  BJC-6200
               1054  BJC-6500
               1055  BJC-85
               1056  BJC-2110 Color Printer
               1057  LR1
               105a  BJC-55
               105b  S600 Printer
               105c  S400
               105d  S450 Printer
               105e  S800
               1062  S500 Printer
               1063  S4500
               1064  S300 Printer
               1065  S100
               1066  S630
               1067  S900
               1068  S9000
               1069  S820
               106a  S200 Printer
               106b  S520 Printer
               106d  S750 Printer
               106e  S820D
               1070  S530D
               1072  I850 Printer
               1073  I550 Printer
               1074  S330 Printer
               1076  i70
               1077  i950
               107a  S830D
               107b  i320
               107c  i470D
               107d  i9100
               107e  i450
               107f  i860
               1082  i350
               1084  i250
               1085  i255
               1086  i560
               1088  i965
               108a  i455
               108b  i900D
               108c  i475D
               108d  PIXMA iP2000
               108f  i80
               1090  i9900 Photo Printer
               1091  PIXMA iP1500
               1093  PIXMA iP4000
               1094  PIXMA iP3000x Printer
               1095  PIXMA iP6000D
               1097  PIXMA iP5000
               1098  PIXMA iP1000
               1099  PIXMA iP8500
               109c  PIXMA iP4000R
               109d  iP90
               10a0  PIXMA iP1600 Printer
               10a2  iP4200
               10a4  iP5200R
               10a5  iP5200
               10a7  iP6210D
               10a8  iP6220D
               10a9  iP6600D
               10b6  PIXMA iP4300 Printer
               1404  W6400PG
               1405  W8400PG
               150f  BIJ2350 PCL
               1510  BIJ1350 PCL
               1512  BIJ1350D PCL
               1601  DR-2080C Scanner
               1607  DR-6080 Scanner
               1700  PIXMA MP110 Scanner
               1701  PIXMA MP130 Scanner
               1702  MP410 Composite
               1703  MP430 Composite
               1704  MP330 Composite
               1706  PIXMA MP750 Scanner
               1707  PIXMA MP780 Scanner
               1708  PIXMA MP760 Scanner
               1709  PIXMA MP150 Scanner
               170a  PIXMA MP170 Scanner
               170b  PIXMA MP450 Scanner
               170c  PIXMA MP500 Scanner
               170d  PIXMA MP800 Scanner
               170e  MP800R
               1710  MP950
               1712  MP530
               1713  PIXMA MP830 Scanner
               1714  MP160
               1715  MP180 Storage
               1716  MP460 Composite
               1717  MP510
               1718  MP600 Storage
               171a  MP810 Storage
               171b  MP960
               1721  MP210 ser
               1723  MP470 ser
               1725  MP610 ser
               1726  MP970 ser
               1727  MX300 ser
               1728  MX310 ser
               1729  MX700 ser
               172b  MP140 ser
               2200  CanoScan LiDE 25
               2201  CanoScan FB320U
               2202  CanoScan FB620U
               2204  CanoScan FB630U
               2205  CanoScan FB1210U
               2206  CanoScan N650U/N656U
               2207  CanoScan 1220U
               2208  CanoScan D660U
               220a  CanoScan D2400UF
               220b  CanoScan D646U
               220c  CanoScan D1250U2
               220d  CanoScan N670U/N676U/LiDE 20
               220e  CanoScan N1240U/LiDE 30
               220f  CanoScan 8000F
               2210  CanoScan 9900F
               2212  CanoScan 5000F
               2213  CanoScan LiDE 50/LiDE 35/LiDE 40
               2214  CanoScan LiDE 80
               2215  CanoScan 3000/3000F/3000ex
               2216  CanoScan 3200F
               2217  CanoScan 5200F
               2219  CanoScan 9950F
               221b  CanoScan 4200F
               221c  CanoScan LiDE 60
               221e  CanoScan 8400F
               221f  CanoScan LiDE 500F
               2220  CanoScan LIDE 25
               2225  CanoScan LiDE 70
               2228  CanoScan 4400F
               2602  MultiPASS C555
               2603  MultiPASS C755
               260a  CAPT Printer
               260e  LBP-2000
               2610  MPC600F
               2611  SmartBase MPC400
               2612  MultiPASS C855
               2617  CAPT Printer
               261a  iR1600
               261b  iR1610
               261c  iC2300
               261f  MPC200 Printer
               2621  iR2000
               2622  iR2010
               2623  FAX-B180C
               2629  FAXPHONE L75
               262b  LaserShot LBP-1120 Printer
               262d  iR C3200
               262f  MultiPASS MP730
               2630  MultiPASS MP700
               2631  LASER CLASS 700
               2632  FAX-L2000
               2635  MPC190
               2637  iR C6800
               2638  iR C3100
               263c  Smartbase MP360
               263d  MP370
               263e  MP390 FAX
               263f  MP375
               2646  MF5530 Scanner Device V1.9.1
               2647  MF5550 Composite
               264e  MF5630
               264f  MF5650 (FAX)
               2650  iR 6800C EUR
               2651  iR 3100C EUR
               2655  FP-L170/MF350/L380/L398
               2659  MF8100
               265b  CAPT Printer
               265c  iR C3220
               265d  MF5730
               265e  MF5750
               265f  MF5770
               2660  MF3110
               2663  iR3570/iR4570
               2664  iR2270/iR2870
               2665  iR C2620
               2666  iR C5800
               2667  iR85PLUS
               2669  iR105PLUS
               266a  CAPT Device
               266b  iR8070
               266c  iR9070
               266d  iR 5800C EUR
               266e  CAPT Device
               266f  iR2230
               2670  iR3530
               2671  iR5570/iR6570
               2672  iR C3170
               2673  iR 3170C EUR
               2674  L120
               2675  iR2830
               2676  CAPT Device
               2677  iR C2570
               2678  iR 2570C EUR
               2679  CAPT Device
               267a  iR2016
               267b  iR2020
               267d  MF7100 Series
               2684  MF3200 Series
               2687  iR4530
               2688  LBP3460
               268c  iR C6870
               268d  iR 6870C EUR
               268e  iR C5870
               268f  iR 5870C EUR
               2691  iR7105
               26a3  MF4100 Series
               3041  PowerShot S10
               3042  CanoScan FS4000US Film Scanner
               3043  PowerShot S20
               3044  EOS D30
               3045  PowerShot S100
               3046  IXY Digital
               3047  Digital IXUS
               3048  PowerShot G1
               3049  PowerShot Pro90 IS
               304a  CP-10
               304b  IXY Digital 300
               304c  PowerShot S300
               304d  Digital IXUS 300
               304e  PowerShot A20
               304f  PowerShot A10
               3050  PowerShot unknown 1
               3051  PowerShot S110
               3052  Digital IXUS V
               3055  PowerShot G2
               3056  PowerShot S40
               3057  PowerShot S30
               3058  PowerShot A40
               3059  PowerShot A30
               305b  ZR45MC Digital Camcorder
               305c  PowerShot unknown 2
               3060  EOS D60
               3061  PowerShot A100
               3062  PowerShot A200
               3063  CP-100
               3065  PowerShot S200
               3066  Digital IXUS 330
               3067  MV550i Digital Video Camera
               3069  PowerShot G3
               306a  Digital unknown 3
               306b  MVX2i Digital Video Camera
               306c  PowerShot S45
               306d  PowerShot S45 PtP Mode
               306e  PowerShot G3 (normal mode)
               306f  PowerShot G3 (ptp)
               3070  PowerShot S230
               3071  PowerShot S230 (ptp)
               3072  PowerShot SD100 / Digital IXUS II (ptp)
               3073  PowerShot A70 (ptp)
               3074  PowerShot A60 (ptp)
               3075  IXUS 400 Camera
               3076  PowerShot A300
               3077  PowerShot S50
               3078  ZR70MC Digital Camcorder
               307a  MV650i (normal mode)
               307b  MV630i Digital Video Camera
               307c  MV630i (normal mode)
               307d  CP-300
               307f  Optura 20
               3080  MVX150i (normal mode) / Optura 20 (normal mode)
               3081  Optura 10
               3082  MVX100i / Optura 10
               3083  EOS 10D
               3084  EOS 300D / EOS Digital Rebel
               3085  PowerShot G5
               3087  Elura 50 (PTP mode)
               3088  Elura 50 (normal mode)
               308d  MVX3i
               308e  FV M1 (normal mode) / MVX 3i (normal mode) / Optura Xi (normal mode)
               3093  Optura 300
               3096  IXY DV M2 (normal mode) / MVX 10i (normal mode)
               3099  EOS 300D (ptp)
               309a  PowerShot A80
               309b  Digital IXUS (ptp)
               309c  PowerShot S1 IS
               309d  Camera
               309f  Camera
               30a0  Camera
               30a1  Camera
               30a2  Camera
               30a8  Elura 60E/Optura 40 (ptp)
               30a9  MVX25i (normal mode) / Optura 40 (normal mode)
               30b1  PowerShot S70 (normal mode) / PowerShot S70 (PTP mode)
               30b2  PowerShot S60 (normal mode) / PowerShot S60 (PTP mode)
               30b3  PowerShot G6 (normal mode) / PowerShot G6 (PTP mode)
               30b4  PowerShot S500
               30b5  PowerShot A75
               30b6  Digital IXUS II2  / Digital IXUS II2 (PTP mode) / PowerShot SD110 (PTP mode) / PowerShot SD110 Digital ELPH
               30b7  PowerShot A400 / PowerShot A400 (PTP mode)
               30b8  PowerShot A310 / PowerShot A310 (PTP mode)
               30b9  Powershot A85
               30ba  PowerShot S410 Digital Elph
               30bb  PowerShot A95
               30bd  CP-220
               30be  CP-330
               30bf  Digital IXUS 40
               30c0  Digital IXUS 30 (PTP mode) / PowerShot SD200 (PTP mode)
               30c1  Digital IXUS 50 (normal mode) / IXY Digital 55 (normal mode) / PowerShot A520 (PTP mode) / PowerShot SD400 (normal mode)
               30c2  PowerShot A510 (normal mode) / PowerShot A510 (PTP mode)
               30c4  Digital IXUS i5 (normal mode) / IXY Digital L2 (normal mode) / PowerShot SD20 (normal mode)
               30ea  EOS 1D Mark II (PTP mode)
               30eb  EOS 20D
               30ec  EOS 20D (ptp)
               30ee  EOS 350D
               30ef  EOS 350D (ptp)
               30f0  PowerShot S2 IS (PTP mode)
               30f2  Digital IXUS 700 (normal mode) / Digital IXUS 700 (PTP mode) / IXY Digital 600 (normal mode) / PowerShot SD500 (normal mode) / PowerShot SD500 (PTP mode)
               30f6  SELPHY CP400
               30f8  Powershot A430
               30f9  PowerShot A410 (PTP mode)
               30fc  PowerShot A620 (PTP mode)
               30fd  PowerShot A610 (normal mode)/PowerShot A610 (PTP mode)
               30ff  Digital IXUS 55 (PTP mode)/PowerShot SD450 (PTP mode)
               310b  SELPHY CP600
               310e  Digital IXUS 50 (PTP mode)
               3116  Digital IXUS 750 (PTP mode)
               3117  PowerShot A700
               3138  PowerShot A710 IS
               315a  PowerShot G9
               31ff  Digital IXUS 55
04aa  DaeWoo Telecom, Ltd
04ab  Chromatic Research
04ac  Micro Audiometrics Corp.
04ad  Dooin Electronics
               2501  Bluetooth Device
04af  Winnov L.P.
04b0  Nikon Corp.
               0102  Coolpix 990
               0103  Coolpix 880
               0104  Coolpix 995
               0106  Coolpix 775
               0107  Coolpix 5000
               0108  Coolpix 2500
               0109  Coolpix 2500 (ptp)
               010a  Coolpix 4500
               010b  Coolpix 4500 (ptp)
               010d  Coolpix 5700 (ptp)
               010e  Coolpix 4300 (storage)
               010f  Coolpix 4300 (ptp)
               0110  Coolpix 3500 (Sierra Mode)
               0111  Coolpix 3500 (ptp)
               0112  Coolpix 885 (ptp)
               0113  Coolpix 5000 (ptp)
               0114  Coolpix 3100 (storage)
               0115  Coolpix 3100 (ptp)
               0117  Coolpix 2100 (ptp)
               0119  Coolpix 5400 (ptp)
               011d  Coolpix 3700 (ptp)
               0121  Coolpix 3200 (ptp)
               0122  Coolpix 2200 (ptp)
               0126  Coolpix 8800
               0129  Coolpix 4800 (ptp)
               012c  Coolpix 4100 (storage)
               012d  Coolpix 4100 (ptp)
               012e  Coolpix 5600 (ptp)
               0130  Coolpix 4600 (ptp)
               0135  Coolpix 5900 (ptp)
               0136  Coolpix 7900 (storage)
               0137  Coolpix 7900 (ptp)
               0141  Coolpix P2 (storage)
               0142  Coolpix P2 (ptp)
               0163  Coolpix P5100 (ptp)
               0169  Coolpix P50 (ptp)
               0202  Coolpix SQ (ptp)
               0203  Coolpix 4200 (mass storage mode)
               0204  Coolpix 4200 (ptp)
               0205  Coolpix 5200 (storage)
               0206  Coolpix 5200 (ptp)
               0301  Coolpix 2000 (storage)
               0302  Coolpix 2000 (ptp)
               0402  DSC D100 (ptp)
               0403  D2H (mass storage mode)
               0404  D2H SLR (ptp)
               0405  D70 (mass storage mode)
               0406  DSC D70 (ptp)
               0408  D2X SLR (ptp)
               0409  D50 digital camera
               040a  D50 (ptp)
               040c  D2Hs
               040e  DSC D70s (ptp)
               0413  D40 (mass storage mode)
               4000  Coolscan LS 40 ED
               4001  LS 50 ED/Coolscan V ED
               4002  Super Coolscan LS-5000 ED
04b1  Pan International
04b3  IBM Corp.
               3003  Rapid Access III Keyboard
               3004  Media Access Pro Keyboard
               300a  Rapid Access IIIe Keyboard
               3016  UltraNav Keyboard Hub
               3018  UltraNav Keyboard
               301b  SK-8815 Keyboard
               301c  Enhanced Performance Keyboard
               3020  Enhanced Performance Keyboard
               3100  NetVista Mouse
               3103  ScrollPoint Pro Mouse
               3104  ScrollPoint Wireless Mouse
               3105  ScrollPoint Optical (HID)
               3107  ThinkPad 800dpi Optical Travel Mouse
               3108  800dpi Optical Mouse w/ Scroll Point
               3109  Optical ScrollPoint Pro Mouse
               310b  Red Wheel Mouse
               4427  Portable CD ROM
               4482  Serial Converter
               4525  Double sided CRT
               4550  NVRAM (128 KB)
               4554  Cash Drawer
               4580  Hub w/ NVRAM
               4581  4800-2xx Hub w/ Cash Drawer
               4604  Keyboard w/ Card Reader
               4671  4820 LCD w/ MSR/KB
04b4  Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
               0000  Dacal DC-101 CD Library
               0001  Mouse
               0002  CY7C63x0x Thermometer
               0101  Keyboard/Hub
               0102  Keyboard with APM
               0130  MyIRC Remote Receiver
               0bad  MetaGeek Wi-Spy
               1002  CY7C63001 R100 FM Radio
               1006  Human Interface Device
               4381  SCAPS USC-1 Scanner Controller
               4611  Storage Adapter FX2 (CY)
               4616  Flash Disk (TPP)
               5500  HID->COM RS232 Adapter
               6370  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               6560  CY7C65640 USB-2.0 "TetraHub"
               6830  CY7C68300A EZ-USB AT2 USB 2.0 to ATA/ATAPI
               6831  Storage Adapter ISD-300LP (CY)
               7417  Wireless PC Lock
               8613  CY7C68013 EZ-USB FX2 USB 2.0 Development Kit
               8614  DTV-DVB UDST7020BDA DVB-S Box(DVBS for MCE2005)
               cc04  Centor USB RACIA-ALVAR USB PORT
               cc06  Centor-P RACIA-ALVAR USB PORT
               d5d5  CY7C63x0x Zoltrix Z-Boxer GamePad
               f000  CY30700 Licorice evaluation board
04b5  ROHM LSI Systems USA, LLC
04b6  Hint Corp.
04b7  Compal Electronics, Inc.
04b8  Seiko Epson Corp.
               0001  Stylus Color 740 / Photo 750
               0002  ISD Smart Cable for Mac
               0003  ISD Smart Cable
               0004  Printer
               0005  Stylus D88+
               0006  Printer
               0007  Printer
               0101  Perfection 636
               0102  GT-2200
               0103  Perfection 610
               0104  Perfection 1200
               0105  StylusScan 2000
               0106  Stylus Scan 2500
               0107  Expression 1600U
               0109  Expression 1640 XL
               010a  Perfection 1640SU
               010b  Perfection 1240
               010c  Perfection 640
               010e  Perfection 1680
               010f  Perfection 1250
               0110  Perfection 1650
               0112  Perfection 2450
               0114  Perfection 660
               0116  Perfection 3170 (GT-9400)
               0118  Perfection 4180 (GF-F600)
               0119  Perfection 4490 Photo
               011a  1000 ICS
               011b  Perfection 2400 Photo
               011c  Perfection 3200
               011d  Perfection 1260 Photo
               011e  Perfection 1660 Photo
               011f  Perfection 1670
               0120  Perfection 1270 scanner
               0121  Perfection 2480 Photo
               0122  Perfection 3590 scanner
               0126  GT-15000 (ES-7000)
               0128  Perfection 4870 (GT-X700)
               0129  Expression 10000XL (ES-10000G)
               012a  Perfection 4990 Photo scanner
               012b  GT-2500 (ES-H300)
               012c  Perfection V350 (GT-F700)
               012d  Perfection V10/V100 (GT-S600/F650)
               012f  Perfection V350 (GT-F700)
               0202  Receipt Printer M129C
               0401  CP 800 Digital Camera
               0402  PhotoPC 850z
               0403  PhotoPC 3000z
               0509  JVC PIX-MC10
               0601  Stylus Photo 875DC Card Reader
               0602  Stylus Photo 895 Card Reader
               0801  Stylus CX5200/CX5400/CX6600
               0802  Stylus CX3200
               0803  Printer (Composite Device)
               0804  Storage Device
               0805  Stylus CX6400
               0806  Stylus Photo RX600/610
               0807  Stylus Photo RX500/510
               0808  Stylus CX5200
               0809  Storage Device
               080a  Storage Device
               080c  ME100
               080d  Stylus CX4500/4600
               080e  CX-3500/3600/3650 MFP
               080f  Stylus Photo RX425 scanner
               0810  Stylus Photo RX700 (PM-A900)
               0811  Stylus Photo RX620 all-in-one
               0812  MFP Composite Device
               0813  Stylus CX6500/6600
               0814  (PM-A700)
               0815  AcuLaser CX11 (LP-A500)
               0816  Printer (Composite Device)
               0817  (LP-M5500)
               0818  Stylus CX3700/CX3800/DX3800
               0819  Stylus CX4700/CX4800/DX4800 (PX-A750)
               081a  Stylus Photo RX520/RX530 (PM-A750)
               081b  MFP Composite Device
               081c  Stylus Photo RX640/RX650 (PM-A890)
               081d  (PM-A950)
               081e  MFP Composite Device
               081f  Stylus CX7700/7800
               0820  CX4200 MP scanner
               0821  MFP Composite Device
               0822  Storage Device
               0823  MFP Composite Device
               0824  Storage Device
               0825  MFP Composite Device
               0826  Storage Device
               0827  Stylus Photo RX560/580/590 (PM-A820)
               0828  (PM-A970)
               0829  (PM-T990)
               082a  (PM-A920)
               082b  Stylus DX5050
               082c  Storage Device
               082d  Storage Device
               082e  0x082e  DX-60x0 MFP scanner
               082f  Stylus DX4050
               0830  Stylus CX2800/CX2900/ME200
               0831  MFP Composite Device
               0832  MFP Composite Device
               0833  (LP-M5600)
               0834  MFP Composite Device
               0835  AcuLaser CX21
               0836  MFP Composite Device
               0837  MFP Composite Device
               0838  CX7300/CX7400/DX7400
               0839  CX8300/CX8400/DX8400
               083a  CX9300F/CX9400Fax/DX9400F
               083b  MFP Composite Device
               083c  MFP Composite Device
               083d  MFP Composite Device
               083e  MFP Composite Device
               083f  Stylus DX4450
04b9  Rainbow Technologies, Inc.
               0300  SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro
               1000  iKey 1000 Token
               1001  iKey 1200 Token
               1002  iKey Token
               1003  iKey Token
               1004  iKey Token
               1005  iKey Token
               1006  iKey Token
               1200  iKey 2000 Token
               1201  iKey Token
               1202  iKey 2032 Token
               1203  iKey Token
               1204  iKey Token
               1205  iKey Token
               1206  iKey Token
               1300  iKey 3000 Token
               1301  iKey 3000
               1302  iKey Token
               1303  iKey Token
               1304  iKey Token
               1305  iKey Token
               1306  iKey Token
04ba  Toucan Systems, Ltd
04bb  I-O Data Device, Inc.
               0101  USB2-IDE/ATAPI Bridge Adapter
               0201  USB2-IDE/ATAPI Bridge Adapter
               0204  DVD Multi-plus unit iU-CD2
               0206  DVD Multi-plus unit DVR-UEH8
               0301  Storage Device
               0314  USB-SSMRW SD-card
               0319  USB2-IDE/ATAPI Bridge Adapter
               031a  USB2-IDE/ATAPI Bridge Adapter
               031b  USB2-IDE/ATAPI Bridge Adapter
               031e  USB-SDRW SD-card
               0502  Nogatech Live! (BT)
               0901  USB ETT
               0904  ET/TX Ethernet [pegasus]
               0913  ET/TX-S Ethernet [pegasus2]
               0919  USB WN-B11
               0922  IOData AirPort WN-B11/USBS 802.11b
               0930  ETG-US2
               0937  WN-WAG/USL Wireless LAN Adapter
               0938  WN-G54/USL Wireless LAN Adapter
               0a03  Serial USB-RSAQ1
               0a07  USB2-iCN Adapter
               0a08  USB2-iCN Adapter
               0c01  FM-10 Pro Disk
04bd  Toshiba Electronics Taiwan Corp.
04be  Telia Research AB
04bf  TDK Corp.
               0100  MediaReader CF
               0115  USB-PDC Adapter UPA9664
               0116  USB-cdmaOne Adapter UCA1464
               0117  USB-PHS Adapter UHA6400
               0118  USB-PHS Adapter UPA6400
               0135  MediaReader Dual
               0202  73S1121F Smart Card Reader-
               0309  Bluetooth USB dongle
               030a  IBM Bluetooth Ultraport Module
               030b  Bluetooth Device
               030c  Ultraport Bluetooth Device
               0310  Integrated Bluetooth
               0311  Integrated Bluetooth Device
               0317  Bluetooth UltraPort Module from IBM
               0318  IBM Integrated Bluetooth
               0319  Bluetooth Adapter
               0320  Bluetooth Adapter
               0321  Bluetooth Device
               0a28  INDI AV-IN Device
04c1  U.S. Robotics (3Com)
               0020  56K Voice Pro
               0022  56K Voice Pro
               007e  ISDN TA
               0082  OfficeConnect Analog Modem
               008f  Pro ISDN TA
               0097  OfficeConnect Analog
               009d  HomeConnect WebCam [vicam]
               00a9  ISDN Pro TA-U
               00b9  HomeConnect IDSL Modem
               3021  56k Voice FaxModem Pro
04c2  Methode Electronics Far East PTE, Ltd
04c3  Maxi Switch, Inc.
               1102  Mouse
               2102  Mouse
04c4  Lockheed Martin Energy Research
04c5  Fujitsu, Ltd
               1029  fi-4010c Scanner
               1033  fi-4110CU
               1041  fi-4120c Scanner
               1042  fi-4220c Scanner
               105b  AH-F401U Air H device
               1096  fi-5110EOX
               1097  fi-5110C
               10ae  fi-4120C2
               10af  fi-4220C2
               10e0  fi-5120c Scanner
               10e1  fi-5220C
               10e7  fi-5900C
               10fe  S500
04c6  Toshiba America Electronic Components
04c7  Micro Macro Technologies
04c8  Konica Corp.
               0720  Digital Color Camera
               0721  e-miniD Camera
               0722  e-mini
               0723  KD-200Z Camera
               0726  KD-310Z Camera
               0728  Revio C2 Mass Storage Device
               0729  Revio C2 Digital Camera
               072c  Revio KD20M
               072d  Revio KD410Z
04ca  Lite-On Technology Corp.
               1766  HID Monitor Controls
               9304  Hub
04cb  Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd
               0100  FinePix 30i/40i/50i, A101/201, 1300/2200, 1400/2400/2600/2800/4500/4700/4800/4900/6800/6900 Zoom
               0103  FinePix NX-500/NX-700 printer
               0104  FinePix A101, 2600/2800/4800/6800 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0108  FinePix F601 Zoom (DSC)
               0109  FinePix F601 Zoom (PC CAM)
               010a  FinePix S602 (Pro) Zoom (DSC)
               010b  FinePix S602 (Pro) Zoom (PC CAM)
               010d  FinePix Digital Camera 020531
               010e  FinePix F402 Zoom (DSC)
               010f  FinePix F402 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0110  FinePix M603 Zoom (DSC)
               0111  FinePix M603 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0112  FinePix A202, A200 Zoom (DSC)
               0113  FinePix A202, A200 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0114  FinePix F401 Zoom (DSC)
               0115  FinePix F401 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0116  FinePix A203 Zoom (DSC)
               0117  FinePix A203 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0118  FinePix A303 Zoom (DSC)
               0119  FinePix A303 Zoom (PC CAM)
               011a  FinePix S304/3800 Zoom (DSC)
               011b  FinePix S304/3800 Zoom (PC CAM)
               011c  FinePix A204/2650 Zoom (DSC)
               011d  FinePix A204/2650 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0120  FinePix F700 Zoom (DSC)
               0121  FinePix F700 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0122  FinePix F410 Zoom (DSC)
               0123  FinePix F410 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0124  FinePix A310 Zoom (DSC)
               0125  FinePix A310 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0126  FinePix A210 Zoom (DSC)
               0127  FinePix A210 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0128  FinePix A205(S) Zoom (DSC)
               0129  FinePix A205(S) Zoom (PC CAM)
               012a  FinePix F610 Zoom (DSC)
               012b  FinePix Digital Camera 030513
               012c  FinePix S7000 Zoom (DSC)
               012d  FinePix S7000 Zoom (PC CAM)
               012f  FinePix Digital Camera 030731
               0130  FinePix S5000 Zoom (DSC)
               0131  FinePix S5000 Zoom (PC CAM)
               013b  FinePix Digital Camera 030722
               013c  FinePix S3000 Zoom (DSC)
               013d  FinePix S3000 Zoom (PC CAM)
               013e  FinePix F420 Zoom (DSC)
               013f  FinePix F420 Zoom (PC CAM)
               0142  FinePix S7000 Zoom (PTP)
               0148  FinePix A330 Zoom (DSC)
               0149  FinePix A330 Zoom (UVC)
               014a  FinePix A330 Zoom (PTP)
               014b  FinePix A340 Zoom (DSC)
               0159  FinePix F710 Zoom (DSC)
               0165  FinePix S3500 Zoom (DSC)
               0168  FinePix E500 Zoom (DSC)
               0169  FinePix E500 Zoom (UVC)
               016b  FinePix E510 Zoom (DSC)
               016c  FinePix E510 Zoom (PC CAM)
               016e  FinePix S5500 Zoom (DSC)
               016f  FinePix S5500 Zoom (UVC)
               0171  FinePix E550 Zoom (DSC)
               0172  FinePix E550 Zoom (PTP)
               0177  FinePix F10 (DSC)
               0179  Finepix F10 (PTP)
               0186  FinePix S5200/S5600 Zoom (DSC)
               0188  FinePix S5200/S5600 Zoom (PTP)
               018e  FinePix S9500 Zoom (DSC)
               018f  FinePix S9500 Zoom (PTP)
               0192  FinePix E900 Zoom (DSC)
               0193  FinePix E900 Zoom (PTP)
               019b  FinePix F30 (PTP)
               01bf  FinePix F6000fd/S6500fd Zoom (PTP)
               01c0  FinePix F20 (PTP)
               01c1  FinePix F31fd (PTP)
               01c4  FinePix S5700 Zoom (PTP)
               01c5  FinePix F40fd (PTP)
               01c6  FinePix A820 Zoom (PTP)
               01d2  FinePix A800 Zoom (PTP)
               01d5  FinePix F47 (PTP)
04cc  Philips Semiconductors
               1122  Hub
               1521  USB 2.0 Hub
               8116  Camera
04cd  Tatung Co. Of America
04ce  ScanLogic Corp.
               0002  SL11R-IDE IDE Bridge
               0100  USB2PRN Printer Class
               0300  Phantom 336CX - C3 scanner
               04ce  SL11DEMO, VID: 0x4ce, PID: 0x4ce
               07d1  SL11R, VID: 0x4ce, PID: 0x07D1
04cf  Myson Century, Inc.
               0800  MTP800 Mass Storage Device
               8810  CS8810 Mass Storage Device
               8811  CS8811 Mass Storage Device
               8813  CS8813 Mass Storage Device
               8818  USB2.0 to ATAPI Bridge Controller
04d0  Digi International
04d1  ITT Canon
04d2  Altec Lansing Technologies
               0070  ADA70 Speakers
               0305  Non-Compliant Audio Device
               0311  ADA-310 Speakers
               2060  Claritel-i750 - vp
               ff05  ADA-305 Speakers
               ff47  Lansing HID Audio Controls
               ff49  Lansing HID Audio Controls
04d3  VidUS, Inc.
04d4  LSI Logic, Inc.
04d5  Forte Technologies, Inc.
04d6  Mentor Graphics
04d7  Oki Semiconductor
               1be4  Bluetooth Device
04d8  Microchip Technology, Inc.
               0002  USB-LCD 2x20
               8000  In-Circuit Debugger
               8001  ICD2 in-circuit debugger
04d9  Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
               1203  MC Industries Keyboard
04da  Panasonic (Matsushita)
               0901  LS-120 Camera
               0b01  CD-R/RW Drive
               0b03  SuperDisk 240MB
               0d01  CD-R Drive KXL-840AN
               0d09  CD-R Drive KXL-RW32AN
               0d0a  CD-R Drive KXL-CB20AN
               0d0d  CDRCB03
               0d0e  DVD-ROM & CD-R/RW
               0f40  Printer
               1500  MFSUSB Driver
               1b00  MultiMediaCard
               2121  EB-VS6
               2317  DVC USB-SERIAL Driver for WinXP
               2319  NV-GS15 (webcam mode)
               231d  DVC Web Camera Device
               231e  DVC DV Stream Device
               2372  Lumix DMC-FZ10 Camera
               2374  DMC-FZ20
04db  Hypertec Pty, Ltd
04dc  Huan Hsin Holdings, Ltd
04dd  Sharp Corp.
               13a6  MFC2000
               6006  AL-1216
               6007  AL-1045
               6008  AL-1255
               6009  AL-1530CS
               600a  AL-1540CS
               600b  AL-1456
               600c  AL-1555
               600d  AL-1225
               600e  AL-1551CS
               600f  AR-122E
               6010  AR-152E
               6011  AR-157E
               6012  SN-1045
               6013  SN-1255
               6014  SN-1456
               6015  SN-1555
               6016  AR-153E
               6017  AR-122E N
               6018  AR-153E N
               6019  AR-152E N
               601a  AR-157E N
               601b  AL-1217
               601c  AL-1226
               601d  AR-123E
               7002  DVC Ver.1.0
               7004  VE-CG40U Digital Still Camera
               7005  VE-CG30 Digital Still Camera
               7007  VL-Z7S Digital Camcorder
               8004  Zaurus SL-5000D/SL-5500 PDA
               8005  Zaurus A-300
               8006  Zaurus SL-B500/SL-5600 PDA
               8007  Zaurus C-700 PDA
               9014  IM-DR80 Portable NetMD Player
               9031  Zaurus C-750/C-760/C-860/SL-C3000 PDA
               9032  Zaurus SL-6000
               903a  GSM GPRS
               9050  Zaurus C-860 PDA
               9056  Viewcam Z
               9073  AM-900
               9074  GSM GPRS
               90a9  Sharp Composite
               90d0  USB-to-Serial Comm. Port
               90f2  Sharp 3G GSM USB Control
               9120  WS004SH
               9122  WS007SH
               9123  W-ZERO3 ES Smartphone
04de  MindShare, Inc.
04df  Interlink Electronics
04e1  Iiyama North America, Inc.
               0201  Monitor Hub
04e2  Exar Corp.
04e3  Zilog, Inc.
04e4  ACC Microelectronics
04e5  Promise Technology
04e6  SCM Microsystems, Inc.
               0001  E-USB ATA Bridge
               0002  eUSCSI SCSI Bridge
               0003  eUSB SmartMedia Card Reader
               0005  eUSB SmartMedia/CompactFlash Card Reader
               0006  eUSB SmartMedia Card Reader
               0007  Hifd
               0009  eUSB ATA/ATAPI Adapter
               000a  eUSB CompactFlash Adapter
               000b  eUSCSI Bridge
               000c  eUSCSI Bridge
               000d  Dazzle MS
               0012  Dazzle SD/MMC
               0101  eUSB ATA Bridge
               0311  Dazzle DM-CF
               0312  Dazzle DM-SD/MMC
               0313  Dazzle SM
               0314  Dazzle MS
               0322  e-Film Reader-5
               0325  eUSB ORCA Quad Reader
               0327  Digital Media Reader
               03fe  DMHS2 DFU Adapter
               0406  eUSB SmartDM Reader
               04e6  eUSB DFU Adapter
               04e7  STCII DFU Adapter
               04e8  eUSBDM DFU Adapter
               04e9  DM-E DFU Adapter
               0500  Veridicom 5thSense Fingerprint Sensor and eUSB SmartCard
               0701  DCS200 Loader Device
               0702  DVD Creation Station 200
               0703  DVC100 Loader Device
               0704  Digital Video Creator 100
               1001  SCR300 Smart Card Reader
               1010  USBAT-2 CompactFlash Card Reader
               1014  e-Film Reader-3
               1020  USBAT ATA/ATAPI Adapter
               2007  RSA SecurID ComboReader
               2009  Citibank Smart Card Reader
               200a  Reflex v.2 Smart Card Reader
               200d  STR391 Reader
               5111  SCR331-DI SmartCard Reader
               5113  SCR333 SmartCard Reader
               5114  SCR331-DI SmartCard Reader
               5115  SCR335 SmartCard Reader
               5116  SCR331-LC1 SmartCard Reader
               5117  SCR3320 - Smart Card Reader
               5118  Expresscard SIM Card Reader
               5119  SCR3340 - ExpressCard54 Smart Card Reader
               511b  SmartCard Reader
               511d  SCR3311 Smart Card Reader
               5120  SCR331-DI SmartCard Reader
               5121  SDI010 Smart Card Reader
               5151  SCR338 Keyboard Smart Card Reader
               5410  SCR35xx Smart Card Reader
               e000  SCRx31 Reader
               e001  SCR331 SmartCard Reader
               e003  SPR532 PinPad SmartCard Reader
04e7  Elo TouchSystems
               0001  TouchScreen
               0002  Touchmonitor Interface 2600 Rev 2
               0004  4000U CarrollTouch庐 Touchmonitor Interface
               0007  2500U IntelliTouch庐 Touchmonitor Interface
               0008  3000U AccuTouch庐 Touchmonitor Interface
               0009  4000U CarrollTouch庐 Touchmonitor Interface
               0020  Touchscreen Interface (2700)
               0021  Touchmonitor Interface
               0030  4500U CarrollTouch庐 Touchmonitor Interface
               0032  Touchmonitor Interface
               0033  Touchmonitor Interface
               0041  5010 Surface Capacitive Touchmonitor Interface
               0042  Touchmonitor Interface
               0050  2216 AccuTouch庐 Touchmonitor Interface
               0071  Touchmonitor Interface
               0072  Touchmonitor Interface
               0081  Touchmonitor Interface
               0082  Touchmonitor Interface
               00ff  Touchmonitor Interface
04e8  Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
               0110  Connect3D Flash Drive
               0111  Connect3D Flash Drive
               1003  MP3 Player and Recorder
               1006  SDC-200Z
               3004  ML-4600
               3005  Docuprint P1210
               3008  ML-6060 laser printer
               300c  ML-1210 Printer
               300e  Laser Printer
               3104  ML-3550N
               3226  Laser Printer
               3228  Laser Printer
               322a  Laser Printer
               322c  Laser Printer
               3230  ML-1440
               3232  Laser Printer
               3236  ML-1450
               3238  ML-1430
               323a  ML-1710 Printer
               323b  Phaser 3130
               323c  Laser Printer
               323d  Phaser 3120
               323e  Laser Printer
               3240  Laser Printer
               3242  Laser Printer
               3248  Color Laser Printer
               324a  Laser Printer
               324c  ML-1740 Printer
               324d  Phaser 3121
               325f  Phaser 3425 Laser Printer
               3260  CLP-510 Color Laser Printer
               3268  ML-1610 Mono Laser Printer
               326c  ML-2010P Mono Laser Printer
               3409  SCX-4216F Scanner
               340c  SCX-5x15 Series
               340d  SCX-6x20 Series
               340e  MFP 560 Series
               340f  Printing Support
               3412  SCX-4x20 Series
               3413  SCX-4100 Scanner
               3415  Composite Device
               3419  Composite Device
               341a  Printing Support
               341b  SCX-4200 Series
               341c  Composite Device
               341d  Composite Device
               341f  Composite Device
               3420  Composite Device
               3605  InkJet Color Printer
               3606  InkJet Color Printer
               3609  InkJet Color Printer
               3902  InkJet Color Printer
               3903  Xerox WorkCentre XK50cx
               390f  InkJet Color Printer
               3911  SCX-1020 Series
               5000  YP-MF Series
               5001  YP-100
               5002  YP-30
               5003  YP-700
               5004  YP-30
               5005  YP-300
               5006  YP-750
               500d  MP3 Player
               5010  MP3 Player
               5011  YP-780
               5013  YP-60
               5015  yepp upgrade
               501b  MP3 Player
               503b  YP-U1 MP3 Player
               5050  YP-U2 MP3 Player
               507d  YP-U3 MP3 Player
               508b  YP-S5 MP3 Player
               5a00  YP-NEU
               5a01  YP-NDU
               5a03  Yepp MP3 Player
               5a04  YP-800
               5a08  YP-90
               5a0f  MTP Device
               5b01  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               5b02  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               5b03  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               5b04  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               5b05  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               5b11  SEW-2001u Card
               5f00  NEXiO Sync
               5f01  NEXiO Sync
               5f02  NEXiO Sync
               5f03  NEXiO Sync
               5f04  NEXiO Sync
               6601  Z100 Mobile Phone
               6611  MITs Sync
               6613  MITs Sync
               6615  MITs Sync
               6617  MITs Sync
               6619  MITs Sync
               661b  MITs Sync
               661e  Handheld
               6620  Handheld
               6622  Handheld
               6624  Handheld
               662e  MITs Sync
               6630  MITs Sync
               6632  MITs Sync
               663f  SGH-E720
               6640  Usb Modem Enumerator
               7011  SEW-2003U Card
               7021  Bluetooth Device
               7061  eHome Infrared Receiver
               7081  Human Interface Device
               8001  Handheld
               e020  SERI E02 SCOM 6200 UMTS Phone
               e021  SERI E02 SCOM 6200 Virtual UARTs
               e022  SERI E02 SCOM 6200 Flash Load Disk
               ff30  SG_iMON
04e9  PC-Tel, Inc.
04ea  Brooktree Corp.
04eb  Northstar Systems, Inc.
04ec  Tokyo Electron Device, Ltd
04ed  Annabooks
04ef  Pacific Electronic International, Inc.
04f0  Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd
04f1  Victor Company of Japan, Ltd
               0001  GC-QX3 Digital Still Camera
               0004  GR-DVL815U Digital Video Camera
               0006  DV Camera Storage
               0008  GZ-MG30AA/MC500E Digital Video Camera
               0009  GR-DX25EK Digital Video Camera
               000a  GR-D72 Digital Video Camera
               3008  MP-PRX1 Ethernet
04f2  Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd
               0001  KU-8933 Keyboard
               0002  NT68P81 Keyboard
               0110  KU-2971 Keyboard
               0111  KU-9908 Keyboard
               0112  KU-8933 Keyboard with PS/2 Mouse port
               0116  KU-2971 German Keyboard
               a001  E-Video DC-100 Camera
               a120  ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
               a121  ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
               a122  ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
               a123  ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
               a124  ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
               a133  Gateway Webcam
               a204  DSC WIA Device (1300)
               a208  DSC WIA Device (2320)
               a209  Labtec DC-2320
               a20a  DSC WIA Device (3310)
               a20c  DSC WIA Device (3320)
               a210  Audio Device
               b009  Integrated Camera
               b010  Integrated Camera
               b012  1.3 MPixel UVC webcam
               b018  Video Device
               b022  Camera
               b025  Camera
               b027  Gateway Webcam
               b028  VGA UVC WebCam
04f3  Elan Microelectronics Corp.
               0210  AM-400 Hama Optical Mouse
04f4  Harting Elektronik, Inc.
04f5  Fujitsu-ICL Systems, Inc.
04f6  Norand Corp.
04f7  Newnex Technology Corp.
04f8  FuturePlus Systems
04f9  Brother Industries, Ltd
               0002  HL-1050 Laser Printer
               0005  Printer
               0006  HL-1240 Laser Printer
               0007  HL-1250 Laser Printer
               0008  HL-1270 Laser Printer
               0009  Printer
               000a  P2500 Series
               000b  Printer
               000c  Printer
               000d  HL-1440 Laser Printer
               000e  HL-1450 series
               000f  HL-1470N series
               0010  Printer
               0011  Printer
               0012  Printer
               0013  Printer
               0014  Printer
               0015  Printer
               0016  Printer
               0017  Printer
               0018  Printer
               001c  Printer
               001e  Printer
               0020  HL-5130 series
               0021  HL-5140 series
               0022  HL-5150D series
               0023  HL-5170DN series
               0024  Printer
               0025  Printer
               0027  HL-2030 Laser Printer
               0028  Printer
               0029  Printer
               002a  Printer
               002b  Printer
               002c  Printer
               002d  Printer
               0100  MFC8600/9650 Series
               0101  MFC9600/9870 Series
               0102  MFC9750/1200 Series
               0104  MFC-8300J
               0105  MFC-9600J
               0106  MFC-7300C
               0107  MFC-7400C
               0108  MFC-9200C
               0109  MFC-830
               010a  MFC-840
               010b  MFC-860
               010c  MFC-7400J
               010d  MFC-9200J
               010e  MFC3100C Scanner
               010f  MFC 5100C
               0110  MFC4800 Scanner
               0111  MFC 6800
               0112  DCP1000 Port(FaxModem)
               0113  MFC-8500
               0114  MFC9700 Port(FaxModem)
               0115  MFC9800 Scanner
               0116  DCP1400 Scanner
               0119  MFC-9660
               011b  MFC-9880
               011c  MFC-9760
               011d  MFC-9070
               011e  MFC-9180
               011f  MFC-9160
               0120  MFC580 Port(FaxModem)
               0121  MFC-590
               0122  MFC-5100J
               012f  FAX-4750e
               0132  MFC-5200C RemovableDisk
               0135  MFC-100 Scanner
               0136  MFC-150CL Scanner
               013c  MFC-890 Port
               013d  MFC-5200J Printer
               013e  MFC-4420C RemovableDisk
               013f  MFC-4820C RemovableDisk
               0140  DCP-8020
               0141  DCP-8025D
               0142  MFC-8420
               0143  MFC-8820D
               0144  DCP-4020C RemovableDisk
               0146  MFC-3220C
               0147  FAX-1820C Printer
               0148  MFC-3320CN Printer
               0149  FAX-1920CN Printer
               014a  MFC-3420C
               014b  MFC-3820CN
               014d  FAX-1815C Printer
               014e  MFC-8820J
               0150  MFC-8220 Port(FaxModem)
               0151  MFC-8210J
               0157  MFC-3420J Printer
               0158  MFC-3820JN Port(FaxModem)
               015d  MFC Composite Device
               015e  DCP-8045D
               015f  MFC-8440
               0160  MFC-8840D
               0161  MFC-210C
               0162  MFC-420CN Remote Setup Port
               0163  MFC-410CN RemovableDisk
               0165  MFC-620CN
               0166  MFC-610CLN RemovableDisk
               0168  MFC-620CLN
               0169  DCP-110C RemovableDisk
               016b  DCP-310CN RemovableDisk
               016c  FAX-2440C Printer
               016d  MFC-5440CN
               016e  MFC-5840CN Remote Setup Port
               0170  FAX-1840C Printer
               0171  FAX-1835C Printer
               0172  FAX-1940CN Printer
               0173  MFC-3240C Remote Setup Port
               0174  MFC-3340CN RemovableDisk
               017b  Imagistics sx2100
               0180  MFC-7420
               0181  MFC-7820N Port(FaxModem)
               0182  Composite Device
               0183  DCP-7020
               0184  DCP-7025 Printer
               0185  MFC-7220 Printer
               0186  Composite Device
               0187  FAX-2820 Printer
               0188  FAX-2920 Printer
               018a  MFC-9420CN
               018c  DCP-115C
               018d  DCP-116C
               018e  DCP-117C
               018f  DCP-118C
               0190  DCP-120C
               0191  DCP-315CN
               0192  DCP-340CW
               0193  MFC-215C
               0194  MFC-425CN
               0195  MFC-820CW Remote Setup Port
               0196  MFC-820CN Remote Setup Port
               0197  MFC-640CW
               019a  MFC-840CLN Remote Setup Port
               01a2  MFC-8640D
               01a3  Composite Device
               01a4  DCP-8065DN Printer
               01a5  MFC-8460N Port(FaxModem)
               01a6  MFC-8860DN Port(FaxModem)
               01a7  MFC-8870DW Printer
               01a8  DCP-130C
               01a9  DCP-330C
               01aa  DCP-540CN
               01ab  MFC-240C
               01ae  DCP-750CW RemovableDisk
               01af  MFC-440CN
               01b0  MFC-660CN
               01b1  MFC-665CW Remote Setup Port
               01b2  MFC-845CW Remote Setup Port
               01b4  MFC-460CN Remote Setup Port
               01b5  MFC-630CD
               01b6  MFC-850CDN
               01b7  MFC-5460CN Remote Setup Port
               01b8  MFC-5860CN
               01ba  MFC-3360C
               01bd  MFC-8660DN
               01be  DCP-750CN RemovableDisk
               01bf  MFC-860CDN Remote Setup Port
               01c0  DCP-128C
               01c1  DCP-129C
               01c2  DCP-131C
               01c3  DCP-329C
               01c4  DCP-331C
               01c5  MFC-239C
               01ca  MFC-9440CN Remote Setup Port
               01ce  DCP-135C
               01cf  DCP-150C
               01d0  DCP-350C
               01d1  DCP-560CN
               01d4  MFC-230C
               01d5  MFC-235C
               01d6  MFC-260C
               01df  DCP-155C
               01e0  MFC-265C
               01e1  DCP-153C
               01e2  DCP-157C
               01e3  DCP-353C
               01e4  DCP-357C
               1000  Printer
               1002  Printer
               2002  PTUSB Printing
               2004  PT-2300/2310 p-Touch Laber Printer
               2015  QL-500 P-touch label printer
               2100  Card Reader Writer
04fa  Dallas Semiconductor
               2490  DS1490F 2-in-1 Fob, 1-Wire adapter
               4201  DS4201 Audio DAC
04fb  Biostar Microtech International Corp.
04fc  Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd
               0003  CM1092 Optical Scroller Mouse
               0013  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               0015  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               0232  Fingerprint
               0561  Flexcam 100
               1533  Mass Storage
               504a  SPCA504a Digital Camera
               504b  Aiptek, 1.3 mega PockerCam
               5330  Digitrex 2110
               5331  Vivitar Vivicam 10
               5720  Card Reader Driver
               7333  Finet Technology Palmpix DC-85
               757a  Aiptek, MP315 MP3 Player
               ffff  PureDigital Ritz Disposable
04fd  Soliton Systems, K.K.
               0003  Smart Card Reader II
04fe  PFU, Ltd
04ff  E-CMOS Corp.
0500  Siam United Hi-Tech
               0001  DART Keyboard Mouse
               0002  DART-2 Keyboard
0501  Fujikura DDK, Ltd
0502  Acer, Inc.
               0001  Handheld
               0736  Handheld
               15b1  PDA n311
               1631  c10 Series
               1632  c20 Series
               16e1  n10 Handheld Sync
               16e2  n20 Pocket PC Sync
               16e3  n30 Handheld Sync
               d001  Divio NW801/DVC-V6+ Digital Camera
0503  Hitachi America, Ltd
0504  Hayes Microcomputer Products
0506  3Com Corp.
               009d  HomeConnect Camera
               00a0  3CREB96 Bluetooth Adapter
               00a1  Bluetooth Device
               00a2  Bluetooth Device
               00df  3Com Home Connect lite
               0100  HomeConnect ADSL Modem Driver
               03e8  3C19250 Ethernet [klsi]
               0a01  3CRSHEW696 Wireless Adapter
               0a11  3CRWE254G72 802.11g Adapter
               11f8  HomeConnect 3C460
               2922  HomeConnect Cable Modem External with
               3021  U.S.Robotics 56000 Voice FaxModem Pro
               4601  3C460B 10/100 Ethernet Adapter
               f002  3CP4218 ADSL Modem (pre-init)
               f003  3CP4218 ADSL Modem
               f100  3CP4218 ADSL Modem (pre-init)
0507  Hosiden Corp.
               0011  Konami ParaParaParadise Controller
0508  Clarion Co., Ltd
0509  Aztech Systems, Ltd
               0801  ADSL Modem
               0802  ADSL Modem (RFC1483)
               0806  DSL Modem
               080f  Binatone ADSL500 Modem Network Interface
               0812  Pirelli ADSL Modem Network Interface
050a  Cinch Connectors
050b  Cable System International
050c  InnoMedia, Inc.
050d  Belkin Components
               0004  Direct Connect
               0012  F8T012 Bluetooth Adapter
               0013  F8T013 Bluetooth Adapter
               0050  F5D6050 802.11b Wireless Adapter
               0081  F8T001v2 Bluetooth
               0083  Bluetooth Device
               0084  F8T003v2 Bluetooth
               0102  Flip KVM
               0103  F5U103 Serial Adapter [etek]
               0106  VideoBus II Adapter, Video
               0108  F1DE108B KVM
               0109  F5U109/F5U409 PDA Adapter
               0115  SCSI Adapter
               0119  F5U120-PC Dual PS/2 Ports
               0121  F5D5050 100Mbps Ethernet
               0122  Ethernet Adapter
               0131  Bluetooth Device with trace filter
               0201  Peripheral Switch
               0208  USBView II Video Adapter [nt1004]
               0210  F5U228 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD Creator
               0211  F5U211 USB 2.0 15-in-1 Media Reader & Writer
               0224  F5U224 USB 2.0 4-Port Hub
               0234  F5U234 USB 2.0 4-Port Hub
               0237  F5U237 USB 2.0 7-Port Hub
               0240  F5U240 USB 2.0 CF Card Reader
               0257  F5U257 Serial
               0409  F5U409 Serial
               0551  F6C550-AVR UPS
               0802  Nostromo n40 Gamepad
               0803  Nostromo 1745 GamePad
               0805  Nostromo N50 GamePad
               0815  Nostromo n52 HID SpeedPad Mouse Wheel
               0826  ErgoFit Wireless Optical Mouse (HID)
               0980  HID UPS Battery
               1202  F5U120-PC Parallel Printer Port
               1203  F5U120-PC Serial Port
               258a  F5U258 Host to Host cable
               3101  F1DF102U/F1DG102U Flip Hub
               3201  F1DF102U/F1DG102U Flip KVM
               4050  ZD1211B
               5055  F5D5055
               6051  11Mbps Wireless Network Adapter
               7050  F5D7050 ver 1000 WiFi
               7051  F5D7051 54g USB Network Adapter
               705a  F5D7050A Wireless Adapter
               705b  Wireless G Adapter
               705c  F5D7050 v4000 Wireless Adapter
               905b  F5D9050 ver 3 Wireless Adapter
               905c  Wireless G Plus MIMO Network Adapter
050e  Neon Technology, Inc.
050f  KC Technology, Inc.
               0001  Hub
               0003  KC82C160S Hub
               0180  KC-180 IrDA Dongle
               0190  KC2190 USB Host-to-Host cable
0510  Sejin Electron, Inc.
               0001  Keyboard
               1000  Keyboard with PS/2 Mouse Port
               e001  Mouse
0511  N'Able (DataBook) Technologies, Inc.
0512  Hualon Microelectronics Corp.
0513  digital-X, Inc.
0514  FCI Electronics
0515  ACTC
0516  Longwell Electronics
0517  Butterfly Communications
0518  EzKEY Corp.
               0001  USB to PS2 Adaptor v1.09
               0002  EZ-9900C Keyboard
0519  Star Micronics Co., Ltd
               c002  Xlive Bluetooth XBM-100S MP3 Player
051a  WYSE Technology
               a005  Smart Display Version 9973
051b  Silicon Graphics
051c  Shuttle, Inc.
               c001  eHome Infrared Receiver
               c002  eHome Infrared Receiver
051d  American Power Conversion
               0001  UPS
               0002  Uninterruptible Power Supply
               0003  UPS
051e  Scientific Atlanta, Inc.
051f  IO Systems (Elite Electronics), Inc.
0520  Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.
0521  Airborn Connectors
0522  Advanced Connectek, Inc.
0523  ATEN GmbH
0524  Sola Electronics
0525  Netchip Technology, Inc.
               100d  RFMD Bluetooth Device
               1080  NET1080 USB-USB Bridge
               a140  USB Clik! 40
               a141  (OME) PocketZip 40 MP3 Player Driver
               a220  GVC Bluetooth Wireless Adapter
               a4a0  Linux-USB "Gadget Zero"
               a4a1  Linux-USB Ethernet Gadget
               a4a2  Linux-USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget
               a4a3  Linux-USB user-mode isochronous source/sink
               a4a4  Linux-USB user-mode bulk source/sink
               a4a5  Linux-USB File Storage Gadget
               a4a6  Linux-USB Serial Gadget
               a4a7  Linux-USB Serial Gadget (CDC ACM mode)
               a4a8  Linux-USB Printer Gadget
0526  Temic MHS S.A.
0527  ALTRA
0528  ATI Technologies, Inc.
               7561  TV Wonder
               7562  TV Wonder, Edition (FN5)
               7563  TV Wonder, Edition (FI)
               7564  TV Wonder, Edition (FQ)
               7565  TV Wonder, Edition (NTSC+)
               7566  TV Wonder, Edition (FN5)
               7567  TV Wonder, Edition (FI)
               7568  TV Wonder, Edition (FQ)
               7569  Live! Pro (A)
               756a  Live! Pro Audio (O)
0529  Aladdin Knowledge Systems
               0001  HASP v0.06
               030b  eToken R1 v3.1.3.x
               0313  eToken R1 v3.2.3.x
               031b  eToken R1 v3.3.3.x
               0323  eToken R1 v3.4.3.x
               0412  eToken R2 v2.2.4.x
               041a  eToken R2 v2.2.4.x
               0422  eToken R2 v2.4.4.x
               042a  eToken R2 v2.5.4.x
               050c  eToken Pro v4.1.5.x
               0514  eToken Pro v4.2.5.4
               0600  eToken Pro 64k (4.2)
052a  Crescent Heart Software
052b  Tekom Technologies, Inc.
               0102  Ca508A HP1020 Camera v.
               0801  Yakumo MegaImage 37
               1512  Yakumo MegaImage IV
               1513  Aosta CX100 WebCam
               1514  Aosta CX100 WebCam Storage
               1905  Yakumo MegaImage 47
               1911  Yakumo MegaImage 47 SL
               2202  WDM Still Image Capture
               2203  Sound Vision Stream Driver
               3a06  DigiLife DDV-5120A
               d001  P35U Camera Capture
052c  Canon Information Systems, Inc.
052d  Avid Electronics Corp.
052e  Standard Microsystems Corp.
052f  Unicore Software, Inc.
0530  American Microsystems, Inc.
0531  Wacom Technology Corp.
0532  Systech Corp.
0533  Alcatel Mobile Phones
0534  Motorola, Inc.
0535  LIH TZU Electric Co., Ltd
0536  Hand Held Products (Welch Allyn, Inc.)
               01a0  PDT
0537  Inventec Corp.
0538  Caldera International, Inc. (SCO)
0539  Shyh Shiun Terminals Co., Ltd
053a  Preh Werke GmbH & Co. KG
053b  Global Village Communication
053c  Institut of Microelectronic & Mechatronic Systems
053d  Silicon Architect
053e  Mobility Electronics
053f  Synopsys, Inc.
0540  UniAccess AB
               0101  Panache Surf ISDN TA
0541  Sirf Technology, Inc.
0543  ViewSonic Corp.
               00fe  G773 Monitor Hub
               00ff  P815 Monitor Hub
               0bf2  airpanel V150 Wireless Smart Display
               0bf3  airpanel V110 Wireless Smart Display
               0ed9  Color Pocket PC V35
               0f01  airsync Wi-Fi Wireless Adapter
               1527  Color Pocket PC V36
               1529  Color Pocket PC V37
               152b  Color Pocket PC V38
               152e  Pocket PC
               1921  Communicator Pocket PC
               1922  Smartphone
               1923  Pocket PC V30
               1a11  Wireless 802.11g Adapter
               1e60  TA310 - ATSC/NTSC/PAL Driver(PCM4)
               4153  ViewSonic G773 Control (?)
0544  Cristie Electronics, Ltd
0545  Xirlink, Inc.
               7333  Trution Web Camera
               8002  IBM NetCamera
               8009  Veo PC Camera
               800c  Veo StingRay
               800d  Veo PC Camera
               8080  IBM C-It WebCam
               808a  Veo PC Camera
               808b  Veo PC Camera
               808d  Veo PC Camera
               810a  Veo Advanced Connect WebCam
               810b  Veo PC Camera
               810c  Veo PC Camera
               8135  Veo Mobile/Advanced Web Camera
               813a  Veo PC Camera
               813b  Veo PC Camera
               813c  Veo Mobile/Advanced Web Camera
               8333  Veo Stingray/Connect Web Camera
               888c  eVision 123 digital camera
               888d  eVision 123 digital camera
0546  Polaroid Corp.
               0daf  PDC 2300Z
               1bed  PDC 1320 Camera
               3097  PDC 310
               3187  Digital Cam
               dccf  Sound Vision Stream Driver
0547  Anchor Chips, Inc.
               0001  ICSI Bluetooth Device
               1002  Python2 WDM Encoder
               2131  AN2131 EZUSB Microcontroller
               2235  AN2235 EZUSB-FX Microcontroller
               2710  EZ-Link Loader (EZLNKLDR.SYS)
               2720  AN2720 USB-USB Bridge
               2727  Xircom PGUNET USB-USB Bridge
               2750  EZ-Link (EZLNKUSB.SYS)
               2810  Cypress USB ATAPI Bridge
               7777  Bluetooth Device
               9999  AN2131 uninitialized (?)
0548  Tyan Computer Corp.
               1005  EZ Cart II GameBoy Flash Programmer
0549  Pixera Corp.
054a  Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
054b  New Media Corp.
054c  Sony Corp.
               0001  HUB
               0002  Standard HUB
               0010  DSC-S30/S70/S75/F505V/F505/FD92/W1 Cybershot/Mavica Digital Camera
               0014  Nogatech USBVision (SY)
               0022  Storage Adapter V2 (TPP)
               0023  CD Writer
               0024  Mavica CD-1000 Camera
               0025  NW-MS7 Walkman MemoryStick Reader
               002b  Portable USB Harddrive V2
               002c  USB Floppy Disk Drive
               002d  MSAC-US1 MemoryStick Reader
               002e  Sony HandyCam MemoryStick Reader
               0030  Storage Adapter V2 (TPP)
               0032  MemoryStick MSC-U01 Reader
               0035  Network Walkman (E)
               0036  Net MD
               0037  MG Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               0038  Clie PEG-S300/D PalmOS PDA
               0039  Network Walkman (MS)
               003c  VAIO-MX LCD Control
               0045  Digital Imaging Video
               0046  Network Walkman
               004a  Memory Stick Hi-Fi System
               004b  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               004e  DSC-xxx (ptp)
               0056  MG Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               0058  Clie PEG-N7x0C PalmOS PDA Mass Storage
               0066  Clie PEG-N7x0C/PEG-T425 PalmOS PDA Serial
               0069  Memorystick MSC-U03 Reader
               006d  Clie PEG-T425 PDA Mass Storage
               006f  Network Walkman (EV)
               0073  Storage CRX1750U
               0075  Net MD
               0076  Storage Adapter ACR-U20
               007c  Net MD
               007f  IC Recorder (MS)
               0080  Net MD
               0081  Net MD
               0084  Net MD
               0085  Net MD
               0086  Net MD
               008b  Micro Vault 64M Mass Storage
               0095  Sony Clie s360
               0099  Clie NR70 PDA Mass Storage
               009a  Clie NR70 PDA Serial
               00ab  Visual Communication Camera (PCGA-UVC10)
               00af  DPP-EX Series Digital Photo Printer
               00bf  IC Recorder (S)
               00c0  Handycam DCR-30
               00c6  Net MD
               00c7  Net MD
               00c8  MZ-N710 Minidisc Walkman
               00c9  Net MD
               00ca  MZ-DN430 Minidisc Walkman
               00cb  MSAC-US20 Memory Stick Reader
               00da  Sony Clie nx60
               00e8  Network Walkman (MS)
               00e9  Handheld
               00eb  Net MD
               0101  Net MD
               0103  IC Recorder (ST)
               0105  Micro Vault Hub
               0107  VCC-U01 Visual Communication Camera
               0110  Digital Imaging Video
               0113  Net MD
               0116  IC Recorder (P)
               0144  Clie PEG-TH55 PDA
               0147  Visual Communication Camera (PCGA-UVC11)
               014c  Aiwa AM-NX9 Net MD Music Recorder MDLP
               014d  Memory Stick Reader/Writer
               0154  Eyetoy Audio Device
               015f  IC Recorder (BM)
               0169  Clie PEG-TJ35 PDA Serial
               016a  Clie PEG-TJ35 PDA Mass Storage
               016b  Mobile HDD
               016d  IC Recorder (SX)
               016e  DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer
               0171  Fingerprint Sensor 3500
               017e  Net MD
               017f  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               0180  Net MD
               0181  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               0182  Net MD
               0183  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               0184  Net MD
               0185  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               0186  Net MD
               0187  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               0188  Net MD
               018a  Net MD
               018b  Hi-MD SOUND GATE
               019e  Micro Vault 1.0G Mass Storage
               01ad  ATRAC HDD PA
               01bd  MRW62E Multi-Card Reader/Writer
               01c3  NW-E55 Network Walkman
               01c6  MEMORY P-AUDIO
               01c7  Printing Support
               01d0  DVD+RW External Drive DRU-700A
               01d5  IC RECORDER
               01de  VRD-VC10 [Video Capture]
               01e9  Net MD
               01ea  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               01ee  IC RECORDER
               01fa  Sony IC Recorder (P)
               01fb  NW-E405 Network Walkman
               020f  Device
               0210  ATRAC HDD PA
               0219  Net MD
               021a  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               021b  Net MD
               021c  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               021d  Net MD
               0227  Printing Support
               022c  Net MD
               022d  Hi-MD AUDIO
               0233  ATRAC HDD PA
               0236  Mobile HDD
               023b  DVD+RW External Drive DRU-800UL
               023c  Net MD
               023d  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               0243  MicroVault Flash Drive
               0257  IFU-WLM2 USB Wireless LAN Module (Wireless Mode)
               0258  IFU-WLM2 USB Wireless LAN Module (Memory Mode)
               0259  IC RECORDER
               0267  Tachikoma Device
               0268  Batoh Device
               0269  HDD WALKMAN
               026a  HDD WALKMAN
               0271  IC Recorder (P)
               027c  NETWORK WALKMAN
               027e  SONY Communicator
               027f  IC RECORDER
               0286  Net MD
               0287  Hi-MD WALKMAN
               029b  PRS-500 eBook reader
               02ae  PlayStation 3 Memory Card Adaptor
               02af  Handycam DCR-DVD306E
               02c4  Device
               02d2  PSP
054d  Try Corp.
054e  Proside Corp.
054f  WYSE Technology Taiwan
0550  Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd
               0002  InkJet Color Printer
               0004  InkJet Color Printer
               0005  InkJet Color Printer
0551  CompuTrend Systems, Inc.
0552  Philips Monitors
0553  STMicroelectronics Imaging Division (VLSI Vision)
               0001  TerraCAM
               0002  CPiA WebCam
               0100  STV0672 Camera
               0140  Video Camera
               0150  CDE CAM 100
               0151  Digital Blue QX5 Microscope
               0200  Dual-mode Camera0
               0201  Dual-mode Camera1
               0202  Aiptek PenCam 1
               0674  Multi-mode Camera
               0679  NMS Video Camera (Webcam)
               1002  Che-ez! Splash
0554  Dictaphone Corp.
0555  ANAM S&T Co., Ltd
0556  Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd
               0001  AK5370 I/F A/D Converter
0557  ATEN International Co., Ltd
               2001  UC-1284 Printer Port
               2002  10Mbps Ethernet [klsi]
               2004  UC-100KM PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard adapter
               2006  UC-1284B Printer Port
               2007  UC-110T 100Mbps Ethernet [pegasus]
               2008  UC-232A Serial Port [pl2303]
               2009  UC-210T Ethernet
               2202  CS124U Miniview II KVM Switch
               2600  IDE Bridge
               4000  DSB-650 10Mbps Ethernet [klsi]
               7000  Hub
0558  Truevision, Inc.
0559  Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
055a  Kenwood USA
055b  KnowledgeTek, Inc.
055c  Proton Electronic Ind.
055d  Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co.
               0001  Keyboard
               0bb1  Bluetooth Device
               1030  Optical Wheel Mouse (OMS3CB/OMGB30)
               1031  Optical Wheel Mouse (OMA3CB/OMGI30)
               1040  Mouse HID Device
               1050  E-Mail Optical Wheel Mouse (OMS3CE)
               1080  Optical Wheel Mouse (OMS3CH)
               2020  Floppy Disk Drive
               6780  Keyboard V1
               6781  Keyboard Mouse
               8001  E.M. Hub
               9000  AnyCam [pwc]
               9001  MPC-C30 AnyCam Premium for Notebooks [pwc]
               a010  WLAN Adapter(SWL-2300)
               a011  Boot Device
               a012  WLAN Adapter(SWL-2300)
               a013  WLAN Adapter(SWL-2350)
               a230  Boot Device
               b000  11Mbps WLAN Mini Adapter
               b230  Netopia 802.11b WLAN Adapter
               b231  LG Wireless LAN 11b Adapter
055e  CTX Opto-Electronics Corp.
055f  Mustek Systems, Inc.
               0001  ScanExpress 1200 CU
               0002  ScanExpress 600 CU
               0003  ScanExpress 1200 USB
               0006  ScanExpress 1200 UB
               0007  ScanExpress 1200 USB Plus
               0008  ScanExpress 1200 CU Plus
               0010  BearPaw 1200F
               0210  ScanExpress A3 USB
               0218  BearPaw 2400 TA
               0219  BearPaw 2400 TA Plus
               021a  BearPaw 2448 TA Plus
               021c  BearPaw 1200 CU Plus
               021d  BearPaw 2400 CU Plus
               021e  BearPaw 1200 TA/CS
               021f  SNAPSCAN e22
               0400  BearPaw 2400 TA Pro
               0401  P 3600 A3 Pro
               0408  BearPaw 2448 CU Pro
               0873  ScanExpress 600 USB
               1000  BearPaw 4800 TA Pro
               a350  gSmart 350
               a800  MDC 800 Camera
               b500  MDC 3000 Camera
               c005  PC CAM 300A
               c200  gSmart 300
               c220  gSmart mini
               c360  Mustek DV 4000
               c420  gSmart mini 2
               c440  Mustek DV 3000
               c520  gSmart mini 3
               c530  Mustek Gsmart LCD 2
               c631  MDC-4000
               c650  Mustek MDC5500Z
               d001  WCam 300
               d003  PC CAM 300A
               d004  PC CAM 300A
0560  Interface Corp.
0561  Oasis Design, Inc.
0562  Telex Communications, Inc.
               0001  Enhanced Microphone
               0002  Telex Microphone
0563  Immersion Corp.
0564  Chinon Industries, Inc.
0565  Peracom Networks, Inc.
               0001  Serial Port [etek]
               0002  Enet Ethernet [klsi]
               0003  @Home Networks Ethernet [klsi]
               0005  Enet2 Ethernet [klsi]
               0041  Peracom Remote NDIS Ethernet Adapter
0566  Monterey International Corp.
               0110  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               1001  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               1002  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               1003  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               1004  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               1005  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               1006  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               1007  ViewMate Desktop Mouse CC2201
               2800  MIC K/B
               2801  MIC K/B Mouse
               2802  Kbd Hub
0567  Xyratex International, Ltd
0568  Quartz Ingenierie
0569  SegaSoft
056a  Wacom Co., Ltd
               0000  PenPartner
               0001  PenPartner 4x5
               0002  PenPartner 6x8
               0010  Graphire
               0011  Graphire 2
               0013  Graphire 3 4x5
               0020  Intuos 4x5
               0021  Intuos 6x8
               0022  Intuos 9x12
               0023  Intuos 12x12
               0024  Intuos 12x18
               0030  PL400
               0031  PL500
               0032  PL600
               0034  PL550
               0035  PL800
               0041  Intuos2 4x5
               0042  Intuos 2 6x8
               0043  Intuos 2
               0044  Intuos2 12x12
               0045  Intuos2 12x18
               0400  PenPartner 4x5
               4850  PenPartner 6x8
056b  Decicon, Inc.
056c  eTEK Labs
               0006  KwikLink Host-Host Connector
               8007  Kwik232 Serial Port
               8100  KwikLink Host-Host Connector
               8101  KwikLink USB-USB Bridge
056d  EIZO Corp.
               0000  Hub
               0001  Monitor
               0002  HID Monitor Controls
               0003  Device Bay Controller
056e  Elecom Co., Ltd
               0002  29UO Mouse
               200c  LD-USB/TX
               4002  Laneed 100Mbps Ethernet LD-USB/TX [pegasus]
               4005  LD-USBL/TX
               400b  LD-USB/TX
               4010  LD-USB20
               5003  UC-SGT
               5004  UC-SGT
               abc1  LD-USB/TX
056f  Korea Data Systems Co., Ltd
               cd00  CDM-751 CD organizer
0570  Epson America
0571  Interex, Inc.
               0002  echoFX InterView Lite
0572  Conexant Systems (Rockwell), Inc.
               0001  Ezcam II WebCam
               0002  Ezcam II WebCam
               0040  Wondereye CP-115 WebCam
               0041  WebCam Notebook
               0042  WebCam Notebook
               1232  V.90 modem
               1234  Typhoon Redfun Modem V90 56k
               1252  HCF V90 Data Fax Voice Modem
               1253  Zoom V.92 Faxmodem
               1300  SoftK56 Data Fax Voice CARP
               1301  Modem Enumerator
               2000  SoftGate 802.11 Adapter
               2002  SoftGate 802.11 Adapter
               8390  WinFast PalmTop/Novo TV Video
               8392  WinFast PalmTop/Novo TV Video
               cafe  AccessRunner ADSL Modem
               cb00  E-Tech ADSL Modem v2
               cb01  GeekADSL Promax Q31 ADSL Modem
               cb06  StarModem Network Interface
0573  Zoran Co. Personal Media Division (Nogatech)
               0003  USBGear USBG-V1
               0400  D-Link V100
               0600  Dazzle USBVision (1006)
               1300  leadtek USBVision (1006)
               2000  X10 va10a Wireless Camera
               2001  Dazzle EmMe (2001)
               2101  Zoran Co. PMD (Nogatech) AV-grabber Manhattan
               2d00  Osprey 50
               2d01  Hauppauge USB-Live Model 600
               3000  Dazzle MicroCam (NTSC)
               3001  Dazzle MicroCam (PAL)
               4000  Nogatech TV! (NTSC)
               4001  Nogatech TV! (PAL)
               4002  Nogatech TV! (PAL-I-)
               4003  Nogatech TV! (MF-)
               4008  Nogatech TV! (NTSC) (T)
               4009  Nogatech TV! (PAL) (T)
               4010  Nogatech TV! (NTSC) (A)
               4100  USB-TV FM (NTSC)
               4110  PNY USB-TV (NTSC) FM
               4400  Nogatech TV! Pro (NTSC)
               4401  Nogatech TV! Pro (PAL)
               4450  PixelView PlayTv-USB PRO (PAL) FM
               4451  Nogatech TV! Pro (PAL+)
               4452  Nogatech TV! Pro (PAL-I+)
               4500  Nogatech TV! Pro (NTSC)
               4501  Nogatech TV! Pro (PAL)
               4550  ZTV ZT-721 2.4GHz USB A/V Receiver
               4551  Dazzle TV! Pro Audio (P+)
               4d00  Hauppauge WinTV-USB USA
               4d01  Hauppauge WinTV-USB
               4d02  Hauppauge WinTV-USB UK
               4d03  Hauppauge WinTV-USB France
               4d04  Hauppauge WinTV (PAL D/K)
               4d10  Hauppauge WinTV-USB with FM USA radio
               4d11  Hauppauge WinTV-USB (PAL) with FM radio
               4d12  Hauppauge WinTV-USB UK with FM Radio
               4d14  Hauppauge WinTV (PAL D/K FM)
               4d20  Hauppauge WinTV-USB II (PAL) with FM radio
               4d21  Hauppauge WinTV-USB II (PAL)
               4d22  Hauppauge WinTV-USB II (PAL) Model 566
               4d23  Hauppauge WinTV-USB France 4D23
               4d24  Hauppauge WinTV Pro (PAL D/K)
               4d25  Hauppauge WinTV-USB Model 40209 rev B234
               4d26  Hauppauge WinTV-USB Model 40209 rev B243
               4d27  Hauppauge WinTV-USB Model 40204 Rev B281
               4d28  Hauppauge WinTV-USB Model 40204 rev B283
               4d29  Hauppauge WinTV-USB Model 40205 rev B298
               4d2a  Hauppague WinTV-USB Model 602 Rev B285
               4d2b  Hauppague WinTV-USB Model 602 Rev B282
               4d2c  Hauppauge WinTV Pro (PAL/SECAM)
               4d30  Hauppauge WinTV-USB FM Model 40211 Rev B123
               4d31  Hauppauge WinTV-USB III (PAL) with FM radio Model 568
               4d32  Hauppauge WinTV-USB III (PAL) FM Model 573
               4d34  Hauppauge WinTV Pro (PAL D/K FM)
               4d35  Hauppauge WinTV-USB III (PAL) FM Model 597
               4d36  Hauppauge WinTV Pro (PAL B/G FM)
               4d37  Hauppauge WinTV-USB Model 40219 rev E189
               4d38  Hauppauge WinTV Pro (NTSC FM)
0574  City University of Hong Kong
0575  Philips Creative Display Solutions
0576  BAFO/Quality Computer Accessories
0577  ELSA
0578  Intrinsix Corp.
0579  GVC Corp.
057a  Samsung Electronics America
057b  Y-E Data, Inc.
               0000  FlashBuster-U Floppy
               0001  Tri-Media Reader Floppy
               0006  Tri-Media Reader Card Reader
               0010  Memory Stick Reader Writer
               0020  HEXA Media Drive 6-in-1 Card Reader Writer
               0030  Memory Card Viewer (TV)
057c  AVM GmbH
               0b00  ISDN-Controller B1 Family
               0c00  ISDN-Controller FRITZ!Card
               1000  ISDN-Controller FRITZ!Card v2.0
               1900  ISDN-Controller FRITZ!Card v2.1
               2000  ISDN-Connector FRITZ!X
               2200  BlueFRITZ!
               2300  Teledat X130 DSL
               2800  ISDN-Connector TA
               3200  Teledat X130 DSL
               3500  FRITZ!Card DSL SL
               3701  FRITZ!Box SL
               3702  FRITZ!Box
               3800  BlueFRITZ! Bluetooth Stick
               3a00  FRITZ!Box Fon
               3c00  FRITZ!Box WLAN
               3d00  Fritz!Box
               3e01  FRITZ!Box (Annex A)
               4001  FRITZ!Box Fon (Annex A)
               4101  FRITZ!Box WLAN (Annex A)
               4201  FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN (Annex A)
               4601  Eumex 5520PC (WinXP/2000)
               4602  Eumex 400 (WinXP/2000)
               4701  AVM FRITZ!Box Fon ata
               5401  Eumex 300 IP
               5601  AVM FRITZ!WLAN Stick
               6201  WLAN USB v1.1
               62ff  WLAN USB v1.1 [no firmware]
057d  Shark Multimedia, Inc.
057e  Nintendo Co., Ltd
057f  QuickShot, Ltd
               6238  USB StrikePad
0580  Denron, Inc.
0581  Racal Data Group
0582  Roland Corp.
               0002  MPU64 Midi Interface
               0003  Sound Canvas SC-8850
               0005  Edirol UM-2 MIDI Adapter
               0007  SC-8820
               0008  PC-300 Driver
               0009  Edirol UM-1SX MIDI Adapter
               000c  SC-D70
               0010  EDIROL UA-5
               0011  Edirol UA-5 Sound Capture
               0014  EDIROL UM-880 MIDI I/F (native)
               0015  EDIROL UM-880 MIDI I/F (generic)
               0016  EDIROL SD-90
               0023  EDIROL UM-550
               0025  EDIROL UA-20
               0027  EDIROL SD-20
               0029  EDIROL SD-80
               002b  EDIROL UA-700
               002d  VX-2020 Synthesizer
               0033  EDIROL PCR
               0037  Digital Piano
               0044  EDIROL UA-1000
               0047  EDIROL UR-80 WAVE
               0048  EDIROL UR-80 MIDI
               004b  EDIROL M-100FX
               004c  EDIROL PCR-A WAVE
               004d  EDIROL PCR-A MIDI
               0050  EDIROL UA-3FX
               0064  EDIROL PCR-1 WAVE
               0065  EDIROL PCR-1 MIDI
               0074  EDIROL UA-25
               007d  EDIROL UA-101
               008b  EDIROL PC-50
               008d  EDIROL UA-101 USB1
               0092  EDIROL PC-80 WAVE
               0093  EDIROL PC-80 MIDI
               0096  EDIROL UA-1EX
               009a  EDIROL UM-3
               00a3  EDIROL UA-4FX
               00c4  EDIROL M-16DX
0583  Padix Co., Ltd (Rockfire)
               2030  RM-203 USB Nest [mode 1]
               2031  RM-203 USB Nest [mode 2]
               2032  RM-203 USB Nest [mode 3]
               2033  RM-203 USB Nest [mode 4]
               2050  PX-205 PSX Bridge
               3050  QF-305u Gamepad
               688f  QF-688uv Windstorm Pro Joystick
               7070  QF-707u Bazooka Joystick
0584  RATOC System, Inc.
               0008  Fujifilm MemoryCard ReaderWriter
               b000  REX-USB60
0585  FlashPoint Technology, Inc.
               0001  Digital Camera
               0002  Digital Camera
               0003  Digital Camera
               0004  Digital Camera
               0005  Digital Camera
               0006  Digital Camera
               0007  Digital Camera
               0008  Digital Camera
               0009  Digital Camera
               000a  Digital Camera
               000b  Digital Camera
               000c  Digital Camera
               000d  Digital Camera
               000e  Digital Camera
               000f  Digital Camera
0586  ZyXEL Communications Corp.
               1000  Omni NET Modem / ISDN TA
               1500  Omni 56K Plus
               2011  Scorpion-980N keyboard
               3304  LAN Modem
               330a  ADSL Modem Interface
               330e  USB Broadband ADSL Modem Rev 1.10
               3400  ZyAIR B-220 IEEE 802.11b Adapter
               3401  ZyAIR G-220
               3402  (ZD1211)IEEE 802.11b+g Adapter
               3407  G-200 v2
               3409  AG-225H
               340a  M-202
               340f  G-220 v2
               3410  Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Adapter
               3412  Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Adapter
               3413  AG-225H v2 802.11a/g Wi-Fi Finder & Adapter
               3415  G-210H 802.11g Wireless Adapter
0587  America Kotobuki Electronics Industries, Inc.
0588  Sapien Design
0589  Victron
058a  Nohau Corp.
058b  Infineon Technologies
058c  In Focus Systems
               0007  Flash
               0008  LP130
               000a  LP530
               0010  Projector
               0011  Projector
               0012  Projector
               0013  Projector
               0014  Projector
               0015  Projector
               0016  Projector
               0017  Projector
               0018  Projector
               0019  Projector
               001a  Projector
               001b  Projector
               001c  Projector
               001d  Projector
               001e  Projector
               001f  Projector
058d  Micrel Semiconductor
058e  Tripath Technology, Inc.
058f  Alcor Micro Corp.
               2412  SCard R/W CSR-145
               2802  Monterey Keyboard
               5492  Hub
               6232  Hi-Speed 16-in-1 Flash Card Reader/Writer
               6360  Multimedia Card Reader
               6361  Multimedia Card Reader
               6362  Hi-Speed 21-in-1 Flash Card Reader/Writer (Internal/External)
               6377  Multimedia Card Reader
               6386  Memory Card
               6387  Transcend JetFlash Flash Drive
               6390  USB 2.0-IDE bridge
               9213  MacAlly Kbd Hub
               9215  AU9814 Hub
               9254  Hub
               9310  Mass Storage (UID4/5A & UID7A)
               9320  Micro Storage Driver for Win98
               9321  Micro Storage Driver for Win98
               9330  SD Reader
               9331  Micro Storage Driver for Win98
               9340  Delkin eFilm Reader-32
               9350  Delkin eFilm Reader-32
               9360  8-in-1 Media Card Reader
               9361  Multimedia Card Reader
               9368  Multimedia Card Reader
               9380  Flash drive
               9382  Acer/Sweex Flash drive
               9410  Keyboard
               9472  Keyboard Hub
               9510  ChunghwaTL USB02 Smartcard Reader
               9520  EMV Certified Smart Card Reader
               9720  USB-Serial Adapter
0590  Omron Corp.
               0004  Cable Modem
               000b  MR56SVS
0591  Questra Consulting
0592  Powerware Corp.
               0002  UPS (X-Slot)
0593  Incite
0594  Princeton Graphic Systems
0595  Zoran Microelectronics, Ltd
               1001  Digitrex DSC-1300/DSC-2100 (mass storage mode)
               4343  Digital Camera EX-20 DSC
0596  MicroTouch Systems, Inc.
               0001  Touchscreen
               0002  Touch Screen Controller
0597  Trisignal Communications
0598  Niigata Canotec Co., Inc.
0599  Brilliance Semiconductor, Inc.
059a  Spectrum Signal Processing, Inc.
059b  Iomega Corp.
               0001  Zip 100 (Type 1)
               000b  Zip 100 (Type 2)
               0021  Win98 Disk Controller
               0030  Zip 250 (Ver 1)
               0031  Zip 100 (Type 3)
               0032  Zip 250 (Ver 2)
               0034  Zip 100 Driver
               0040  SCSI Bridge
               0050  Zip CD 650 Writer
               0053  CDRW55292EXT CD-RW External Drive
               0057  Mass Storage Device
               005d  Mass Storage Device
               005f  Mass Storage Device
               0060  PCMCIA PocketZip Dock
               0061  Varo PocketZip 40 MP3 Player
               006d  HipZip MP3 Player
               007c  Ultra Max USB/1394
               00db  FotoShow Zip 250 Driver
               0150  Mass Storage Device
               015d  Super DVD Writer
               0173  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               0174  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               0176  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               0177  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               0178  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               0179  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               017a  HDD
               017b  HDD/1394A
               017c  HDD/1394B
               0251  Optical
               0252  Optical
               1052  DVD+RW External Drive
059c  A-Trend Technology Co., Ltd
059d  Advanced Input Devices
059e  Intelligent Instrumentation
059f  LaCie, Ltd
               0201  StudioDrive USB2
               0202  StudioDrive USB2
               0203  StudioDrive USB2
               0211  PocketDrive
               0212  PocketDrive
               0213  PocketDrive USB2
               0323  LaCie d2 Drive USB2
               0641  Mobile Hard drvie
               a601  HardDrive
               a602  CD R/W
05a0  Vetronix Corp.
05a1  USC Corp.
05a2  Fuji Film Microdevices Co., Ltd
05a3  ARC International
05a4  Ortek Technology, Inc.
               9720  Keyboard Mouse
               9722  Keyboard
               9731  MCK-600W/MCK-800USB Keyboard
05a5  Sampo Technology Corp.
05a6  Cisco Systems, Inc.
               0001  CVA124 Cable Voice Adapter (WDM)
               0002  CVA122 Cable Voice Adapter (WDM)
               0003  CVA124E Cable Voice Adapter (WDM)
               0004  CVA122E Cable Voice Adapter (WDM)
05a7  Bose Corp.
05a8  Spacetec IMC Corp.
05a9  OmniVision Technologies, Inc.
               0511  OV511 WebCam
               0518  OV518 WebCam
               0519  OV519 Microphone
               1550  VEHO Filmscanner
               2800  SuperCAM
               4519  Webcam Classic
               8519  OV519 WebCam
               a511  OV511+ WebCam
               a518  D-Link DSB-C310 WebCam
05aa  Utilux South China, Ltd
05ab  In-System Design
               0002  Parallel Port
               0030  Storage Adapter V2 (TPP)
               0031  ATA Bridge
               0060  USB 2.0 ATA Bridge
               0061  Storage Adapter V3 (TPP-I)
               0101  Storage Adapter (TPP)
               0130  Compact Flash and Microdrive Reader (TPP)
               0200  USS725 ATA Bridge
               0201  Storage Adapter (TPP)
               0202  ATA Bridge
               0300  Portable Hard Drive (TPP)
               0301  Portable Hard Drive V2
               0350  Portable Hard Drive (TPP)
               0351  Portable Hard Drive V2
               081a  ATA Bridge
               0cda  ATA Bridge for CD-R/RW
               1001  BAYI Printer Class Support
               5700  Storage Adapter V2 (TPP)
               5701  USB Storage Adapter V2
               5901  Smart Board (TPP)
               5a01  ATI Storage Adapter (TPP)
               5d01  DataBook Adapter (TPP)
05ac  Apple, Inc.
               0201  USB Keyboard [Alps or Logitech, M2452]
               0202  Keyboard [ALPS]
               0205  Extended Keyboard [Mitsumi]
               0206  Extended Keyboard [Mitsumi]
               020b  Pro Keyboard [Mitsumi, A1048/US layout]
               020c  Extended Keyboard [Mitsumi]
               020d  Pro Keyboard [Mitsumi, A1048/JIS layout]
               020e  Internal Keyboard/Trackpad
               020f  Internal Keyboard/Trackpad
               021b  Internal Keyboard/Trackpad
               0220  Aluminum Keyboard
               0221  Keyboard (Aluminium) (ISO)
               0229  Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro) (ANSI)
               022a  Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro) (ISO)
               022b  Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro) (JIS)
               0301  USB Mouse [Mitsumi, M4848]
               0302  Optical Mouse [Fujitsu]
               0304  Optical USB Mouse [Mitsumi]
               0306  Optical USB Mouse [Fujitsu]
               1000  Bluetooth HCI MacBookPro (HID mode)
               1001  Keyboard Hub [ALPS]
               1002  Extended Keyboard Hub [Mitsumi]
               1003  Hub in Pro Keyboard [Mitsumi, A1048]
               1006  Hub in Aluminum Keyboard
               1101  Speakers
               1201  3G iPod
               1202  iPod 2G
               1203  iPod 4.Gen Grayscale 40G
               1204  iPod [Photo]
               1205  iPod Mini 1.Gen/2.Gen
               1206  iPod '06'
               1207  iPod '07'
               1208  iPod '08'
               1209  iPod Video
               120a  iPod Nano
               1260  iPod Nano 2.Gen
               1261  iPod Classic
               1300  iPod Shuffle
               1301  iPod Shuffle 2.Gen
               8202  HCF V.90 Data/Fax Modem
               8203  Bluetooth HCI
               8204  Bluetooth HCI [Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, build-in]
               8205  Bluetooth HCI MacBookPro
               8206  Bluetooth USB Host Controller
               8240  IR Receiver [build-in]
               8300  Built-in iSight (no firmware loaded)
               8501  Built-in iSight [Micron]
               912f  Hub in 30" Cinema Display
               9221  30" Cinema Display
               ffff  Bluetooth in DFU mode - Driver
05ad  Y.C. Cable U.S.A., Inc.
05ae  Synopsys, Inc.
05af  Jing-Mold Enterprise Co., Ltd
               0821  IDE to
               9167  KB 9151B - 678
               9267  KB 9251B - 678 Mouse
05b0  Fountain Technologies, Inc.
05b1  First International Computer, Inc.
               1389  Bluetooth Wireless Adapter
05b4  LG Semicon Co., Ltd
               4857  M-Any DAH-210
               6001  Digisette DUO-MP3 AR-100
05b5  Dialogic Corp.
05b6  Proxima Corp.
05b7  Medianix Semiconductor, Inc.
05b8  Agiler, Inc.
               3002  Scroll Mouse
05b9  Philips Research Laboratories
05ba  DigitalPersona, Inc.
05bb  Grey Cell Systems
05bc  3G Green Green Globe Co., Ltd
               0004  Trackball
05bd  RAFI GmbH & Co. KG
05be  Tyco Electronics (Raychem)
05bf  S & S Research
05c0  Keil Software
05c1  Kawasaki Microelectronics, Inc.
05c2  Media Phonics (Suisse) S.A.
05c5  Digi International, Inc.
               0002  AccelePort USB 2
               0004  AccelePort USB 4
               0008  AccelePort USB 8
05c6  Qualcomm, Inc.
               3100  CDMA Wireless Modem/Phone
               3196  CDMA Wireless Modem
               3197  CDMA Wireless Modem/Phone
05c7  Qtronix Corp.
               0113  PC Line Mouse
               1001  Lynx Mouse
               2001  Keyboard
               2011  SCorpius Keyboard
               6001  Ten-Keypad
05c8  Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd (Foxlink)
05c9  Semtech Corp.
05ca  Ricoh Co., Ltd
               0101  RDC-5300 Camera
               0325  Caplio GX (ptp)
               032d  Caplio GX 8 (ptp)
               032f  Caplio R3 (ptp)
               03a1  IS200e
               0403  Printing Support
               0405  Type 101
               0406  Type 102
               1830  Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC2
               1835  Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC5
               1870  Webcam 1000
               2201  RDC-7 Camera
               2202  Caplio RR30
               2203  Caplio 300G
               2204  Caplio G3
               2205  Caplio RR30 / Medion MD 6126 Camera
               2206  Konica DG-3Z
               2207  Caplio Pro G3
               2208  Caplio G4
               2209  Caplio 400G wide
               220a  KONICA MINOLTA DG-4Wide
               220b  Caplio RX
               220c  Caplio GX
               220d  Caplio R1/RZ1
               220e  Sea & Sea 5000G
               220f  Rollei dr5 / Rollei dr5 (PTP mode)
               2211  Caplio R1S
               2212  Caplio R1v Camera
               2213  Caplio R2
               2214  Caplio GX 8
               2215  DSC 725
               2216  Caplio R3
               2222  RDC-i500
05cb  PowerVision Technologies, Inc.
               1483  PV8630 interface (scanners, webcams)
05cc  ELSA AG
               2100  MicroLink ISDN Office
               2219  MicroLink ISDN
               2265  MicroLink 56k
               2267  MicroLink 56k (V.250)
               2280  MicroLink 56k Fun
               3000  Micolink USB2Ethernet [pegasus]
               3100  AirLancer USB-11
               3363  MicroLink ADSL Fun
05cd  Silicom, Ltd
05ce  sci-worx GmbH
05cf  Sung Forn Co., Ltd
05d0  GE Medical Systems Lunar
05d1  Brainboxes, Ltd
               0003  Bluetooth Adapter BL-554
05d2  Wave Systems Corp.
05d3  Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd
05d5  Super Gate Technology Co., Ltd
05d6  Philips Semiconductors, CICT
05d7  Thomas & Betts Corp.
               0099  10Mbps Ethernet [klsi]
05d8  Ultima Electronics Corp.
               4001  Artec Ultima 2000
               4002  Artec Ultima 2000 (GT6801 based)/Lifetec LT9385/ScanMagic 1200 UB Plus Scanner
               4003  Artec E+ 48U
               4004  Artec E+ Pro
               4005  MEM48U
               4006  TRUST EASY WEBSCAN 19200
               4007  TRUST 240H EASY WEBSCAN GOLD
               4008  Trust Easy Webscan 19200
               4009  Umax Astraslim
               4013  IT Scan 1200
               8105  Artec T1 USB TVBOX (cold)
               8106  Artec T1 USB TVBOX (warm)
               8107  Artec T1 USB TVBOX with AN2235 (cold)
               8108  Artec T1 USB TVBOX with AN2235 (warm)
               8109  Artec T1 USB2.0 TVBOX (cold
05d9  Axiohm Transaction Solutions
               a225  A225 Printer
               a758  A758 Printer
               a794  A794 Printer
05da  Microtek International, Inc.
               0091  ScanMaker X6u
               0093  ScanMaker V6USL
               0094  Phantom 336CX/C3
               0099  ScanMaker X6/X6U
               009a  Phantom C6
               00a0  Phantom 336CX/C3 (#2)
               00a3  ScanMaker V6USL
               00ac  ScanMaker V6UL
               00b6  ScanMaker V6UPL
               00ef  ScanMaker V6UPL
               1006  Jenoptik JD350 entrance
               1011  NHJ Che-ez! Kiss Digital Camera
               1018  Digital Dream Enigma 1.3
               1020  Digital Dream l'espion xtra
               1025  Take-it Still Camera Device
               1026  Take-it
               1043  Take-It 1300 DSC Bulk Driver
               1045  Take-it D1
               1047  Take-it Camera Composite Device
               1048  Take-it Q3
               1049  3M Still Camera Device
               1051  Camcorder Series
               1052  Mass Storage Device
               1053  Take-it DV Composite Device
               1054  Mass Storage Device
               1055  Digital Camera Series(536)
               1056  Mass Storage Device
               1057  Take-it DSC Camera Device(536)
               1058  Mass Storage Device
               1059  Camcorder DSC Series
               1060  Microtek Take-it MV500
               2007  ArtixScan DI 1210
               200c  1394_USB2 Scanner
               200e  ArtixScan DI 810
               2017  UF ICE Scanner
               201c  4800 Scanner
               201d  ArtixScan DI 1610
               201f  4800 Scanner-ICE
               202e  ArtixScan DI 2020
               208b  ScanMaker 6800
               208f  ArtixScan DI 2010
               209e  ScanMaker 4700LP
               20a7  ScanMaker 5600
               20b0  ScanMaker X12USL
               20b1  ScanMaker 8700
               20b4  ScanMaker 4700
               20bd  ScanMaker 5700
               20c9  ScanMaker 6700
               20d2  Microtek ArtixScan 1800f
               20d6  PS4000
               20de  ScanMaker 9800XL
               20e0  ScanMaker 9700XL
               20ed  ScanMaker 4700
               20ee  Micortek ScanMaker X12USL
               3008  Scanner
               300a  4800 ICE Scanner
               300b  4800 Scanner
               300f  MiniScan C5
               3020  4800dpi Scanner
               3021  1200dpi Scanner
               3022  Scanner 4800dpi
               3023  USB1200II Scanner
               30c1  USB600 Scanner
               30ce  ScanMaker 3800
               30cf  ScanMaker 4800
               30d4  USB1200 Scanner
               30d8  Scanner
               30d9  USB2400 Scanner
               30e4  ScanMaker 4100
               30e5  USB3200 Scanner
               30e6  ScanMaker i320
               40b3  ScanMaker 3600
               40b8  ScanMaker 3700
               40c7  ScanMaker 4600
               40ca  ScanMaker 3600
               40cb  ScanMaker 3700
               40dd  ScanMaker 3750i
               40ff  ScanMaker 3600
               5003  Goya
               5013  3200 Scanner
               80a3  ScanMaker V6USL (#2)
               80ac  ScanMaker V6UL/SpicyU
05db  Sun Corp. (Suntac?)
               0003  SUNTAC U-Cable type D2
               0005  SUNTAC U-Cable type P1
               0009  SUNTAC Slipper U
               000a  SUNTAC Ir-Trinity
               000b  SUNTAC U-Cable type A3
               0011  SUNTAC U-Cable type A4
05dc  Lexar Media, Inc.
               0001  jumpSHOT CompactFlash Reader
               0002  JumpShot
               0003  JumpShot
               0080  Jumpdrive Secure 64MB
               0081  RBC Compact Flash Drive
               00a7  JumpDrive Impact
               0100  JumpDrive PRO
               0200  JumpDrive 2.0 Pro
               0300  Jumpdrive Geysr
               0301  JumpDrive Classic
               0302  JD Micro
               0303  JD Micro Pro
               0304  JD Secure II
               0310  JumpDrive
               0311  JumpDrive Classic
               0312  JD Micro
               0313  JD Micro Pro
               0320  JumpDrive
               0321  JD Micro
               0322  JD Micro Pro
               0323  UFC
               0330  JumpDrive Expression
               0340  JumpDrive TAD
               0350  Express Card
               0400  UFDC
               0401  UFDC
               0403  Locked B Device
               0405  Locked C Device
               0407  Locked D Device
               0409  Locked E Device
               040b  Locked F Device
               040d  Locked G Device
               040f  Locked H Device
               0410  JumpDrive
               0411  JumpDrive
               0413  Locked J Device
               0415  Locked K Device
               0417  Locked L Device
               0419  Locked M Device
               041b  Locked N Device
               041d  Locked O Device
               041f  Locked P Device
               0420  JumpDrive
               0421  JumpDrive
               0423  Locked R Device
               0425  Locked S Device
               0427  Locked T Device
               0429  Locked U Device
               042b  Locked V Device
               042d  Locked W Device
               042f  Locked X Device
               0431  Locked Y Device
               0433  Locked Z Device
               4d02  MP3 Player
               4d12  MP3 Player
               a300  JumpDrive2
               a400  JumpDrive trade; Pro 40-501
               a410  JumpDrive 128MB/256MB
               a411  JumpDrive Traveler
               a420  JumpDrive Pro
               a421  JumpDrive Pro II
               a422  JumpDrive Micro Pro
               a430  JumpDrive Secure
               a431  JumpDrive Secure II
               a432  JumpDrive Classic
               a440  JumpDrive Lightning
               a450  JumpDrive TouchGuard
               a460  JD Mercury
               a501  JumpDrive Classic
               a510  JumpDrive Sport
               a530  JumpDrive Expression
               a531  JumpDrive Secure II
               a560  JumpDrive FireFly
               a701  JumpDrive FireFly
               b002  USB CF Reader
               b018  Multi-Card Reader
05dd  Delta Electronics, Inc.
               ff31  AWU-120
               ff32  FriendlyNET AeroLAN AL2011
               ff35  PCW 100 - Wireless 802.11b Adapter
               ff91  2Wire PC Port Phoneline 10Mbps Adapter
05df  Silicon Vision, Inc.
05e0  Symbol Technologies
               0700  Bar Code Scanner (CS1504)
               0800  Spectrum24 Wireless LAN Adapter
               1200  DS6608 Bar Code Scanner
               1900  SNAPI Imaging Device
               2000  MC3090 Rugged Mobile Computer
               200d  MC70 Rugged Mobile Computer
05e1  Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd
               0500  DC-112X
               0890  STK011 Camera
               0892  STK013 Camera
               0895  STK016 Camera
               0896  STK017 Camera
05e2  ElecVision, Inc.
05e3  Genesys Logic, Inc.
               000a  Keyboard with PS/2 Port
               000b  Mouse
               0100  Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
               0120  Pacific Image Electronics PrimeFilm 1800u slide/negative scanner
               0131  CF/SM Reader/Writer
               0142  Multiple Slides Scanner-3600
               0143  Multiple Frames Film Scanner-36series
               0180  Plustek Scanner
               0182  Wize Media 1000
               0189  ScanJet 4600 series
               018a  Xerox 6400
               0300  GLUSB98PT Parallel Port
               0301  USB2LPT Cable Release2
               0406  Hub
               0501  GL620USB Host-Host interface
               0502  GL620USB GeneLink USB-USB Bridge
               0504  HID Keyboard Filter
               0604  USB 1.1 Hub
               0605  USB 2.0 Hub [ednet]
               0606  USB 2.0 Hub / D-Link DUB-H4 USB 2.0 Hub
               0608  USB-2.0 4-Port HUB
               0660  USB 2.0 Hub
               0700  SIIG US2256 CompactFlash Card Reader
               0701  USB 2.0 IDE Adapter
               0702  USB 2.0 IDE Adapter
               0703  Card Reader
               0704  Card Reader
               0705  Card Reader
               0706  Card Reader
               0707  Card Reader
               0708  Card Reader
               0709  Card Reader
               070a  Pen Flash
               070b  DMHS1B Rev 3 DFU Adapter
               070e  X-PRO CR20xA USB 2.0 Internal Card Reader
               070f  Pen Flash
               0710  USB 2.0 33-in-1 Card Reader
               0711  Card Reader
               0712  Delkin Mass Storage Device
               0715  USB 2.0 microSD Reader
               0760  USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer
               0761  Genesys Mass Storage Device
               0780  USBFS DFU Adapter
               07a0  Pen Flash
               0927  Card Reader
               1205  Afilias Optical Mouse H3003
               a700  Pen Flash
               f102  VX7012 TV Box
               f103  VX7012 TV Box
               f104  VX7012 TV Box
               fd21  3M TL20 Temperature Logger
               fe00  Razer Mouse
05e4  Red Wing Corp.
05e5  Fuji Electric Co., Ltd
05e6  Keithley Instruments
05e8  ICC, Inc.
05e9  Kawasaki LSI
               0008  KL5KUSB101B Ethernet [klsi]
               0009  Sony 10Mbps Ethernet [pegasus]
               000c  USB-to-RS-232
               000d  USB-to-RS-232
               0014  RS-232 J104
               0040  Ethernet Adapter
               2008  Ethernet Adapter
05eb  FFC, Ltd
05ec  COM21, Inc.
05ee  Cytechinfo Inc.
05ef  AVB, Inc. [anko?]
               020a  Top Shot Pegasus Joystick
               8884  Mag Turbo Force Wheel
               8888  Top Shot Force Feedback Racing Wheel
05f0  Canopus Co., Ltd
               0101  DA-Port DAC
05f1  Compass Communications
05f2  Dexin Corp., Ltd
               0010  AQ Mouse
05f3  PI Engineering, Inc.
               0007  Kinesis Advantage PRO MPC/USB Keyboard
               0081  Kinesis Integrated Hub
               020b  PS2 Adapter
               0232  X-Keys Switch Interface, Programming Mode
               0261  X-Keys Switch Interface, SPLAT Mode
               0264  X-Keys Switch Interface, Composite Mode
05f5  Unixtar Technology, Inc.
05f6  AOC International
05f7  RFC Distribution(s) PTE, Ltd
05f9  PSC Scanning, Inc.
05fa  Siemens Telecommunications Systems, Ltd
               3301  Keyboard with PS/2 Mouse Port
               3302  Keyboard
               3303  Keyboard with PS/2 Mouse Port
05fc  Harman Multimedia
               7849  Harman/Kardon SoundSticks
05fd  InterAct, Inc.
               0239  SV-239 HammerHead Digital
               0251  Raider Pro
               0253  ProPad 8 Digital
               0286  SV-286 Cyclone Digital
               262a  3dfx HammerHead FX
               262f  HammerHead Fx
               daae  Game Shark
05fe  Chic Technology Corp.
               0001  Mouse
               0003  Cypress USB Mouse
               0005  Viewmaster 4D Browser Mouse
               0007  Twinhead Mouse
               0009  Inland Pro 4500/5000 Mouse
               0011  Browser Mouse
               1010  Optical Wireless
05ff  LeCroy Corp.
0600  Barco Display Systems
0601  Jazz Hipster Corp.
               0003  Internet Security Co., Ltd. SecureKey
0602  Vista Imaging, Inc.
               1001  ViCam WebCam
0603  Novatek Microelectronics Corp.
               00f1  Keyboard
               6871  Mouse
0604  Jean Co., Ltd
0605  Anchor C&C Co., Ltd
0606  Royal Information Electronics Co., Ltd
0607  Bridge Information Co., Ltd
0608  Genrad Ads
0609  SMK Manufacturing, Inc.
               031d  eHome Infrared Receiver
               0322  eHome Infrared Receiver
               ff12  SMK Bluetooth Device
060a  Worthington Data Solutions, Inc.
060b  Solid Year
               0001  MacAlly Keyboard
               1006  Japanese Keyboard - 260U
               2101  Keyboard
               5811  ACK-571U Wireless Keyboard
               5903  Japanese Keyboard - 595U
               6001  SolidTek USB 2p HUB
               6002  SolidTek USB Keyboard
               6003  Japanese Keyboard - 600HM
               a001  Maxwell Compact Pc PM3
060c  EEH Datalink GmbH
060d  Auctor Corp.
060e  Transmonde Technologies, Inc.
060f  Joinsoon Electronics Mfg. Co., Ltd
0610  Costar Electronics, Inc.
0611  Totoku Electric Co., Ltd
0613  TransAct Technologies, Inc.
0614  Bio-Rad Laboratories
0615  Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc.
0616  Future Techno Designs PVT, Ltd
0617  Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology
0618  MacAlly
               0101  Mouse
0619  Seiko Instruments, Inc.
               0101  SLP-100 Driver
               0102  SLP-200 Driver
               0103  SLP-100N Driver
               0104  SLP-200N Driver
               0105  SLP-240 Driver
061a  Veridicom International, Inc.
               0110  5thSense Fingerprint Sensor
               0200  FPS200 Fingerprint Sensor
               8200  VKI-A Fingerprint Sensor/Flash Storage (dumb)
               9200  VKI-B Fingerprint Sensor/Flash Storage (smart)
061b  Promptus Communications, Inc.
061c  Act Labs, Ltd
061d  Quatech, Inc.
061e  Nissei Electric Co.
               0001  nissei 128DE-USB -
               0010  nissei 128DE-PNA -
0620  Alaris, Inc.
               0004  QuickVideo weeCam
               0007  QuickVideo weeCam
               000a  QuickVideo weeCam
               000b  QuickVideo weeCam
0621  ODU-Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
0622  Iotech, Inc.
0623  Littelfuse, Inc.
0624  Avocent Corp.
0625  TiMedia Technology Co., Ltd
0626  Nippon Systems Development Co., Ltd
0627  Adomax Technology Co., Ltd
0628  Tasking Software, Inc.
0629  Zida Technologies, Ltd
062a  Creative Labs
               0001  Notebook Optical Mouse
               0201  Defender Office Keyboard (K7310) S Zodiak KM-9010
               9003  VoIP Conference Hub (A16GH)
               9004  USR9602 USB Internet Mini Phone
062b  Greatlink Electronics Taiwan, Ltd
062c  Institute for Information Industry
062d  Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprises Co., Ltd
062e  Mainsuper Enterprises Co., Ltd
062f  Sin Sheng Terminal & Machine, Inc.
0631  JUJO Electronics Corp.
0633  Cyrix Corp.
0634  Micron Technology, Inc.
0635  Methode Electronics, Inc.
0636  Sierra Imaging, Inc.
               0003  Vivicam 35Xx
0638  Avision, Inc.
               0268  iVina 1200U Scanner
               026a  Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II
               0a10  iVina FB1600/UMAX Astra 4500
               0a13  AV600U
               0a16  SC-215
               0a30  UMAX Astra 6700 Scanner
               0a41  Avision AM3000/MF3000 Series
               0f01  fi-4010CU
               4004  Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II
0639  Chrontel, Inc.
063a  Techwin Corp.
063b  Taugagreining HF
063c  Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd (Sakura)
063d  Fong Kai Industrial Co., Ltd
063e  RealMedia Technology, Inc.
063f  New Technology Cable, Ltd
0640  Hitex Development Tools
0641  Woods Industries, Inc.
0642  VIA Medical Corp.
0644  TEAC Corp.
               0000  Floppy
               1000  CD-ROM Drive
               800d  TASCAM Portastudio DP-01FX
               d001  CD-R/RW Unit
               d002  CD-R/RW Unit
               d010  CD-RW/DVD Unit
0645  Who? Vision Systems, Inc.
0646  UMAX
0647  Acton Research Corp.
               0100  ARC SpectraPro UV/VIS/IR Monochromator/Spectrograph
               0101  ARC AM-VM Mono Airpath/Vacuum Monochromator/Spectrograph
               0102  ARC Inspectrum Mono
               0103  ARC Filterwheel
               03e9  Inspectrum 128x1024 F VIS Spectrograph
               03ea  Inspectrum 256x1024 F VIS Spectrograph
               03eb  Inspectrum 128x1024 B VIS Spectrograph
               03ec  Inspectrum 256x1024 B VIS Spectrograph
0648  Inside Out Networks
0649  Weli Science Co., Ltd
064b  White Mountain DSP, Inc.
064c  Ji-Haw Industrial Co., Ltd
064d  TriTech Microelectronics, Ltd
064e  Suyin Corp.
064f  WIBU-Systems AG
               0bd7  BOX/U
               0bd8  BOX/RU
0650  Dynapro Systems
0651  Likom Technology Sdn. Bhd.
0652  Stargate Solutions, Inc.
0653  CNF, Inc.
0654  Granite Microsystems, Inc.
               0005  Device Bay Controller
               0006  Hub
               0007  Device Bay Controller
               0016  Hub
0655  Space Shuttle Hi-Tech Co., Ltd
0656  Glory Mark Electronic, Ltd
0657  Tekcon Electronics Corp.
0658  Sigma Designs, Inc.
0659  Aethra
065a  Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
               0001  Barcode scanner
065b  Tracewell Systems
065e  Silicon Graphics
065f  Good Way Technology Co., Ltd & GWC technology Inc.
0660  TSAY-E (BVI) International, Inc.
0661  Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
0662  Kansai Electric Co., Ltd
0663  Topmax Electronic Co., Ltd
               0103  CobraPad
0667  Aiwa Co., Ltd
               0fa1  TD-U8000 Tape Drive
0668  WordWand
0669  Oce' Printing Systems GmbH
066a  Total Technologies, Ltd
066b  Linksys, Inc.
               0105  SCM eUSB SmartMedia Card Reader
               010a  Melco MCR-U2 SmartMedia / CompactFlash Reader
               200c  USB10TX
               2202  USB10TX Ethernet [pegasus]
               2203  USB100TX Ethernet [pegasus]
               2204  USB100TX HomePNA Ethernet [pegasus]
               2206  USB Ethernet [pegasus]
               2207  HomeLink Phoneline 10M Network Adapter
               2211  WUSB11 802.11b Adapter
               2212  WUSB11v2.5 802.11b Adapter
               2213  WUSB12v1.1 802.11b Adapter
               2219  Instant Wireless Network Adapter
               400b  USB10TX
066d  Entrega, Inc.
066e  Acer Semiconductor America, Inc.
066f  SigmaTel, Inc.
               003b  MP3 Player
               003e  MP3 Player
               003f  MP3 Player
               0040  MP3 Player
               0041  MP3 Player
               0042  MP3 Player
               0043  MP3 Player
               004b  A-Max PA11 MP3 Player
               3400  STMP3400 D-Major MP3 Player
               3410  STMP3410 D-Major MP3 Player
               3500  Player Recovery Device
               4200  STIr4200 IrDA Bridge
               4210  STIr4210 IrDA Bridge
               8000  MSCN MP3 Player
               8001  SigmaTel MSCN Audio Player
               8004  MSCNMMC MP3 Player
               8008  i-Bead 100 MP3 Player
               8020  MP3 Player
               8034  MP3 Player
               8036  MP3 Player
               8038  MP3 Player
               8056  MP3 Player
               8060  MP3 Player
               8066  MP3 Player
               807e  MP3 Player
               8092  MP3 Player
               8096  MP3 Player
               809a  MP3 Player
               80aa  MP3 Player
               80ac  MP3 Player
               80b8  MP3 Player
               80ba  MP3 Player
               80bc  MP3 Player
               80bf  MP3 Player
               80c5  MP3 Player
               80c8  MP3 Player
               80ca  MP3 Player
               80cc  MP3 Player
               8104  MP3 Player
               8106  MP3 Player
               8108  MP3 Player
               810a  MP3 Player
               810c  MP3 Player
               8122  MP3 Player
               8124  MP3 Player
               8126  MP3 Player
               8128  MP3 Player
               8134  MP3 Player
               8136  MP3 Player
               8138  MP3 Player
               813a  MP3 Player
               813e  MP3 Player
               8140  MP3 Player
               8142  MP3 Player
               8144  MP3 Player
               8146  MP3 Player
               8148  MP3 Player
               814c  MP3 Player
               8201  MP3 Player
               8202  Jens of Sweden / I-BEAD 150M/150H MP3 player
               8203  MP3 Player
               8204  MP3 Player
               8205  MP3 Player
               8206  Digital MP3 Music Player
               8207  MP3 Player
               8208  MP3 Player
               8209  MP3 Player
               820a  MP3 Player
               820b  MP3 Player
               820c  MP3 Player
               820d  MP3 Player
               820e  MP3 Player
               820f  MP3 Player
               8210  MP3 Player
               8211  MP3 Player
               8212  MP3 Player
               8213  MP3 Player
               8214  MP3 Player
               8215  MP3 Player
               8216  MP3 Player
               8217  MP3 Player
               8218  MP3 Player
               8219  MP3 Player
               821a  MP3 Player
               821b  MP3 Player
               821c  MP3 Player
               821d  MP3 Player
               821e  MP3 Player
               821f  MP3 Player
               8220  MP3 Player
               8221  MP3 Player
               8222  MP3 Player
               8223  MP3 Player
               8224  MP3 Player
               8225  MP3 Player
               8226  MP3 Player
               8227  MP3 Player
               8228  MP3 Player
               8229  MP3 Player
               8230  MP3 Player
               9000  MP3 Player
               9001  MP3 Player
               9002  MP3 Player
0672  Labtec, Inc.
               1041  LCS1040 Speaker System
               5000  SpaceBall 4000 FLX
0673  HCL
               5000  Keyboard
0674  Key Mouse Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd
0675  Draytech
               0110  Vigor 128 ISDN TA
               0550  Vigor550
0676  Teles AG
0677  Aiwa Co., Ltd
               07d5  TM-ED1285(USB)
               0fa1  TD-U8000 Tape Drive
0678  ACard Technology Corp.
067b  Prolific Technology, Inc.
               0000  PL2301 USB-USB Bridge
               0001  PL2302 USB-USB Bridge
               04bb  PL2303 Serial (IODATA USB-RSAQ2)
               0610  Onext EG210U MODEM
               2303  PL2303 Serial Port
               2305  PL2305 Parallel Port
               2307  PL2307 USB-ATAPI4 Bridge
               2313  FITEL PHS U Cable Adaptor
               2315  Flash Disk Embedded Hub
               2316  Flash Disk Security Device
               2317  Mass Storage Device
               2501  PL2501 USB-USB Bridge (USB 2.0)
               2507  PL2507 Hi-speed USB to IDE bridge controller
               2515  Flash Disk Embedded Hub
               2517  Flash Disk Mass Storage Device
               25a1  PL25A1 Host-Host Bridge
               3400  Hi-Speed Flash Disk with TruePrint AES3400
               3500  Hi-Speed Flash Disk with TruePrint AES3500
               3507  PL3507 ATAPI6 Bridge
               aaa0  Prolific Pharos
               aaa2  PL2303 Serial Adapter (IODATA USB-RSAQ3)
067c  Efficient Networks, Inc.
               1001  Siemens SpeedStream 100MBps Ethernet
               1022  Siemens SpeedStream 1022 802.11b Adapter
               1023  SpeedStream Wireless
               4020  SpeedStream 4020 ATM/ADSL Installer
               4031  Efficient ADSL Modem
               4032  SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
               4033  SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
               4060  Alcatel Speedstream 4060 ADSL Modem
               4062  Efficient Networks 4060 Loader
               5667  Efficient Networks Virtual Bus for ADSL Modem
               c031  SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
               c032  SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
               c033  SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
               c060  SpeedStream 4060 Miniport ATM/ADSL Adapter
               d667  Efficient Networks Virtual Bus for ADSL Modem
               e240  Speedstream Ethernet Adapter E240
               e540  Speedstream Ethernet Adapter E240
067d  Hohner Corp.
067e  Intermec
               1001  Mobile Computer
067f  Virata, Ltd
               4552  DSL-200 ADSL Modem
               6542  DSL Modem
               6549  DSL Modem
               7541  DSL Modem
0680  Realtek Semiconductor Corp., CPP Div. (Avance Logic)
               0002  Arowana Optical Wheel Mouse MSOP-01
0681  Siemens Information and Communication Products
               0001  Dect Base
               0002  Gigaset 3075 Passive ISDN
               0005  ID-Mouse with Fingerprint Reader
               0012  I-Gate 802.11b Adapter
               001b  WLL013
               0022  Gigaset SX353 ISDN
               002b  A-100-I ADSL Modem
               002e  ADSL Router_S-141
               0034  GSM module MC35/ES75 USB Modem
               3c06  54g USB Network Adapter
0682  Victor Company of Japan, Ltd
0684  Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
0686  Minolta Co., Ltd
               2001  PagePro 4110W
               3001  PagePro 4100
               3006  PagePro 1250W
               302e  Develop D 1650iD PCL
               3034  Develop D 2050iD PCL
               4001  Dimage 2300
               4003  Dimage 2330 Zoom Camera
               4004  Scan Elite II
               4005  Minolta DiMAGE E201 Mass Storage Device
               4006  Dimage 7 Camera
               4007  Dimage S304 Camera
               4008  Dimage 5 Camera
               4009  Dimage X Camera
               400a  Dimage S404 Camera
               400b  Dimage 7i Camera
               400c  Dimage F100 Camera
               400d  Scan Dual III
               400e  Dimage 5400
               400f  Dimage 7Hi Camera
               4010  Dimage Xi Camera
               4011  Dimage F300 Camera
               4012  Dimage F200 Camera
               4014  Dimage S414 Camera
               4015  Dimage XT Camera [storage]
               4016  Dimage XT Camera [remote mode]
               4017  Dimage E223
               4018  Dimage Z1  Camera
               401a  Dimage A1 Camera
               401c  Dimage X20 Camera
               401e  Dimage E323 Camera
068a  Pertech, Inc.
068b  Potrans International, Inc.
068e  CH Products, Inc.
               00e2  HFX OEM Joystick
               00f1  Pro Throttle
               00f2  Flight Sim Pedals
               00f3  Fighterstick
               00ff  Flight Sim Yoke
               0500  GameStick 3D
               0501  CH Pro Pedals
               0504  F-16 Combat Stick
0690  Golden Bridge Electech, Inc.
0693  Hagiwara Sys-Com Co., Ltd
               0002  FlashGate SmartMedia Card Reader
               0003  FlashGate CompactFlash Card Reader
               0005  FlashGate
               0006  SM PCCard R/W and SPD
               0007  FlashGate ME (Authenticated)
               000a  SDCard/MMC Reader/Writer
0694  Lego Group
               0001  Mindstorms Tower
0698  Chuntex (CTX)
               1786  1300ex Monitor
               9999  VLxxxx Monitor+Hub
0699  Tektronix, Inc.
069a  Askey Computer Corp.
               0001  VC010 WebCam [pwc]
               0303  Cable Modem
               0311  ADSL Router Remote NDIS Device
               0318  Remote NDIS Device
               0319  220V Remote NDIS Device
               0320  IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN Card
               0321  Dynalink WLL013 / Compex WLU11A 802.11b Adapter
               0402  Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR 100 & 200 series Cable Modem
               0811  BT Virtual Bus for Helium
               0821  BT Voyager 1010 802.11b Adapter
               4402  Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR 2000 series Cable Modem
               4403  Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR 300 series Cable Modem
               4501  Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR 2000 series Cable Modem
069b  Thomson, Inc.
               0704  DCM245 Cable Modem
               070c  MP3 Player
               070d  MP3 Player
               070e  MP3 Player
               070f  RCA Lyra RD1071 MP3 Player
               2220  RCA Kazoo RD1000 MP3 Player
               300a  RCA Lyra MP3 Player
               3012  MP3 Player
               3013  MP3 Player
               5557  RCA CDS6300
069d  Hughes Network Systems (HNS)
               0001  Satellite Receiver Device
               0002  Satellite Device
069e  Marx
               0005  CryptoBox v1.2
069f  Allied Data Technologies BV
               0010  Tornado Speakerphone FaxModem 56.0
               0011  Tornado Speakerphone FaxModem 56.0
               1000  ADT VvBus for CopperJet
06a2  Topro Technology, Inc.
06a3  Saitek PLC
               0006  Cyborg Gold Joystick
               0109  P880 Pad
               0160  ST290 Pro
               0200  Xbox Adrenalin Hub
               0241  Xbox Adrenalin Gamepad
               0255  X52 Flight Controller
               040b  P990 Dual Analog Pad
               040c  P2900 Wireless Pad
               0422  ST90 Joystick
               0460  ST290 Pro Flight Stick
               0463  ST290
               0464  Cyborg Evo
               0471  Cyborg Graphite Stick
               0501  R100 Sports Wheel
               0502  ST200 Stick
               0506  R220 Digital Wheel
               051e  Cyborg Digital II Stick
               052d  P750 Gamepad
               053c  X45 Flight Controller
               053f  X36F Flightstick
               056c  P2000 Tilt Pad
               056f  P2000 Tilt Pad
               05d2  PC Dash 2
               075c  X52 Flight Controller
               0805  R440 Force Wheel
               1003  GM2 Action Pad
               1009  Action Pad
               100a  SP550 Pad and Joystick Combo
               100b  SP550 Pad
               1509  P3000 Wireless Pad
               1589  P3000 Wireless Pad
               2541  X45 Flight Controller
               3509  P3000 RF GamePad
               353e  Cyborg Evo Wireless
               3589  P3000 Wireless Pad
               35be  Cyborg Evo
               5509  P3000 Wireless Pad
               8000  Gamers' Keyboard
               801e  Cyborg 3D Digital Stick II
               8021  Eclipse II Keyboard
               802d  P750 Pad
               803f  X36 Flight Controller
               806f  P2000 Tilt Pad
               80c0  Pro Gamer Command Unit
               a502  Gaming Mouse
               ff04  R440 Force Wheel
               ff0c  Cyborg Force Rumble Pad
               ff0d  P2600 Rumble Force Pad
               ff12  Cyborg 3D Force Stick
               ff17  ST 330 Rumble Force Stick
               ff52  Cyborg 3D Rumble Force Joystick
               ffb5  Cyborg Evo Force Joystick
06a4  Xiamen Doowell Electron Co., Ltd
06a5  Divio
               0000  Typhoon Webcam 100k [nw8000]
               d001  ProLink DS3303u WebCam
               d800  Chicony TwinkleCam
               d820  Wize Media 1000
06a7  MicroStore, Inc.
06a8  Topaz Systems, Inc.
               0042  SignatureGem 1X5 Pad
               0043  SignatureGem 1X5-HID Pad
06a9  Westell
               0005  WireSpeed Dual Connect Modem
               0006  WireSpeed Dual Connect Modem
               000a  WireSpeed Dual Connect Modem
               000b  WireSpeed Dual Connect Modem
               000e  802.11g Adapter
06aa  Sysgration, Ltd
06ac  Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.
06ad  Greatland Electronics Taiwan, Ltd
06ae  Professional Multimedia Testing Centre
06af  Harting, Inc. of North America
06b8  Pixela Corp.
06b9  Alcatel Telecom
               0121  SpeedTouch 121g Wireless Dongle
               2001  SPEED TOUCH Card
               4061  SpeedTouch ISDN or ADSL Modem
               a5a5  DynaMiTe Modem
06ba  Smooth Cord & Connector Co., Ltd
06bb  EDA, Inc.
06bc  Oki Data Corp.
06bd  AGFA-Gevaert NV
               0001  SnapScan 1212U
               0002  SnapScan 1236U
               0100  SnapScan Touch
               0101  SNAPSCAN ELITE
               0200  ScanMaker 8700
               02bf  DUOSCAN f40
               0400  CL30
               0401  Mass Storage
               0403  ePhoto CL18 Camera
               0404  ePhoto CL20 Camera
               2061  SnapScan 1212U (?)
               208d  Snapscan e40
               208f  SnapScan e50
               2091  SnapScan e20
               2093  SnapScan e10
               2095  SnapScan e25
               2097  SnapScan e26
               20fd  SnapScan e52
               20ff  SnapScan e42
06be  AME Optimedia Technology Co., Ltd
               1005  Dazzle DPVM! (1005)
               d001  P35U Camera Capture
06bf  Leoco Corp.
06c2  Phidgets Inc. (formerly GLAB)
               0030  PhidgetRFID
               0038  4-Motor PhidgetServo v3.0
               0039  1-Motor PhidgetServo v3.0
               003a  8-Motor PhidgetAvancedServo
               0040  PhidgetInterface Kit 0-0-4
               0044  PhidgetInterface Kit 0-16-16
               0045  PhidgetInterface Kit 8-8-8
               0048  PhidgetStepper (Under Development)
               0049  PhidgetTextLED Ver 1.0
               004a  PhidgetLED Ver 1.0
               004b  PhidgetEncoder Ver 1.0
               0051  PhidgetInterface Kit 0-5-7 (Custom)
               0052  PhidgetTextLCD
               0053  PhidgetInterfaceKit 0-8-8
               0058  PhidgetMotorControl Ver 1.0
               0070  PhidgetTemperatureSensor Ver 1.0
               0071  PhidgetAccelerometer Ver 1.0
               0072  PhidgetWeightSensor Ver 1.0
               0073  PhidgetHumiditySensor
               0074  PhidgetPHSensor
               0075  PhidgetGyroscope
06c4  Bizlink International Corp.
06c5  Hagenuk, GmbH
06c6  Infowave Software, Inc.
06c8  SIIG, Inc.
06c9  Taxan (Europe), Ltd
               0005  Monitor Control
               0007  Monitor Control
               0009  Monitor Control
06ca  Newer Technology, Inc.
06cb  Synaptics, Inc.
               0001  HID Device
               0002  HID Device
               0003  HID Device
               0005  Touchpad/FPS
               0006  HID Device
               0007  HID Device
               0008  HID Device
               0009  Composite TouchPad and TrackPoint
               000e  HID Device
               0010  Composite Human Interface Device
               0013  Human Interface Device
06cc  Terayon Communication Systems
               0101  Cable Modem
               0102  Cable Modem
               0103  Cable Modem
               0104  Cable Modem
               0304  Cable Modem
06cd  Keyspan
               0101  USA-28 PDA [no firmware]
               0102  USA-28X PDA [no firmware]
               0103  USA-19 PDA [no firmware]
               0104  PDA [prerenum]
               0105  USA-18X PDA [no firmware]
               0106  USA-19W PDA [no firmware]
               0107  USA-19 PDA
               0108  USA-19W PDA
               0109  USA-49W serial adapter [no firmware]
               010a  USA-49W serial adapter
               010b  USA-19Qi serial adapter [no firmware]
               010c  USA-19Qi serial adapter
               010d  USA-19Q serial Adapter (no firmware)
               010e  USA-19Q serial Adapter
               010f  USA-28 PDA
               0110  USA-28Xb PDA
               0111  USA-18 serial Adapter
               0112  USA-18X PDA
               0113  USA-28Xb PDA [no firmware]
               0114  USA-28Xa PDA [no firmware]
               0115  USA-28Xa PDA
               0116  USA-18XA serial Adapter (no firmware)
               0117  USA-18XA serial Adapter
               0118  USA-19QW PDA [no firmware]
               0119  USA-19QW PDA
               011a  USA-49Wlc serial adapter [no firmware]
               011b  MPR Serial Preloader (MPRQI)
               011c  MPR Serial (MPRQI)
               011d  MPR Serial Preloader (MPRQ)
               011e  MPR Serial (MPRQ)
               0121  USA-19hs serial adapter
               012a  USA-49Wlc serial adapter
               0201  Digital Media Remote
               0202  UIA-11 remote control
06cf  SpheronVR AG
               1010  PanoCam 10
               1012  PanoCam 12/12X
06d0  LapLink, Inc.
               0622  LapLink Gold USB-USB Bridge [net1080]
06d1  Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd
06d3  Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
               0380  CP8000D Port
               0381  CP770D Port
               0385  CP900D Port
               0387  CP980D Port
               038b  CP3020D Port
               038c  CP900DW(ID) Port
               0393  CP9500D/DW Port
               0394  CP9000D/DW Port
               03a1  CP9550D/DW Port
06d4  Cisco Systems
06d5  Toshiba
               4000  Japanese Keyboard
06d6  Aashima Technology B.V.
               002d  Trust PowerC@m 350FT
               002e  Trust PowerC@m 350FS
               0030  Trust 710 LCD POWERC@M ZOOM - MSD
               0031  Trust 710 LCD POWERC@M ZOOM
               003a  Trust PowerC@m 770Z
               003c  Trust 910z PowerC@m
               003f  Trust 735S POWERC@M ZOOM, WDM DSC Bulk Driver
               0050  Trust 738AV LCD PV Digital Camera
               0062  TRUST 782AV LCD P. V. Video Capture
               0066  TRUST Digital PCTV and Movie Editor
               006b  TRUST AUDIO VIDEO EDITOR
06d7  Network Computing Devices (NCD)
06d8  Technical Marketing Research, Inc.
06da  Phoenixtec Power Co., Ltd
               0002  UPS
06db  Paradyne
06dc  Foxlink Image Technology Co., Ltd
               0012  Scan 1200c Scanner
               0014  Prolink Winscan Pro 2448U
06de  Heisei Electronics Co., Ltd
06e0  Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
               f101  MT5634ZBA-USB MultiModemUSB (old firmware)
               f103  MT5634MU MultiMobileUSB
               f104  MT5634ZBA-USB MultiModemUSB (new firmware)
               f107  MT5634ZBA-USB-V92 MultiModemUSB
06e1  ADS Technologies, Inc.
               0008  UBS-10BT Ethernet [klsi]
               0009  UBS-10BT Ethernet
               0833  Mass Storage Device
               a190  Instand VCD Usb Capture
               a337  Mini DigitalTV
               a701  DVD Xpress
               b337  Mini DigitalTV
               b701  DVD Xpress B
06e4  Alcatel Microelectronics
06e6  Tiger Jet Network, Inc.
               0200  Internet Phone
               0201  Internet Phone
               0202  Composite Device
               0203  Internet Phone
               0210  Composite Device
               0211  Internet Phone
               0212  Internet Phone
               031c  Internet Phone
               031d  Internet Phone
               031e  Internet Phone
               3200  Composite Device
               3201  Internet Phone
               3202  Composite Device
               3203  Composite Device
               7200  Composite Device
               7210  Composite Device
               7250  Composite Device
               825c  Internet Phone
               831c  Internet Phone
               831d  Composite Device
               831e  Composite Device
               b200  Composite Device
               b201  Composite Device
               b202  Internet Phone
               b210  Internet Phone
               b211  Composite Device
               b212  Composite Device
               b250  Composite Device
               b251  Internet Phone
               b252  Internet Phone
               c200  Internet Phone
               c201  Internet Phone
               c202  Composite Device
               c203  Internet Phone
               c210  Personal PhoneGateway
               c211  Personal PhoneGateway
               c212  Personal PhoneGateway
               c213  PPG Device
               c25c  Composite Device
               c290  PPG Device
               c291  PPG Device
               c292  PPG Device
               c293  Personal PhoneGateway
               c31c  Composite Device
               c39c  Personal PhoneGateway
               c39d  PPG Device
               c39e  PPG Device
               c39f  PPG Device
               c700  Internet Phone
               c701  Internet Phone
               c702  Composite Device
               c703  Internet Phone
               c710  VoIP Combo Device
               c711  VoIP Combo
               c712  VoIP Combo Device
               c713  VoIP Combo Device
               cf00  Composite Device
               cf01  Internet Phone
               cf02  Internet Phone
               cf03  Composite Device
               d210  Personal PhoneGateway
               d211  PPG Device
               d212  PPG Device
               d213  Personal PhoneGateway
               d700  Composite Device
               d701  Composite Device
               d702  Internet Phone
               d703  Composite Device
               d710  VoIP Combo
               d711  VoIP Combo Device
               d712  VoIP Combo
               d713  VoIP Combo
               df00  Composite Device
               df01  Composite Device
               df02  Internet Phone
               df03  Internet Phone
               f200  Internet Phone
               f201  Internet Phone
               f202  Composite Device
               f203  Composite Device
               f210  Internet Phone
               f250  Composite Device
               f252  Internet Phone
               f310  Internet Phone
               f350  Composite Device
06ea  Sirius Technologies
               0001  NetCom Roadster II 56k
               0002  Roadster II 56k
06eb  PC Expert Tech. Co., Ltd
06ef  I.A.C. Geometrische Ingenieurs B.V.
06f0  T.N.C Industrial Co., Ltd
               de01  DualCam Video Camera
               de02  DualCam Still Camera
06f1  Opcode Systems, Inc.
               a011  SonicPort
               a021  SonicPort Optical
06f2  Emine Technology Co.
               0011  KVM Switch Keyboard
06f6  Wintrend Technology Co., Ltd
06f7  Wailly Technology Ltd
               0003  USB->Din 4 Adaptor
06f8  Guillemot Corp.
               a300  Dual Analog Leader GamePad
               c000  Hercules Muse Pocket
               e000  HWGUSB2-54 WLAN
               e010  HWGUSB2-54-LB
               e020  HWGUSB2-54V2-AP
06fa  HSD S.r.L
06fc  Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
06fd  Boston Acoustics
               0101  Audio Device
               0102  Audio Device
               0201  2-piece Audio Device
06fe  Gallant Computer, Inc.
0701  Supercomal Wire & Cable SDN. BHD.
0703  Bvtech Industry, Inc.
0705  NKK Corp.
0706  Ariel Corp.
0707  Standard Microsystems Corp.
               0100  2202 Ethernet [klsi]
               0200  2202 Ethernet [pegasus]
               0201  EZ Connect USB Ethernet
               ee04  SMCWUSB32 802.11b Wireless LAN Card
               ee06  EZ-Connect 802.11g Adapter
               ee13  EZ-Connect 802.11g Adapter
0708  Putercom Co., Ltd
               047e  USB-1284 BRIDGE
0709  Silicon Systems, Ltd (SSL)
070a  Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd
               4002  Bluetooth Device
               4003  Bluetooth Device
070d  Comoss Electronic Co., Ltd
070e  Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd
0710  Connect Tech, Inc.
               0001  WhiteHeat (fake ID)
               8001  WhiteHeat
0711  Magic Control Technology Corp.
               0100  Hub
               0180  IRXpress Infrared Device
               0181  IRXpress Infrared Device
               0200  BAY-3U1S1P Serial Port
               0210  MCT1S Serial Port
               0230  MCT-232 Serial Port
               0231  PS/2 Mouse Port
               0232  Serial On Port
               0240  PS/2 to USB Converter
               0300  BAY-3U1S1P Parallel Port
               0302  Parallel Port
               0900  SVGA Adapter
0713  Interval Research Corp.
0714  NewMotion, Inc.
               0003  ADB to USB convertor
0717  ZNK Corp.
0718  Imation Corp.
               0002  SuperDisk 120MB
               0003  SuperDisk 120MB (Authenticated)
               0060  Flash Drive
               0061  Flash Drive
               0062  Flash Drive
               0063  Swivel Flash Drive
               0064  Flash Drive
               0065  Flash Drive
               0066  Flash Drive
               0067  Flash Drive
               0068  Flash Drive
               0084  USB Flash Drive Mini
0719  Tremon Enterprises Co., Ltd
071b  Domain Technologies, Inc.
               0002  DTI-56362-USB Digital Interface Unit
               0101  Audio4-USB DSP Data Acquisition Unit
               0201  Audio4-5410 DSP Data Acquisition Unit
               0301  SB-USB JTAG Emulator
071c  Xionics Document Technologies, Inc.
071d  Eicon Networks Corp.
               1000  Diva ISDN TA
               1003  Diva
               2000  Teledat Surf
071e  Ariston Technologies
0723  Centillium Communications Corp.
               0002  Palladia 300/400 Adsl Modem
0726  Vanguard International Semiconductor-America
0729  Amitm
               1000  USC-1000 Serial Port
072e  Sunix Co., Ltd
072f  Advanced Card Systems, Ltd
               0001  AC1030-based SmartCard Reader
               0008  ACR 80 Smart Card Reader
               1000  PLDT Drive
               1001  PLDT Drive
               8002  AET63 BioTRUSTKey
               8003  ACR120
               8103  ACR120
               9000  ACR38 AC1038-based Smart Card Reader
               90cc  ACR38 SmartCard Reader
               90cf  ACR38 SAM Smart Card Reader
               90d0  PertoSmart EMV - Card Reader
0731  Susteen, Inc.
               0528  SonyEricsson DCU-11 Cable
0732  Goldfull Electronics & Telecommunications Corp.
0733  ViewQuest Technologies, Inc.
               0101  Digital Video Camera
               0110  VQ110
               0401  CS330 WebCam
               0402  M-318B WebCam
               0430  Intel Pro Share WebCam
               0630  VQ630 Dual Mode Digital Camera(Bulk)
               0631  Hercules Dualpix
               0780  Smart Cam Deluxe(composite)
               1310  Epsilon 1.3/Jenoptik JD C1.3/UMAX AstraPix 470
               1311  Digital Dream Epsilon 1.3
               2211  Jenoptik
0734  Lasat Communications A/S
               0001  560V Modem
               0002  Lasat 560V Modem
               043a  DVS Audio
0735  Asuscom Network
               2100  ISDN Adapter
               2101  ISDN Adapter
               6694  ISDN Adapter
               c541  ISDN TA 280
0736  Lorom Industrial Co., Ltd
0738  Mad Catz, Inc.
               4507  XBox Device
               4516  XBox Device
               4520  XBox Device
               4526  XBox Device
               4536  XBox Device
               4540  XBox Device
               4556  XBox Device
               4566  XBox Device
               4576  XBox Device
               4586  XBox Device
               4588  XBox Device
073a  Chaplet Systems, Inc.
073b  Suncom Technologies
073d  Eutron S.p.a.
               0005  Crypto Token
               0007  CryptoIdentity CCID
               0025  SmartKey 3
               0c00  Pocket Reader
               0d00  StarSign Bio Token 3.0 EU
073c  Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc.
               0305  Pole Display (PC305-3415  2 x 20 Line Display)
               0322  Pole Display (PC322-3415  2 x 20 Line Display)
               0324  Pole Display (LB324-USB   4 x 20 Line Display)
               0330  Pole Display (P330-3415   2 x 20 Line Display)
               0450  Pole Display (L450-USB   Graphic Line Display)
               0505  Pole Display (SPC505-3415 2 x 20 Line Display)
               0522  Pole Display (SPC522-3415 2 x 20 Line Display)
               0624  Pole Display (SP324-3415  2 x 20 Line Display)
073e  NEC, Inc.
               0301  Game Pad
0745  Syntech Information Co., Ltd
0746  Onkyo Corp.
               5500  SE-U55 Audio Device
0747  Labway Corp.
0748  Strong Man Enterprise Co., Ltd
0749  EVer Electronics Corp.
074a  Ming Fortune Industry Co., Ltd
074b  Polestar Tech. Corp.
074c  C-C-C Group PLC
074d  Micronas GmbH
               3553  Composite USB-Device
               3554  Composite USB-Device
               3556  Composite USB-Device
074e  Digital Stream Corp.
               0001  PS/2 Adapter
               0002  PS/2 Adapter
0755  Aureal Semiconductor
0757  Network Technologies, Inc.
075b  Sophisticated Circuits, Inc.
               0001  Kick-off! Watchdog
0763  Midiman
               0115  KeyRig 25 Driver
               0117  Trigger Finger Driver
               0119  MidAir Driver
               0150  M-Audio Uno Driver
               0160  M-Audio 1x1 Driver
               0192  M-Audio Keystation 88es
               0193  ProKeys 88 Driver
               0194  ProKeys 88sx Driver
               0195  Oxygen 8 v2 Driver
               0196  Oxygen 49 Driver
               0197  Oxygen 61 Driver
               0198  Axiom 25 Driver
               0199  Axiom 49 Driver
               019a  Axiom 61 Driver
               019b  KeyRig 49 Driver
               019c  KeyStudio Driver
               1001  Midisport 2x2
               1002  MidiSport 2x2 Driver
               1003  MidiSport 2x2 Driver
               1010  Midisport 1x1
               1011  Midi 1x1 Driver
               1014  M-Audio Keystation Loader
               1015  M-Audio Keystation
               1020  Midisport 4x4
               1021  MidiSport 4x4 Driver
               1030  Midisport 8x8
               1031  MidiSport 8x8/s Loader
               1033  MidiSport 8x8/s Driver
               1040  M-Audio MidiSport 2x4 Loader
               1041  M-Audio MidiSport 2x4
               2001  M Audio Quattro Midi Driver (WDM)
               2002  M Audio Duo ASIO
               2003  M Audio AudioPhile ASIO 3/4
               2004  M-Audio MobilePre
               2006  M-Audio Transit
               2007  M-Audio Sonica Theater
               200d  M-Audio Omni Midi
               200f  M-Audio MobilePre
               2010  M-Audio Fast Track
               2013  M-Audio JamLab
               2015  M-Audio RunTime DFU
               2016  M-Audio RunTime DFU
               201a  M-Audio Micro
               201b  M-Audio RunTime DFU
               201d  M-Audio Producer
               2080  M-Audio RunTime DFU
               2081  M-Audio RunTime DFU
               2803  M-Audio Audiophile DFU
               2804  M-Audio MobilePre DFU
               2806  M-Audio Transit DFU
               2815  M-Audio DFU
               2816  M-Audio DFU
               281b  M-Audio DFU
               2880  M-Audio DFU
               2881  M-Audio DFU
0764  Cyber Power System, Inc.
               0005  Cyber Power UPS
               0501  CP1500 AVR UPS
0765  X-Rite, Inc.
0766  Jess-Link Products Co., Ltd
0767  Tokheim Corp.
0768  Camtel Technology Corp.
               0006  Camtel Technology USB TV Genie Pro FM Model TVB330
               0023  eHome Infrared Receiver
0769  Surecom Technology Corp.
               11f2  EP-9001-g 802.11g 54M WLAN Adapter
               11f3  RT2570
               11f7  802.11g 54M WLAN Adapter
               31f3  RT2573
076a  Smart Technology Enablers, Inc.
076b  OmniKey AG
               0596  CardMan 2020
               1021  CardMan 1021
               1221  CardMan 1221
               1784  CardMan 6020
               3021  CardMan 3121
               3610  CardMan 3620
               3621  CardMan 3621
               3821  CardMan 3821
               4321  CardMan 4321
               5121  CardMan 5121
               5125  CardMan 5125
               6622  CardMan 6121
               a011  CCID Smart Card Reader Keyboard
               a021  CCID Smart Card Reader
               a022  CardMan Smart@Link
               c000  CardMan 3x21 CS
               c001  CardMan 5121 CS
076c  Partner Tech
076d  Denso Corp.
076e  Kuan Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd
076f  Jhen Vei Electronic Co., Ltd
0770  Welch Allyn, Inc - Medical Division
0774  AmTRAN Technology Co., Ltd
0775  Longshine Electronics Corp.
0776  Inalways Corp.
0777  Comda Enterprise Corp.
0778  Volex, Inc.
0779  Fairchild Semiconductor
077a  Sankyo Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd
077b  Linksys
               08be  BEFCMU10 v4 Cable Modem
               2219  WUSB11 V2.6 802.11b Adapter
               2226  USB200M 100baseTX Adapter
077c  Forward Electronics Co., Ltd
               0005  NEC Keyboard
077d  Griffin Technology
               0223  IMic Audio In/Out
               0405  iMate, ADB Adapter
               0410  PowerMate
               041a  PowerWave
               627a  Radio SHARK
077f  Well Excellent & Most Corp.
0781  SanDisk Corp.
               0001  SDDR-05a ImageMate CompactFlash Reader
               0002  SDDR-31 ImageMate II CompactFlash Reader
               0005  SDDR-05b (CF II) ImageMate CompactFlash Reader
               0100  ImageMate SDDR-12
               0200  SDDR-09 (SSFDC) ImageMate SmartMedia Reader [eusb]
               0400  SecureMate SD/MMC Reader
               0621  SDDR-86 Imagemate 6-in-1 Reader
               0720  Sansa C200 series in recovery mode
               0729  Sansa E200 series in recovery mode
               0810  SDDR-75 ImageMate CF-SM Reader
               0830  ImageMate CF/MMC/SD Reader
               1234  Cruzer Mini Flash Drive
               5150  SDCZ2 Cruzer Mini Flash Drive (thin)
               5151  Cruzer Micro 256/512MB Flash Drive
               5153  Cruzer USB-Flash-Drive
               5406  Cruzer Micro 1/4GB Flash Drive
               5408  Cruzer Titanium U3
               7100  Cruzer Mini
               7101  Pen Flash
               7102  Cruzer Mini
               7103  Cruzer Mini
               7104  Cruzer Micro Mini 256MB Flash Drive
               7105  Cruzer Mini
               7106  Cruzer Mini
               7112  Cruzer Micro 128MB Flash Drive
               7113  Cruzer Micro 256MB Flash Drive
               7114  Cruzer Mini
               7115  Cruzer Mini
               7420  Sansa E200 series (mtp)
               7421  Sansa E200 series
               7432  Sansa Clip (mtp)
               7433  Sansa Clip (msc)
               7450  Sansa C250
               7451  Sansa C240
               7480  Sansa Connect
               7481  Sansa Connect (in recovery mode)
               8181  Pen Flash
               8183  Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device
               8185  SDCZ2 Cruzer Mini Flash Drive (older, thick)
               8888  Card Reader
               8889  SDDR-88 Imagemate 8-in-1 Reader
               8919  Card Reader
               8989  ImageMate 12-in-1 Reader
               9191  ImageMate CF
               9219  Card Reader
               9292  ImageMate CF Reader/Writer
               9393  ImageMate SD-MMC
               9595  ImageMate xD-SM
               9797  ImageMate MS-PRO
               9919  Card Reader
               9999  SDDR-99 5-in-1 Reader
               a7e8  SDDR-113 MicroMate SDHC Reader
               b2b3  SDDR-103 MobileMate SD+ Reader
0782  Trackerball
0783  C3PO
               0003  LTC31 SmartCard Reader
0784  Vivitar, Inc.
               0100  Vivicam 2655
               1310  Vivicam 3305
               1688  Vivicam 3665
               1689  Gateway DC-M42/Labtec DC-505/Vivitar Vivicam 3705
               2620  AOL Photocam Plus
               2888  Polaroid DC700
               3330  Nytec ND-3200 Camera
               4300  Traveler D1
               5260  Werlisa Sport PX 100 / JVC GC-A33 Camera
               5300  Pretec dc530
0785  NTT-ME
               0001  MN128mini-V ISDN TA
               0003  MN128mini-J ISDN TA
0789  Logitec Corp.
               0026  LHD Device
               0033  DVD Multi-plus unit LDR-H443SU2
               0063  LDR Device
               0064  LDR-R Device
               00b3  DVD Multi-plus unit LDR-H443U2
               010c  Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps Network Adapter
078b  Happ Controls, Inc.
               0010  Driving UGCI
               0020  Flying UGCI
               0030  Fighting UGCI
078c  GTCO/CalComp
               0400  Digitizer (Whiteboard)
078e  Brincom, Inc.
0790  Pro-Image Manufacturing Co., Ltd
0791  Copartner Wire and Cable Mfg. Corp.
0792  Axis Communications AB
0793  Wha Yu Industrial Co., Ltd
0794  ABL Electronics Corp.
0795  RealChip, Inc.
0796  Certicom Corp.
0797  Grandtech Semiconductor Corp.
               6801  Flatbed Scanner
               6802  InkJet Color Printer
               8001  SmartCam
               801a  Typhoon StyloCam
               801c  Meade Binoculars/Camera
               8901  ScanHex SX-35a
               8909  ScanHex SX-35b
               8911  ScanHex SX-35c
0798  Optelec
               0001  Braille Voyager
079b  Sagem
               0027  USB-Serial Controller
               004a  XG-760A
               004b  Wi-Fi 11g adapter
               0056  Agfa AP1100 Photo Printer
               0062  XG-76NA
079d  Alfadata Computer Corp.
               0201  GamePort Adapter
07a1  Digicom S.p.A.
               d952  Palladio USB V.92 Modem
07a2  National Technical Systems
07a3  Onnto Corp.
07a4  Be, Inc.
07a6  ADMtek, Inc.
               07c2  AN986A Ethernet
               0986  AN986 Pegasus Ethernet
               8266  Infineon WildCard-USB Wireless LAN Adapter
               8511  ADM8511 Pegasus II Ethernet
               8513  AN8513 Ethernet
               8515  AN8515 Ethernet
07aa  Corega K.K.
               0001  Ether USB-T Ethernet [klsi]
               0004  FEther USB-TX Ethernet [pegasus]
               000c  WirelessLAN USB-11
               000d  FEther USB-TXS
               0012  Stick-11 802.11b Adapter
               0017  FEther USB2-TX
               001a  ULUSB-11 Key
               002f  CG-WLUSB2GNL
               7613  Stick-11 V2 802.11b Adapter
               9601  FEther USB-TXC
07ab  Freecom Technologies
               fc01  IDE bridge
               fc02  Cable II USB-2
               fc03  USB2-IDE IDE bridge
               fcf8  Freecom Classic SL Network Drive
07af  Microtech
               0004  SCSI-DB25 SCSI Bridge [shuttle]
               0005  SCSI-HD50 SCSI Bridge [shuttle]
               0006  CameraMate SmartMedia and CompactFlash Card Reader [eusb/shuttle]
               fc01  Freecom USB-IDE
07b0  Trust Technologies
               0001  ISDN TA
               0002  ISDN TA128 Plus
               0003  ISDN TA128 Deluxe
               0005  ISDN TA128 SE
               0006  ISDN TA128 CE
               0007  ISDN TA
               0008  ISDN TA
07b1  IMP, Inc.
07b2  Motorola BCS, Inc.
               0100  SURFboard Voice over IP Cable Modem
               0900  SURFboard Gateway
               0950  SURFboard SBG950 Gateway
               1000  SURFboard SBG1000 Gateway
               4100  SurfBoard SB4100 Cable Modem
               4200  SurfBoard SB4200 Cable Modem
               4210  SurfBoard 4210 Cable Modem
               4220  SURFboard SB4220 Cable Modem
               4500  CG4500 Communications Gateway
               450b  CG4501 Communications Gateway
               450e  CG4500E Communications Gateway
               5100  SurfBoard SB5100 Cable Modem
               5101  SurfBoard SB5101 Cable Modem
               5120  SurfBoard SB5120 Cable Modem (RNDIS)
               7030  Wireless Adapter WU830G
07b3  Plustek, Inc.
               0001  OpticPro 1212U Scanner
               0003  Scanner
               0010  OpticPro U12 Scanner
               0011  OpticPro U24 Scanner
               0013  OpticPro UT12 Scanner
               0014  Scanner
               0015  OpticPro U24 Scanner
               0017  OpticPro UT12/16/24 Scanner
               0204  Scanner
               0400  OpticPro 1248U Scanner
               0401  OpticPro 1248U Scanner #2
               0403  OpticPro U16B Scanner
               0404  Scanner
               0405  A8 Namecard-s Controller
               0406  A8 Namecard-D Controller
               0410  Scanner
               0412  Scanner
               0800  OpticPro ST48 Scanner
               0c03  OpticPro ST64+ Scanner
07b4  Olympus Optical Co., Ltd
               0100  Camedia C-2100/C-3000 Ultra Zoom Camera
               0102  Camedia E-10/C-220/C-50 Camera
               0105  Camedia C-310Z/C-700/C-750UZ/C-755/C-765UZ/C-3040/C-4000/C-5050Z/D-560/C-3020Z Zoom Camera
               0109  C-370Z/D-535Z/X-450
               0112  MAUSB-100 xD Card Reader
               0113  Mju 500
               0114  C-350Z Camera
               0118  Mju Mini Digital/Mju Digital 500 Camera
               0184  P-S100 port
               0203  Digital Voice Recorder DW-90
               0206  Digital Voice Recorder DS-330
               0207  Digital Voice Recorder & Camera W-10
               0209  Digital Voice Recorder DM-20
               020d  Digital Voice Recorder VN-240PC
07b5  Mega World International, Ltd
               0017  Joystick
               0213  Thrustmaster Firestorm Digital 3 Gamepad
               9902  GamePad
07b6  Marubun Corp.
07b7  TIME Interconnect, Ltd
07b8  D-Link Corp.
               110c  XX1
               1201  IEEE 802.11b Adapter
               200c  XX2
               2573  Wireless LAN Card
               4000  DU-E10 Ethernet [klsi]
               4002  DU-E100 Ethernet [pegasus]
               4003  1/10/100 Ethernet Adapter
               4004  XX4
               4007  XX5
               400b  XX6
               400c  XX7
               401a  RTL8151
               4102  USB 1.1 10/100M Fast Ethernet Adapter
               4104  XX9
               420a  UF200 Ethernet
               6001  WL54
               a001  Wireless Network Adapter
               abc1  DU-E10 Ethernet [pegasus]
               b000  BWU613
               b02a  AboCom Bluetooth Device
               b02b  Bluetooth dongle
               b02c  BCM92045DG-Flash with trace filter
               b02d  BCM92045DG-Flash with trace filter
               b02e  BCM92045DG-Flash with trace filter
               b030  BCM92045DG-Flash with trace filter
               b031  BCM92045DG-Flash with trace filter
               b032  BCM92045DG-Flash with trace filter
               b033  BCM92045DG-Flash with trace filter
               b21a  802.11g Wireless Adapter
               b21b  HWU54DM
               b21c  RT2573
               b21d  RT2573
               b21e  RT2573
               b21f  WUG2700
               d011  MP3 Player
               e001  Mass Storage Device
               e002  Mass Storage Device
               e003  Mass Storage Device
               e004  Mass Storage Device
               e005  Mass Storage Device
               e006  Mass Storage Device
               e007  Mass Storage Device
               e008  Mass Storage Device
               e009  Mass Storage Device
               e00a  Mass Storage Device
               e4f0  Card Reader Driver
               f101  DSB-560 Modem [atlas]
07bc  Canon Computer Systems, Inc.
07bd  Webgear, Inc.
07be  Veridicom
07c0  Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH
               1121  The Claw
               1500  IO-Warrior 40
               1501  IO-Warrior 24
               1502  IO-Warrior 48
               1503  IO-Warrior 28
07c1  Keisokugiken
               0068  HKS-0200 USBDAQ
07c4  Datafab Systems, Inc.
               0102  USB to LS120
               0103  USB to IDE
               1234  USB to ATAPI
               a000  CompactFlash Card Reader
               a001  CompactFlash & SmartMedia Card Reader [eusb]
               a002  Disk Drive
               a003  Datafab-based Reader
               a004  USB to MMC Class Drive
               a005  CompactFlash & SmartMedia Card Reader
               a006  SmartMedia Card Reader
               a007  Memory Stick Class Drive
               a103  MDSM-B reader
               a107  USB to Memory Stick (LC1) Drive
               a109  LC1 CompactFlash & SmartMedia Card Reader
               a10b  USB to CF+MS(LC1)
               a200  DF-UT-06 Hama MMC/SD Reader
               a400  CompactFlash & Microdrive Reader
               a600  Card Reader
               ad01  Mass Storage Device
               ae01  Mass Storage Device
               af01  Mass Storage Device
               b000  USB to CF(LC1)
               b001  USB to CF+PCMCIA
               b004  MMC/SD Reader
               b006  USB to PCMCIA
               b00a  USB to CF+SD Drive(LC1)
               b00b  USB to Memory Stick(LC1)
07c5  APG Cash Drawer
07c6  ShareWave, Inc.
07c7  Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd
07c8  B.U.G., Inc.
               0202  MN128-SOHO PAL
07c9  Allied Telesyn International
               b100  AT-USB100
07ca  AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.
               0002  AVerTV PVR USB/EZMaker Pro Device
               0026  AVerTV
               1228  MPEG-2 Capture Device (M038)
               e880  MPEG-2 Capture Device (E880)
               e882  MPEG-2 Capture Device (E882)
07cb  Kingmax Technology, Inc.
07cc  Carry Computer Eng., Co., Ltd
               0000  CF Card Reader
               0001  Reader (UICSE)
               0002  Reader (UIS)
               0003  SM Card Reader
               0004  SM/CF/PCMCIA Card Reader
               0005  Reader (UISA2SE)
               0006  SM/CF/PCMCIA Card Reader
               0007  Reader (UISA6SE)
               000c  SM/CF Card Reader
               000d  SM/CF Card Reader
               000e  Reader (UISDA)
               000f  Reader (UICLIK)
               0010  Reader (UISMA)
               0012  Reader (UISC6SE-FLASH)
               0014  Litronic Fortezza Reader
               0030  Mass Storage (UISDMC12S)
               0040  Mass Storage (UISDMC13S)
               0100  Reader (UID)
               0101  Reader (UIM)
               0102  Reader (UISDMA)
               0103  Reader (UISDMC)
               0104  Reader (UISDM)
               0200  6-in-1 Card Reader
               0201  Mass Storage (UISDMC1S & UISDMC3S)
               0202  Mass Storage (UISDMC5S)
               0203  Mass Storage (UISMC5S)
               0204  Mass Storage (UIM4/5S & UIM7S)
               0205  Mass Storage (UIS4/5S & UIS7S)
               0206  Mass Storage (UISDMC10S & UISDMC11S)
               0207  Mass Storage (UPIDMA)
               0208  Mass Storage (UCFC II)
               0210  Mass Storage (UPIXXA)
               0213  Mass Storage (UPIDA)
               0214  Mass Storage (UPIMA)
               0215  Mass Storage (UPISA)
               0217  Mass Storage (UPISDMA)
               0223  Mass Storage (UCIDA)
               0224  Mass Storage (UCIMA)
               0225  Mass Storage (UIS7S)
               0227  Mass Storage (UCIDMA)
               0234  Mass Storage (UIM7S)
               0235  Mass Storage (UIS4S-S)
               0237  Velper (UISDMC4S)
               0300  6-in-1 Card Reader
               0301  6-in-1 Card Reader
               0303  Mass Storage (UID10W)
               0304  Mass Storage (UIM10W)
               0305  Mass Storage (UIS10W)
               0308  Mass Storage (UIC10W)
               0309  Mass Storage (UISC3W)
               0310  Mass Storage (UISDMA2W)
               0311  Mass Storage (UISDMC14W)
               0320  Mass Storage (UISDMC4W)
               0321  Mass Storage (UISDMC37W)
               0330  WINTERREADER Reader
               0350  9-in-1 Card Reader
               0500  Mass Storage
               0501  Mass Storage
07cd  Elektor
               0001  USBuart Serial Port
07cf  Casio Computer Co., Ltd
               1001  QV-8000SX/5700/3000EX Digicam; Exilim EX-M20
               1003  Exilim EX-S500
               1004  Exilim EX-Z120
               1011  USB-CASIO PC CAMERA
               2002  E-125 Cassiopeia Pocket PC
               3801  WMP-1 MP3-Watch
               4001  Label Printer KL-P1000
               4007  CW50 Device
               4104  Cw75 Device
               4107  CW-L300 Device
               4500  LV-20 Digital Camera
07d0  Dazzle
               0001  Digital Video Creator I
               0002  Global Village VideoFX Grabber
               0003  Fusion Model DVC-50 Rev 1 (NTSC)
               0004  DVC-800 (PAL) Grabber
               0005  Fusion Video and Audio Ports
               0006  DVC 150 Loader Device
               0007  DVC 150
               0327  Fusion Digital Media Reader
               1001  DM-FLEX DFU Adapter
               1002  DMHS2 DFU Adapter
               1102  CF Reader/Writer
               1103  SD Reader/Writer
               1104  SM Reader/Writer
               1105  MS Reader/Writer
               1106  xD/SM Reader/Writer
               1202  MultiSlot Reader/Writer
               2000  FX2 DFU Adapter
               2001  eUSB CompactFlash Reader
               4100  Kingsun SF-620 Infrared Adapter
               4959  Kingsun KS-959 Infrared Adapter
07d1  D-Link System
               13ec  VvBus for Helium 2xx
               13ed  VvBus for Helium 2xx
               13f1  DSL-302G Modem
               13f2  DSL-502G Router
               3a07  WUA-2340 Adapter
               3a08  predator Bootloader Download
               3b01  AirPlus G DWL-G122 Wireless Adapter
               3b10  RangeBooster N Adapter
               3b11  Wireless N Adapter DWA-130
               3c03  DWL-G122 802.11g Adapter [ralink rt73]
               3c04  WUA-1340
               3c05  EH103 Wireless G Adapter
               3c07  Wireless G DWA-110 Adapter
               3c09  DWA-140 802.11n Adapter [ralink rt2870]
               5100  Remote NDIS Device
               f101  DBT-122 Bluetooth
               fc01  DBT-120 Bluetooth Adapter
07d2  Aptio Products, Inc.
07d3  Cyberdata Corp.
07d7  GCC Technologies, Inc.
07da  Arasan Chip Systems
07df  David Electronics Co., Ltd
07e1  Ambient Technologies, Inc.
               5201  V.90 Modem
07e2  Elmeg GmbH & Co., Ltd
07e3  Planex Communications, Inc.
07e4  Movado Enterprise Co., Ltd
               0967  SCard R/W CSR-145
               0968  SCard R/W CSR-145
07e5  QPS, Inc.
               05c2  IDE-to-USB2.0 PCA
               5c01  Que! CDRW
07e6  Allied Cable Corp.
07e7  Mirvo Toys, Inc.
07e8  Labsystems
07ea  Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd
07eb  Double-H Technology Co., Ltd
07ec  Taiyo Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
07ee  Torex Retail (formerly Logware)
               0002  Cash Drawer I/F
07ef  STSN
               0001  Internet Access Device
07f6  Circuit Assembly Corp.
07f7  Century Corp.
               0005  ScanLogic/Century Corporation uATA
               011e  Century USB Disk Enclosure
07f9  Dotop Technology, Inc.
07fa  Draytek
               0778  miniVigor 128 ISDN TA
               1012  BeWAN ADSL USB ST (grey)
               a904  BeWAN ADSL
               a905  BeWAN ADSL ST
07fd  Mark of the Unicorn
               0000  FastLane MIDI Interface
               0001  FastLane Quad MIDI Interface
               0002  MOTU Audio for 64 bit
0801  Mag-Tek
               0002  Mini Swipe Reader
0802  Mako Technologies, LLC
0803  Zoom Telephonics, Inc.
               1300  V92 Faxmodem
               4310  Wireless-G
               5241  Cable Modem
               5551  DSL Modem
               9700  2986L FaxModem
               9800  Cable Modem
               a312  Wireless-G
0809  Genicom Technology, Inc.
080a  Evermuch Technology Co., Ltd
080c  Datalogic S.p.A.
               0300  Gryphon D120 Barcode Scanner
               0400  Gryphon D120 Barcode Scanner
               0500  Gryphon D120 Barcode Scanner
               0600  Gryphon M100 Barcode Scanner
080d  Teco Image Systems Co., Ltd
               0102  Hercules Scan@home 48
               0104  3.2Slim
               0110  UMAX AstraSlim 1200 Scanner
0810  Personal Communication Systems, Inc.
0813  Mattel, Inc.
               0001  Intel Play QX3 Microscope
               0002  Dual Mode Camera Plus
081a  MG Logic
               1000  Duo Pen Tablet
081b  Indigita Corp.
               0600  Storage Adapter
               0601  Storage Adapter
081c  Mipsys
081e  AlphaSmart, Inc.
               df00  Handheld
0822  Reudo Corp.
               2001  IRXpress Infrared Device
0825  GC Protronics
0826  Data Transit
0827  BroadLogic, Inc.
0828  Sato Corp.
0829  DirecTV Broadband, Inc. (Telocity)
082d  Handspring
               0100  Visor
               0200  Treo
               0300  Treo 600
               0400  Handheld
               0500  Handheld
               0600  Handheld
0830  Palm, Inc.
               0001  m500
               0002  m505
               0003  m515
               0004  Handheld
               0005  Handheld
               0006  Handheld
               0010  Handheld
               0011  Handheld
               0012  Handheld
               0013  Handheld
               0014  Handheld
               0020  i705
               0021  Handheld
               0022  Handheld
               0023  Handheld
               0024  Handheld
               0030  Handheld
               0031  Tungsten W
               0032  Handheld
               0033  Handheld
               0034  Handheld
               0040  m125
               0041  Handheld
               0042  Handheld
               0043  Handheld
               0044  Handheld
               0050  m130
               0051  Handheld
               0052  Handheld
               0053  Handheld
               0054  Handheld
               0060  Tungsten C/E/T/T2/T3 / Zire 71
               0061  Lifedrive / Treo 650/680 / Tunsten E2/T5/TX / Zire 21/31/72 / Z22
               0062  Handheld
               0063  Handheld
               0064  Handheld
               0070  Zire
               0071  Handheld
               0072  Handheld
               0080  Serial Adapter [for Palm III]
               0081  Handheld
               0082  Handheld
0832  Kouwell Electronics Corp.
               5850  Cable
0833  Sourcenext Corp.
               012e  KeikaiDenwa 8 with charger
               039f  KeikaiDenwa 8
0835  Action Star Enterprise Co., Ltd
0839  Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd
               0005  Digimax Camera
               0008  Digimax 230 Camera
               0009  Digimax 340
               000a  Digimax 410
               000e  Digimax 360
               0010  Digimax 300
               1003  Digimax 210SE
               1005  Digimax 220
               1009  Digimax V4
               1012  6500 Document Camera
               1542  Digimax 50 Duo
               3000  Digimax 35 MP3
083a  Accton Technology Corp.
               1046  10/100 Ethernet [pegasus]
               1060  HomeLine Adapter
               1f4d  SMC8013WG Broadband Remote NDIS Device
               3046  10/100 Series Adapter
               3060  1/10/100 Adapter
               3501  2664W
               3502  WN3501D Wireless Adapter
               3503  T-Sinus 111 Wireless Adapter
               4501  T-Sinus 154data
               4505  SMCWUSB-G
               5046  SpeedStream 10/100 Ethernet [pegasus]
               5501  Wireless Adapter 11g
               6500  Cable Modem
               6618  802.11n Wireless Adapter
               7522  802.11N Wireless Adapter
               a618  SMC EZ Connect N Draft 11n Wireless Adapter
               b004  CPWUE001 USB/Ethernet Adapter
               b522  EZ Connect N Draft 11n Wireless USB2.0 Adapter
               bb01  BlueExpert Bluetooth Device
               c003  802.11b Wireless Adapter
               c501  Zoom Wireless-G
               c561  802.11a/g Wireless Adapter
               e501  ZD1211B
               f501  802.11g Wireless Adapter
               f502  802.11g Wireless Adapter
083f  Global Village
               b100  TelePort V.90 Fax/Modem
0840  Argosy Research, Inc.
               0060  Storage Adapter Bridge Module
0841, Inc.
               0001  Rio 500
0844  Welland Industrial Co., Ltd
0846  NetGear, Inc.
               1001  EA101 Ethernet [klsi]
               1002  Ethernet
               1020  Ethernet 10/100, USB1.1
               1040  USB 2.0 Ethernet
               4110  MA111 WiFi (v1)
               4200  WG121 WiFi (v1)
               4210  WG121 WiFi (v2)
               4220  WG111 WiFi (v1)
               4230  MA111 WiFi (v2)
               4240  WG111 WiFi (v2)
               4260  WG111v3 802.11g Adapter [realtek RTL8187B]
               4300  WG111U
               4301  WG111U (no firmware)
               6a00  WG111 WiFi (v2)
               7100  WN121T Wireless Adapter
               9000  RangeMax NEXT Wireless-N Adapter WN111
               a001  PA101 Phoneline10X Adapter
084d  Minton Optic Industry Co., Inc.
               0001  Jenoptik JD800i
               0003  S-Cam F5 Digital Camera
               0011  Argus DC3500 Digital Camera
               0014  Praktica DC 32
               0019  Praktica DPix3000
               0025  Praktica DC 60
               1001  ScanHex SX-35d
084e  KB Gear
               0001  KBGear JamCam
               1002  Pablo Tablet
084f  Empeg
               0001  Empeg-Car Mark I/II Player
0850  Fast Point Technologies, Inc.
0851  Macronix International Co., Ltd
               1542  SiPix Blink
               1543  Maxell WS30 Slim Digital Camera
               a168  MXIC
0852  CSEM
0853  Topre Corporation
               0100  HHKB Professional
0854  ActiveWire, Inc.
               0100  I/O Board
               0101  I/O Board, rev1
0856  B&B Electronics
               ac01  uLinks USOTL4 RS422/485 Adapter
0858  Hitachi Maxell, Ltd
               3102  Bluetooth Device
               ffff  Maxell module with BlueCore in DFU mode
0859  Minolta Systems Laboratory, Inc.
085a  Xircom
               0001  Portstation Dual Serial Port
               0003  Portstation Paraller Port
               0008  Ethernet
               0009  Ethernet
               000b  Portstation Dual PS/2 Port
               0021  1 port to Serial Converter
               0022  Parallel Port
               0023  2 port to Serial Converter
               0024  Parallel Port
               0027  1 port to Serial Converter
               0028  PortGear to SCSI Converter
               0032  PortStation SCSI Module
               003c  Bluetooth Adapter
               0299  Colorvision, Inc. Monitor Spyder
               8021  1 port to Serial
               8023  2 port to Serial
               8027  PGSDB9 Serial Port
085c  ColorVision, Inc.
               0200  Monitor Spyder
0862  Teletrol Systems, Inc.
0863  Filanet Corp.
0864  NetGear, Inc.
               4100  MA101 802.11b Adapter
               4102  MA101 802.11b Adapter
0867  Data Translation, Inc.
               9812  ECON Data acquisition unit
               9816  DT9816 ECON data acquisition module
               9836  DT9836 data acquisition card
086a  Emagic Soft-und Hardware GmbH
086c  DeTeWe - Deutsche Telephonwerke AG & Co.
               1001  Eumex 504PC ISDN TA
               1002  Eumex 504PC (FlashLoad)
               1003  TA33 ISDN TA
               1004  TA33 (FlashLoad)
               1005  Eumex 604PC HomeNet
               1006  Eumex 604PC HomeNet (FlashLoad)
               1007  Eumex 704PC DSL
               1008  Eumex 704PC DSL (FlashLoad)
               1009  Eumex 724PC DSL
               100a  Eumex 724PC DSL (FlashLoad)
               100b  OpenCom 30
               100c  OpenCom 30 (FlashLoad)
               100d  BeeTel Home 100
               100e  BeeTel Home 100 (FlashLoad)
               1011  USB2DECT
               1012  USB2DECT (FlashLoad)
               1013  Eumex 704PC LAN
               1014  Eumex 704PC LAN (FlashLoad)
               1021  OpenCom 40
               1022  OpenCom 40 (FlashLoad)
               1023  OpenCom 45
               1024  OpenCom 45 (FlashLoad)
               1025  Sinus 61 data
               1029  dect BOX
               102c  Eumex 604PC HomeNet [FlashLoad]
               1030  Eumex 704PC DSL [FlashLoad]
               1032  OpenCom 40 [FlashLoad]
               1033  OpenCom 30 plus
               1034  OpenCom 30 plus (FlashLoad)
               1055  Eumex 220 ISDN TA
               2000  OpenCom 1000
086e  System TALKS, Inc.
               1920  SGC-X2UL
086f  MEC IMEX, Inc.
0870  Metricom
               0001  Ricochet GS
0871  SanDisk, Inc.
               0001  SDDR-01 Compact Flash Reader
               0002  SDDR-31 Compact Flash Reader
               0005  SDDR-05 Compact Flash Reader
0873  Xpeed, Inc.
0874  A-Tec Subsystem, Inc.
0879  Comtrol Corp.
087c  Adesso/Kbtek America, Inc.
087d  Jaton Corp.
               5704  Ethernet
087e  Fujitsu Computer Products of America
087f  Virtual IP Group, Inc.
0880  APT Technologies, Inc.
0883  Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
0885  Boca Research, Inc.
0886  XAC Automation Corp.
               0630  Intel PC Camera CS630
0887  Hannstar Electronics Corp.
088b  MassWorks, Inc.
               4944  MassWorks ID-75 TouchScreen
0892  DioGraphy, Inc.
               0101  Smartdio Reader/Writer
089c  United Technologies Research Cntr.
089d  Icron Technologies Corp.
089e  NST Co., Ltd
089f  Primex Aerospace Co.
08a5  e9, Inc.
08a8  Andrea Electronics
08ae  Macally (Mace Group, Inc.)
08b4  Sorenson Vision, Inc.
08b8  J. Gordon Electronic Design, Inc.
               01f4  USBSIMM1
08b9  RadioShack Corp. (Tandy)
08bb  Texas Instruments Japan
               2702  Speakers
               2900  PCM2900 Audio Codec
               2904  PCM2904 Audio Codec
08bd  Citizen Watch Co., Ltd
               1100  X1-USB Floppy
08c3  Precise Biometrics
               0001  100 SC
               0002  100 A
               0003  100 SC BioKeyboard
               0006  100 A BioKeyboard
               0100  100 MC ISP
               0101  100 MC FingerPrint and SmartCard Reader
               0300  100 AX
               0400  100 SC
               0401  150 MC
               0402  200 MC FingerPrint and SmartCard Reader
               0404  100 SC Upgrade
               0405  150 MC Upgrade
               0406  100 MC Upgrade
08c4  Proxim, Inc.
               02f2  Farallon Home Phoneline Adapter
08c7  Key Nice Enterprise Co., Ltd
08c8  2Wire, Inc.
08c9  Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
08ca  Aiptek International, Inc.
               0010  Tablet
               0020  APT-6000U Tablet
               0021  APT-2 Tablet
               0022  Tablet
               0023  Tablet
               0024  Tablet
               0100  Pen Drive
               0102  DualCam
               0103  Pocket DV Digital Camera
               0104  Pocket DVII
               0105  Mega DV(Disk)
               0106  Pocket DV3100+
               0107  Pocket DV 3100
               0109  Nisis DV4 Digital Camera
               010a  Trust 738AV LCD PV Mass Storage
               0111  PenCam VGA Plus
               2008  Mini PenCam 2
               2010  Pocket CAM 3 Mega (webcam)
               2011  Pocket CAM 3 Mega (storage)
               2018  Pencam SD 2
               2024  Pocket DV3500
               2042  DV 5100M Composite Device
               2043  DV 5100M(Disk)
08cd  Jue Hsun Ind. Corp.
08ce  Long Well Electronics Corp.
08cf  Productivity Enhancement Products
08d1  smartBridges, Inc.
               0001  smartNIC Ethernet [catc]
               0003  smartNIC 2 PnP Ethernet
08d3  Virtual Ink
08d4  Fujitsu Siemens Computers
               0009  SCR SmartCard Reader
08d9  Increment P Corp.
08dd  Billionton Systems, Inc.
               0112  Wireless LAN Adapter
               0113  Wireless LAN Adapter
               0986  USB-100N Ethernet [pegasus]
               0987  USBLP-100 HomePNA Ethernet [pegasus]
               0988  USBEL-100 Ethernet [pegasus]
               1986  10/100 LAN Adapter
               2103  DVB-T TV-Tuner Card-R
               8511  USBE-100 Ethernet [pegasus2]
               90ff  USB2AR Ethernet
08de  ???
               7a01  802.11b Adapter
08df  Spyrus, Inc.
               0001  Rosetta Token V1
               0002  Rosetta Token V2
               0003  Rosetta Token V3
               0a00  Lynks Interface
08e3  Olitec, Inc.
               0002  USB-RS232 Bridge
               0100  Interface ADSL
               0101  Interface ADSL
               0102  ADSL
               0301  RNIS
08e4  Pioneer Corp.
08e5  Litronic
08e6  Gemplus
               0001  GemPC-Touch 430
               0430  GemPC430 SmartCard Reader
               0432  GemPC432 SmartCard Reader
               0435  GemPC435 SmartCard Reader
               0437  GemPC433 SL SmartCard Reader
               1359  UA SECURE STORAGE TOKEN
               2202  Gem e-Seal Pro Token
               3437  GemPC Twin SmartCard Reader
               3438  GemPC Key SmartCard Reader
               3478  PinPad Smart Card Reader
               4433  GemPC433-Swap
               ace0  UA HYBRID TOKEN
08e7  Pan-International Wire & Cable
08e8  Integrated Memory Logic
08e9  Extended Systems, Inc.
               0100  XTNDAccess IrDA Dongle
08ea  Ericsson, Inc., Blue Ridge Labs
               00c9  ADSL Modem HM120dp Loader
               00ca  ADSL WAN Modem HM120dp
               00ce  HM230d Virtual Bus for Helium
               abba  USB Driver for Bluetooth Wireless Technology
               abbb  Bluetooth Device in DFU State
08ec  M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers
               0001  TravelDrive 2C
               0002  TravelDrive 2C
               0005  TravelDrive 2C
               0008  TravelDrive 2C
               0010  DiskOnKey
               0011  DiskOnKey
               0012  TravelDrive 2C
               0014  TravelDrive 2C
               0015  Kingston DataTraveler ELITE
               0016  Kingston DataTraveler U3
               0020  TravelDrive
               0021  TravelDrive
               0022  TravelDrive
               0023  TravelDrive
               0024  TravelDrive
               0025  TravelDrive
               0026  TravelDrive
               0027  TravelDrive
               0028  TravelDrive
               0029  TravelDrive
               0030  TravelDrive
               0822  TravelDrive 2C
               0832  Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device
               0998  Kingston Data Traveler2.0 Disk Driver
               0999  Kingston Data Traveler2.0 Disk Driver
               1000  TravelDrive 2C
               2000  TravelDrive 2C
               2038  TravelDrive
               2039  TravelDrive
               204a  TravelDrive
               204b  TravelDrive
08ee  CCSI/Hesso
08f0  Corex Technologies
08f1  CTI Electronics Corp.
08f5  SysTec Co., Ltd
08f6  Logic 3 International, Ltd
08f7  Vernier
               0001  LabPro
               0002  EasyTemp
08f8  Keen Top International Enterprise Co., Ltd
08f9  Wipro Technologies
08fa  Caere
08fb  Socket Communications
08fc  Sicon Cable Technology Co., Ltd
08fd  Digianswer A/S
               0001  Bluetooth Device
08ff  AuthenTec, Inc.
               1600  AES1600
               1610  AES1600
               2500  AES2501
               2501  AES2501
               2502  AES2501
               2503  AES2501
               2504  AES2501
               2505  AES2501
               2506  AES2501
               2507  AES2501
               2508  AES2501
               2509  AES2501
               250a  AES2501
               250b  AES2501
               250c  AES2501
               250d  AES2501
               250e  AES2501
               250f  AES2501
               2510  AES2510
               2580  AES2501 Fingerprint Sensor
               2588  AES2501
               2589  AES2501
               258a  AES2501
               258b  AES2501
               258c  AES2501
               258d  AES2501
               258e  AES2501
               258f  AES2501
               3400  AES3400 TruePrint Sensor
               3401  AES3400 Sensor
               3402  AES3400 Sensor
               3403  AES3400 Sensor
               3404  AES3400 TruePrint Sensor
               3405  AES3400 TruePrint Sensor
               3406  AES3400 TruePrint Sensor
               3407  AES3400 TruePrint Sensor
               4902  BioMV with TruePrint AES3500
               4903  BioMV with TruePrint AES3400
               5500  AES4000
               5501  AES4000 TruePrint Sensor
               5503  AES4000 TruePrint Sensor
               5505  AES4000 TruePrint Sensor
               5507  AES4000 TruePrint Sensor
               55ff  AES4000 TruePrint Sensor.
               5700  AES3500 Fingerprint Reader
               5701  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5702  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5703  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5704  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5705  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5706  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5707  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5710  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5711  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5712  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5713  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5714  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5715  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5716  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5717  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5730  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5731  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5732  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5733  AES3500 TruePrint Sensor
               5734  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5735  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5736  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               5737  AES3500-BZ TruePrint Sensor
               afe3  FingerLoc Sensor Module (Anchor)
               afe4  FingerLoc Sensor Module (Anchor)
               afe5  FingerLoc Sensor Module (Anchor)
               afe6  FingerLoc Sensor Module (Anchor)
               fffd  AES2510 Sensor (USB Emulator)
               ffff  Sensor (Emulator)
0900  Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
0901  VST Technologies
               0001  Hard Drive Adapter (TPP)
               0002  SigmaDrive Adapter (TPP)
0906  Faraday Technology Corp.
0909  Audio-Technica Corp.
090a  Trumpion Microelectronics, Inc.
               1001  T33520 USB Flash Card Controller
               1100  Comotron C3310 MP3 player
               1200  MP3 player
               1540  Digitex Container Flash Disk
090b  Neurosmith
090c  Feiya Technology Corp.
               1000  Memory Bar
               1132  5-in-1 Card Reader
090d  Multiport Computer Vertriebs GmbH
090e  Shining Technology, Inc.
090f  Fujitsu Devices, Inc.
0910  Alation Systems, Inc.
0911  Philips Speech Processing
               2512  SpeechMike Pro
0912  Voquette, Inc.
0915  GlobeSpan, Inc.
               0001  DSL Modem
               0002  ADSL ATM Modem
               0005  LAN Modem
               2000  802.11 Adapter
               2002  802.11 Adapter
               8000  ADSL LAN Modem
               8005  DSL-302G Modem
               8101  ADSL WAN Modem
               8102  DSL-200 ADSL Modem
               8103  DSL-200 ADSL Modem
               8104  DSL-200 Modem
               8400  DSL Modem
               8401  DSL Modem
               8402  DSL Modem
               8500  DSL Modem
               8501  DSL Modem
0917  SmartDisk Corp.
               0001  eFilm Reader-11 SM/CF
               0002  eFilm Reader-11 SM
               0003  eFilm Reader-11 CF
               0200  FireFly
               0201  FireLite
               0202  STORAGE ADAPTER (FirePower)
               0204  FlashTrax Storage
               0205  STORAGE ADAPTER (CrossFire)
               0206  FireFly 20G HDD
               0207  FireLite
               020f  STORAGE ADAPTER (FireLite)
               da01  eFilm Reader-11 Test
               ffff  eFilm Reader-11 (Class/PDR)
0919  Tiger Electronics
               0100  Fast Flicks Digital Camera
091e  Garmin International
               0003  GPSmap (various models)
               0004  Garmin iQue 3600
               0200  Data Card Programmer (install)
               1200  Data Card Programmer
0920  Echelon Co.
               7500  Network Interface
0921  GoHubs, Inc.
               1001  GoCOM232 Serial
0922  Dymo-CoStar Corp.
               0007  LabelWriter 330
               0009  LabelWriter 310
0923  IC Media Corp.
               010f  SIIG MobileCam
0924  Xerox
               23dd  DocuPrint M760 (X760_USB)
               3d5b  Phaser 6115MFP TWAIN Scanner
               420f  WorkCentre PE220 Series
               421f  M20 Scanner
               423b  Printing Support
               ffef  WorkCenter M15
               fffb  DocuPrint M750 (X750_USB)
0925  Lakeview Research
               8101  Phidgets, Inc., 1-Motor PhidgetServo v2.0
               8104  Phidgets, Inc., 4-Motor PhidgetServo v2.0
               8800  WiseGroup Ltd, MP-8800 Quad Joypad
               8866  WiseGroup Ltd, MP-8866 Dual Joypad
0927  Summus, Ltd
0928  Oxford Semiconductor, Ltd
0929  American Biometric Co.
092a  Toshiba Information & Industrial Sys. And Services
092b  Sena Technologies, Inc.
092f  Northern Embedded Science/CAVNEX
               0004  JTAG-4
               0005  JTAG-5
0930  Toshiba Corp.
               0009  Gigabeat F/X (HDD audio player)
               000c  Gigabeat F (mtp)
               0010  Gigabeat S (mtp)
               0301  PCX1100U Cable Modem (WDM)
               0302  PCX2000 Cable Modem (WDM)
               0305  Cable Modem PCX3000
               0307  Cable Modem PCX2500
               0308  PCX2200 Cable Modem (WDM)
               0309  PCX5000 Cable Modem (WDM)
               030b  Cable Modem PCX2600
               0501  Bluetooth Controller
               0502  Integrated Bluetooth
               0503  Bluetooth Controller
               0505  Integrated Bluetooth
               0506  Integrated Bluetooth
               0507  Bluetooth Adapter
               0508  Integrated Bluetooth HCI
               0509  BT EDR Dongle
               0706  PocketPC e740
               0707  Pocket PC e330 Series
               0708  Pocket PC e350聽Series
               0709  Pocket PC e750 Series
               070a  Pocket PC e400 Series
               070b  Pocket PC e800 Series
               1300  Wireless Broadband (CDMA EV-DO) SM-Bus Minicard Status Port
               1301  Wireless Broadband (CDMA EV-DO) Minicard Status Port
               1302  Wireless Broadband (3G HSDPA) SM-Bus Minicard Status Port
               1303  Wireless Broadband (3G HSDPA) Minicard Status Port
               1308  Broadband (3G HSDPA) SM-Bus Minicard Diagnostics Port
               642f  TravelDrive
               6506  TravelDrive 2C
               6507  TravelDrive 2C
               6508  TravelDrive 2C
               6509  TravelDrive 2C
               6510  TravelDrive 2C
               6517  TravelDrive 2C
               6518  TravelDrive 2C
               6519  Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 USB Stick
               651a  TravelDrive 2C
               651b  TravelDrive 2C
               651c  TravelDrive 2C
               651d  TravelDrive 2C
               651e  TravelDrive 2C
               651f  TravelDrive 2C
               6520  TravelDrive 2C
               6521  TravelDrive 2C
               6522  TravelDrive 2C
               6523  TravelDrive
               6524  TravelDrive
               6525  TravelDrive
               6526  TravelDrive
               6527  TravelDrive
               6528  TravelDrive
               6529  TravelDrive
               652a  TravelDrive
               652b  TravelDrive
               652c  TravelDrive
               652d  TravelDrive
               652f  TravelDrive
               6530  TravelDrive
               6531  TravelDrive
               6532  256M USB Stick
               6533  512M USB Stick
               6534  TravelDrive
               653c  Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 USB Stick (512M)
               653d  Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 USB Stick (1GB)
               6540  TransMemory USB Flash Memory
0931  Harmonic Data Systems, Ltd
0932  Crescentec Corp.
               0300  VideoAdvantage
               0302  Syntek DC-112X
               0320  VideoAdvantage
               1100  Video Enhamcement Device
               1112  Veo Web Camera
               a311  Video Enhancement Device
0933  Quantum Corp.
0934  Netcom Systems
0939  Lumberg, Inc.
093a  Pixart Imaging, Inc.
               0007  CMOS 100K-R Rev. 1.90
               010e  Digital camera, CD302N/Elta Medi@ digi-cam/HE-501A
               010f  Argus DC-1610/DC-1620/Emprex PCD3600/Philips P44417B keychain camera/Precision Mini,Model HA513A/Vivitar Vivicam 55
               2460  Q-TEC WEBCAM 100
               2468  Cammaestro 2.5DU/X-EYE/Orite SC-120/ICGear TravelCam/Easy Snap Snake Eye WebCam
               2470  SoC PC-Camera
               2471  SoC PC-Camera
               2500  USB Optical Mouse
               2600  Typhoon Easycam USB 330K (newer)/Typhoon Easycam USB 2.0 VGA 1.3M/Sansun SN-508
               2601  SPC 610NC Laptop Camera
093b  Plextor Corp.
               0010  Storage Adapter
               0011  PlexWriter 40/12/40U
               0042  PX-712UF DVD RW
               a002  ConvertX M402U XLOADER
               a003  ConvertX AV100U A/V Capture Audio
               a004  ConvertX TV402U XLOADER
               a005  KWorld EMP Audio Device
               a102  ConvertX M402U A/V Capture
               a104  ConvertX PX-TV402U/NA
093c  Intrepid Control Systems, Inc.
               0601  ValueCAN
               0701  NeoVI Blue vehicle bus interface
093d  InnoSync, Inc.
093e  J.S.T. Mfg. Co., Ltd
093f  Olympia Telecom Vertriebs GmbH
0940  Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd
0941  Photobit Corp.
0942, LLC
0943  HCL Technologies India Private, Ltd
0944  KORG, Inc.
0945  Pasco Scientific
0948  Kronauer music in digital
               0301  USB Pro (24/48)
               0302  USB Pro (24/96 playback)
               0303  USB Pro (24/96 record)
               0304  USB Pro (16/48)
               1105  USB One
094b  Linkup Systems Corp.
094d  Cable Television Laboratories
094f  Yano
               0101  U640MO-03
               05fc  METALWEAR-HDD
0951  Kingston Technology
               0008  Ethernet
               000a  KNU101TX 100baseTX Ethernet
               1600  Data Traveler II Pen Drive
               1601  Data Traveler II+ Pen Drive
               1602  Data Traveler Mini
               1603  Data Traveler 1GB/2GB Pen Drive
0954  RPM Systems Corp.
0955  NVidia Corp.
0956  BSquare Corp.
0957  Agilent Technologies, Inc.
               0200  E-Video DC-350 Camera
               0202  E-Video DC-350 Camera
0958  CompuLink Research, Inc.
0959  Cologne Chip AG
               2bd0  Intelligent ISDN (Ver. 3.60.04)
095a  Portsmith
               3003  Express Ethernet
095b  Medialogic Corp.
095c  K-Tec Electronics
095d  Polycom, Inc.
               0001  Polycom ViaVideo
0967  Acer (??)
               0204  WarpLink 802.11b Adapter
0968  Catalyst Enterprises, Inc.
096e  Feitian Technologies, Inc.
               0802  ePass2000 (G&D STARCOS SPK 2.4)
0971  Gretag-Macbeth AG
0973  Schlumberger
               0001  e-gate Smart Card
0974  Datagraphix, a business unit of Anacomp
0975  OL'E Communications, Inc.
0976  Adirondack Wire & Cable
0977  Lightsurf Technologies
0978  Beckhoff GmbH
0979  Jeilin Technology Corp., Ltd
               0224  JL2005A Toy Camera
               0226  JL2005A Toy Camera
097a  Minds At Work LLC
               0001  Digital Wallet
097b  Knudsen Engineering, Ltd
097c  Marunix Co., Ltd
097d  Rosun Technologies, Inc.
097f  Barun Electronics Co., Ltd
0981  Oak Technology, Ltd
0984  Apricorn
               0200  Hard Drive Storage (TPP)
0985  cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG
               00a3  A3/200 or A3/300 Label Printer
0986  Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
098c  Vitana Corp.
098d  INDesign
098e  Integrated Intellectual Property, Inc.
098f  Kenwood TMI Corp.
0993  Gemstar eBook Group, Ltd
               0001  REB1100 eBook Reader
               0002  eBook
0996  Integrated Telecom Express, Inc.
099a  Zippy Technology Corp.
               610c  EL-610 Super Mini Electron luminescent Keyboard
09a3  PairGain Technologies
09a4  Contech Research, Inc.
09a5  VCON Telecommunications
09a6  Poinchips
               8001  Mass Storage Device
09a7  Data Transmission Network Corp.
09a8  Lin Shiung Enterprise Co., Ltd
09a9  Smart Card Technologies Co., Ltd
09aa  Intersil Corp.
               1000  Prism GT 802.11b/g Adapter
               3642  Prism 2.x 802.11b Adapter
09ab  Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd.
09ae  Tripp Lite
09b2  Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc.
               0001  eBookman Palm Computer
09b3  Altius Solutions, Inc.
09b4  MDS Telephone Systems
09b5  Celltrix Technology Co., Ltd
09bc  Grundig
               0002  MPaxx MP150 MP3 Player
09be  MySmart.Com
               0001  MySmartPad
09bf  Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
               00c0  COMpact 2104 ISDN PBX
               00db  COMpact 4410/2206 ISDN ISDN
               00f1  COMfort System Telephones
09c1  Arris Interactive LLC
               1337  TOUCHSTONE DEVICE
09c2  Nisca Corp.
09c3  ActivCard, Inc.
               0007  Reader V2
               0008  SmartCard Reader
09c4  ACTiSYS Corp.
               0011  ACT-IR2000U IrDA Dongle
09c5  Memory Corp.
09cc  Workbit Corp.
               0404  BAFO USB-ATA/ATAPI Bridge Controller
09cd  Psion Dacom Home Networks, Ltd
09ce  City Electronics, Ltd
09cf  Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan
09d1  NeoMagic, Inc.
09d2  Vreelin Engineering, Inc.
09d3  Com One
               0001  ISDN TA
09d7  Novatel Wireless
               0100  NovAtel FlexPack GPS receiver
09d9  KRF Tech, Ltd
09da  A4 Tech Co., Ltd
               0006  Optical Mouse WOP-35 / Trust 450L Optical Mouse
               000a  Port Mouse
               0018  Trust Human Interface Device
               001a  Wireless Mouse & RXM-15 Receiver
               002a  Wireless Optical Mouse NB-30
09db  Measurement Computing Corp.
               0075  MiniLab 1008
               0076  PMD-1024
               007a  PMD-1208LS
               0081  USB-1616FS
               0088  USB-1616FS internal hub
09dc  Aimex Corp.
09dd  Fellowes, Inc.
09df  Addonics Technologies Corp.
09e1  Intellon Corp.
               5121  MicroLink dLAN
09e5  Jo-Dan International, Inc.
09e6  Silutia, Inc.
09e7  Real 3D, Inc.
09e8  AKAI  Professional M.I. Corp.
09e9  Chen-Source, Inc.
09eb  IM Networks, Inc.
               4331  iRhythm Tuner Remote
09ef  Xitel
               0101  MD-Port DG2 MiniDisc Interface
09f5  AresCom
               0168  Network Adapter
               0188  LAN Adapter
               0850  Adapter
09f6  RocketChips, Inc.
09f7  Edu-Science (H.K.), Ltd
09f8  SoftConnex Technologies, Inc.
09f9  Bay Associates
09fa  Mtek Vision
09fb  Altera
09ff  Gain Technology Corp.
0a00  Liquid Audio
0a01  ViA, Inc.
0a07  Ontrak Control Systems Inc.
               0064  ADU100 Data Acquisition Interface
               00c8  ADU200 Relay I/O Interface
               00d0  ADU208 Data Acquisition Interface
0a0b  Cybex Computer Products Co.
0a11  Xentec, Inc.
0a12  Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd
               0001  Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)
               0002  Frontline Test Equipment Bluetooth Device
               0003  Nanosira
               0004  Nanosira WHQL Reference Radio
               0005  Nanosira-Multimedia
               0006  Nanosira-Multimedia WHQL Reference Radio
               0007  Nanosira3-ROM
               0008  Nanosira3-ROM
               0009  Nanosira4-EDR WHQL Reference Radio
               000a  Nanosira4-EDR-ROM
               000b  Nanosira5-ROM
               0043  Bluetooth Device
               0100  Casira with BlueCore2-External Module
               0101  Casira with BlueCore2-Flash Module
               0102  Casira with BlueCore3-Multimedia Module
               0103  Casira with BlueCore3-Flash Module
               0104  Casira with BlueCore4-External Module
               0105  Casira with BlueCore4-Multimedia Module
               1000  Bluetooth Dongle (HID proxy mode)
               1010  Bluetooth Device
               1011  Bluetooth Device
               1012  Bluetooth Device
               ffff  USB Bluetooth Device in DFU State
0a13  Telebyte, Inc.
0a14  Spacelabs Medical, Inc.
0a15  Scalar Corp.
0a16  Trek Technology (S) PTE, Ltd
               1111  ThumbDrive
               8888  IBM USB Memory Key
               9988  Trek2000 TD-G2
0a17  Pentax Corp.
               0004  Pentax Optio 330
               0006  Pentax Optio S
               0007  Pentax Optio 550
               0009  Pentax Optio 33WR
               000a  Pentax Optio 555
               000c  Pentax Optio 43WR (mass storage mode)
               000d  Pentax Optio 43WR
               0015  Pentax Optio S40/S5i
               003b  Pentax Optio 50 (mass storage mode)
               003d  Pentax Optio S55
               0043  Pentax *ist DL
               0047  Pentax Optio S60
               0052  Optio 60 Digital Camera
               006e  Pentax K10D
               0070  Pentax K100D
               1001  EI2000 Camera powered by Digita!
0a18  Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
0a19  Hua Geng Technologies, Inc.
0a21  Medtronic Physio Control Corp.
0a22  Century Semiconductor USA, Inc.
0a2c  AK-Modul-Bus Computer GmbH
               0008  GPIO Ports
0a34  TG3 Electronics, Inc.
               0110  Deck 82-key backlit keyboard
0a39  Gilat Satellite Networks, Ltd
0a3a  PentaMedia Co., Ltd
               0163  KN-W510U 1.0 Wireless LAN Adapter
0a3c  NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
0a3d  Varo Vision
0a3f  Swissonic AG
0a43  Boca Systems, Inc.
0a46  Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.
               0268  ST268
               9601  DM9601 To Fast Ethernet Adapter
0a47  Hirose Electric
0a48  I/O Interconnect
               3233  Multimedia Card Reader
               3239  Multimedia Card Reader
               3258  Dane Elec zMate SD Reader
               3259  Dane Elec zMate CF Reader
               5000  MediaGear xD-SM
               500a  Mass Storage Device
               500f  Mass Storage Device
               5010  Mass Storage Device
               5011  Mass Storage Device
               5014  Mass Storage Device
               5020  Mass Storage Device
               5021  Mass Storage Device
               5022  Mass Storage Device
               5023  Mass Storage Device
               5024  Mass Storage Device
               5025  Mass Storage Device
0a4b  Fujitsu Media Devices, Ltd
0a4c  Computex Co., Ltd
0a4d  Evolution Electronics, Ltd
               0064  MK-225 Driver
               0065  MK-225C Driver
               0066  MK-225C Driver
               0067  MK-425C Driver
               0078  MK-37 Driver
               0079  MK-37C Driver
               007a  MK-37C Driver
               008c  TerraTec MIDI MASTER
               008d  MK-249C Driver
               008e  MK-249C MIDI Keyboard
               008f  MK-449C Driver
               0090  Keystation 49e Driver
               0091  Keystation 61es Driver
               00a0  MK-361 Driver
               00a1  MK-361C Driver
               00a2  MK-361C Driver
               00a3  MK-461C MIDI Keyboard
               00b5  Keystation Pro 88 Driver
               00d2  E-Keys Driver
               00f0  UC-16 Driver
               00f1  X-Session Driver
               00f5  UC-33e MIDI Controller
0a4e  Steinberg Soft-und Hardware GmbH
0a4f  Litton Systems, Inc.
0a50  Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd
0a51  Sony Electronics, Inc.
0a52  Jebsee Electronics Co., Ltd
0a53  Portable Peripheral Co., Ltd
               1000  Scanner
               2000  Q-Scan A6 Scanner
               2001  Q-Scan A6 Scanner
               2013  Media Drive A6 Scanner
               2014  Media Drive A6 Scanner
               2015  BizCardReader 600C
               2016  BizCardReader 600C
               202a  Scanshell-CSSN
               3000  Q-Scan A8 Scanner
               3002  Q-Scan A8 Reader
               3015  BizCardReader 300G
               5001  BizCardReader 900C
0a5a  Electronics For Imaging, Inc.
0a5b  EAsics NV
0a5c  Broadcom Corp.
               0201  iLine10(tm) Network Adapter
               2000  Bluetooth Device
               2009  Bluetooth Controller
               200a  Bluetooth dongle
               200f  Bluetooth Controller
               201d  Bluetooth Device
               201e  IBM Integrated Bluetooth IV
               2020  Bluetooth Dongle
               2033  BCM2033 Bluetooth
               2035  BCM2035 Bluetooth
               2038  Blutonium Device
               2039  Bluetooth Device
               2045  Bluetooth Controller
               2046  Bluetooth Device
               2047  Bluetooth Device
               205e  Bluetooth Device
               2100  Bluetooth 2.0+eDR dongle
               2101  A-Link BlueUsbA2 Bluetooth
               2102  ANYCOM Blue USB-200/250
               2110  Bluetooth Controller
               2111  ANYCOM Blue USB-UHE 200/250
               2120  2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB-UHE Device with trace filter
               2121  BCM2210 Bluetooth
               2122  Bluetooth 2.0+EDR dongle
               2130  2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB-UHE Device with trace filter
               2131  2045 Bluetooth 2.0 Device with trace filter
               6300  Pirelli Remote NDIS Device
0a5d  Diatrend Corp.
0a5f  Zebra
               0009  LP2844 Printer
               930a  Printer
0a62  MPMan
               0010  MPMan MP-F40 MP3 Player
0a66  ClearCube Technology
0a67  Medeli Electronics Co., Ltd
0a68  Comaide Corp.
0a69  Chroma ate, Inc.
0a6b  Green House Co., Ltd
               0001  Compact Flash R/W with MP3 player
0a6c  Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.
0a6d  UPS Manufacturing
0a6e  Benwin
0a6f  Core Technology, Inc.
               0400  Xanboo
0a70  International Game Technology
0a72  Sanwa Denshi
0a7d  NSTL, Inc.
0a7e  Octagon Systems Corp.
0a80  Rexon Technology Corp., Ltd
0a81  Chesen Electronics Corp.
               0101  Keyboard
               0103  Keyboard
               0203  Mouse
               0205  PS/2 Keyboard+Mouse Adapter
0a82  Syscan
               4600  TravelScan 460/464
0a83  NextComm, Inc.
0a84  Maui Innovative Peripherals
0a85  Idexx Labs
0a86  NITGen Co., Ltd
0a8d  Picturetel
0a8e  Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd
               2011  Filter Driver For JAE XMC R/W
0a90  Candy Technology Co., Ltd
0a91  Globlink Technology, Inc.
               3801  Targus PAKP003 Mouse
0a92  EGO SYStems, Inc.
               0011  SYS WaveTerminal U2A
               0021  GIGAPort
               0031  GIGAPortAG
               0061  Waveterminal U24
               0071  MAYA EX7
               0091  Maya 44
               00b1  MAYA EX5
               1000  MIDI Mate
               1010  RoMI/O
               1020  M4U
               1030  M8U
               1090  KeyControl49
               10a0  KeyControl25
0a93  C Technologies AB
               0002  C-Pen 10
               0005  MyPen Light
               000d  Input Pen
               0010  C-Pen 20
0a94  Intersense
0aa3  Lava Computer Mfg., Inc.
0aa4  Develco Elektronik
0aa5  First International Digital
               0002  irock! 500 Series
               0801  MP3 Player
0aa6  Perception Digital, Ltd
               0101  Hercules Jukebox
               1501  Store 'n' Go HD Drive
0aa7  Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH
               0100  POS Keyboard, TA58P-USB
               0101  POS Keyboard, TA85P-USB
               0102  POS Keyboard, TA59-USB
               0103  POS Keyboard, TA60-USB
               0104  SNIkey Keyboard, SNIKey-KB-USB
               0200  Operator Display, BA63-USB
               0201  Operator Display, BA66-USB
               0202  Operator Display & Scanner, XiCheck-BA63
               0203  Operator Display & Scanner, XiCheck-BA66
               0204  Graphics Operator Display, BA63GV
               0300  POS Printer (printer class mode), TH210
               0301  POS Printer (native mode), TH210
               0302  POS Printer (printer class mode), TH220
               0303  POS Printer (native mode), TH220
               0304  POS Printer, TH230
               0305  Lottery Printer, XiPrintPlus
               0306  POS Printer (printer class mode), TH320
               0307  POS Printer (native mode), TH320
               0308  POS Printer (printer class mode), TH420
               0309  POS Printer (native mode), TH420
               030a  POS Printer, TH200B
               0400  Lottery Scanner, Xiscan S
               0401  Lottery Scanner, Xiscan 3
               4304  Banking Printer TP07
0aa8  TriGem Computer, Inc.
               0060  TG 11Mbps WLAN Mini Adapter
               1001  DreamComboM4100
               3002  InkJet Color Printer
               8001  TG_iMON
               8002  TG_KLOSS
               a001  TG_X2
               a002  TGVFD_KLOSS
               ffda  iMON_VFD
0aa9  Baromtec Co.
               f01b  Medion MD 6242 MP3 Player
0aaa  Japan CBM Corp.
0aab  Vision Shape Europe SA
0aac  iCompression, Inc.
0aad  Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
0aae  NEC infrontia Corp. (Nitsuko)
0aaf  Digitalway Co., Ltd
0ab0  Arrow Strong Electronics Co., Ltd
0aba  Ellisys
               8001  USB Tracker 110 Protocol Analyzer
0abe  Stereo-Link
               0101  SL1200 DAC
0ac3  Sanyo Semiconductor Company Micro
0ac4  Leco Corp.
0ac5  I & C Corp.
0ac6  Singing Electrons, Inc.
0ac7  Panwest Corp.
0ac8  Z-Star Microelectronics Corp.
               0301  Web Camera
               0302  ZC0302 WebCam
               0321  USB 2.0 Webcam
               0323  Luxya WC-1200 USB 2.0 Webcam
               301b  ZC0301 WebCam
               303b  ZC0303 WebCam
               305b  ZC0305 WebCam
               307b  USB 1.1 WebCam
               c002  Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC1
0ac9  Micro Solutions, Inc.
               0000  Backpack CD-ReWriter
               0001  BACKPACK  2 Cable
               0010  BACKPACK
               0011  Backpack 40GB Hard Drive
               0110  BACKPACK
               0111  BackPack
               1234  BACKPACK
0aca  OPEN Networks Ltd
               1060  OPEN NT1 Plus II
0acc  Koga Electronics Co.
0acd  ID Tech
               0401  ID TECH Spectrum III Hybrid Smartcard Reader
0ace  ZyDAS
               1201  802.11b WiFi
               1211  802.11b/g USB2 WiFi
               1215  WLA-54L WiFi
               1608  ONMI FAXMODEM 56K UNO (ZyXEL)
0acf  Intoto, Inc.
0ad0  Intellix Corp.
0ad1  Remotec Technology, Ltd
0ad2  Service & Quality Technology Co., Ltd
0ae3  Allion Computer, Inc.
0ae4  Taito Corp.
0ae7  Neodym Systems, Inc.
0ae8  System Support Co., Ltd
0ae9  North Shore Circuit Design L.L.P.
0aea  SciEssence, LLC
0aeb  TTP Communications, Ltd
0aec  Neodio Technologies Corp.
               2101  SmartMedia Card Reader
               2102  CompactFlash Card Reader
               2103  MMC/SD Card Reader
               2104  MemoryStick Card Reader
               2201  SmartMedia+CompactFlash Card Reader
               2202  SmartMedia+MMC/SD Card Reader
               2203  SmartMedia+MemoryStick Card Reader
               2204  CompactFlash+MMC/SD Card Reader
               2205  CompactFlash+MemoryStick Card Reader
               2206  MMC/SD+MemoryStick Card Reader
               2301  SmartMedia+CompactFlash+MMC/SD Card Reader
               2302  SmartMedia+CompactFlash+MemoryStick Card Reader
               2303  SmartMedia+MMC/SD+MemoryStick Card Reader
               2304  CompactFlash+MMC/SD+MemoryStick Card Reader
               3016  MMC/SD+Memory Stick Card Reader
               3050  ND3050 8-in-1 Card Reader
               3060  1.1 FS Card Reader
               3101  MMC/SD Card Reader
               3102  MemoryStick Card Reader
               3201  MMC/SD+MemoryStick Card Reader
               3216  HS Card Reader
               3260  7-in-1 Card Reader
               5010  ND5010 Card Reader
0af0  Option
               5000  UMTS Card
               6000  GlobeTrotter 3G datacard
               6300  GT 3G Quad UMTS/GPRS Card
               6600  GlobeTrotter 3G+ datacard
0af6  Silver I Co., Ltd
0af7  B2C2, Inc.
               0101  Digital TV USB Receiver (DVB-S/T/C / ATSC)
0af9  Hama, Inc.
               0010  USB SightCam 100
               0011  Micro Innovations IC50C WebCam
0afc  Zaptronix Ltd
0afd  Tateno Dennou, Inc.
0afe  Cummins Engine Co.
0aff  Jump Zone Network Products, Inc.
0b05  ASUSTek Computer, Inc.
               1101  Mass Storage (UISDMC4S)
               1706  WL-167G 802.11g Adapter [ralink]
               1707  WL-167g Wireless Adapter
               1708  Mass Storage Device
               170b  Mass Storage Device
               170c  WL-159g
               170d  802.11b/g Wireless Network Adapter
               1712  BT-183 Bluetooth 2.0+EDR adapter
               1715  2045 Bluetooth 2.0 Device with trace filter
               1716  Bluetooth Device
               171b  A9T wireless
               171c  802.11b/g Wireless Network Adapter
               1723  WL-167G v2 802.11g Adapter [ralink]
               1724  RT2573
               1726  Laptop OLED Display
               172a  ASUS 802.11n Network Adapter
               172b  802.11n Network Adapter
               1731  ASUS 802.11n Network Adapter
               1732  802.11n Network Adapter
               173c  BT-183 Bluetooth 2.0
               1742  802.11n Network Adapter
               6101  Cable Modem
               620a  Remote NDIS Device
0b0c  Todos Data System AB
               0009  Todos Argos Mini II Smart Card Reader
0b0e  GN Netcom
0b0f  AVID Technology
0b10  Pcally
0b11  I Tech Solutions Co., Ltd
0b1e  Electronic Warfare Assoc., Inc. (EWA)
0b1f  Insyde Software Corp.
0b20  TransDimension, Inc.
0b21  Yokogawa Electric Corp.
0b22  Japan System Development Co., Ltd
0b23  Pan-Asia Electronics Co., Ltd
0b24  Link Evolution Corp.
0b27  Ritek Corp.
0b28  Kenwood Corp.
0b2c  Village Center, Inc.
0b30  PNY Technologies, Inc.
               0006  SM Media-Shuttle Card Reader
0b33  Contour Design, Inc.
               0020  ShuttleXpress
0b37  Hitachi ULSI Systems Co., Ltd
0b39  Omnidirectional Control Technology, Inc.
               0109  USB TO Ethernet
               0421  Serial
               0801  USB-Parallel Bridge
               0901  OCT To Fast Ethernet Converter
               0c03  LAN DOCK Serial Converter
0b3a  IPaxess
0b3b  Tekram Technology Co., Ltd
               0163  TL-WN320G 1.0 WLAN Adapter
               1601  Allnet 0193 802.11b Adapter
               1602  ZyXEL ZyAIR B200 802.11b Adapter
               1612  AIR.Mate 2@net 802.11b Adapter
               1613  802.11b Wireless LAN Adapter
               1620  Allnet USB 2.0 Wireless Network Adapter
               1630  QuickWLAN
               5630  ZD1211
               6630  ZD1211
0b3c  Olivetti Techcenter
               a010  Simple_Way Printer/Scanner/Copier
0b3e  Kikusui Electronics Corp.
0b41  Hal Corp.
               0011  Crossam2+USB IR commander
0b43, Inc.
               0003  PS2 Controller Converter
0b47, Inc.
0b48  TechnoTrend AG
               1003  Technotrend/Hauppauge USB-Nova
               1004  TT-PCline
               1005  Technotrend/Hauppauge USB-Nova
               1006  Technotrend/Hauppauge DEC3000-s
               1007  TT-micro plus Device
               1008  Technotrend/Hauppauge DEC2000-t
               1009  Technotrend/Hauppauge DEC2540-t
0b49  ASCII Corp.
               064f  Trance Vibrator
0b4b  Pine Corp. Ltd.
               0100  D'music MP3 Player
0b4d  Graphtec America, Inc.
               110a  Graphtec CC200-20
0b4e  Musical Electronics, Ltd
               6500  MP3 Player
               8028  MP3 Player
               8920  MP3 Player
0b50  Dumpries Co., Ltd
0b51  Comfort Keyboard Co.
               0020  Comfort Keyboard
0b52  Colorado MicroDisplay, Inc.
0b54  Sinbon Electronics Co., Ltd
0b56  TYI Systems, Ltd
0b57  Beijing HanwangTechnology Co., Ltd
0b59  Lake Communications, Ltd
0b5a  Corel Corp.
0b5f  Green Electronics Co., Ltd
0b60  Nsine, Ltd
0b61  NEC Viewtechnology, Ltd
0b62  Orange Micro, Inc.
               000b  Bluetooth Device
               0059  iBOT2 WebCam
0b63  ADLink Technology, Inc.
0b64  Wonderful Wire Cable Co., Ltd
0b65  Expert Magnetics Corp.
0b69  CacheVision
0b6a  Maxim Integrated Products
0b6f  Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd
0b70  PortalPlayer, Inc.
               00ba  iRiver H10 20GB
0b71  SHIN-EI Sangyo Co., Ltd
0b72  Embedded Wireless Technology Co., Ltd
0b73  Computone Corp.
0b75  Roland DG Corp.
0b79  Sunrise Telecom, Inc.
0b7a  Zeevo, Inc.
               07d0  Bluetooth Dongle
0b7b  Taiko Denki Co., Ltd
0b7c  ITRAN Communications, Ltd
0b7d  Astrodesign, Inc.
0b84  Rextron Technology, Inc.
0b85  Elkat Electronics, Sdn., Bhd.
0b86  Exputer Systems, Inc.
               5100  XMC5100 Zippy Drive
               5110  XMC5110 Flash Drive
               5200  XMC5200 Zippy Drive
               5201  XMC5200 Zippy Drive
               5202  XMC5200 Zippy Drive
               5280  XMC5280 Storage Drive
               fff0  ISP5200 Debugger
0b87  Plus-One I & T, Inc.
0b88  Sigma Koki Co., Ltd, Technology Center
0b89  Advanced Digital Broadcast, Ltd
0b95  ASIX Electronics Corp.
               1720  10/100 Ethernet
               1780  AX88178
               7720  AX88772
0b96  Sewon Telecom
0b97  O2 Micro, Inc.
               7732  Smart Card Reader
               7761  Oz776 1.1 Hub
               7762  Oz776 SmartCard Reader
               7772  OZ776 CCID Smartcard Reader
0b98  Playmates Toys, Inc.
0b99  Audio International, Inc.
0b9b  Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kunde
               4012  Reflex RC-controller Interface
0b9d  Softprotec Co.
0b9f  Chippo Technologies
0baf  U.S. Robotics
               00e5  USR6000
               00eb  USR1120 802.11b Adapter
               00ec  56K Faxmodem
               00f1  SureConnect ADSL ATM Adapter
               00f2  SureConnect ADSL Loader
               00f5  SureConnect ADSL ATM Adapter
               00f6  SureConnect ADSL Loader
               00f7  SureConnect ADSL ATM Adapter
               00f8  SureConnect ADSL Loader
               00f9  SureConnect ADSL ATM Adapter
               00fa  SureConnect ADSL Loader
               00fb  SureConnect ADSL Ethernet/USB Router
               0118  U5 802.11g Adapter
               011b  Wireless MAXg Adapter
               0121  USR5423 WLAN
               6112  FaxModem Model 5633
0bb0  Concord Camera Corp.
               0100  Sound Vision Stream
               5007  3340z/Rollei DC3100
0bb1  Infinilink Corp.
0bb2  Ambit Microsystems Corp.
               0302  WLAN
               6098  USB Cable Modem
0bb3  Ofuji Technology
0bb4  High Tech Computer Corp.
               00ce  mmO2 XDA GSM/GPRS Pocket PC
               00cf  SPV C500 Smart Phone
               0a01  PocketPC Sync
               0a02  Himalaya GSM/GPRS Pocket PC
               0a03  PocketPC Sync
               0a04  PocketPC Sync
               0a05  PocketPC Sync
               0a06  PocketPC Sync
               0a07  Magician PocketPC SmartPhone / O2 XDA
               0a08  PocketPC Sync
               0a09  PocketPC Sync
               0a0a  PocketPC Sync
               0a0b  PocketPC Sync
               0a0c  PocketPC Sync
               0a0d  PocketPC Sync
               0a0e  PocketPC Sync
               0a0f  PocketPC Sync
               0a10  PocketPC Sync
               0a11  PocketPC Sync
               0a12  PocketPC Sync
               0a13  PocketPC Sync
               0a14  PocketPC Sync
               0a15  PocketPC Sync
               0a16  PocketPC Sync
               0a17  PocketPC Sync
               0a18  PocketPC Sync
               0a19  PocketPC Sync
               0a1a  PocketPC Sync
               0a1b  PocketPC Sync
               0a1c  PocketPC Sync
               0a1d  PocketPC Sync
               0a1e  PocketPC Sync
               0a1f  PocketPC Sync
               0a20  PocketPC Sync
               0a21  PocketPC Sync
               0a22  PocketPC Sync
               0a23  PocketPC Sync
               0a24  PocketPC Sync
               0a25  PocketPC Sync
               0a26  PocketPC Sync
               0a27  PocketPC Sync
               0a28  PocketPC Sync
               0a29  PocketPC Sync
               0a2a  PocketPC Sync
               0a2b  PocketPC Sync
               0a2c  PocketPC Sync
               0a2d  PocketPC Sync
               0a2e  PocketPC Sync
               0a2f  PocketPC Sync
               0a30  PocketPC Sync
               0a31  PocketPC Sync
               0a32  PocketPC Sync
               0a33  PocketPC Sync
               0a34  PocketPC Sync
               0a35  PocketPC Sync
               0a36  PocketPC Sync
               0a37  PocketPC Sync
               0a38  PocketPC Sync
               0a39  PocketPC Sync
               0a3a  PocketPC Sync
               0a3b  PocketPC Sync
               0a3c  PocketPC Sync
               0a3d  PocketPC Sync
               0a3e  PocketPC Sync
               0a3f  PocketPC Sync
               0a40  PocketPC Sync
               0a41  PocketPC Sync
               0a42  PocketPC Sync
               0a43  PocketPC Sync
               0a44  PocketPC Sync
               0a45  PocketPC Sync
               0a46  PocketPC Sync
               0a47  PocketPC Sync
               0a48  PocketPC Sync
               0a49  PocketPC Sync
               0a4a  PocketPC Sync
               0a4b  PocketPC Sync
               0a4c  PocketPC Sync
               0a4d  PocketPC Sync
               0a4e  PocketPC Sync
               0a4f  PocketPC Sync
               0a50  HTC SmartPhone Sync
               0a51  SPV C400 / T-Mobile SDA GSM/GPRS Pocket PC
               0a52  SmartPhone Sync
               0a53  SmartPhone Sync
               0a54  SmartPhone Sync
               0a55  SmartPhone Sync
               0a56  SmartPhone Sync
               0a57  SmartPhone Sync
               0a58  SmartPhone Sync
               0a59  SmartPhone Sync
               0a5a  SmartPhone Sync
               0a5b  SmartPhone Sync
               0a5c  SmartPhone Sync
               0a5d  SmartPhone Sync
               0a5e  SmartPhone Sync
               0a5f  SmartPhone Sync
               0a60  SmartPhone Sync
               0a61  SmartPhone Sync
               0a62  SmartPhone Sync
               0a63  SmartPhone Sync
               0a64  SmartPhone Sync
               0a65  SmartPhone Sync
               0a66  SmartPhone Sync
               0a67  SmartPhone Sync
               0a68  SmartPhone Sync
               0a69  SmartPhone Sync
               0a6a  SmartPhone Sync
               0a6b  SmartPhone Sync
               0a6c  SmartPhone Sync
               0a6d  SmartPhone Sync
               0a6e  SmartPhone Sync
               0a6f  SmartPhone Sync
               0a70  SmartPhone Sync
               0a71  SmartPhone Sync
               0a72  SmartPhone Sync
               0a73  SmartPhone Sync
               0a74  SmartPhone Sync
               0a75  SmartPhone Sync
               0a76  SmartPhone Sync
               0a77  SmartPhone Sync
               0a78  SmartPhone Sync
               0a79  SmartPhone Sync
               0a7a  SmartPhone Sync
               0a7b  SmartPhone Sync
               0a7c  SmartPhone Sync
               0a7d  SmartPhone Sync
               0a7e  SmartPhone Sync
               0a7f  SmartPhone Sync
               0a80  SmartPhone Sync
               0a81  SmartPhone Sync
               0a82  SmartPhone Sync
               0a83  SmartPhone Sync
               0a84  SmartPhone Sync
               0a85  SmartPhone Sync
               0a86  SmartPhone Sync
               0a87  SmartPhone Sync
               0a88  SmartPhone Sync
               0a89  SmartPhone Sync
               0a8a  SmartPhone Sync
               0a8b  SmartPhone Sync
               0a8c  SmartPhone Sync
               0a8d  SmartPhone Sync
               0a8e  SmartPhone Sync
               0a8f  SmartPhone Sync
               0a90  SmartPhone Sync
               0a91  SmartPhone Sync
               0a92  SmartPhone Sync
               0a93  SmartPhone Sync
               0a94  SmartPhone Sync
               0a95  SmartPhone Sync
               0a96  SmartPhone Sync
               0a97  SmartPhone Sync
               0a98  SmartPhone Sync
               0a99  SmartPhone Sync
               0a9a  SmartPhone Sync
               0a9b  SmartPhone Sync
               0a9c  SmartPhone Sync
               0a9d  SmartPhone Sync
               0a9e  SmartPhone Sync
               0a9f  SmartPhone Sync
               0b04  Hermes / TyTN / T-Mobile MDA Vario II / O2 Xda Trion
               0b06  Athena / Advantage x7500 / Dopod U1000 / T-Mobile AMEO
               0b0c  Elf / Touch / P3450 / T-Mobile MDA Touch / O2 Xda Nova / Dopod S1
               0bce  Vario MDA
0bb5  Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd
0bb6  Network Alchemy
0bb7  Joytech Computer Co., Ltd
0bb8  Hitachi Semiconductor and Devices Sales Co., Ltd
0bb9  Eiger M&C Co., Ltd
0bba  ZAccess Systems
0bbb  General Meters Corp.
0bbc  Assistive Technology, Inc.
0bbd  System Connection, Inc.
0bc0  Knilink Technology, Inc.
0bc1  Fuw Yng Electronics Co., Ltd
0bc2  Seagate RSS LLC
               2000  Storage Adapter V3 (TPP)
0bc3  IPWireless, Inc.
0bc4  Microcube Corp.
0bc5  JCN Co., Ltd
0bc6  ExWAY, Inc.
0bc7  X10 Wireless Technology, Inc.
               0001  ActiveHome (ACPI-compliant)
               0002  Firecracker Interface (ACPI-compliant)
               0003  VGA Video Sender (ACPI-compliant)
               0004  X10 Receiver
               0005  Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               0006  Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               0007  Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               0008  Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               0009  Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               000a  Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               000b  Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               000c  Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               000d  Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               000e  Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
               000f  Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
0bc8  Telmax Communications
0bc9  ECI Telecom, Ltd
0bca  Startek Engineering, Inc.
0bcb  Perfect Technic Enterprise Co., Ltd
0bd7  Andrew Pargeter & Associates
               a021  Amptek DP4 multichannel signal analyzer
0bda  Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
               0103  USB 2.0 Card Reader
               0104  Mass Storage Device
               0106  Mass Storage Device
               0107  Mass Storage Device
               0108  Mass Storage Device
               0111  Card Reader
               0113  Mass Storage Device
               0115  Mass Storage Device
               0116  Mass Storage Device
               0117  Mass Storage Device
               0118  Mass Storage Device
               0151  Mass Stroage Device
               0152  Mass Stroage Device
               0153  Mass Stroage Device
               0156  Mass Stroage Device
               0157  Mass Stroage Device
               0158  Mass Stroage Device
               0161  Mass Stroage Device
               0168  Mass Stroage Device
               0169  Mass Stroage Device
               0171  Mass Stroage Device
               0176  Mass Stroage Device
               0178  Mass Stroage Device
               2831  2831U Device
               8150  RTL8150 Fast Ethernet Adapter
               8151  RTL8151 Adapteon Business Mobile Networks BV
               8187  RTL8187 Wireless Adapter
               8189  RTL8187B Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps Network Adapter
               8197  RTL8187B Wireless Adapter
0bdb  Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV
               1000  BV Bluetooth Device
               1002  Bluetooth Device 1.2
0bdc  Y Media Corp.
0bdd  Orange PCS
0be2  Kanda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd
0be3  TOYO Corp.
0be4  Elka International, Ltd
0be5  DOME imaging systems, Inc.
0be6  Dong Guan Humen Wonderful Wire Cable Factory
0bee  LTK Industries, Ltd
0bef  Way2Call Communications
0bf0  Pace Micro Technology PLC
0bf1  Intracom S.A.
               0001  netMod Driver Ver 2.4.17 (CAPI)
               0002  netMod Driver Ver 2.4 (CAPI)
               0003  netMod Driver Ver 2.4 (CAPI)
0bf2  Konexx
0bf6  Addonics Technologies, Inc.
               0103  Storage Device
               1234  Storage Device
               a000  Cable 205 (TPP)
               a001  Cable 205
               a002  IDE Bridge
0bf7  Sunny Giken, Inc.
0bf8  Fujitsu Siemens Computers
               1001  Fujitsu Pocket Loox 600 PDA
0c04  MOTO Development Group, Inc.
0c05  Appian Graphics
0c06  Hasbro Games, Inc.
0c07  Infinite Data Storage, Ltd
0c08  Agate
               0378  Q 16MB Storage Device
0c09  Comjet Information System
               a5a5  Litto Version USB2.0
0c0a  Highpoint Technologies, Inc.
0c0b  Dura Micro, Inc. (Acomdata)
               27cb  6-in-1 Flash Reader and Writer
               27d7  Multi Memory reader/writer MD-005
               27da  Multi Memory reader/writer MD-005
               27dc  Multi Memory reader/writer MD-005
               27e7  3,5'' HDD case MD-231
               27ee  3,5'' HDD case MD-231
               2814  3,5'' HDD case MD-231
               2815  3,5'' HDD case MD-231
               281d  3,5'' HDD case MD-231
               a109  CF/SM Reader and Writer
               a10c  SD/MS Reader and Writer
               b001  USB 2.0 Mass Storage IDE adapter
               b004  MMC/SD Reader and Writer
0c12  Zeroplus
               0005  PSX Vibration Feedback Converter
               8809  Red Octane Ignition Xbox DDR Pad
0c15  Iris Graphics
0c16  Gyration, Inc.
               0080  eHome Infrared Receiver
               0081  eHome Infrared Receiver
0c17  Cyberboard A/S
0c18  SynerTek Korea, Inc.
0c19  cyberPIXIE, Inc.
0c1a  Silicon Motion, Inc.
0c1b  MIPS Technologies
0c1c  Hang Zhou Silan Electronics Co., Ltd
0c22  Tally Printer Corp.
0c23  Lernout + Hauspie
0c24  Taiyo Yuden
               0001  Bluetooth Adaptor
               0002  Bluetooth Device2
               0005  Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
               000b  Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
               000c  Bluetooth Adaptor
               000e  Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
               000f  Bluetooth Driver (V2.0+EDR)
               0010  Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
               0012  Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
               0018  Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
               0019  Bluetooth Device
               0c24  Bluetooth Device(SAMPLE)
               ffff  Bluetooth module with BlueCore in DFU mode
0c25  Sampo Corp.
               0310  Scream Cam
0c2e  Metro
               0200  Metrologic Scanner
0c35  Eagletron, Inc.
0c36  E Ink Corp.
0c37  e.Digital
0c38  Der An Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
0c39  IFR
0c3a  Furui Precise Component (Kunshan) Co., Ltd
0c3b  Komatsu, Ltd
0c3c  Radius Co., Ltd
0c3d  Innocom, Inc.
0c3e  Nextcell, Inc.
0c44  Motorola iDEN
               0021  iDEN P2k0 Device
               0022  iDEN P2k1 Device
               03a2  iDEN Smartphone
0c45  Microdia
               1020  Mass Storage Reader
               1028  Mass Storage Reader
               1030  Mass Storage Reader
               1031  Sonix Mass Storage Device
               1032  Mass Storage Reader
               1033  Sonix Mass Storage Device
               1034  Mass Storage Reader
               1035  Mass Storage Reader
               1036  Mass Storage Reader
               1037  Sonix Mass Storage Device
               1050  CF Card Reader
               1058  HDD Reader
               1060  iFlash SM-Direct Card Reader
               1061  Mass Storage Reader
               1062  Mass Storage Reader
               1063  Sonix Mass Storage Device
               1064  Mass Storage Reader
               1065  Mass Storage Reader
               1066  Mass Storage Reader
               1067  Mass Storage Reader
               184c  VoIP Phone
               6001  Genius VideoCAM NB
               6005  Sweex Mini WebCam
               6007  VideoCAM Eye
               6009  VideoCAM ExpressII
               600d  TwinkleCam USB camera
               6011  PC Camera (SN9C102)
               6019  PC Camera (SN9C102)
               6024  VideoCAM ExpressII
               6025  VideoCAM ExpressII
               6028  Typhoon Easycam USB 330K (older)
               6029  Triplex i-mini PC Camera
               602a  Meade ETX-105EC Camera
               602b  VideoCAM NB 300
               602c  Clas Ohlson TWC-30XOP WebCam
               602d  VideoCAM ExpressII
               602e  VideoCAM Messenger
               6030  VideoCAM ExpressII
               603f  VideoCAM ExpressII
               6040  CCD PC Camera (PC390A)
               606a  CCD PC Camera (PC390A)
               607a  CCD PC Camera (PC390A)
               607b  Win2 PC Camera
               607c  CCD PC Camera (PC390A)
               607e  CCD PC Camera (PC390A)
               6080  Audio (Microphone)
               6082  VideoCAM Look
               6083  VideoCAM Look
               608c  VideoCAM Look
               608e  VideoCAM Look
               608f  VideoCAM Look
               60a8  VideoCAM Look
               60aa  VideoCAM Look
               60ab  PC Camera
               60af  VideoCAM Look
               60b0  Genius VideoCam Look
               60c0  PC Camera with Mic (SN9C105)
               60c8  Win2 PC Camera
               60cc  Composite Device
               60ec  Composite Device
               60ef  Win2 PC Camera
               60fa  PC Camera with Mic (SN9C105)
               60fb  Composite Device
               60fc  PC Camera with Mic (SN9C105)
               60fe  Audio (Microphone)
               6108  Win2 PC Camera
               6122  PC Camera (SN9C110)
               6123  PC Camera (SN9C110)
               612a  PC Camera (SN9C110)
               612c  PC Camera (SN9C110)
               612e  PC Camera (SN9C110)
               612f  PC Camera (SN9C110)
               6130  PC Camera (SN9C120)
               6138  Win2 PC Camera
               613a  PC Camera (SN9C120)
               613b  Win2 PC Camera
               613c  PC Camera (SN9C120)
               613e  PC Camera (SN9C120)
               6240  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               6242  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               6243  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               6248  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               624b  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               624c  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               624e  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               624f  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               6260  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               6270  U-CAM PC Camera NE878
               627a  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               627b  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               627c  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               627f  PC Camera (SN9C201)
               6280  Composite Device
               6282  Audio (Microphone)
               6283  Audio (Microphone)
               6288  Audio (Microphone)
               628a  Composite Device
               628b  PC Camera (SN9C202)
               628c  PC Camera (SN9C202)
               628e  Composite Device
               628f  Composite Device
               62a0  Audio (Microphone)
               62b0  Audio (Microphone)
               62ba  PC Camera (SN9C202)
               62bb  PC Camera (SN9C202)
               62bc  Composite Device
               62c0  Pavilion Webcam
               8000  DC31VC
               8006  Dual Mode Camera (8006 VGA)
               800a  Vivitar Vivicam3350B
0c46  WaveRider Communications, Inc.
0c4b  Reiner SCT Kartensysteme GmbH
               0100  cyberJack e-com/pinpad
               0300  cyberJack pinpad(a)
0c52  Sealevel Systems, Inc.
               2101  Serial Converter
0c53  ViewPLUS, Inc.
0c54  Glory, Ltd
0c55  Spectrum Digital, Inc.
               0510  Spectrum Digital XDS510 JTAG Debugger
               0540  SPI540
               5416  TMS320C5416 DSK
               6416  TMS320C6416 DDB
0c56  Billion Bright, Ltd
0c57  Imaginative Design Operation Co., Ltd
0c58  Vidar Systems Corp.
0c59  Dong Guan Shinko Wire Co., Ltd
0c5a  TRS International Mfg., Inc.
0c5e  Xytronix Research & Design
0c62  Chant Sincere Co., Ltd
0c63  Toko, Inc.
0c64  Signality System Engineering Co., Ltd
0c65  Eminence Enterprise Co., Ltd
0c66  Rexon Electronics Corp.
0c67  Concept Telecom, Ltd
0c70  MCT Elektronikladen
               0000  USB08 Development board
0c74  Optronic Laboratories Inc.
               0002  OL 700-30 Goniometer
0c76  JMTek, LLC.
               0001  Mass Storage Controller
               0002  Mass Storage Controller
               0003  USBdisk
               0004  Mass Storage Controller
               0005  Transcend USB Flash disk
               0006  Transcend JetFlash
               0007  Mass Storage Device
0c77  Sipix Group, Ltd
               1001  SiPix Web2
               1002  SiPix SC2100
               1010  SiPix Snap
               1011  SiPix Blink 2
               1015  SiPix CAMeleon
0c78  Detto Corp.
0c79  NuConnex Technologies Pte., Ltd
0c7a  Wing-Span Enterprise Co., Ltd
0c86  NDA Technologies, Inc.
0c88  Kyocera Wireless Corp.
               0021  Handheld
               17da  Qualcomm Kyocera CDMA Technologies MSM
0c89  Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd
0c8a  Pathway Connectivity, Inc.
0c8b  Wavefly Corp.
0c8c  Coactive Networks
0c8d  Tempo
0c8e  Cesscom Co., Ltd
               6000  Luxian Series
0c8f  Applied Microsystems
0c98  Berkshire Products, Inc.
               1140  USB PC Watchdog
0c99  Innochips Co., Ltd
0c9a  Hanwool Robotics Corp.
0c9b  Jobin Yvon, Inc.
0c9d  SemTek
               0170  3873 Manual Insert card reader
0ca2  Zyfer
0ca3  Sega Corp.
0ca4  ST&T Instrument Corp.
0ca5  BAE Systems Canada, Inc.
0ca6  Castles Technology Co., Ltd
               0010  EZUSB PC/SC Smart Card Reader
               0050  EZ220PU Reader Controller
               1077  Bludrive Family Smart Card Reader
               107e  Reader Controller
               2010  myPad110 PC/SC Smart Card Reader
0ca7  Information Systems Laboratories
0cad  Motorola CGISS
               9001  PowerPad Pocket PC聽Device
0cae  Ascom Business Systems, Ltd
0caf  Buslink
               2507  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               2515  Flash Disk Embedded Hub
               2516  Flash Disk Security Device
               2517  Flash Disk Mass Storage Device
               25c7  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               3a00  Hard Drive
               3a20  Mass Storage Device
               3acd  Mass Storage Device
0cb0  Flying Pig Systems
0cb1  Innovonics, Inc.
0cb6  Celestix Networks, Pte., Ltd
0cb7  Singatron Enterprise Co., Ltd
0cb8  Opticis Co., Ltd
0cba  Trust Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
0cbb  Shanghai Darong Electronics Co., Ltd
0cbc  Palmax Technology Co., Ltd
               0101  Pocket PC P6C
               0201  Personal Digital Assistant
               0301  Personal Digital Assistant P6M+
               0401  Pocket PC
0cbd  Pentel Co., Ltd (Electronics Equipment Div.)
0cbe  Keryx Technologies, Inc.
0cbf  Union Genius Computer Co., Ltd
0cc0  Kuon Yi Industrial Corp.
0cc1  Given Imaging, Ltd
0cc2  Timex Corp.
0cc3  Rimage Corp.
0cc4  emsys GmbH
0cc5  Sendo
0cc6  Intermagic Corp.
0cc7  Kontron Medical AG
0cc8  Technotools Corp.
0cc9  BroadMAX Technologies, Inc.
0cca  Amphenol
0ccb  SKNet Co., Ltd
0ccc  Domex Technology Corp.
0ccd  TerraTec Electronic GmbH
               0014  PHASE 26
               0015  Flash Update for TerraTec PHASE 26
               0021  Cameo Grabster 200
               0023  Mystify Claw
               0032  MIDI HUBBLE
               0036  Cinergy 250 Audio
               0037  Cinergy 250 Audio
               0038  Cinergy T^2 DVB-T Receiver
               0039  Grabster AV 400
               003b  Cinergy 400
               003c  Grabster AV 250
               0042  Cinergy Hybrid T XS
               0043  Cinergy T XS
               004e  Cinergy T XS
               004f  Cinergy Analog XS
               005c  Cinergy T虏
               0069  Cinergy T XE DVB-T Receiver
0cd4  Bang Olufsen
               0101  BeolinkPC2
0cd7  NewChip S.r.l.
0cd8  JS Digitech, Inc.
               2007  Smart Card Reader/JSTU-9700
0cd9  Hitachi Shin Din Cable, Ltd
0cde  Z-Com
               0001  M4Y-750
               0002  XI-725/726 Prism2.5 802.11b Adapter
               0003  Sagem 802.11b Dongle
               0004  Sagem 802.11b Dongle
               0005  XI-735 Prism3 802.11b Adapter
               0006  Medion 40900 802.11b Adapter
               0008  Sitecom Wireless Network Adapter 100G+ WL-125
               0009  (ZD1211)IEEE 802.11b+g Adapter
               0011  ZD1211
               0012  AR5523
               0013  AR5523 driver (no firmware)
               0014  NB 802.11g Wireless LAN Adapter(3887A)
               0015  Zoom Wireless-G
               0016  NB 802.11g Wireless LAN Adapter(3887A)
               0018  NB 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Adapter(3887A)
               001a  ZD1211B
               001c  802.11b/g Wireless Network Adapter
               0020  Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Adapter
               0022  802.11b/g/n Wireless Network Adapter
0ce9  pico Technology
               1001  PicoScope3204
0cf1  e-Conn Electronic Co., Ltd
0cf2  ENE Technology, Inc.
0cf3  Atheros Communications, Inc.
               0001  AR5523
               0002  AR5523 (no firmware)
               0003  AR5523
               0004  AR5523 (no firmware)
               0005  AR5523
               0006  AR5523 (no firmware)
0cf4  Fomtex Corp.
0cf5  Cellink Co., Ltd
0cf6  Compucable Corp.
0cf7  ishoni Networks
0cf8  Clarisys, Inc.
               0750  Claritel-i750 - vp
0cf9  Central System Research Co., Ltd
0cfa  Inviso, Inc.
0cfc  Minolta-QMS, Inc.
0cff  SAFA MEDIA Co., Ltd.
               0320  SR-380N
0d06  telos EDV Systementwicklung GmbH
0d08  UTStarcom
               0602  DV007 [serial]
               0603  DV007 [storage]
0d0b  Contemporary Controls
0d0c  Astron Electronics Co., Ltd
0d0d  MKNet Corp.
0d0e  Hybrid Networks, Inc.
0d0f  Feng Shin Cable Co., Ltd
0d10  Elastic Networks
               0001  StormPort (WDM)
0d11  Maspro Denkoh Corp.
0d12  Hansol Electronics, Inc.
0d13  BMF Corp.
0d14  Array Comm, Inc.
0d15  OnStream b.v.
0d16  Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies Co., Ltd
               0001  PhotoShuttle
               0002  Photo Printer 730 series
               0004  Photo Printer 63xPL/PS
               0100  Photo Printer 63xPL/PS
               0102  Photo Printer 64xPS
               0103  Photo Printer 730 series
               0104  Photo Printer 63xPL/PS
               0105  Photo Printer 64xPS
               0200  Photo Printer 64xDL
0d17  NALTEC, Inc.
0d18  coaXmedia
0d19  Hank Connection Industrial Co., Ltd
0d32  Leo Hui Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
0d33  AirSpeak, Inc.
0d34  Rearden Steel Technologies
0d35  Dah Kun Co., Ltd
0d3a  Posiflex Technologies, Inc.
0d3c  Sri Cable Technology, Ltd
0d3d  Tangtop Technology Co., Ltd
               0001  HID Keyboard
0d3e  Fitcom, inc.
0d3f  MTS Systems Corp.
0d40  Ascor, Inc.
0d41  Ta Yun Terminals Industrial Co., Ltd
0d42  Full Der Co., Ltd
0d46  Kobil Systems GmbH
               2012  KAAN Standard Plus (Smartcard reader)
               3003  mIDentity Light / KAAN SIM III
               4000  mIDentity (mass storage)
               4001  mIDentity Basic/Classic (composite device)
               4081  mIDentity Basic/Classic (installationless)
0d49  Maxtor
               3000  Drive
               3010  3000LE Drive
               3100  Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller
               5000  5000XT Drive
               5010  5000LE Drive
               5020  Mobile Hard Disk Drive
               7000  OneTouch
               7010  OneTouch
0d4a  NF Corp.
0d4b  Grape Systems, Inc.
0d4c  Tedas AG
0d4d  Coherent, Inc.
0d4e  Agere Systems Netherland BV
               047a  WLAN Card
               1000  Wireless Card Model 0801
               1001  Wireless Card Model 0802
0d4f  EADS Airbus France
0d50  Cleware GmbH
               0011  USB-Temp2 Thermometer
0d51  Volex (Asia) Pte., Ltd
0d53  HMI Co., Ltd
0d54  Holon Corp.
0d55  ASKA Technologies, Inc.
0d56  AVLAB Technology, Inc.
0d57  Solomon Microtech, Ltd
0d5c  Belkin
               a002  F5D6050 802.11b Adapter
0d5e  Myacom, Ltd
               2346  BT Digital Access adapter
0d5f  CSI, Inc.
0d60  IVL Technologies, Ltd
0d61  Meilu Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
0d62  Darfon Electronics Corp.
               0003  Smartcard Reader
               0004  Filter Driver
               0306  M530 Mouse
               0800  Magic Wheel
               2021  AM805 Keyboard
               2026  TECOM Bluetooth Device
               a100  Benq Mouse
0d63  Fritz Gegauf AG
0d64  DXG Technology Corp.
               0105  Dual Mode Digital Camera 1.3M
               0107  Horus MT-409 Camera
               0108  Dual Mode Digital Camera
               0202  Dual Mode Video Camera Device
               0303  DXG-305V Camera
               1001  SiPix Stylecam/UMAX AstraPix 320s
               1002  Fashion Cam 01 Dual-Mode DSC (Video Camera)
               1003  Fashion Cam Dual-Mode DSC (Controller)
               1021  D-Link DSC 350F
               1208  Dual Mode Still Camera Device
               2208  Mass Storage
               3105  Dual Mode Digital Camera Disk
               3108  Digicam Mass Storage Device
0d65  KMJP Co., Ltd
0d66  TMT
0d67  Advanet, Inc.
0d68  Super Link Electronics Co., Ltd
0d69  NSI
0d6a  Megapower International Corp.
0d6b  And-Or Logic
0d70  Try Computer Co., Ltd
0d71  Hirakawa Hewtech Corp.
0d72  Winmate Communication, Inc.
0d73  Hit's Communications, Inc.
0d76  MFP Korea, Inc.
0d77  Power Sentry/Newpoint
0d78  Japan Distributor Corp.
0d7a  MARX Datentechnik GmbH
0d7b  Wellco Technology Co., Ltd
0d7c  Taiwan Line Tek Electronic Co., Ltd
0d7d  Phison Electronics Corp.
               0100  PS1001/1011/1006/1026 Flash Disk
               0110  Gigabyte FlexDrive
               0120  Disk Pro 64MB
               0124  GIGABYTE Disk
               0240  I/O-Magic/Transcend 6-in-1 Card Reader
               110e  NEC uPD720121/130 USB-ATA/ATAPI Bridge
               1240  Apacer 6-in-1 Card Reader 2.0
               1270  Wolverine SixPac 6000
               1300  Flash Disk
               1320  PS2031 Flash Disk
               1400  Attache 256MB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
               1420  PS2044 Pen Drive
               1470  Vosonic X's-Drive II+ VP2160
               1900  USB Thumb Drive
0d7e  American Computer & Digital Components
               2507  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
               2517  Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device
               25c7  Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE Bridge Controller
0d7f  Essential Reality LLC
0d80  H.R. Silvine Electronics, Inc.
0d81  TechnoVision
0d83  Think Outside, Inc.
0d89  Oz Software
0d8a  King Jim Co., Ltd
               0101  TEPRA PRO
0d8b  Ascom Telecommunications, Ltd
0d8c  C-Media Electronics, Inc.
               0001  Audio Device
               0002  Composite Device
               0003  Sound Device
               0006  Storm HP-USB500 5.1 Headset
               000c  Audio Adapter
               000d  Composite Device
               000e  Audio Adapter (Planet UP-100, Genius G-Talk)
               0102  CM106 Like Sound Device
               0103  Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro
               5000  Mass Storage Controller
               5200  Mass Storage Controller(0D8C,5200)
               b213  USB Phone CM109 (aka CT2000,VPT1000)
0d8d  Promotion & Display Technology, Ltd
               0234  V-234 Composite Device
               0550  V-550 Composite Device
               0551  V-551 Composite Device
               0552  V-552 Composite Device
               0651  V-651 Composite Device
               0652  V-652 Composite Device
               0653  V-653 Composite Device
               0654  V-654 Composite Device
               0655  V-655 Composite Device
               0656  V-656 Composite Device
               0657  V-657 Composite Device
               0658  V-658 Composite Device
               0659  V-659 Composite Device
               0660  V-660 Composite Device
               0661  V-661 Composite Device
               0662  V-662 Composite Device
               0850  V-850 Composite Device
               0851  V-851 Composite Device
               0852  V-852 Composite Device
               0901  V-901 Composite Device
               0902  V-902 Composite Device
               0903  V-903 Composite Device
               4754  Voyager DMP Composite Device
               bb00  Bloomberg Composite Device
               bb01  Bloomberg Composite Device
               bb02  Bloomberg Composite Device
               bb03  Bloomberg Composite Device
               bb04  Bloomberg Composite Device
               bb05  Bloomberg Composite Device
               fffe  Global Tuner Composite Device
               ffff  Voyager DMP Composite Device
0d8e  Global Sun Technology, Inc.
               0163  802.11g 54 Mbps Wireless Dongle
               1621  802.11b Wireless Adapter
               3762  802.11g Wireless Mini adapter
               3763  802.11g Wireless dongle
               7100  802.11b Adapter
               7110  WL-210
               7801  AR5523
               7802  AR5523 (no firmware)
               7811  AR5523
               7812  AR5523 (no firmware)
               7a01  PRISM25 802.11b Adapter
0d8f  Pitney Bowes
0d90  Sure-Fire Electrical Corp.
0d96  Skanhex Technology, Inc.
               0000  Jenoptik JD350 video
               3300  SX330z Camera
               4100  SX410z Camera
               4102  MD 9700 Camera
               4104  Jenoptik JD-4100z3s
               410a  Medion 9801/Novatech SX-410z
               5200  SX-520z Camera
0d97  Santa Barbara Instrument Group
               0001  SBIG Astronomy Camera (without firmware)
               0101  SBIG Astronomy Camera (with firmware)
0d98  Mars Semiconductor Corp.
               0300  Avaya Wireless Card
0d99  Trazer Technologies, Inc.
0d9a  RTX Telecom AS
               0001  Bluetooth Device
0d9b  Tat Shing Electrical Co.
0d9c  Chee Chen Hi-Technology Co., Ltd
0d9d  Sanwa Supply, Inc.
0d9e  Avaya
               0300  Wireless Card
0d9f  Powercom Co., Ltd
0da0  Danger Research
0da1  Suzhou Peter's Precise Industrial Co., Ltd
0da2  Land Instruments International, Ltd
0da3  Nippon Electro-Sensory Devices Corp.
0da4  Polar Electro OY
               0001  Interface
0da7  IOGear, Inc.
0da8  softDSP Co., Ltd
               0001  SDS 200A Oscilloscope
0dab  Cubig Group
               0100  DVR/CVR-M140 MP3 Player
0dad  Westover Scientific
0db0  Micro Star International
               1020  PC2PC WLAN Card
               1967  Bluetooth Dongle
               4011  Medion Flash XL V2.0 Card Reader
               4600  802.11b/g Turbo Wireless Adapter
               5501  Mass Storage Device
               5502  Mass Storage Device
               5513  MP3 Player
               5515  MP3 Player
               5516  MP3 Player
               6823  UB11B/MS-6823 802.11b Wi-Fi adapter
               6826  IEEE 802.11g Wireless Network Adapter
               6855  Bluetooth Device
               6861  MSI-6861 802.11g WiFi adapter
               6865  RT2570
               6869  RT2570
               6874  RT2573
               6877  RT2573
               6881  Bluetooth Class I EDR Device
               688a  Bluetooth Class I EDR Device
               6970  Bluetooth adapter
               697a  Bluetooth Dongle
               6982  Medion Flash XL Card Reader
               a861  RT2573
               a874  RT2573
               a970  Bluetooth dongle
               a97a  Bluetooth EDR Device
               b970  Bluetooth EDR Device
               b97a  Bluetooth EDR Device
0db1  Wen Te Electronics Co., Ltd
0db2  Shian Hwi Plug Parts, Plastic Factory
0db3  Tekram Technology Co., Ltd
0db4  Chung Fu Chen Yeh Enterprise Corp.
0db7  ELCON Systemtechnik
               0002  Goldpfeil P-LAN
0dbe  Jiuh Shiuh Precision Industry Co., Ltd
0dbf  Quik Tech Solutions
               0002  SmartDongle Security Key
               0200  HDD Storage Solution
               021b  USB-2.0 IDE Adapter
               0300  Storage Adapter
               0333  Storage Adapter
               0707  ZIV Drive
0dc0  Great Notions
0dc1  Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd
0dc3  Athena Smartcard Solutions, Inc.
               0801  ASEDrive III
               0802  ASEDrive IIIe
               1104  ASEDrive IIIe KB
               1701  ASEKey
               1702  ASEKey
0dc4  Macpower Peripherals, Ltd
               0040  Mass Storage Device
               0041  Mass Storage Device
               0042  Mass Storage Device
               0101  Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device
0dc5  SDK Co., Ltd
0dc6  Precision Squared Technology Corp.
0dc7  First Cable Line, Inc.
0dcd  NetworkFab Corp.
               0001  Remote Interface Adapter
               0002  High Bandwidth Codec
0dd0  Access Solutions
               1002  Triple Talk Speech Synthesizer
0dd1  Contek Electronics Co., Ltd
0dd2  Power Quotient International Co., Ltd
               0003  Mass Storage (P)
0dd3  MediaQ
0dd4  Custom Engineering SPA
0dd5  California Micro Devices
0dd7  Kocom Co., Ltd
0dd8  Netac Technology Co., Ltd
               1060  USB-CF-Card
               e007  OnlyDisk U222 Pendrive
0dd9  HighSpeed Surfing
0dda  Integrated Circuit Solution, Inc.
               0001  Multi-Card Reader 6in1
               0002  Multi-Card Reader 7in1
               0003  Flash Disk
               0005  Internal Multi-Card Reader 6in1
               0008  SD single card reader
               0009  MS single card reader
               000a  MS+SD Dual Card Reader
               000b  SM single card reader
               0101  All-In-One Card Reader
               0102  All-In-One Card Reader
               0301  MP3 Player
               0302  Multi-Card MP3 Player
               1001  Multi-Flash Disk
               2001  Multi-Card Reader
               2002  Q018 default PID
               2003  Multi-Card Reader
               2005  Datalux DLX-1611 16in1 Card Reader
               2006  All-In-One Card Reader
               2007  USB to ATAPI bridge
               2008  All-In-One Card Reader
               2013  SD/MS Combo Card Reader
               2014  SD/MS Single Card Reader
               2023  card reader SD/MS DEMO board with ICSI brand name (MaskROM version)
               2024  card reader SD/MS DEMO board with Generic brand name (MaskROM version)
               2026  USB2.0 Card Reader
               2027  USB 2.0 Card Reader
               2315  UFD MP3 player (model 2)
               2318  UFD MP3 player (model 1)
               2321  UFD MP3 player
0ddb  Tamarack, Inc.
0ddd  Datelink Technology Co., Ltd
0dde  Ubicom, Inc.
0de0  BD Consumer Healthcare
0dea  UTECH Electronic (D.G.) Co., Ltd.
0ded  Novasonics
0dee  Lifetime Memory Products
               4010  Storage Adapter
0def  Full Rise Electronic Co., Ltd
0df6  Sitecom Europe B.V.
               0001  C-Media VOIP Device
               0004  Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter 100m
               0007  Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter 10m
               000b  Bluetooth 2.0.USB Adapter DFU
               000d  WL-168 Wireless Network Adapter 54g
               0017  WL-182
               0019  Bluetooth 2.0 adapter 10m CN-512v2 001
               001a  Bluetooth 2.0 adapter 100m CN-521v2 001
               061c  LN-028
               21f4  44 St Bluetooth Device
               2200  Sitecom bluetooth2.0 class 2 dongle CN-512
               2208  Sitecom bluetooth2.0 class 2 dongle CN-520
               2209  Sitecom bluetooth2.0 class 1 dongle CN-521
               9071  zd1211 802.11g Adapter
               9075  ZD1211B
               90ac  WL-172
               9712  WL-113 rev 2
0df7  Mobile Action Technology, Inc.
               0620  MA-620 Infrared Adapter
               0700  MA-700 Bluetooth Adapter
               0720  MA-720 Bluetooth Adapter
               0722  Bluetooth Dongle
               0800  Data Cable
               0820  Data Cable
               1800  Generic Card Reader
               1802  Card Reader
0dfa  Toyo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
0dfc  GeneralTouch Technology Co., Ltd
               0001  Touchscreen
0e03  Nippon Systemware Co., Ltd
0e08  Winbest Technology Co., Ltd
0e0c  Gesytec
               0101  LonUSB LonTalk Network Adapter
0e16  JMTek, LLC
0e17  Walex Electronic, Ltd
0e1b  Crewave
0e21  Cowon Systems, Inc.
               0300  iAudio CW200
               0400  MP3 Player
               0510  iAudio X5
               0513  iAudio X5, side USB port
               0520  iAudio M5
               0700  iAudio U3
0e22  Symbian Ltd.
0e23  Liou Yuane Enterprise Co., Ltd
0e25  VinChip Systems, Inc.
0e26  J-Phone East Co., Ltd
0e30  HeartMath LLC
0e34  Micro Computer Control Corp.
0e35  3Pea Technologies, Inc.
0e36  TiePie engineering
               0008  Handyscope HS3
               0009  Handyscope HS3 (br)
               000a  Handyscope HS4
               000b  Handyscope HS4 (br)
               000e  Handyscope HS4 Diff
               000f  Handyscope HS4 Diff (br)
               0010  Handyscope HS2
               0018  Handyprobe HP2
               0042  TiePieSCOPE HS801
               00fd  USB To Parallel adapter
               00fe  USB To Parallel adapter
0e38  Stratitec, Inc.
0e39  Smart Modular Technologies, Inc.
               0137  Bluetooth Device
0e3a  Neostar Technology Co., Ltd
               1100  CW-1100 Wireless Network Adapter
0e3b  Mansella, Ltd
0e41  Line6, Inc.
               4250  BassPODxt
               4252  BassPODxt Pro
               4642  BassPODxt Live
               4650  PODxt Live
               4750  GuitarPort
               5044  PODxt
               5050  PODxt Pro
               534d  SeaMonkey
0e44  Sun-Riseful Technology Co., Ltd.
0e48  Julia Corp., Ltd
               0100  CardPro SmartCard Reader
0e4a  Shenzhen Bao Hing Electric Wire & Cable Mfr. Co.
0e4c  Radica Games, Ltd
0e55  Speed Dragon Multimedia, Ltd
               110b  MS3303H USB-to-Serial Bridge
0e56  Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
               6021  K-PEX 100
0e5a  Active Co., Ltd
0e5b  Union Power Information Industrial Co., Ltd
0e5c  Bitland Information Technology Co., Ltd
               6118  LCD Device
               6119  remote receive and control device
               6441  C-Media Sound Device
0e5d  Neltron Industrial Co., Ltd
0e66  Hawking
               400b  UF100 10/100 Network Adapter
               400c  UF100 Ethernet [pegasus2]
0e67  Fossil, Inc.
               0002  Wrist PDA
0e6a  Megawin Technology Co., Ltd
0e70  Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd
0e72  Hsi-Chin Electronics Co., Ltd
0e75  TVS Electronics, Ltd
0e79  Archos, Inc.
               1106  Pocket Medai Assistant - PMA400
0e7b  On-Tech Industry Co., Ltd
0e7e  Gmate, Inc.
               0001  Yopy 3000 PDA
               1001  YP3X00 PDA
0e82  Ching Tai Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
0e83  Shin An Wire & Cable Co.
0e8c  Well Force Electronic Co., Ltd
0e8d  MediaTek Inc.
0e8f  GreenAsia Inc.
               0012  Joystick
0e90  WiebeTech, LLC
               0100  Storage Adapter V1
0e91  VTech Engineering Canada, Ltd
0e92  C's Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd
0e93  eM Technics Co., Ltd
0e95  Future Technology Co., Ltd
0e96  Aplux Communications, Ltd
               c001  TRUST 380 USB2 SPACEC@M
0e97  Fingerworks, Inc.
0e98  Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc.
0e99  Parallel Dice Co., Ltd
0e9a  TA HSING Industries, Ltd
0e9b  ADTEC Corp.
0e9c  Streamzap, Inc.
               0000  Streamzap Remote Control
0e9f  Tamura Corp.
0ea0  Ours Technology, Inc.
               2126  7-in-1 Card Reader
               2168  Transcend JetFlash 2.0 / Astone USB Drive
               6803  OTI-6803 Flash Disk
               6808  OTI-6808 Flash Disk
               6828  OTI-6828 Flash Disk
0ea6  Nihon Computer Co., Ltd
0ea7  MSL Enterprises Corp.
0ea8  CenDyne, Inc.
0ead  Humax Co., Ltd
0eb0  NovaTech
               9020  NovaTech NV-902W
               9021  RT2573
0eb1  WIS Technologies, Inc.
               6666  WinFast WalkieTV TV Loader
               6668  WinFast WalkieTV TV Loader
               7007  WinFast WalkieTV WDM Capture
0eb2  Y-S Electronic Co., Ltd
0eb3  Saint Technology Corp.
0eb7  Endor AG
0ebe  VWeb Corp.
0ebf  Omega Technology of Taiwan, Inc.
0ec0  LHI Technology (China) Co., Ltd
0ec1  Abit Computer Corp.
0ec2  Sweetray Industrial, Ltd
0ec3  Axell Co., Ltd
0ec4  Ballracing Developments, Ltd
0ec5  GT Information System Co., Ltd
0ec6  InnoVISION Multimedia, Ltd
0ec7  Theta Link Corp.
               1008  So., Show 301 Digital Camera
0ecd  Lite-On IT Corp.
               1400  CD\RW 40X
0ece  TaiSol Electronics Co., Ltd
0ecf  Phogenix Imaging, LLC
0ed1  WinMaxGroup
               6660  USB Flash Disk 64M-C
               6680  USB Flash Disk 64M-B
               7634  MP3 Player
0ed2  Kyoto Micro Computer Co., Ltd
0ed3  Wing-Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd
0ed5  Fiberbyte
               e000  USB-inSync Device
               f000  Fiberbyte USB-inSync Device
               f201  Fiberbyte USB-inSync DAQ-2500X
0eda  Noriake Itron Corp.
0edf  e-MDT Co., Ltd
               2060  FID irock! 100 Series
0ee0  Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd
0ee1  Sarotech Co., Ltd
0ee2  AMI Semiconductor, Inc.
0ee3  ComTrue Technology Corp.
               1000  Image Tank 1.5
0ee4  Sunrich Technology, Ltd
0eee  Digital Stream Technology, Inc.
               8810  Mass Storage Drive
0eef  D-WAV Scientific Co., Ltd
               0001  eGalax TouchScreen
               0002  Touchscreen Controller(Professional)
0ef0  Hitachi Cable, Ltd
0ef1  Aichi Micro Intelligent Corp.
0ef2  I/O Magic Corp.
0ef3  Lynn Products, Inc.
0ef4  DSI Datotech
0ef5  PointChips
               2202  Flash Disk
               2366  Flash Disk
0ef6  Yield Microelectronics Corp.
0ef7  SM Tech Co., Ltd (Tulip)
0efd  Oasis Semiconductor
0efe  Wem Technology, Inc.
0f06  Visual Frontier Enterprise Co., Ltd
0f08  CSL Wire & Plug (Shen Zhen) Co.
0f0c  CAS Corp.
0f0d  Hori Co., Ltd
0f0e  Energy Full Corp.
0f12  Mars Engineering Corp.
0f13  Acetek Technology Co., Ltd
0f19  Oracom Co., Ltd
0f1b  Onset Computer Corp.
0f1c  Funai Electric Co., Ltd
0f1d  Iwill Corp.
0f21  IOI Technology Corp.
0f22  Senior Industries, Inc.
0f23  Leader Tech Manufacturer Co., Ltd
0f24  Flex-P Industries, Snd., Bhd.
0f2d  ViPower, Inc.
0f2e  Geniality Maple Technology Co., Ltd
0f2f  Priva Design Services
0f30  Jess Technology Co., Ltd
               001c  PS3 Guitar Controller Dongle
               0110  10-Button Joypad
0f31  Chrysalis Development
0f32  YFC-BonEagle Electric Co., Ltd
0f37  Kokuyo Co., Ltd
0f38  Nien-Yi Industrial Corp.
0f3d  Airprime, Incorporated
               0112  CDMA 1xEVDO PC Card, PC 5220
0f41  RDC Semiconductor Co., Ltd
0f42  Nital Consulting Services, Inc.
0f44  Polhemus
               ef11  Patriot (firmware not loaded)
               ef12  Patriot
               ff11  Liberty (firmware not loaded)
               ff12  Liberty
0f4b  St. John Technology Co., Ltd
0f4c  WorldWide Cable Opto Corp.
0f4d  Microtune, Inc.
               1000  Bluetooth Dongle
0f4e  Freedom Scientific
0f52  Wing Key Electrical Co., Ltd
0f53  Dongguan White Horse Cable Factory, Ltd
0f54  Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd
0f55  AmbiCom, Inc.
0f5c  Prairiecomm, Inc.
0f5d  NewAge International, LLC
               9455  Compact Drive
0f5f  Key Technology Corp.
0f60  NTK, Ltd
0f61  Varian, Inc.
0f62  Acrox Technologies Co., Ltd
               1001  Targus Mini Trackball Optical Mouse
0f68  Kobe Steel, Ltd
0f69  Dionex Corp.
0f6a  Vibren Technologies, Inc.
               0100  GameBoy Color Emulator
               0201  GameBoy Advance Flash Gang Writer
               0202  GameBoy Advance Capture
               0300  Gamecube DOL Viewer
               0400  NDS Emulator
               0401  NDS UIC
               0402  NDS Writer
               0403  NDS Capture
               0404  NDS Emulator (Lite)
0f73  DFI
0f7c  DQ Technology, Inc.
0f7d  NetBotz, Inc.
0f7e  Fluke Corp.
0f88  VTech Holdings, Ltd
               3012  RT2570
               3014  ZD1211B
0f8b  Yazaki Corp.
0f8c  Young Generation International Corp.
0f8d  Uniwill Computer Corp.
0f8e  Kingnet Technology Co., Ltd
0f8f  Soma Networks
0f97  CviLux Corp.
0f98  CyberBank Corp.
0f9c  Hyun Won, Inc.
               0301  M-Any Premium DAH-610 MP3/WMA Player
               0332  mobiBLU DAH-1200 MP3/Ogg Player
0f9e  Lucent Technologies
0fa3  Starconn Electronic Co., Ltd
0fa4  ATL Technology
0fa5  Sotec Co., Ltd
0fa7  Epox Computer Co., Ltd
0fa8  Logic Controls, Inc.
0faf  Winpoint Electronic Corp.
0fb0  Haurtian Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
0fb1  Inclose Design, Inc.
0fb2  Juan-Chern Industrial Co., Ltd
0fb8  Wistron Corp.
               0002  eHome Infrared Receiver
0fb9  AACom Corp.
0fba  San Shing Electronics Co., Ltd
0fbb  Bitwise Systems, Inc.
0fc1  Mitac Internatinal Corp.
0fc2  Plug and Jack Industrial, Inc.
0fc5  Delcom Engineering
               1222  I/O Development Board
0fc6  Dataplus Supplies, Inc.
0fca  Research In Motion, Ltd.
               0001  Blackberry Handheld
0fce  Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
               1010  WMC Modem
               d008  V800-Vodafone 802SE WMC Modem
               d016  K750i Phone
               d017  K608i Phone
               d019  VDC EGPRS Modem
               d025  520 WMC Data Modem
               d038  W850i Phone
               d041  K510i Phone
               d042  W810i Phone
               d046  K610i Phone
0fcf  Dynastream Innovations, Inc.
0fd0  Tulip Computers B.V.
0fd1  Giant Electronics Ltd.
0fd4  Tenovis GmbH & Co., KG
0fd5  Direct Access Technology, Inc.
0fdc  Micro Plus
0fe4  IN-Tech Electronics, Ltd
0fe5  Greenconn (U.S.A.), Inc.
0fe9  DVICO
               db00  FusionHDTV DVB-T (MT352+LgZ201) (uninitialized)
               db01  FusionHDTV DVB-T (MT352+LgZ201) (initialized)
               db10  FusionHDTV DVB-T (MT352+Thomson7579) (uninitialized)
               db11  FusionHDTV DVB-T (MT352+Thomson7579) (initialized)
0fea  United Computer Accessories
0feb  CRS Electronic Co., Ltd
0fec  UMC Electronics Co., Ltd
0fed  Access Co., Ltd
0fee  Xsido Corp.
0fef  MJ Research, Inc.
0ff6  Core Valley Co., Ltd
0ff7  CHI SHING Computer Accessories Co., Ltd
0fff  Aopen, Inc.
1000  Speed Tech Corp.
1001  Ritronics Components (S) Pte., Ltd
1003  Sigma Corp.
               0100  Sigma SD10
1004  LG Electronics, Inc.
               1fae  U8120 3G Cellphone
               6000  VX4400/VX6000 Cellphone
               6005  T5100
               6800  CDMA Modem
               7000  LG LDP-7024D(LD)USB
1005  Apacer Technology, Inc.
               1001  MP3 Player
               1004  MP3 Player
               1006  MP3 Player
               b113  Handy Steno 2.0/HT203
               b223  CD-RW + 6 in 1 Card Reader Digital Storage / Converter
1006  iRiver, Ltd.
               3001  iHP-100
               3002  iHP-120/140 MP3 Player
               3003  H320/H340
               3004  H340 (mtp)
1009  Emuzed, Inc.
               000e  eHome Infrared Receiver
               0013  Angel MPEG Device
               0015  Lumanate Wave PAL SECAM DVBT Device
               0016  Lumanate Wave NTSC/ATSC Combo Device
100a  AV Chaseway, Ltd
               2402  MP3 Player
               2404  MP3 Player
               2405  MP3 Player
               2406  MP3 Player
               a0c0  MP3 Player
100b  Chou Chin Industrial Co., Ltd
100d  Netopia, Inc.
               3342  Cayman 3352 DSL Modem
               3382  3380 Series Network Interface
               cb01  Cayman 3341 Ethernet DSL Router
1010  Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd
1011  Mobile Media Tech.
               0001  AccFast Mp3
1012  SDKM Fibres, Wires & Cables Berhad
1013  TST-Touchless Sensor Technology AG
1014  Densitron Technologies PLC
1015  Softronics Pty., Ltd
1016  Xiamen Hung's Enterprise Co., Ltd
1017  Speedy Industrial Supplies, Pte., Ltd
1019  Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS)
               0c55  USB Flash Reader, Desknote UCR-61S2B
1020  Labtec
               000a  Wireless Optical Mouse
1022  Shinko Shoji Co., Ltd
1025  Hyper-Paltek
               005e  USB DVB-T device
               005f  USB DVB-T device
               0300  MP3 Player
               0350  MP3 Player
1026  Newly Corp.
1027  Time Domain
1028  Inovys Corp.
1029  Atlantic Coast Telesys
102a  Ramos Technology Co., Ltd
102b  Infotronic America, Inc.
102c  Etoms Electronics Corp.
               6251  Q-Cam
102d  Winic Corp.
1031  Comax Technology, Inc.
1032  C-One Technology Corp.
1033  Nucam Corp.
               0068  3,5'' HDD case MD-231
1038  Ideazon, Inc.
               0100  Zboard
1039  devolo AG
               2140  dsl+ 1100 duo
1043  iCreate Technologies Corp.
               160f  Wireless Network Adapter
               4901  AV-836 Video Capture Device
               8006  Flash Disk 32-256 MB
1044  Chu Yuen Enterprise Co., Ltd
               7001  U7000 TV tuner device
               8001  GN-54G
               8002  GN-BR402W
               8003  GN-WLBM101
               8004  GN-WLBZ101 802.11b Adapter
               8005  GN-WLBZ201 802.11b Adapter
               8006  GN-WBZB-M 802.11b Adapter
               8007  GN-WBKG
               8008  GN-WB01GS
               800a  GN-WI05GS
               800b  GN-WB30N 802.11n WLAN Card
1046  Winbond Electronics Corp. [hex]
               8901  Bluetooth Device
               9967  W9967CF/W9968CF WebCam IC
1048  Targus Group International
104c  AMCO TEC International, Inc.
1053  Immanuel Electronics Co., Ltd
1054  BMS International Beheer N.V.
               5004  DSL 7420 Loader
               5005  DSL 7420 LAN Modem
1055  Complex Micro Interconnection Co., Ltd
1056  Hsin Chen Ent Co., Ltd
1057  ON Semiconductor
1058  Western Digital Technologies, Inc.
               0200  Firewire USB Combo
               0400  External HDD
               0500  hub
               0702  Passport External HDD
               0901  MyBook External HDD
               1001  External Hard Disk
1059  Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
               000b  StarSign Bio Token 3.0
105c  Hong Ji Electric Wire & Cable (Dongguan) Co., Ltd
105d  Delkin Devices, Inc.
105e  Valence Semiconductor Design, Ltd
105f  Chin Shong Enterprise Co., Ltd
1060  Easthome Industrial Co., Ltd
1063  Motorola Electronics Taiwan, Ltd [hex]
               1555  MC141555 Hub
               4100  SB4100 USB Cable Modem
1065  CCYU Technology
               0020  USB-DVR2 Dev Board
               2136  EasyDisk ED1064
106a  Loyal Legend, Ltd
106c  Curitel Communications, Inc.
               1101  CDMA 2000 1xRTT USB modem (HX-550C)
               1102  Packet Service
               1103  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               1104  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               1105  Composite Device
               1106  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               1301  Composite Device
               1302  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               1303  Packet Service
               1304  Packet Service
               1401  Composite Device
               1402  Packet Service
               1403  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               1501  Packet Service
               1502  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               1503  Packet Service
               1601  Packet Service
               1602  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               1603  Packet Service
               2101  AudioVox 8900 Cell Phone
               2102  Packet Service
               2103  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               2301  Packet Service
               2302  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               2303  Packet Service
               2401  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               2402  Packet Service
               2403  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               2501  Packet Service
               2502  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               2503  Packet Service
               2601  Packet Service
               2602  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               2603  Packet Service
               3701  Broadband Wireless modem
               3702  Pantech PX-500
               3eb4  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               4101  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               4102  Packet Service
               4301  Composite Device
               4302  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               4401  Composite Device
               4402  Packet Service
               4501  Packet Service
               4502  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               4601  Composite Device
               4602  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               5101  Packet Service
               5102  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               5301  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               5302  Packet Service
               5401  Packet Service
               5402  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               5501  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               5502  Packet Service
               5601  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               5602  Packet Service
               7101  Composite Device
               7102  Packet Service
               a000  Packet Service
               a001  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               c100  Packet Service
               c200  Packet Service
               c500  Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM)
               e200  Packet Service
106d  San Chieh Manufacturing, Ltd
106e  ConectL
106f  Money Controls
1076  GCT Semiconductor, Inc.
               0031  Bluetooth Device
               0032  Bluetooth Device
107d  Arlec Australia, Ltd
107e  Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd
107f  KidzMouse, Inc.
1082  Shin-Etsukaken Co., Ltd
1083  Canon Electronics, Inc.
1084  Pantech Co., Ltd
108a  Chloride Power Protection
108b  Grand-tek Technology Co., Ltd
108c  Robert Bosch GmbH
108e  Lotes Co., Ltd.
1099  Surface Optics Corp.
109a  DATASOFT Systems GmbH
109f  eSOL Co., Ltd
               3163  Trigem Mobile SmartDisplay84
               3164  Trigem Mobile SmartDisplay121
10a0  Hirotech, Inc.
10a3  Mitsubishi Materials Corp.
10a9  SK Teletech Co., Ltd
10aa  Cables To Go
10ab  USI Co., Ltd
               1002  Bluetooth Device
               1003  BC02-EXT in DFU
               1005  Bluetooth Adptr
               1006  BC04-EXT in DFU
               10c5  Sony-Ericsson / Samsung DataCable
10ac  Honeywell, Inc.
10ae  Princeton Technology Corp.
10af  Liebert Corp.
               0000  UPS
               0001  PowerSure PSA UPS
               0002  PowerSure PST UPS
               0003  PowerSure PSP UPS
               0004  PowerSure PSI UPS
               0005  UPStation GXT 2U UPS
               0006  UPStation GXT UPS
               0007  Nfinity Power Systems UPS
               0008  PowerSure Interactive UPS
10b5  Comodo (PLX?)
               9060  Test Board
10b8  DiBcom
               0bb8  DiBcom USB DVB-T reference design (MOD300) (cold)
               0bb9  DiBcom USB DVB-T reference design (MOD300) (warm)
               0bc6  DiBcom USB2.0 DVB-T reference design (MOD3000P) (cold)
               0bc7  DiBcom USB2.0 DVB-T reference design (MOD3000P) (warm)
10bb  TM Technology, Inc.
10bc  Dinging Technology Co., Ltd
10bd  TMT Technology, Inc.
               1427  Ethernet
10bf  SmartHome
               0001  SmartHome PowerLinc
10c4  Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.
               0002  F32x USBXpress Device
               80a9  CP210x to UART Bridge Controller
               80ca  ATM2400 Sensor Device
               ea60  CP210x Composite Device
10c5  Sanei Electric, Inc.
10c6  Intec, Inc.
10cb  Eratech
10cc  GBM Connector Co., Ltd
               1101  MP3 Player
10cd  Kycon, Inc.
10ce  Silicon Labs
               ea6a  MobiData EDGE USB Modem
10cf  Velleman Components, Inc.
               5500  8055 Experiment Interface Board (address=0)
               5501  8055 Experiment Interface Board (address=1)
               5502  8055 Experiment Interface Board (address=2)
               5503  8055 Experiment Interface Board (address=3)
10d1  Hottinger Baldwin Measurement
               0101  USB-Module for Spider8, CP32
               0202  CP22 - Communication Processor
               0301  CP42 - Communication Processor
10d4  Man Boon Manufactory, Ltd
10d5  Uni Class Technology Co., Ltd
10d6  Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd
               1000  MP3 Player
               1100  MPMan MP-Ki 128 MP3 Player/Recorder
               1101  D-Wave 2GB MP4 Player
               8888  ADFU Device
               ff51  ADFU Device
10de  Authenex, Inc.
10df  In-Win Development, Inc.
10e0  Post-Op Video, Inc.
10e1  CablePlus, Ltd
10e2  Nada Electronics, Ltd
10ec  Vast Technologies, Inc.
10fb  Pictos Technologies, Inc.
10fd  Anubis Electronics, Ltd
               804d  Typhoon Webshot II Webcam [zc0301]
               8050  FlyCAM-USB 300 XP2
               de00  WinFast WalkieTV WDM Capture Driver.
1100  VirTouch, Ltd
               0001  VTPlayer VTP-1 Braille Mouse
1101  EasyPass Industrial Co., Ltd
               0001  FSK Electronics Super GSM Reader
1108  Brightcom Technologies, Ltd
1110  Analog Devices Canada, Ltd (Allied Telesyn)
               5c01  Huawei MT-882 Remote NDIS Network Device
               6489  ADSL ETH/USB RTR
               9000  ADSL LAN Adapter
               9001  ADSL Loader
               900f  AT-AR215 DSL Modem
               9010  AT-AR215 DSL Modem
               9021  ADSL WAN Adapter
               9022  ADSL Loader
               9023  ADSL WAN Adapter
               9024  ADSL Loader
               9031  ADSL LAN Adapter
               9032  ADSL Loader
1111  Pandora International Ltd.
               8888  Evolution Device
1112  YM ELECTRIC CO., Ltd
1113  Medion AG
111e  VSO Electric Co., Ltd
112e  Master Hill Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd
112f  Cellon International, Inc.
1130  Tenx Technology, Inc.
               f211  USB audio headset
1131  Integrated System Solution Corp.
               1001  KY-BT100 Bluetooth Adapter
               1002  Bluetooth Device
               1003  Bluetooth Device
               1004  Bluetooth Device
1132  Toshiba Corp., Digital Media Equipment [hex]
               4331  PDR-M4/M5/M70 Digital Camera
               4332  PDR-M60 Digital Camera
               4333  PDR-M2300/PDR-M700
               4334  PDR-M65
               4335  PDR-M61
               4337  PDR-M11
               4338  PDR-M25
113c  Arin Tech Co., Ltd
113d  Mapower Electronics Co., Ltd
1141  V One Multimedia, Pte., Ltd
1142  CyberScan Technologies, Inc.
1145  Japan Radio Company
               0001  AirH PHONE AH-J3001V/J3002V
1146  Shimane SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
1147  Ever Great Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd
114b  Sphairon Access Systems GmbH
               0110  Turbolink UB801R WLAN USB Adapter
114c  Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co., Inc.
114d  Alpha Imaging Technology Corp.
115b  Salix Technology Co., Ltd.
1162  Secugen Corp.
1163  DeLorme Publishing, Inc.
               0100  Earthmate GPS
1164  YUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd
               0300  ELSAVISION 460D
               0601  Analog TV Tuner
               0900  TigerBird BMP837 USB2.0 WDM Encoder
               0bc7  Digital TV Tuner
1165  Telson Electronics Co., Ltd
1166  Bantam Interactive Technologies
1167  Salient Systems Corp.
1168  BizConn International Corp.
116e  Gigastorage Corp.
116f  Silicon 10 Technology Corp.
1175  Shengyih Steel Mold Co., Ltd
117d  Santa Electronic, Inc.
117e  JNC, Inc.
1182  Venture Corp., Ltd
1183  Compaq Computer Corp. [hex] (Digital Dream ??)
               0001  DigitalDream l'espion XS
               19c7  ISDN TA
               4008  56k FaxModem
               504a  PJB-100 Personal Jukebox
1184  Kyocera Elco Corp.
1188  Bloomberg L.P.
1189  Acer Communications & Multimedia
               0893  EP-1427X-2 Ethernet Adapter
118f  You Yang Technology Co., Ltd
1190  Tripace
1191  Loyalty Founder Enterprise Co., Ltd
1196  Yankee Robotics, LLC
               0010  Trifid Camera without code
               0011  Trifid Camera
1197  Technoimagia Co., Ltd
1198  StarShine Technology Corp.
1199  Sierra Wireless, Inc.
               0019  AC595U
               0021  AC597E
               0110  Composite Device
               0112  CDMA 1xEVDO PC Card, AirCard 580
               0120  AC595U
               0218  MC5720 Wireless Modem
               6467  MP Series Network Adapter
               6468  MP Series Network Adapter
               6469  MP Series Network Adapter
               6802  MC8755 Device
               6803  MC8765 Device
               6804  MC8755 Device
               6805  MC8765 Device
               6812  MC8775 Device
               6820  AC875 Device
               6832  MC8780 Device
               6833  MC8781 Device
               683a  MC8785 Device
               6850  AirCard 880 Device
               6851  AirCard 881 Device
               6852  AirCard 880E Device
               6853  AirCard 881E Device
               6854  AirCard 885 Device
               6870  MC8780 Device
               6871  MC8781 Device
119a  ZHAN QI Technology Co., Ltd
119b  ruwido austria GmbH
               0400  Infrared Keyboard V2.01
11a0  Chipcon AS
               eb11  CC2400EB 2.0 ZigBee Sniffer
11a3  Technovas Co., Ltd
               8031  MP3 Player
               8032  MP3 Player
11aa  GlobalMedia Group, LLC
               1518  iREZ K2
11ab  Exito Electronics Co., Ltd
11db  Topfield Co., Ltd.
               1000  PVR
               1100  PVR
11e6  K.I. Technology Co. Ltd.
11f5  Siemens AG (?)
               0001  SX1
               0003  Mobile phone USB cable
               0004  X75
11f6  Prolific
               2001  Willcom WSIM
11f7  Alcatel (?)
               02df  TD10 Mobile phone USB cable
1209  InterBiometrics
               1001  USB Hub
               1002  USB Relais
               1003  IBSecureCam-P
               1004  IBSecureCam-O
               1005  IBSecureCam-N
120e  Hudson Soft Co., Ltd
121e  Jungsoft Co., Ltd
               3403  Muzio JM250 Audio Player
1230  Chipidea-Microelectronica, S.A.
1241  Belkin
               1111  Mouse
               1122  Typhoon Stream Optical Mouse USB+PS/2
               1155  PS2/USB Browser Combo Mouse
               1166  MI-2150 Trust Mouse
               1177  F8E842-DL Mouse
               1503  Keyboard
124a  AirVast
               4017  PC-Chips 802.11b Adapter
124b  Nyko (Honey Bee)
               4d01  Airflo EX Joystick
125f  A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd.
1264  Covidien Energy-based Devices
1267  Logic3 / SpectraVideo plc
               0103  G-720 Keyboard
               0201  A4Tech SWOP-3 Mouse
               a001  JP260 PC Game Pad
               c002  Wireless Optical Mouse
126c  Aristocrat Technologies
126d  Bel Stewart
126e  Strobe Data, Inc.
126f  TwinMOS
               1325  Mobile Disk
               2168  Mobile Disk III
               a006  G240
1275  Xaxero Marine Software Engineering, Ltd.
               0002  WeatherFax 2000 Demodulator
               0080  SkyEye Weather Satellite Receiver
1286  Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
               8001  BLOB boot loader firmware
1292  Innomedia
               0258  Creative Labs VoIP Blaster
1293  Belkin Components [hex]
               0002  F5U002 Parallel Port [uss720]
               2101  104-key keyboard
129b  CyberTAN Technology
               1666  TG54USB
12a7  Trendchip Technologies Corp.
12ab  Honey Bee Electronic International Ltd.
12ba  Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America
               0200  Harmonix Guitar for PlayStation(R)3
               0210  Harmonix Drum Kit for PlayStation(R)3
12d1  Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
               1001  E620 USB Modem
               1003  E220 HSDPA Modem / E270 HSDPA/HSUPA Modem
12ef  Tapwave, Inc.
               0100  Tapwave Handheld [Tapwave Zodiac]
12f5  Dynamic System Electronics Corp.
12f7  Memorex Products, Inc.
               1a00  TD Classic 003B
               1e23  TravelDrive 2007 Flash Drive
12fd  AIN Comm. Technology Co., Ltd
               1001  AWU2000b 802.11b Stick
1307  Transcend Information, Inc.
               0163  512MB USB Flash Drive
               1169  TS2GJF210 JetFlash 210 2GB
1310  Roper
               0001  Class 1 Bluetooth Dongle
1312  ICS Electronics
131d  Natural Point
               0155  TrackIR 3 Pro Head Tracker
132b  Konica Minolta
               0000  Dimage A2 Camera
               0001  Minolta DiMAGE A2 (ptp)
               0003  Dimage Xg Camera
               0006  Dimage Z2 Camera
               0007  Minolta DiMAGE Z2 (PictBridge mode)
               0008  Dimage X21 Camera
               000a  Dimage Scan Dual IV
               000b  Dimage Z10 Camera
               000d  Dimage X50 Camera [storage?]
               000f  Dimage X50 Camera [p2p?]
               0010  Dimage G600 Camera
               0012  Dimage Scan Elite5400 2
               0013  Dimage X31 Camera
               0015  Dimage G530 Camera
               0017  Dimage Z3 Camera
               0018  Minolta DiMAGE Z3 (PictBridge mode)
               0019  Dimage A200 Camera
               0021  Dimage Z5 Camera
               0022  Minolta DiMAGE Z5 (PictBridge mode)
1342  Mobility
               0200  EasiDock 200 Hub
               0201  EasiDock 200 Keyboard and Mouse Port
               0202  EasiDock 200 Serial Port
               0203  EasiDock 200 Printer Port
               0204  Ethernet
               0304  EasiDock Ethernet
1348  Katsuragawa Electric Co., Ltd.
134e  Digby's Bitpile, Inc. DBA D Bit
136b  STEC
1370  Swissbit
               6828  Victorinox Flash Drive
1371  Dick Smith Electronics
               9022  RT2573
               9032  C-Net CWD-854 rev F
1376  Vimtron Electronics Co., Ltd.
1385  Netgear, Inc
               4250  WG111T
               4251  WG111T (no firmware)
               5f00  WPN111 RangeMax(TM) Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter
               5f01  WPN111 (no firmware)
138e  Jungo LTD
               9000  Raisonance S.A. STM32 ARM evaluation board
1390  TOMTOM B.V.
1395  Sennheiser Communications
               3556  USB Headset
1398  Q-tec
               2103  USB 2.0 Storage Device
13ad  Baltech
               9999  Card reader
13b0  PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
               000a  Alesis Photon X25 MIDI Controller
13b1  Linksys
               000b  WUSB11 v4.0 802.11b Adapter
               000d  WUSB54G Wireless Adapter
               0011  WUSB54GP v4.0 802.11g Adapter
               0018  USB200M 10/100 Ethernet Adapter
               001a  HU200TS Wireless Adapter
               0020  WUSB54GC 802.11g Adapter [ralink rt73]
               0023  WUSB54GR
               0024  WUSBF54G v1.1 802.11g Adapter w/ Wi-Fi Finder
13b3  Nippon Dics Co., Ltd.
13be  Ricoh Printing Systems, Ltd.
13ca  JyeTai Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
13cf  Wisair Ltd.
13d1  A-Max Technology Macao Commercial Offshore Co. Ltd.
13d2  Shark Multimedia
               0400  Pocket Ethernet [klsi]
13d3  IMC Networks
               3201  VisionDTV USB-Ter/HAMA USB DVB-T device cold
               3202  VisionDTV USB-Ter/HAMA USB DVB-T device warm
               3203  DTV-DVB UDST7020BDA DVB-S Box(DVBS for MCE2005)
               3204  DTV-DVB UDST7020BDA DVB-S Box(DVBS for MCE2005)
               3205  DNTV Live! Tiny USB2 BDA (No Remote)
               3206  DNTV Live! Tiny USB2 BDA (No Remote)
               3207  DTV-DVB UDST7020BDA DVB-S Box(DVBS for MCE2005)
               3208  DTV-DVB UDST7020BDA DVB-S Box(DVBS for MCE2005)
               3209  DTV-DVB UDST7022BDA DVB-S Box(Without HID)
               3211  DTV-DVB Hybrid Analog/Capture
               3212  DTV-DVB UDTT704C - DVBT/NTSC/PAL Driver(PCM4)
               3213  DTV-DVB UDTT704D - DVBT/NTSC/PAL Driver (PCM4)
               3214  DTV-DVB UDTT704F -(MiniCard) DVBT/NTSC/PAL Driver(Without HID)
               3215  DTV-DVB UDAT7240 - ATSC/NTSC/PAL Driver(PCM4)
               3216  DTV-DVB UDTT 7047-USB 2.0 DVB-T Driver
               3217  Digital-TV Receiver.
               3219  DTV-DVB UDTT7049 - DVB-T Driver(Without HID)
               3220  DTV-DVB UDTT 7047M-USB 2.0 DVB-T Driver
               3223  DNTV Live! Tiny USB2 BDA (No Remote)
               3224  DNTV Live! Tiny USB2 BDA (No Remote)
               3226  DigitalNow TinyTwin DVB-T Receiver
               3236  DTV-DVB UDTT 7047A-USB 2.0 DVB-T Driver
               3237  DTV-DVB UDTT 704J - dual DVB-T Driver
               3239  DTV-DVB UDTT704D - DVBT/NTSC/PAL Driver(Without HID)
               3240  DTV-DVB UDXTTM6010 - A/D Driver(Without HID)
               3241  DTV-DVB UDXTTM6010 - A/D Driver(Without HID)
               3242  DTV-DVB UDAT7240LP - ATSC/NTSC/PAL Driver(Without HID)
               3243  DTV-DVB UDXTTM6010 - A/D Driver(Without HID)
               3244  DTV-DVB UDTT 7047Z-USB 2.0 DVB-T Driver
               3247  802.11 n/g/b Wireless LAN Adapter
               7020  DTV-DVB UDST7020BDA DVB-S Box(DVBS for MCE2005)
               7022  DTV-DVB UDST7022BDA DVB-S Box(Without HID)
13dd  i.Tech Dynamic Limited
13e1  Kaibo Wire & Cable (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
13e6  TechnoScope Co., Ltd.
13fd  Initio Corporation
13fe  Kingston Technology Company Inc.
               1a00  512MB/1GB Flash Drive
               1a23  512MB Flash Drive
               1d00  DataTraveler 2.0 1GB/4GB Flash Drive
1400  Axxion Group Corp.
1402  Bowe Bell & Howell
1403  Sitronix
               0001  Digital Photo Frame
140e  Telechips, Inc.
1410  Novatel Wireless
               1110  Merlin S620
               1120  Merlin EX720
               1130  Merlin S720
               1400  Merlin U740
               2110  Ovation U720/MCD3000
               4100  U727
1415  Nam Tai E&E Products Ltd. or OmniVision Technologies, Inc.
               0000  Sony SingStar USBMIC
               2000  Sony Playstation Eye
1429  Vega Technologies Industrial (Austria) Co.
1430  RedOctane
1431  Pertech Resources, Inc.
1435  Wistron NeWeb
               0711  UR055G
               0826  AR5523
               0827  AR5523 (no firmware)
               0828  AR5523
               0829  AR5523 (no firmware)
1436  Denali Software, Inc.
143c  Altek Corporation
1453  Radio Shack
               4026  26-183 Serial Cable
1456  Extending Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
1457  First International Computer, Inc.
               5117  OpenMoko Neo1973 kernel usbnet (g_ether, CDC Ethernet) mode
               5118  OpenMoko Neo1973 Debug board (V2+)
               5119  OpenMoko Neo1973 u-boot cdc_acm serial port
               5120  OpenMoko Neo1973 u-boot usbtty generic serial
               5121  OpenMoko Neo1973 kernel mass storage (g_storage) mode
               5122  OpenMoko Neo1973 kernel cdc_ether USB network
               5123  OpenMoko Neo1973 internal USB CSR4 module
               5124  OpenMoko Neo1973 Bluetooth Device ID service
1461  Staccato Communications
1462  Micro Star International
               5512  MegaStick-1 Flash Stick
1472  Huawei-3Com
               0009  Aolynk WUB320g
147a  Formosa Industrial Computing, Inc.
               e015  eHome Infrared Receiver
               e016  eHome Infrared Receiver
147f  Hama GmbH & Co., KG
1484  Elsa AG [hex]
               1746  Ecomo 19H99 Monitor
               7616  Elsa Hub
1485  Silicom
               0001  U2E
               0002  Psion Gold Port Ethernet
1487  DSP Group, Ltd.
148f  Ralink Technology, Corp.
               1706  RT2500USB Wireless Adapter
               2570  802.11g WiFi
               2573  RT2501USB Wireless Adapter
               2671  RT2601USB Wireless Adapter
               9020  RT2500USB Wireless Adapter
               9021  RT2501USB Wireless Adapter
1497  Panstrong Company Ltd.
149a  Imagination Technologies
               2107  DBX1 DSP core
14aa  AVerMedia (again) or C&E
               0001  Avermedia AverTV DVBT USB1.1 (cold)
               0002  Avermedia AverTV DVBT USB1.1 (warm)
               0201  AVermedia/Yakumo/Hama/Typhoon DVB-T USB2.0 (cold)
               0221  AVermedia DVBT Tuner Dongle
               0301  AVermedia/Yakumo/Hama/Typhoon DVB-T USB2.0 (warm)
14ad  CTK Corporation
14ae  Printronix Inc.
14af  ATP Electronics Inc.
14b0 Ltd.
14b2  Atheros Communications Inc
               3a93  USB WLAN Device
               3c02  C54RU WLAN
               3c22  C54RU
14c0  Rockwell Automation, Inc.
14c2  Gemlight Computer, Ltd
               0250  Storage Adapter V2
               0350  Storage Adapter V2
14cd  Super Top
               6600  USB 2.0 IDE DEVICE
14dd  Raritan Computer, Inc.
14e5  SAIN Information & Communications Co., Ltd.
14ea  Planex Communications
               ab10  GW-US54GZ
               ab11  GU-1000T
               ab13  GW-US54Mini
14ed  Shure Inc.
1500  Ellisys
1501  Pine-Tum Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1513  Hypercom
1516  CompUSA
               8628  128M Pen Drive
1518  Cheshire Engineering Corp.
               0001  HDReye High Dynamic Range Camera
               0002  HDReye (before firmware loads)
1520  Bitwire Corp.
1524  ENE Technology Inc
               6680  UTS 6680
1527  Silicon Portals
               0200  YAP Phone (no firmware)
               0201  YAP Phone
1529  UBIQUAM Co., Ltd.
               3100  CDMA 1xRTT USB Modem (U-100/105/200/300/520)
152d  JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp.
               2338  JM20337 Hi-Speed USB to SATA & PATA Combo Bridge
152e  LG (HLDS)
               e001  GSA-5120D DVD-RW
1532  Razer USA, Ltd
               0001  RZ01-020300 Optical Mouse [Diamondback]
               0003  Krait Mouse
               0007  DeathAdder Mouse
               0102  Tarantula Keyboard
1546  U-Blox AG
154b  PNY
               0010  USB 2.0 Flash Drive
154d  ConnectCounty Holdings Berhad
154e  D&M Holdings, Inc. (Denon/Marantz)
               3000  Marantz RC9001 Remote Control
1554  Prolink Microsystems Corp.
1557  OQO
               0002  model 01 WiFi interface
               0003  model 01 Bluetooth interface
               7720  model 01+ Ethernet
               8150  model 01 Ethernet interface
1568  Sunf Pu Technology Co., Ltd
156f  Quantum Corporation
157b  Ketron SRL
157e  TRENDnet
               3006  TEW-444UB EU
               3007  TEW-444UB EU (no firmware)
               300a  TEW-429UB 802.11g Adapter with HotSpot Detector
               300b  TEW-429UB
               300d  TEW-429UB C1
               3204  ALL0298 v2
               3205  AR5523
               3206  AR5523 (no firmware)
1582  Fiberline
               6003  WL-430U
1587  SMA Technologie AG
158d  Oakley Inc.
1598  Kunshan Guoji Electronics Co., Ltd.
15a2  Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
15a8  Teams Power Limited
15aa  Gearway Electronics (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd.
15ba  Olimex Ltd.
               0003  OpenOCD JTAG
               0004  OpenOCD JTAG TINY
15c2  SoundGraph Inc.
               ffdc  iMON PAD Remote Controller
15c6  Laboratoires MXM
               1000  DigistimSP (cold)
               1001  DigistimSP (warm)
               1002  DigimapSP USB (cold)
               1003  DigimapSP USB (warm)
15c9  D-Box Technologies
15ca  Textech International Ltd.
               00c3  Mini Optical Mouse
15d5  Coulomb Electronics Ltd.
15dc  Hynix Semiconductor Inc.
15e0  Seong Ji Industrial Co., Ltd.
15e1  RSA
               2007  RSA SecurID (R) Authenticator
15e8  SohoWare
               9100  NUB100 Ethernet [pegasus]
               9110  10/100 USB Ethernet
15e9  Pacific Digital Corp.
               04ce  MemoryFrame MF-570
               1968  MemoryFrame MF-570
               1969  Digital Frame
15ec  Belcarra Technologies Corp.
15f4  HanfTek
               0001  HanfTek UMT-010 USB2.0 DVB-T (cold)
               0025  HanfTek UMT-010 USB2.0 DVB-T (warm)
1604  Tascam
               8000  US-428 Audio/Midi Controller (without fw)
               8001  US-428 Audio/Midi Controller
               8004  US-224 Audio/Midi Controller (without fw)
               8005  US-224 Audio/Midi Controller
               8006  US-122 Audio/Midi Interface (without fw)
               8007  US-122 Audio/Midi Interface
1606  Umax [hex]
               0002  Astra 1236U Scanner
               0010  Astra 1220U
               0030  Astra 2000U
               0050  Scanner
               0060  Astra 3400U
               0130  Astra 2100U
               0160  Astra 5400U
               0230  Astra 2200/2200SU
               0350  Astra 4800/4850 Scanner
               1030  Astra 4000U
               1220  Genesys Logic Scanner Controller NT5.0
               2010  AstraCam Digital Camera
               2020  AstraCam 1000
               2030  AstraCam 1800 Digital Camera
1608  Inside Out Networks [hex]
               0001  EdgePort/4 Serial Port
               0002  Edgeport/8
               0003  Rapidport/4
               0004  Edgeport/4
               0005  Edgeport/2
               0006  Edgeport/4i
               0007  Edgeport/2i
               0008  Edgeport/8
               000c  Edgeport/421
               000d  Edgeport/21
               000e  Edgeport/4
               000f  Edgeport/8
               0010  Edgeport/2
               0011  Edgeport/4
               0012  Edgeport/416
               0014  Edgeport/8i
               0018  Edgeport/412
               0019  Edgeport/412
               001a  Edgeport/2+2i
               0101  Edgeport/4
               0105  Edgeport/2
               0106  Edgeport/4i
               0107  Edgeport/2i
               010c  Edgeport/421
               010d  Edgeport/21
               0110  Edgeport/2
               0111  Edgeport/4
               0112  Edgeport/416
               0114  Edgeport/8i
               0201  Edgeport/4
               0203  Rapidport/4
               0204  Edgeport/4
               0205  Edgeport/2
               0206  Edgeport/4i
               0207  Edgeport/2i
               020c  Edgeport/421
               020d  Edgeport/21
               020e  Edgeport/4
               020f  Edgeport/8
               0210  Edgeport/2
               0211  Edgeport/4
               0212  Edgeport/416
               0214  Edgeport/8i
               0215  Edgeport/1
               0216  EPOS/44
               0217  Edgeport/42
               021a  Edgeport/2+2i
               021b  Edgeport/2c
               021c  Edgeport/221c
               021d  Edgeport/22c
               021e  Edgeport/21c
               021f  Edgeport/62
               0240  Edgeport/1
               0241  Edgeport/1i
               0242  Edgeport/4s
               0243  Edgeport/8s
               0244  Edgeport/8
               0245  Edgeport/22c
               0301  Watchport/P
               0302  Watchport/M
               0303  Watchport/W
               0304  Watchport/T
               0305  Watchport/H
               0306  Watchport/E
               0307  Watchport/L
               0308  Watchport/R
               0309  Watchport/A
               030a  Watchport/D
               030b  Watchport/D
               030c  Power Management Port
               030e  Power Management Port
               030f  Watchport/G
               0310  Watchport/Tc
               0311  Watchport/Hc
               1403  MultiTech Systems MT4X56 Modem
               1a17  Agilent Technologies (E6473)
1619  L & K Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
1621  Wionics Research
1628  Stonestreet One, Inc.
162a  Airgo Networks Inc.
162f  WiQuest Communications, Inc.
1631  Good Way Technology
               6200  GWUSB2E
               c019  RT2573
1645  Entrega [hex]
               0001  1S Serial Port
               0002  2S Serial Port
               0003  1S25 Serial Port
               0004  4S Serial Port
               0005  E45 Ethernet [klsi]
               0006  Parallel Port
               0007  U1-SC25 SCSI
               0008  Ethernet
               0016  Bi-directional to Parallel Printer Converter
               0080  1 port to Serial Converter
               0081  1 port to Serial Converter
               0093  1S9 Serial Port
               8000  EZ-USB
               8001  1 port to Serial
               8002  2x Serial Port
               8003  1 port to Serial
               8004  2U4S serial/usb hub
               8005  Ethernet
               8080  1 port to Serial
               8081  1 port to Serial
               8093  PortGear Serial Port
164a  ChipX
1657  Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH
               3150  SIS3150 USB2.0 to VME interface
1660  Creatix Polymedia GmbH
1668  Actiontec Electronics, Inc. [hex]
               0009  Gateway
               0333  Modem
               0358  InternetPhoneWizard
               0405  Gateway
               0408  Prism2.5 802.11b Adapter
               0413  Gateway
               0421  Prism2.5 802.11b Adapter
               0441  IBM Integrated Bluetooth II
               0500  BTM200B BlueTooth Adapter
               1050  802.11g Wireless Mini adapter
               1441  IBM Integrated Bluetooth II
               2441  BMDC-2 IBM Bluetooth III w.56k
               3441  IBM Integrated Bluetooth III
               6010  Gateway
               6097  802.11b Wireless Adapter
               6106  ROPEX FreeLan 802.11b
               7605  UAT1 Wireless Ethernet Adapter
1669  PiKRON Ltd. [hex]
               1001  uLan2USB Converter - PS1 protocol
1679  Total Phase
               2001  Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer
1682  Maxwise Production Enterprise Ltd.
1684  Godspeed Computer Corp.
1686  ZOOM Corporation
               0045  H4 Digital Recorder
1687  Kingmax Digital Inc.
168c  Atheros Communications
               0001  AR5523
               0002  AR5523 (no firmware)
1690  Askey Computer Corp. [hex]
               0101  Creative Modem Blaster DE5670
               0102  CDC Modem Board
               0103  Askey 1456 VQE-R3 Modem [conexant]
               0104  HCF V90 Data Fax RTAD Modem
               0107  HCF V.90 Data,Fax,RTAD Modem
               0109  Askey MagicXpress V.90 Pocket Modem [conexant]
               0203  Voyager ADSL Modem Loader
               0204  Voyager ADSL Modem
               0205  DSL Modem
               0206  GlobeSpan ADSL WAN Modem
               0208  DSL Modem
               0209  Voyager 100 ADSL Modem
               0211  Globespan Virata ADSL LAN Modem
               0212  DSL Modem
               0213  HM121d DSL Modem
               0214  HM121d DSL Modem
               0215  Voyager 105 ADSL Modem
               0701  WLAN
               0710  SMCWUSBT-G
               0711  SMCWUSBT-G (no firmware)
               0712  AR5523
               0713  AR5523 (no firmware)
               0715  Voyager 1055 Laptop Adapter
               0722  RT2573
               0726  Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Adapter
               0901  Voyager 205 ADSL Router
1696  Hitachi Video and Information System, Inc.
1697  VTec Test, Inc.
16a5  Shenzhen Zhengerya Cable Co., Ltd.
16ab  Global Sun Technology
               7801  AR5523
               7802  AR5523 (no firmware)
               7811  AR5523
               7812  AR5523 (no firmware)
16ac  Dongguan ChingLung Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
16c0  VOTI
               03e8  free for internal lab use 1000
               03e9  free for internal lab use 1001
               03ea  free for internal lab use 1002
               03eb  free for internal lab use 1003
               03ec  free for internal lab use 1004
               03ed  free for internal lab use 1005
               03ee  free for internal lab use 1006
               03ef  free for internal lab use 1007
               03f0  free for internal lab use 1008
               03f1  free for internal lab use 1009
               076b  OpenPCD 13.56MHz RFID Reader
               076c  OpenPICC 13.56MHz RFID Simulator (native)
               08ac  OpenBeacon USB stick
16cc  silex technology, Inc.
16d3  Frontline Test Equipment, Inc.
16d5  AnyDATA Corporation
               6501  CDMA 2000 1xRTT/EV-DO USB Modem
16d8  CMOTECH Co., Ltd.
               5141  CMOTECH CDMA Technologies USB modem
               5543  CDMA 2000 1xRTT/1xEVDO USB modem
               6280  CMOTECH CDMA Technologies USB modem
16df  King Billion Electronics Co., Ltd.
16f5  Futurelogic Inc.
1706  BlueView Technologies, Inc.
1707  ARTIMI
170d  Avnera
1733  Cellink Technology Co., Ltd
               0101  RF Wireless Optical Mouse OP-701
1737  Linksys
               0039  USB1000
1740  Senao
               2000  NUB-8301
1743  General Atomics
174c  ASMedia Technology Inc.
174f  Syntek
               a311  1.3M Web Cam
               a312  1.3M Web Cam
1759  LucidPort Technology, Inc.
1772  System Level Solutions, Inc.
1781  Multiple Vendors
               083e  MetaGeek Wi-Spy
               0938  Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver
1782  Spreadtrum Communications Inc.
1784  TopSeed Technology Corp.
1788  ShenZhen Litkconn Technology Co., Ltd.
1796  Printrex, Inc.
1797  JALCO CO., LTD.
17a5  Advanced Connection Technology Inc.
17b3  Grey Innovation
               0004  Linux-USB Midi Gadget
17c3  Singim International Corp.
17cf  Hip Hing Cable & Plug Mfy. Ltd.
17d0  Sanford L.P.
17d3  Korea Techtron Co., Ltd.
17e9  Newnham Research
               0051  USB VGA Adaptor
17eb  Cornice, Inc.
17ef  Lenovo
               3815  ChipsBnk 2GB USB Stick
17f5  K.K. Rocky
17f6  Unicomp, Inc
1822  Twinhan
               3201  VisionDTV USB-Ter/HAMA USB DVB-T device cold
               3202  VisionDTV USB-Ter/HAMA USB DVB-T device warm
1831  Gwo Jinn Industries Co., Ltd.
1832  Huizhou Shenghua Industrial Co., Ltd.
1854  Memory Devices Ltd.
185b  Compro
               d000  Compro Videomate DVB-U2000 - DVB-T USB cold
               d001  Compro Videomate DVB-U2000 - DVB-T USB warm
1861  Tech Technology Industrial Company
1862  Teridian Semiconductor Corp.
1871  Aveo Technology Corp.
1894  Topseed
               5632  Atek Tote Remote
               5641  TSAM-004 Presentation Remote
1897  Evertop Wire Cable Co.
18b6  Mikkon Technology Limited
18b7  Zotek Electronic Co., Ltd.
18c5  AMIT
               0002  CG-WLUSB2GO
18d5  Starline International Group Limited
18d9  Kaba
               01xy  LEGIC advant desktop reader
18e3  Fitipower Integrated Technology Inc
18e8  Qcom
               6196  RT2573
               6229  RT2573
18ea  Matrox Graphics, Inc.
               0002  DualHead2Go [Analog Edition]
               0004  TripleHead2Go [Digital Edition]
18fd  FineArch Inc.
190d  Motorola GSG
1914  Alco Digital Devices Limited
1915  Linksys
               2233  WUSB11 v2.8 802.11b Adapter
               2234  WUSB54G 802.11g Adapter
192f  Avago Technologies, Pte.
1930  Shenzhen Xianhe Technology Co., Ltd.
1931  Ningbo Broad Telecommunication Co., Ltd.
1949  Lab126
1951  Hyperstone AG
1953  Ironkey Inc.
1954  Radiient Technologies
195d  Itron Technology iONE
               7006  Libra-Q26 / 1.0 Remote
1967  CASIO HITACHI Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.
196b  Wispro Technology Inc.
1970  Dane-Elec Corp. USA
1975  Dongguan Guneetal Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
1976  Chipsbrand Microelectronics (HK) Co., Ltd.
1977  T-Logic
               0111  TL203 MP3 Player and Voice Recorder
1989  Nuconn Technology Corp.
198f  Beceem Communications Inc.
1990  Acron Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
1995  Trillium Technology Pty. Ltd.
               3202  REC-ADPT-USB (recorder)
               3203  REC-A-ADPT-USB (recorder)
199e  The Imaging Source Europe GmbH
199f  Benica Corporation
19a8  Biforst Technology Inc.
19af  S Life
               6611  Celestia VoIP Phone
19b5  B & W Group
19b6  Infotech Logistic, LLC
19ca  Mindtribe
               0001  Sandio 3D HID Mouse
19cf  Parrot SA
19e1  WeiDuan Electronic Accessory (S.Z.) Co., Ltd.
19e8  Industrial Technology Research Institute
19ef  Pak Heng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
19ff  Best Buy
               0201  Rocketfish Wireless 2.4G Laser Mouse
1a08  Bellwood International, Inc.
1a0a  USB-IF non-workshop
               badd  USB OTG Compliance test device
1a12  KES Co., Ltd.
1a25  Amphenol East Asia Ltd.
1a2a  Seagate Branded Solutions
1a36  Biwin Technology Ltd.
1a41  Action Electronics Co., Ltd.
1a4a  Silicon Image
1a4b  SafeBoot International B.V.
1a61  Abbott Diabetes Care
1a6a  Spansion Inc.
1a6d  SamYoung Electronics Co., Ltd
1a6e  Global Unichip Corp.
1a6f  Sagem Orga GmbH
1a79  Bayer Health Care LLC
1a7b  Lumberg Connect  GmbH & Co. KG
1a89  Dynalith Systems Co., Ltd.
1a8b  SGS Taiwan Ltd.
1a98  Leica Camera AG
1aa4  Data Drive Thru, Inc.
1aa5  UBeacon Technologies, Inc.
1aa6  eFortune Technology Corp.
1acb  Salcomp Plc
1ad1  Desay Wire Co., Ltd.
1ae4  ic-design Reinhard Gottinger GmbH
1aed  High Top Precision Electronic Co., Ltd.
1aef  Conntech Electronic (Suzhou) Corporation
1b04  Meilhaus Electronic GmBH
               0630  ME-630
               0940  ME-94
               0950  ME-95
               0960  ME-96
               1000  ME-1000
               100a  ME-1000
               100b  ME-1000
               1400  ME-1400
               140a  ME-1400A
               140b  ME-1400B
               140c  ME-1400C
               140d  ME-1400D
               140e  ME-1400E
               14ea  ME-1400EA
               14eb  ME-1400EB
               1604  ME-1600/4U
               1608  ME-1600/8U
               160c  ME-1600/12U
               160f  ME-1600/16U
               168f  ME-1600/16U8I
               4610  ME-4610
               4650  ME-4650
               4660  ME-4660
               4661  ME-4660I
               4662  ME-4660
               4663  ME-4660I
               4670  ME-4670
               4671  ME-4670I
               4672  ME-4670S
               4673  ME-4670IS
               4680  ME-4680
               4681  ME-4680I
               4682  ME-4680S
               4683  ME-4680IS
               6004  ME-6000/4
               6008  ME-6000/8
               600f  ME-6000/16
               6014  ME-6000I/4
               6018  ME-6000I/8
               601f  ME-6000I/16
               6034  ME-6000ISLE/4
               6038  ME-6000ISLE/8
               603f  ME-6000ISLE/16
               6044  ME-6000/4/DIO
               6048  ME-6000/8/DIO
               604f  ME-6000/16/DIO
               6054  ME-6000I/4/DIO
               6058  ME-6000I/8/DIO
               605f  ME-6000I/16/DIO
               6074  ME-6000ISLE/4/DIO
               6078  ME-6000ISLE/8/DIO
               607f  ME-6000ISLE/16/DIO
               6104  ME-6100/4
               6108  ME-6100/8
               610f  ME-6100/16
               6114  ME-6100I/4
               6118  ME-6100I/8
               611f  ME-6100I/16
               6134  ME-6100ISLE/4
               6138  ME-6100ISLE/8
               613f  ME-6100ISLE/16
               6144  ME-6100/4/DIO
               6148  ME-6100/8/DIO
               614f  ME-6100/16/DIO
               6154  ME-6100I/4/DIO
               6158  ME-6100I/8/DIO
               615f  ME-6100I/16/DIO
               6174  ME-6100ISLE/4/DIO
               6178  ME-6100ISLE/8/DIO
               617f  ME-6100ISLE/16/DIO
               6259  ME-6200I/9/DIO
               6359  ME-6300I/9/DIO
               810a  ME-8100A
               810b  ME-8100B
               820a  ME-8200A
               820b  ME-8200B
1b20  MStar Semiconductor, Inc.
1b22  WiLinx Corp.
1b26  Cellex Power Products, Inc.
1b27  Current Electronics Inc.
1b28  NAVIsis Inc.
1b32  Ugobe Life Forms, Inc.
1b36  ViXS Systems, Inc.
1b3f  Generalplus Technology Inc.
1b47  Energizer Holdings, Inc.
               0001  CHUSB Duo Charger (NiMH AA/AAA USB smart charger)
1b48  Plastron Precision Co., Ltd.
1b59  K.S. Terminals Inc.
1b5a  Chao Zhou Kai Yuan Electric Co., Ltd.
1b65  The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd.
1b76  Legend Silicon Corp.
1b86  Dongguan Guanshang Electronics Co., Ltd.
1b88  ShenMing Electron (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd.
1b8c  Altium Limited
1b8d  e-MOVE Technology Co., Ltd.
1b8e  Amlogic, Inc.
1b8f  MA LABS, Inc.
1b98  YMax Communications Corp.
1b99  Shenzhen Yuanchuan Electronic
1ba2  Lite Metals & Plastic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
1ba4  Ember Corporation
               0001  InSight USB Link
1ba8  China Telecommunication Technology Labs
1bad  Harmonix Music
               0002  Harmonix Guitar for Xbox 360
               0003  Harmonix Drum Kit for Xbox 360
1bbb  T & A Mobile Phones
1bc4  Ford Motor Co.
1bc5  AVIXE Technology (China) Ltd.
1bce  Contac Cable Industrial Limited
1bcf  Sunplus Innovation Technology Inc.
1bd0  Hangzhou Riyue Electronic Co., Ltd.
1bef  Shenzhen Tongyuan Network-Communication Cables Co., Ltd
1bf0  RealVision Inc.
1bf5  Extranet Systems Inc.
1bf6  Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd.
1bfd  TouchPack
               1688  Resistive Touch Screen
1c02  Kreton Corporation
1c04  QNAP System Inc.
1c0d  Relm Wireless
1c10  Lanterra Industrial Co., Ltd.
1c1a  Datel Electronics Ltd.
1c1b  Volkswagen of America, Inc.
1c1f  Goldvish S.A.
1c20  Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.
1c26  Shanghai Haiying Electronics Co., Ltd.
1c27  HuiYang D & S Cable Co., Ltd.
1c31  LS Cable Ltd.
1c37  Authorizer Technologies, Inc.
1c3e  Wep Peripherals
1c49  Cherng Weei Technology Corp.
1c6b  Philips & Lite-ON Digital Solutions Corporation
1c6c  Skydigital Inc.
1c77  Kaetat Industrial Co., Ltd.
1c78  Datascope Corp.
1c79  Unigen Corporation
1c7a  LighTuning Technology Inc.
1c88  Somagic, Inc.
1ca0  ACCARIO Inc.
1cb3  Aces Electronic Co., Ltd.
1cbe  Luminary Micro Inc.
1cc0  PlantSense
1cca  NextWave Broadband Inc.
1ccd  Bodatong Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
1cd4  adp corporation
1cd5  Firecomms Ltd.
1cd6  Antonio Precise Products Manufactory Ltd.
1cde  Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA)
1cdf  WonTen Technology Co., Ltd.
1ce1  Amphenol KAE
1cfd  Flextronics Digital Design Japan, LTD.
1d09  TechFaith Wireless Technology Limited
1d0a  Johnson Controls, Inc. The Automotive Business Unit
1d1f  Diostech Co., Ltd.
1d50  OpenMoko, Inc.
1d6b  Linux Foundation
               0001  1.1 root hub
               0002  2.0 root hub
               0003  3.0 root hub
1ebb  NuCORE Technology, Inc.
2001  D-Link Corp. [hex]
               0001  DWL-120 WIRELESS ADAPTER
               0201  DHN-120 10Mb Home Phoneline Adapter
               1a00  10/100 Ethernet
               200c  10/100 Ethernet
               3200  DWL-120 802.11b (Atmel RFMD503A) [usbvnetr]
               3500  Elitegroup Computer Systems WLAN card WL-162
               3700  DWL-122 802.11b
               3701  DWL-G120 Spinnaker 802.11b
               3702  DWL-120 rev F
               3703  DWL-122 802.11b
               3704  DWL-G122 802.11g rev. A2
               3705  AirPlus G DWL-G120 Wireless Adapter(rev.C)
               3761  IEEE 802.11g USB2.0 Wireless Network Adapter-PN
               3a00  DWL-AG132
               3a01  DWL-AG132 (no firmware)
               3a02  DWL-G132
               3a03  DWL-G132 (no firmware)
               3a04  DWL-AG122
               3a05  DWL-AG122 (no firmware)
               3a80  AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-G132 Wireless Adapter
               3a81  predator Bootloader Download
               3a82  AirPremier AG DWL-AG132 Wireless Adapter
               3a83  predator Bootloader Download
               3b00  AirPlus DWL-120+ Wireless Adapter
               3b01  WLAN Boot Device
               3c00  DWL-G122 802.11g rev. B1 [ralink]
               3c01  AirPlus AG DWL-AG122 Wireless Adapter
               3c02  AirPlus G DWL-G122 Wireless Adapter
               3c05  DUB-E100 Fast Ethernet [asix]
               4000  DSB-650C Ethernet [klsi]
               4001  DSB-650TX Ethernet [pegasus]
               4002  DSB-650TX Ethernet [pegasus]
               4003  DSB-650TX-PNA Ethernet [pegasus]
               400b  10/100 Ethernet
               4102  10/100 Ethernet
               5100  DSL-200 ADSL ATM Modem
               5102  DSL-200 ADSL Loader
               5b00  Remote NDIS Network Device
               9414  Cable Modem
               9b00  Broadband Cable Modem Remote NDIS Device
               abc1  DSB-650 Ethernet [pegasus]
               f013  DLink 7 port USB2.0 Hub
               f10d  Accent Communications Modem
               f110  DUB-AV300 A/V Capture
               f111  DBT-122 Bluetooth adapter
               f112  DUB-T210 Audio Device
               f116  Formosa 2
               f117  Formosa 3
               f118  Formosa 4
2019  PLANEX
               3220  GW-US11S WLAN
               5303  GW-US54GXS
               ab01  GW-US54HP
               ab50  GW-US54Mini2
               c002  GW-US54SG
               c007  GW-US54GZL
               ed02  GW-USMM
2040  Hauppauge
               6502  WinTV HVR-900
               6503  WinTV HVR-930
               7050  Nova-T Stick
               9300  WinTV NOVA-T USB2 (cold)
               9301  WinTV NOVA-T USB2 (warm)
2101  ActionStar
               0201  SIIG 4-to-2 Printer Switch
2162  Creative (?)
               2031  Network Blaster Wireless Adapter
               500c  DE5771 Modem Blaster
               8001  Broadxent BritePort DSL Bridge 8010U
2222  MacAlly
               0004  iWebKey Keyboard
               4050  AirStick joystick
2233  RadioShack Corporation
               6323  USB Electronic Scale
22b8  Motorola PCS
               0001  Wally 2.2 chipset
               0002  Wally 2.4 chipset
               0005  V.60c/V.60i GSM Phone
               0850  Bluetooth Device
               1001  Patriot 1.0 (GSM) chipset
               1002  Patriot 2.0 chipset
               1005  T280e GSM/GPRS Phone
               1101  Patriot 1.0 (TDMA) chipset
               1801  Rainbow chipset flash
               2035  Bluetooth Device
               2805  GSM Modem
               2821  T720 GSM Phone
               2822  V.120e GSM Phone
               2823  Flash Interface
               2a01  MSM6050 chipset
               2a02  CDMA modem
               2a03  MSM6050 chipset flash
               2a21  V710 GSM Phone (P2K)
               2a22  V710 GSM Phone (AT)
               2a23  MSM6100 chipset flash
               2a41  MSM6300 chipset
               2a42  Usb Modem
               2a43  MSM6300 chipset flash
               2a61  E815 GSM Phone (P2K)
               2a62  E815 GSM Phone (AT)
               2a63  MSM6500 chipset flash
               2a81  MSM6025 chipset
               2a83  MSM6025 chipset flash
               2ac1  MSM6100 chipset
               2ac3  MSM6100 chipset flash
               3001  A835/E1000 GSM Phone (P2K)
               3002  A835/E1000 GSM Phone (AT)
               3801  C350L/C450 (P2K)
               3802  C330/C350L/C450/EZX GSM Phone (AT)
               3803  Neptune LT chipset flash
               4001  OMAP 1.0 chipset
               4002  A920/A925 UMTS Phone
               4003  OMAP 1.0 chipset flash
               4008  OMAP 1.0 chipset RDL
               4204  MPx200 Smartphone
               4214  MPc GSM
               4224  MPx220 Smartphone
               4234  MPc CDMA
               4244  MPx100 Smartphone
               4801  Neptune LTS chipset
               4803  Neptune LTS chipset flash
               4810  Triplet GSM Phone (storage)
               4901  Triplet GSM Phone (P2K)
               4902  Triplet GSM Phone (AT)
               4903  Neptune LTE chipset flash
               4a01  Neptune LTX chipset
               4a03  Neptune LTX chipset flash
               4a32  L6-imode Phone
               5801  Neptune ULS chipset
               5803  Neptune ULS chipset flash
               5901  Neptune VLT chipset
               5903  Neptune VLT chipset flash
               6001  Dalhart EZX
               6003  Dalhart flash
               6004  EZX GSM Phone (CDC Net)
               6008  Dalhart RDL
               6009  EZX GSM Phone (P2K)
               600a  Dalhart EZX config 17
               600b  Dalhart EZX config 18
               600c  EZX GSM Phone (USBLAN)
               6021  JUIX chipset
               6023  JUIX chipset flash
               6026  Flash RAM Downloader/miniOS
               6027  USBLAN
               604c  EZX GSM Phone (Storage)
               6101  Talon integrated chipset
               6401  Argon chipset
               6403  Argon chipset flash
               6415  ROKR Z6 (MTP mode)
               6604  Washington CDMA Phone
               6631  CDC Modem
22b9  eTurboTouch Technology, Inc.
22ba  Technology Innovation Holdings, Ltd
2304  Pinnacle Systems, Inc. [hex]
               0109  Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB (SECAM)
               0110  Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB (PAL)
               0111  Miro PCTV USB
               0112  Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB (NTSC) with FM radio
               0201  Systems MovieBox Device
               0204  MovieBox USB_B
               0205  DVC 150B
               0206  Systems MovieBox Deluxe Device
               0207  Dazzle DVC90 Video Device
               0208  Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB2
               020e  PCTV 200e
               020f  PCTV 400e BDA Device
               0210  Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB (PAL) with FM radio
               0212  Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB (NTSC)
               0213  Systems 500-USB Device
               0214  Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB (PAL) with FM radio
               0216  PCTV 60e
               0219  PCTV 260e
               021a  Dazzle DVC100 Audio Device
               021b  Dazzle DVC130/DVC170
               021d  Dazzle DVC130
               021e  Dazzle DVC170
               021f  PCTV Sat HDTV Pro BDA Device
               0222  PCTV Sat Pro BDA Device
               0223  DazzleTV Sat BDA Device
               0226  PCTV 330e
               0227  Pinnacle TV for Mac, HD Stick
               022a  PCTV 160e
               022b  PCTV 71e
               0232  PCTV 170e
               0300  Pinnacle Studio Linx Video input cable (NTSC)
               0301  Pinnacle Studio Linx Video input cable (PAL)
               0302  Dazzle DVC120
               0419  Pinnacle PCTV Bungee USB (PAL) with FM radio
               061d  PCTV Deluxe (NTSC) Device
               061e  PCTV Deluxe (PAL) Device
2318  Shining Technologies, Inc. [hex]
               0011  CitiDISK Jr. IDE Enclosure
2375  Digit@lway, Inc.
               0001  Digital Audio Player
2406  SANHO Digital Electronics Co., Ltd.
               6688  PD7X Portable Storage
2478  Tripp-Lite
               2008  U209-000-R Serial Port
2632  TwinMOS
               3209  7-in-1 Card Reader
2650  Electronics For Imaging, Inc. [hex]
2730  Citizen
               200f  CT-S310 Label printer
2735  DigitalWay
               0003  MPIO 1.5GB Hard Disc Drive
2770  NHJ, Ltd
               0a01  ScanJet 4600 series
               905c  Che-Ez Snap SNAP-U/Digigr8/Soundstar TDC-35
               9060  A130
               9120  Che-ez! Snap / iClick Tiny VGA Digital Camera
               9130  TCG 501
               913c  Argus DC-1730
               9150  Mini Cam
               9153  iClick 5X
               930b  CCD Webcam(PC370R)
               930c  CCD Webcam(PC370R)
2899  Toptronic Industrial Co., Ltd
2c02  Planex Communications
               14ea  GW-US11H WLAN
2fb2  Fujitsu, Ltd
3125  Eagletron
               0001  TrackerPod Camera Stand
3176  Whanam Electronics Co., Ltd
3275  VidzMedia Pte Ltd
               4fb1  MonsterTV P2H
3334  AEI
               1701  Fast Ethernet
3340  Yakumo
               043a  Mio A701 DigiWalker PPCPhone
               0e3a  Pocket PC 300 GPS SL / Typhoon MyGuide 3500
               a0a3  deltaX 5 BT (D) PDA
3504  Micro Star
               f110  Security Key
3538  Power Quotient International Co., Ltd
               0001  Travel Flash
               0015  Mass Storge Device
               0022  Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device
               0042  Cool Drive U339 Flash Disk
3579  DIVA
               6901  Media Reader
3636  InVibro
3838  WEM
               0001  5-in-1 Card Reader
3923  National Instruments Corp.
               12c0  DAQPad-6020E
               12d0  DAQPad-6507
               12e0  NI 4350
               12f0  NI 5102
               1750  DAQPad-6508
               17b0  USB-ISA-Bridge
               1820  DAQPad-6020E (68 pin I/O)
               1830  DAQPad-6020E (BNC)
               1f00  DAQPad-6024E
               1f10  DAQPad-6024E
               1f20  DAQPad-6025E
               1f30  DAQPad-6025E
               1f40  DAQPad-6036E
               1f50  DAQPad-6036E
               2f80  DAQPad-6052E
               2f90  DAQPad-6052E
               703c  USB-485 RS485 Cable
               7254  NI MIO (data acquisition card) firmware updater
               729e  USB-6251 (OEM) data acquisition card
40bb  I-O Data
               0a09  USB2.0-SCSI Bridge USB2-SC
4101  i-rocks
               1301  IR-2510 usb phone
4102  iRiver, Ltd.
               1001  iFP-100 series mp3 player
               1003  iFP-300 series mp3 player
               1005  iFP-500 series mp3 player
               1007  iFP-700 series mp3/ogg vorbis player
               1008  iFP-800 series mp3/ogg vorbis player
               100a  iFP-1000 series mp3/ogg vorbis player
               1014  T20 series mp3/ogg vorbis player (ums firmware)
               1101  iFP-100 series mp3 player (ums firmware)
               1103  iFP-300 series mp3 player (ums firmware)
               1105  iFP-500 series mp3 player (ums firmware)
               1113  T10 (alternate)
               1117  T10
               1119  T30 series mp3/ogg/wma player
               2002  H10 6GB
               2101  H10 20GB (mtp)
               2102  H10 5GB (mtp)
               2105  H10 5/6GB (mtp)
413c  Dell Computer Corp.
               0058  Port Replicator
               1001  Keyboard Hub
               1002  Keyboard Hub
               2001  Keyboard HID Support
               2002  SK-8125 Keyboard
               2003  Keyboard
               2005  RT7D50 Keyboard
               2100  SK-3106 Keyboard
               2101  SmartCard Reader Keyboard
               2500  DRAC4 Remote Access Card
               3010  Optical Wheel Mouse
               3200  Mouse
               4001  Axim X5
               4002  Axim X3
               4003  Axim X30
               4004  Axim Sync
               4005  Axim Sync
               4006  Axim Sync
               4007  Axim Sync
               4008  Axim Sync
               4009  Axim Sync
               5103  AIO Printer A940
               5105  AIO Printer A920
               5107  AIO Printer A960
               5109  Photo AIO Printer 922
               5110  Photo AIO Printer 962
               5111  Photo AIO Printer 942
               5112  Photo AIO Printer 924
               5113  Photo AIO Printer 944
               5114  Photo AIO Printer 964
               5115  Photo AIO Printer 926
               5116  AIO Printer 946
               5117  Photo AIO Printer 966
               5118  AIO 810
               5124  Laser MFP 1815
               5128  Photo AIO 928
               5200  Laser Printer
               5202  Printing Support
               5203  Printing Support
               5210  Printing Support
               5211  Printing Support
               5220  Laser MFP 1600n
               5225  Printing Support
               5226  Printing Support
               5300  Laser Printer
               5400  Laser Printer
               5401  Laser Printer
               5601  Laser Printer 3100cn
               5602  Laser Printer 3000cn
               5631  Laser Printer 5100cn
               5905  Printing Support
               8000  BC02 Bluetooth USB Adapter
               8010  TrueMobile Bluetooth Module in
               8100  TrueMobile 1180 802.11b Adapter
               8102  TrueMobile 1300 USB2.0 WLAN Card
               8103  Wireless 350 Bluetooth
               8104  Wireless 1450 Dual-band (802.11a/b/g) USB2.0 Adapter
               8105  U2 in HID - Driver
               8106  Wireless 350 Bluetooth Internal Card in
               8110  Wireless 3xx Bluetooth Internal Card
               8111  Wireless 3xx Bluetooth Internal Card in
               8114  Wireless 5700 Mobile Broadband (CDMA EV-DO) Minicard Modem
               8115  Wireless 5500 Mobile Broadband (3G HSDPA) Minicard Modem
               8116  Wireless 5505 Mobile Broadband (3G HSDPA) Minicard Modem
               8117  Wireless 5700 Mobile Broadband (CDMA EV-DO) Expresscard Modem
               8118  Wireless 5510 Mobile Broadband (3G HSDPA) Expresscard Status Port
               8120  Bluetooth adapter
               8121  Eastfold in HID
               8122  Eastfold in DFU
               8123  eHome Infrared Receiver
               8124  eHome Infrared Receiver
               8126  Wireless 355 Bluetooth
               8127  Wireless 355 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Technology.
               8128  Wireless 5700-Sprint Mobile Broadband (CDMA EV-DO) Mini-Card Status Port
               8129  Wireless 5700-Telus Mobile Broadband (CDMA EV-DO) Mini-Card Status Port
               8131  Wireless 360 Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR module.
               8133  Wireless 5720 VZW Mobile Broadband (EVDO Rev-A) Minicard GPS Port
               8134  Wireless 5720 Sprint Mobile Broadband (EVDO Rev-A) Minicard Status Port
               8135  Wireless 5720 TELUS Mobile Broadband (EVDO Rev-A) Minicard Diagnostics Port
               8136  Wireless 5520 Cingular Mobile Broadband (3G HSDPA) Minicard Diagnostics Port
               8137  Wireless 5520 Voda L Mobile Broadband (3G HSDPA) Minicard Status Port
               8138  Wireless 5520 Voda I Mobile Broadband (3G HSDPA) Minicard EAP-SIM Port
               8140  Wireless 360 Bluetooth
               8142  Mobile 360 in DFU
               8501  Bluetooth Adapter
               a001  Hub
               a005  Internal 2.0 Hub
               a700  Hub (in 1905FP LCD Monitor)
4146  USBest Technology
               9281  Iomega Micro Mini 128MB Flash Drive
               ba01  Intuix Flash Drive
4242  USB Design by Example
               4201  Buttons and Lights HID device
               4220  Echo 1 Camera
4348  WinChipHead
               5523  USB->RS 232 adapter with Prolifec PL 2303 chipset
               5584  CH34x printer adapter cable
4572  Shuttle, Inc.
               4572  Shuttle PN31 Remote
4586  Panram
               1026  Crystal Bar Flash Drive
4670  EMS Production
               9394  Game Cube USB Memory Adaptor 64M
4766  Aceeca
               0001  MEZ1000 RDA
4855  Memorex
               7288  Ultra Traveldrive 160G 2.5" HDD
5032  Grandtec
               0bb8  Grandtec USB1.1 DVB-T (cold)
               0bb9  Grandtec USB1.1 DVB-T (warm)
               0fa0  Grandtec USB1.1 DVB-T (cold)
               0fa1  Grandtec USB1.1 DVB-T (warm)
5041  Linksys (?)
               2234  WUSB54G 802.11g Adapter
5173  Sweex
               1809  ZD1211
5345  Owon
               1234  PDS6062T Oscilloscope
544d  Transmeta Corp.
5543  UC-Logic Technology Corp.
               0002  SuperPen WP3325U Tablet
               0003  Genius MousePen 4x3 Tablet/Aquila L1 Tablet
               0004  Genius MousePen 5x4 Tablet
               0005  Genius MousePen 8x6 Tablet
               0041  Genius PenSketch 6x8 Tablet
               0042  Genius PenSketch 12x9 Tablet
55aa  OnSpec Electronic, Inc.
               0015  Hard Drive
               0102  SuperDisk
               0103  IDE Hard Drive
               0201  DDI to Reader-19
               1234  ATAPI Bridge
               a103  Sandisk SDDR-55 SmartMedia Card Reader
               b000  USB to CompactFlash Card Reader
               b004  OnSpec MMC/SD Reader/Writer
               b00b  USB to Memory Stick Card Reader
               b00c  USB to SmartMedia Card Reader
               b012  Mitsumi FA402M 8-in-2 Card Reader
               b200  Compact Flash Reader
               b204  MMC/ SD Reader
               b207  Memory Stick Reader
5986  Acer, Inc
               0102  Crystal Eye webcam
5a57  Zinwell
               0260  RT2570
6189  Sitecom
               182d  USB 2.0 Ethernet
               2068  USB to serial cable (v2)
6253  TwinHan Technology Co., Ltd
               0100  Ir reciver f. remote control
636c  CoreLogic, Inc.
6547  Arkmicro Technologies Inc.
               0232  ARK3116 Serial
6666  Prototype product Vendor ID
               0667  WiseGroup Smart Joy PSX, PS-PC Smart JoyPad
               2667  JCOP BlueZ Smartcard reader
               8804  WiseGroup SuperJoy Box 5
6891  3Com
               a727  3CRUSB10075
6993  Freshtel
               b001  FT-102 VoIP USB Phone
6a75  Shanghai Jujo Electronics Co., Ltd
7104  CME (Central Music Co.)
               2202  UF5/UF6/UF7/UF8 MIDI Master Keyboard
8086  Intel Corp.
               0001  AnyPoint (TM) Home Network 1.6 Mbps Wireless Adapter
               0100  Personal Audio Player 3000
               0101  Personal Audio Player 3000
               0110  Easy PC Camera
               0120  PC Camera CS120
               0200  AnyPoint(TM) Wireless II Network 11Mbps Adapter
               0431  Intel Pro Video PC Camera
               0510  Digital Movie Creator
               0630  Pocket PC Camera
               0780  CS780 Microphone Input
               07d3  BLOB boot loader firmware
               0dad  Cherry MiniatureCard Keyboard
               1010  AnyPoint(TM) Home Network 10 Mbps Phoneline Adapter
               110a  Bluetooth Controller from (Ericsson P4A)
               110b  Bluetooth Controller from (Intel/CSR)
               1110  PRO/Wireless LAN Module
               1111  PRO/Wireless 2011B 802.11b Adapter
               1134  Hollister Mobile Monitor
               1234  Prototype Reader/Writer
               3100  PRO/DSL 3220 Modem - WAN
               3101  PRO/DSL 3220 Modem
               3240  AnyPoint庐 3240 Modem - WAN
               3241  AnyPoint庐 3240 Modem
               8602  Miniature Card Slot
               9303  Intel 8x930Hx Hub
               9890  82930 Test Board
               beef  SCM Miniature Card Reader/Writer
               c013  Wireless HID Station
               f001  XScale PXA27x Bulverde flash
8341  EGO Systems, Inc.
               2000  Flashdisk
9016  Sitecom
               182d  WL-022
9710  MosChip Semiconductor
               7703  MCS7703 Serial Port Adapter
               7705  Printer cable
               7715  Printer cable
               7780  MS7780 4Mbps Fast IRDA Adapter
               7830  MCS7830 Ethernet
a727  3Com
               6893  AR5523
               6895  AR5523
               6897  AR5523
c251  Keil Software, Inc.
               2710  ULink
eb1a  eMPIA Technology, Inc.
               17de  KWorld V-Stream XPERT DTV - DVB-T USB cold
               17df  KWorld V-Stream XPERT DTV - DVB-T USB warm
               2710  SilverCrest WebCam
               2750  ECS Elitegroup G220 integrated webcam
               2800  Terratec Cinergy 200
               2801  GrabBeeX+ Video Encoder
f003  Hewlett Packard
               6002  PhotoSmart C500
# List of known device classes, subclasses and protocols
# Syntax:
# C class  class_name
#               subclass  subclass_name                               <-- single tab
#                             protocol  protocol_name                  <-- two tabs
C 00  (Defined at Interface level)
C 01  Audio
               01  Control Device
               02  Streaming
               03  MIDI Streaming
C 02  Communications
               01  Direct Line
               02  Abstract (modem)
                              00  None
                              01  AT-commands (v.25ter)
                              02  AT-commands (PCCA101)
                              03  AT-commands (PCCA101 + wakeup)
                              04  AT-commands (GSM)
                              05  AT-commands (3G)
                              06  AT-commands (CDMA)
                              fe  Defined by command set descriptor
                              ff  Vendor Specific (MSFT RNDIS?)
               03  Telephone
               04  Multi-Channel
               05  CAPI Control
               06  Ethernet Networking
               07  ATM Networking
               08  Wireless Handset Control
               09  Device Management
               0a  Mobile Direct Line
               0b  OBEX
               0c  Ethernet Emulation
                              07  Ethernet Emulation (EEM)
C 03  Human Interface Device
               00  No Subclass
                              00  None
                              01  Keyboard
                              02  Mouse
               01  Boot Interface Subclass
                              00  None
                              01  Keyboard
                              02  Mouse
C 05  Physical Interface Device
C 06  Imaging
               01  Still Image Capture
                              01  Picture Transfer Protocol (PIMA 15470)
C 07  Printer
               01  Printer
                              00  Reserved/Undefined
                              01  Unidirectional
                              02  Bidirectional
                              03  IEEE 1284.4 compatible bidirectional
                              ff  Vendor Specific
C 08  Mass Storage
               01  RBC (typically Flash)
                              00  Control/Bulk/Interrupt
                              01  Control/Bulk
                              50  Bulk (Zip)
               02  SFF-8020i, MMC-2 (ATAPI)
               03  QIC-157
               04  Floppy (UFI)
                              00  Control/Bulk/Interrupt
                              01  Control/Bulk
                              50  Bulk (Zip)
               05  SFF-8070i
               06  SCSI
                              00  Control/Bulk/Interrupt
                              01  Control/Bulk
                              50  Bulk (Zip)
C 09  Hub
               00  Unused
                              00  Full speed (or root) hub
                              01  Single TT
                              02  TT per port
C 0a  CDC Data
               00  Unused
                              30  I.430 ISDN BRI
                              31  HDLC
                              32  Transparent
                              50  Q.921M
                              51  Q.921
                              52  Q.921TM
                              90  V.42bis
                              91  Q.932 EuroISDN
                              92  V.120 V.24 rate ISDN
                              93  CAPI 2.0
                              fd  Host Based Driver
                              fe  CDC PUF
                              ff  Vendor specific
C 0b  Chip/SmartCard
C 0d  Content Security
C 0e  Video
               00  Undefined
               01  Video Control
               02  Video Streaming
               03  Video Interface Collection
C dc  Diagnostic
               01  Reprogrammable Diagnostics
                              01  USB2 Compliance
C e0  Wireless
               01  Radio Frequency
                              01  Bluetooth
                              02  Ultra WideBand Radio Control
                              03  RNDIS
               02  Wireless USB Wire Adapter
                              01  Host Wire Adapter Control/Data Streaming
                              02  Device Wire Adapter Control/Data Streaming
                              03  Device Wire Adapter Isochronous Streaming
C ef  Miscellaneous Device
               01  ?
                              01  Microsoft ActiveSync
                              02  Palm Sync
               02  ?
                              01  Interface Association
                              02  Wire Adapter Multifunction Peripheral
               03  ?
                              01  Cable Based Association
C fe  Application Specific Interface
               01  Device Firmware Update
               02  IRDA Bridge
               03  Test and Measurement
                              01  TMC
                              02  USB488
C ff  Vendor Specific Class
               ff  Vendor Specific Subclass
                              ff  Vendor Specific Protocol
# List of Audio Class Terminal Types
# Syntax:
# AT terminal_type  terminal_type_name
AT 0100  USB Undefined
AT 0101  USB Streaming
AT 01ff  USB Vendor Specific
AT 0200  Input Undefined
AT 0201  Microphone
AT 0202  Desktop Microphone
AT 0203  Personal Microphone
AT 0204  Omni-directional Microphone
AT 0205  Microphone Array
AT 0206  Processing Microphone Array
AT 0300  Output Undefined
AT 0301  Speaker
AT 0302  Headphones
AT 0303  Head Mounted Display Audio
AT 0304  Desktop Speaker
AT 0305  Room Speaker
AT 0306  Communication Speaker
AT 0307  Low Frequency Effects Speaker
AT 0400  Bidirectional Undefined
AT 0401  Handset
AT 0402  Headset
AT 0403  Speakerphone, no echo reduction
AT 0404  Echo-suppressing speakerphone
AT 0405  Echo-canceling speakerphone
AT 0500  Telephony Undefined
AT 0501  Phone line
AT 0502  Telephone
AT 0503  Down Line Phone
AT 0600  External Undefined
AT 0601  Analog Connector
AT 0602  Digital Audio Interface
AT 0603  Line Connector
AT 0604  Legacy Audio Connector
AT 0605  SPDIF interface
AT 0606  1394 DA stream
AT 0607  1394 DV stream soundtrack
AT 0700  Embedded Undefined
AT 0701  Level Calibration Noise Source
AT 0702  Equalization Noise
AT 0703  CD Player
AT 0704  DAT
AT 0705  DCC
AT 0706  MiniDisc
AT 0707  Analog Tape
AT 0708  Phonograph
AT 0709  VCR Audio
AT 070a  Video Disc Audio
AT 070b  DVD Audio
AT 070c  TV Tuner Audio
AT 070d  Satellite Receiver Audio
AT 070e  Cable Tuner Audio
AT 070f  DSS Audio
AT 0710  Radio Receiver
AT 0711  Radio Transmitter
AT 0712  Multitrack Recorder
AT 0713  Synthesizer
# List of HID Descriptor Types
# Syntax:
# HID descriptor_type  descriptor_type_name
HID 22  Report
HID 23  Physical
# List of HID Descriptor Item Types
# Note: 2 bits LSB encode data length following
# Syntax:
# R item_type  item_type_name
# Main Items
R 80  Input
R 90  Output
R b0  Feature
R a0  Collection
R c0  End Collection
# Global Items
R 04  Usage Page
R 14  Logical Minimum
R 24  Logical Maximum
R 34  Physical Minimum
R 44  Physical Maximum
R 54  Unit Exponent
R 64  Unit
R 74  Report Size
R 84  Report ID
R 94  Report Count
R a4  Push
R b4  Pop
# Local Items
R 08  Usage
R 18  Usage Minimum
R 28  Usage Maximum
R 38  Designator Index
R 48  Designator Minimum
R 58  Designator Maximum
R 78  String Index
R 88  String Minimum
R 98  String Maximum
R a8  Delimiter
# List of Physical Descriptor Bias Types
# Syntax:
# BIAS item_type  item_type_name
BIAS 0  Not Applicable
BIAS 1  Right Hand
BIAS 2  Left Hand
BIAS 3  Both Hands
BIAS 4  Either Hand
# List of Physical Descriptor Item Types
# Syntax:
# PHY item_type  item_type_name
PHY 00  None
PHY 01  Hand
PHY 02  Eyeball
PHY 03  Eyebrow
PHY 04  Eyelid
PHY 05  Ear
PHY 06  Nose
PHY 07  Mouth
PHY 08  Upper Lip
PHY 09  Lower Lip
PHY 0a  Jaw
PHY 0b  Neck
PHY 0c  Upper Arm
PHY 0d  Elbow
PHY 0e  Forearm
PHY 0f  Wrist
PHY 10  Palm
PHY 11  Thumb
PHY 12  Index Finger
PHY 13  Middle Finger
PHY 14  Ring Finger
PHY 15  Little Finger
PHY 16  Head
PHY 17  Shoulder
PHY 18  Hip
PHY 19  Waist
PHY 1a  Thigh
PHY 1b  Knee
PHY 1c  calf
PHY 1d  Ankle
PHY 1e  Foot
PHY 1f  Heel
PHY 20  Ball of Foot
PHY 21  Big Toe
PHY 22  Second Toe
PHY 23  Third Toe
PHY 24  Fourth Toe
PHY 25  Fifth Toe
PHY 26  Brow
PHY 27  Cheek
# List of HID Usages
# Syntax:
# HUT hi  _usage_page  hid_usage_page_name
#               hid_usage  hid_usage_name
HUT 00  Undefined
HUT 01  Generic Desktop Controls
               000  Undefined
               001  Pointer
               002  Mouse
               004  Joystick
               005  Gamepad
               006  Keyboard
               007  Keypad
               008  Multi-Axis Controller
               030  Direction-X
               031  Direction-Y
               032  Direction-Z
               033  Rotate-X
               034  Rotate-Y
               035  Rotate-Z
               036  Slider
               037  Dial
               038  Wheel
               039  Hat Switch
               03a  Counted Buffer
               03b  Byte Count
               03c  Motion Wakeup
               03d  Start
               03e  Select
               040  Vector-X
               041  Vector-Y
               042  Vector-Z
               043  Vector-X relative Body
               044  Vector-Y relative Body
               045  Vector-Z relative Body
               046  Vector
               080  System Control
               081  System Power Down
               082  System Sleep
               083  System Wake Up
               084  System Context Menu
               085  System Main Menu
               086  System App Menu
               087  System Menu Help
               088  System Menu Exit
               089  System Menu Select
               08a  System Menu Right
               08b  System Menu Left
               08c  System Menu Up
               08d  System Menu Down
               090  Direction Pad Up
               091  Direction Pad Down
               092  Direction Pad Right
               093  Direction Pad Left
HUT 02  Simulation Controls
               000  Undefined
               001  Flight Simulation Device
               002  Automobile Simulation Device
               003  Tank Simulation Device
               004  Spaceship Simulation Device
               005  Submarine Simulation Device
               006  Sailing Simulation Device
               007  Motorcycle Simulation Device
               008  Sports Simulation Device
               009  Airplane Simualtion Device
               00a  Helicopter Simulation Device
               00b  Magic Carpet Simulation Device
               00c  Bicycle Simulation Device
               020  Flight Control Stick
               021  Flight Stick
               022  Cyclic Control
               023  Cyclic Trim
               024  Flight Yoke
               025  Track Control
               0b0  Aileron
               0b1  Aileron Trim
               0b2  Anti-Torque Control
               0b3  Autopilot Enable
               0b4  Chaff Release
               0b5  Collective Control
               0b6  Dive Break
               0b7  Electronic Countermeasures
               0b8  Elevator
               0b9  Elevator Trim
               0ba  Rudder
               0bb  Throttle
               0bc  Flight COmmunications
               0bd  Flare Release
               0be  Landing Gear
               0bf  Toe Break
               0c0  Trigger
               0c1  Weapon Arm
               0c2  Weapons Select
               0c3  Wing Flaps
               0c4  Accelerator
               0c5  Brake
               0c6  Clutch
               0c7  Shifter
               0c8  Steering
               0c9  Turret Direction
               0ca  Barrel Elevation
               0cb  Drive Plane
               0cc  Ballast
               0cd  Bicylce Crank
               0ce  Handle Bars
               0cf  Front Brake
               0d0  Rear Brake
HUT 03  VR Controls
               000  Unidentified
               001  Belt
               002  Body Suit
               003  Flexor
               004  Glove
               005  Head Tracker
               006  Head Mounted Display
               007  Hand Tracker
               008  Oculometer
               009  Vest
               00a  Animatronic Device
               020  Stereo Enable
               021  Display Enable
HUT 04  Sport Controls
               000  Unidentified
               001  Baseball Bat
               002  Golf Club
               003  Rowing Machine
               004  Treadmill
               030  Oar
               031  Slope
               032  Rate
               033  Stick Speed
               034  Stick Face Angle
               035  Stick Heel/Toe
               036  Stick Follow Through
               047  Stick Temp
               038  Stick Type
               039  Stick Height
               050  Putter
               051  1 Iron
               052  2 Iron
               053  3 Iron
               054  4 Iron
               055  5 Iron
               056  6 Iron
               057  7 Iron
               058  8 Iron
               059  9 Iron
               05a  10 Iron
               05b  11 Iron
               05c  Sand Wedge
               05d  Loft Wedge
               05e  Power Wedge
               05f  1 Wood
               060  3 Wood
               061  5 Wood
               062  7 Wood
               063  9 Wood
HUT 05  Game Controls
               000  Undefined
               001  3D Game Controller
               002  Pinball Device
               003  Gun Device
               020  Point Of View
               021  Turn Right/Left
               022  Pitch Right/Left
               023  Roll Forward/Backward
               024  Move Right/Left
               025  Move Forward/Backward
               026  Move Up/Down
               027  Lean Right/Left
               028  Lean Forward/Backward
               029  Height of POV
               02a  Flipper
               02b  Secondary Flipper
               02c  Bump
               02d  New Game
               02e  Shoot Ball
               02f  Player
               030  Gun Bolt
               031  Gun Clip
               032  Gun Selector
               033  Gun Single Shot
               034  Gun Burst
               035  Gun Automatic
               036  Gun Safety
               037  Gamepad Fire/Jump
               038  Gamepad Fun
               039  Gamepad Trigger
HUT 07  Keyboard
               000  No Event
               001  Keyboard ErrorRollOver
               002  Keyboard POSTfail
               003  Keyboard Error Undefined
               004  A
               005  B
               006  C
               007  D
               008  E
               009  F
               00a  G
               00b  H
               00c  I
               00d  J
               00e  K
               00f  L
               010  M
               011  N
               012  O
               013  P
               014  Q
               015  R
               016  S
               017  T
               018  U
               019  V
               01a  W
               01b  X
               01c  Y
               01d  Z
               01e  1 and ! (One and Exclamation)
               01f  2 and @ (2 and at)
               020  3 and # (3 and Hash)
               021  4 and $ (4 and Dollar Sign)
               022  5 and % (5 and Percent Sign)
               023  6 and ^ (6 and circumflex)
               024  7 and & (Seven and Ampersand)
               025  8 and * (Eight and asterisk)
               026  9 and ( (Nine and Parenthesis Left)
               027  0 and ) (Zero and Parenthesis Right)
               028  Return (Enter)
               029  Escape
               02a  Delete (Backspace)
               02b  Tab
               02c  Space Bar
               02d  - and _ (Minus and underscore)
               02e  = and + (Equal and Plus)
               02f  [ and { (Bracket and Braces Left)
              030  ] and } (Bracket and Braces Right)
               031  \ and | (Backslash and Bar)
               032  # and ~ (Hash and Tilde, Non-US Keyboard near right shift)
              033  ; and : (Semicolon and Colon)
               034  ?and " (Accent Acute and Double Quotes)
               035  ` and ~ (Accent Grace and Tilde)
              036  , and < (Comma and Less)
              037  . and > (Period and Greater)
               038  / and ? (Slash and Question Mark)
               039  Caps Lock
               03a  F1
               03b  F2
               03c  F3
               03d  F4
               03e  F5
               03f  F6
               040  F7
               041  F8
               042  F9
               043  F10
               044  F11
               045  F12
               046  Print Screen
               047  Scroll Lock
               048  Pause
               049  Insert
               04a  Home
               04b  Page Up
               04c  Delete Forward (without Changing Position)
               04d  End
               04e  Page Down
               04f  Right Arrow
               050  Left Arrow
               051  Down Arrow
               052  Up Arrow
               053  Num Lock and Clear
               054  Keypad / (Division Sign)
               055  Keypad * (Multiplication Sign)
               056  Keypad - (Subtraction Sign)
               057  Keypad + (Addition Sign)
               058  Keypad Enter
               059  Keypad 1 and END
               05a  Keypad 2 and Down Arrow
               05b  Keypad 3 and Page Down
               05c  Keypad 4 and Left Arrow
               05d  Keypad 5 (Tactilei Raised)
               05f  Keypad 6 and Right Arrow
               060  Keypad 7 and Home
               061  Keypad 8 and Up Arrow
               062  Keypad 8 and Page Up
               063  Keypad . (decimal delimiter) and Delete
               064  \ and | (Backslash and Bar, UK and Non-US Keyboard near left shift)
               065  Keyboard Application (Windows Key for Win95 or Compose)
               066  Power (not a key)
               067  Keypad = (Equal Sign)
               068  F13
               069  F14
               06a  F15
               06b  F16
               06c  F17
               06d  F18
               06e  F19
               06f  F20
               070  F21
               071  F22
               072  F23
               073  F24
               074  Execute
               075  Help
               076  Menu
               077  Select
               078  Stop
               079  Again
               07a  Undo
               07b  Cut
               07c  Copy
               07d  Paste
               07e  Find
               07f  Mute
               080  Volume Up
               081  Volume Down
               082  Locking Caps Lock
               083  Locking Num Lock
               084  Locking Scroll Lock
               085  Keypad Comma
               086  Keypad Equal Sign (AS/400)
               087  International 1 (PC98)
               088  International 2 (PC98)
               089  International 3 (PC98)
               08a  International 4 (PC98)
               08b  International 5 (PC98)
               08c  International 6 (PC98)
               08d  International 7 (Toggle Single/Double Byte Mode)
               08e  International 8
               08f  International 9
               090  LANG 1 (Hangul/English Toggle, Korea)
               091  LANG 2 (Hanja Conversion, Korea)
               092  LANG 3 (Katakana, Japan)
               093  LANG 4 (Hiragana, Japan)
               094  LANG 5 (Zenkaku/Hankaku, Japan)
               095  LANG 6
               096  LANG 7
               097  LANG 8
               098  LANG 9
               099  Alternate Erase
               09a  SysReq/Attention
               09b  Cancel
               09c  Clear
               09d  Prior
               09e  Return
               09f  Separator
               0a0  Out
               0a1  Open
               0a2  Clear/Again
               0a3  CrSel/Props
               0a4  ExSel
               0e0  Control Left
               0e1  Shift Left
               0e2  Alt Left
               0e3  GUI Left
               0e4  Control Right
               0e5  Shift Right
               0e6  Alt Rigth
               0e7  GUI Right
HUT 08  LEDs
               000  Undefined
               001  NumLock
               002  CapsLock
               003  Scroll Lock
               004  Compose
               005  Kana
               006  Power
               007  Shift
               008  Do not disturb
               009  Mute
               00a  Tone Enabke
               00b  High Cut Filter
               00c  Low Cut Filter
               00d  Equalizer Enable
               00e  Sound Field ON
               00f  Surround On
               010  Repeat
               011  Stereo
               012  Sampling Rate Detect
               013  Spinning
               014  CAV
               015  CLV
               016  Recording Format Detect
               017  Off-Hook
               018  Ring
               019  Message Waiting
               01a  Data Mode
               01b  Battery Operation
               01c  Battery OK
               01d  Battery Low
               01e  Speaker
               01f  Head Set
               020  Hold
               021  Microphone
               022  Coverage
               023  Night Mode
               024  Send Calls
               025  Call Pickup
               026  Conference
               027  Stand-by
               028  Camera On
               029  Camera Off
               02a  On-Line
               02b  Off-Line
               02c  Busy
               02d  Ready
               02e  Paper-Out
               02f  Paper-Jam
               030  Remote
               031  Forward
               032  Reverse
               033  Stop
               034  Rewind
               035  Fast Forward
               036  Play
               037  Pause
               038  Record
               039  Error
               03a  Usage Selected Indicator
               03b  Usage In Use Indicator
               03c  Usage Multi Indicator
               03d  Indicator On
               03e  Indicator Flash
               03f  Indicator Slow Blink
               040  Indicator Fast Blink
               041  Indicator Off
               042  Flash On Time
               043  Slow Blink On Time
               044  Slow Blink Off Time
               045  Fast Blink On Time
               046  Fast Blink Off Time
               047  Usage Color Indicator
               048  Indicator Red
               049  Indicator Green
               04a  Indicator Amber
               04b  Generic Indicator
               04c  System Suspend
               04d  External Power Connected
HUT 09  Buttons
               000  No Button Pressed
               001  Button 1 (Primary)
               002  Button 2 (Secondary)
               003  Button 3 (Tertiary)
               004  Button 4
               005  Button 5
HUT 0a  Ordinal
               001  Instance 1
               002  Instance 2
               003  Instance 3
HUT 0b  Telephony
               000  Unassigned
               001  Phone
               002  Answering Machine
               003  Message Controls
               004  Handset
               005  Headset
               006  Telephony Key Pad
               007  Programmable Button
               020  Hook Switch
               021  Flash
               022  Feature
               023  Hold
               024  Redial
               025  Transfer
               026  Drop
               027  Park
               028  Forward Calls
               029  Alternate Function
               02a  Line
               02b  Speaker Phone
               02c  Conference
               02d  Ring Enable
               02e  Ring Select
               02f  Phone Mute
               030  Caller ID
               050  Speed Dial
               051  Store Number
               052  Recall Number
               053  Phone Directory
               070  Voice Mail
               071  Screen Calls
               072  Do Not Disturb
               073  Message
               074  Answer On/Offf
               090  Inside Dial Tone
               091  Outside Dial Tone
               092  Inside Ring Tone
               093  Outside Ring Tone
               094  Priority Ring Tone
               095  Inside Ringback
               096  Priority Ringback
               097  Line Busy Tone
               098  Recorder Tone
               099  Call Waiting Tone
               09a  Confirmation Tone 1
               09b  Confirmation Tone 2
               09c  Tones Off
               09d  Outside Ringback
               0b0  Key 1
               0b1  Key 2
               0b3  Key 3
               0b4  Key 4
               0b5  Key 5
               0b6  Key 6
               0b7  Key 7
               0b8  Key 8
               0b9  Key 9
               0ba  Key Star
               0bb  Key Pound
               0bc  Key A
               0bd  Key B
               0be  Key C
               0bf  Key D
HUT 0c  Consumer
               000  Unassigned
               001  Consumer Control
               002  Numeric Key Pad
               003  Programmable Buttons
               020  +10
               021  +100
               022  AM/PM
               030  Power
               031  Reset
               032  Sleep
               033  Sleep After
               034  Sleep Mode
               035  Illumination
               036  Function Buttons
               040  Menu
               041  Menu Pick
               042  Menu Up
               043  Menu Down
               044  Menu Left
               045  Menu Right
               046  Menu Escape
               047  Menu Value Increase
               048  Menu Value Decrease
               060  Data on Screen
               061  Closed Caption
               062  Closed Caption Select
               063  VCR/TV
               064  Broadcast Mode
               065  Snapshot
               066  Still
               080  Selection
               081  Assign Selection
               082  Mode Step
               083  Recall Last
               084  Enter Channel
               085  Order Movie
               086  Channel
               087  Media Selection
               088  Media Select Computer
               089  Media Select TV
               08a  Media Select WWW
               08b  Media Select DVD
               08c  Media Select Telephone
               08d  Media Select Program Guide
               08e  Media Select Video Phone
               08f  Media Select Games
               090  Media Select Messages
               091  Media Select CD
               092  Media Select VCR
               093  Media Select Tuner
               094  Quit
               095  Help
               096  Media Select Tape
               097  Media Select Cable
               098  Media Select Satellite
               099  Media Select Security
               09a  Media Select Home
               09b  Media Select Call
               09c  Channel Increment
               09d  Channel Decrement
               09e  Media Select SAP
               0a0  VCR Plus
               0a1  Once
               0a2  Daily
               0a3  Weekly
               0a4  Monthly
               0b0  Play
               0b1  Pause
               0b2  Record
               0b3  Fast Forward
               0b4  Rewind
               0b5  Scan Next Track
               0b6  Scan Previous Track
               0b7  Stop
               0b8  Eject
               0b9  Random Play
               0ba  Select Disc
               0bb  Enter Disc
               0bc  Repeat
               0bd  Tracking
               0be  Track Normal
               0bf  Slow Tracking
               0c0  Frame Forward
               0c1  Frame Back
               0c2  Mark
               0c3  Clear Mark
               0c4  Repeat from Mark
               0c5  Return to Mark
               0c6  Search Mark Forward
               0c7  Search Mark Backward
               0c8  Counter Reset
               0c9  Show Counter
               0ca  Tracking Increment
               0cb  Tracking Decrement
               0cc  Stop/Eject
               0cd  Play/Pause
               0ce  Play/Skip
               0e0  Volume
               0e1  Balance
               0e2  Mute
               0e3  Bass
               0e4  Treble
               0e5  Bass Boost
               0e6  Surround Mode
               0e7  Loudness
               0e8  MPX
               0e9  Volume Increment
               0ea  Volume Decrement
               0f0  Speed Select
               0f1  Playback Speed
               0f2  Standard Play
               0f3  Long Play
               0f4  Extended Play
               0f5  Slow
               100  Fan Enable
               101  Fan Speed
               102  Light Enable
               103  Light Illumination Level
               104  Climate Control Enable
               105  Room Temperature
               106  Security Enable
               107  Fire Alarm
               108  Police Alarm
               150  Balance Right
               151  Balance Left
               152  Bass Increment
               153  Bass Decrement
               154  Treble Increment
               155  Treble Decrement
               160  Speaker System
               161  Channel Left
               162  Channel Right
               163  Channel Center
               164  Channel Front
               165  Channel Center Front
               166  Channel Side
               167  Channel Surround
               168  Channel Low Frequency Enhancement
               169  Channel Top
               16a  Channel Unknown
               170  Sub-Channel
               171  Sub-Channel Increment
               172  Sub-Channel Decrement
               173  Alternative Audio Increment
               174  Alternative Audio Decrement
               180  Application Launch Buttons
               181  AL Launch Button Configuration Tool
               182  AL Launch Button Configuration
               183  AL Consumer Control Configuration
               184  AL Word Processor
               185  AL Text Editor
               186  AL Spreadsheet
               187  AL Graphics Editor
               188  AL Presentation App
               189  AL Database App
               18a  AL Email Reader
               18b  AL Newsreader
               18c  AL Voicemail
               18d  AL Contacts/Address Book
               18e  AL Calendar/Schedule
               18f  AL Task/Project Manager
               190  AL Log/Jounal/Timecard
               191  AL Checkbook/Finance
               192  AL Calculator
               193  AL A/V Capture/Playback
               194  AL Local Machine Browser
               195  AL LAN/Wan Browser
               196  AL Internet Browser
               197  AL Remote Networking/ISP Connect
               198  AL Network Conference
               199  AL Network Chat
               19a  AL Telephony/Dialer
               19b  AL Logon
               19c  AL Logoff
               19d  AL Logon/Logoff
               19e  AL Terminal Local/Screensaver
               19f  AL Control Panel
               1a0  AL Command Line Processor/Run
               1a1  AL Process/Task Manager
               1a2  AL Select Task/Application
               1a3  AL Next Task/Application
               1a4  AL Previous Task/Application
               1a5  AL Preemptive Halt Task/Application
               200  Generic GUI Application Controls
               201  AC New
               202  AC Open
               203  AC CLose
               204  AC Exit
               205  AC Maximize
               206  AC Minimize
               207  AC Save
               208  AC Print
               209  AC Properties
               21a  AC Undo
               21b  AC Copy
               21c  AC Cut
               21d  AC Paste
               21e  AC Select All
               21f  AC Find
               220  AC Find and Replace
               221  AC Search
               222  AC Go To
               223  AC Home
               224  AC Back
               225  AC Forward
               226  AC Stop
               227  AC Refresh
               228  AC Previous Link
               229  AC Next Link
               22b  AC History
               22c  AC Subscriptions
               22d  AC Zoom In
               22e  AC Zoom Out
               22f  AC Zoom
               230  AC Full Screen View
               231  AC Normal View
               232  AC View Toggle
               233  AC Scroll Up
               234  AC Scroll Down
               235  AC Scroll
               236  AC Pan Left
               237  AC Pan Right
               238  AC Pan
               239  AC New Window
               23a  AC Tile Horizontally
               23b  AC Tile Vertically
               23c  AC Format
HUT 0d  Digitizer
               000  Undefined
               001  Digitizer
               002  Pen
               003  Light Pen
               004  Touch Screen
               005  Touch Pad
               006  White Board
               007  Coordinate Measuring Machine
               008  3D Digitizer
               009  Stereo Plotter
               00a  Articulated Arm
               00b  Armature
               00c  Multiple Point Digitizer
               00d  Free Space Wand
               020  Stylus
               021  Puck
               022  Finger
               030  Tip Pressure
               031  Barrel Pressure
               032  In Range
               033  Touch
               034  Untouch
               035  Tap
               036  Quality
               037  Data Valid
               038  Transducer Index
               039  Tablet Function Keys
               03a  Program Change Keys
               03b  Battery Strength
               03c  Invert
               03d  X Tilt
               03e  Y Tilt
               03f  Azimuth
               040  Altitude
               041  Twist
               042  Tip Switch
               043  Secondary Tip Switch
               044  Barrel Switch
               045  Eraser
               046  Tablet Pick
HUT 0f  PID Page
               000  Undefined
               001  Physical Interface Device
               020  Normal
               021  Set Effect Report
               022  Effect Block Index
               023  Parameter Block Offset
               024  ROM Flag
               025  Effect Type
               026  ET Constant Force
               027  ET Ramp
               028  ET Custom Force Data
               030  ET Square
               031  ET Sine
               032  ET Triangle
               033  ET Sawtooth Up
               034  ET Sawtooth Down
               040  ET Spring
               041  ET Damper
               042  ET Inertia
               043  ET Friction
               050  Duration
               051  Sample Period
               052  Gain
               053  Trigger Button
               054  Trigger Repeat Interval
               055  Axes Enable
               056  Direction Enable
               057  Direction
               058  Type Specific Block Offset
               059  Block Type
               05A  Set Envelope Report
               05B  Attack Level
               05C  Attack Time
               05D  Fade Level
               05E  Fade Time
               05F  Set Condition Report
               060  CP Offset
               061  Positive Coefficient
               062  Negative Coefficient
               063  Positive Saturation
               064  Negative Saturation
               065  Dead Band
               066  Download Force Sample
               067  Isoch Custom Force Enable
               068  Custom Force Data Report
               069  Custom Force Data
               06A  Custom Force Vendor Defined Data
               06B  Set Custom Force Report
               06C  Custom Force Data Offset
               06D  Sample Count
               06E  Set Periodic Report
               06F  Offset
               070  Magnitude
               071  Phase
               072  Period
               073  Set Constant Force Report
               074  Set Ramp Force Report
               075  Ramp Start
               076  Ramp End
               077  Effect Operation Report
               078  Effect Operation
               079  Op Effect Start
               07A  Op Effect Start Solo
               07B  Op Effect Stop
               07C  Loop Count
               07D  Device Gain Report
               07E  Device Gain
               07F  PID Pool Report
               080  RAM Pool Size
               081  ROM Pool Size
               082  ROM Effect Block Count
               083  Simultaneous Effects Max
               084  Pool Alignment
               085  PID Pool Move Report
               086  Move Source
               087  Move Destination
               088  Move Length
               089  PID Block Load Report
               08B  Block Load Status
               08C  Block Load Success
               08D  Block Load Full
               08E  Block Load Error
               08F  Block Handle
               090  PID Block Free Report
               091  Type Specific Block Handle
               092  PID State Report
               094  Effect Playing
               095  PID Device Control Report
               096  PID Device Control
               097  DC Enable Actuators
               098  DC Disable Actuators
               099  DC Stop All Effects
               09A  DC Device Reset
               09B  DC Device Pause
               09C  DC Device Continue
               09F  Device Paused
               0A0  Actuators Enabled
               0A4  Safety Switch
               0A5  Actuator Override Switch
               0A6  Actuator Power
               0A7  Start Delay
               0A8  Parameter Block Size
               0A9  Device Managed Pool
               0AA  Shared Parameter Blocks
               0AB  Create New Effect Report
               0AC  RAM Pool Available
HUT 10  Unicode
HUT 14  Alphanumeric Display
               000  Undefined
               001  Alphanumeric Display
               020  Display Attributes Report
               021  ASCII Character Set
               022  Data Read Back
               023  Font Read Back
               024  Display Control Report
               025  Clear Display
               026  Display Enable
               027  Screen Saver Delay
               028  Screen Saver Enable
               029  Vertical Scroll
               02a  Horizontal Scroll
               02b  Character Report
               02c  Display Data
               02d  Display Status
               02e  Stat Not Ready
               02f  Stat Ready
               030  Err Not a loadable Character
               031  Err Font Data Cannot Be Read
               032  Cursur Position Report
               033  Row
               034  Column
               035  Rows
               036  Columns
               037  Cursor Pixel Positioning
               038  Cursor Mode
               039  Cursor Enable
               03a  Cursor Blink
               03b  Font Report
               03c  Font Data
               03d  Character Width
               03e  Character Height
               03f  Character Spacing Horizontal
               040  Character Spacing Vertical
               041  Unicode Character Set
HUT 80  USB Monitor
               001  Monitor Control
               002  EDID Information
               003  VDIF Information
               004  VESA Version
HUT 81  USB Monitor Enumerated Values
HUT 82  Monitor VESA Virtual Controls
               001  Degauss
               010  Brightness
               012  Contrast
               016  Red Video Gain
               018  Green Video Gain
               01a  Blue Video Gain
               01c  Focus
               020  Horizontal Position
               022  Horizontal Size
               024  Horizontal Pincushion
               026  Horizontal Pincushion Balance
               028  Horizontal Misconvergence
               02a  Horizontal Linearity
               02c  Horizontal Linearity Balance
               030  Vertical Position
               032  Vertical Size
               034  Vertical Pincushion
               036  Vertical Pincushion Balance
               038  Vertical Misconvergence
               03a  Vertical Linearity
               03c  Vertical Linearity Balance
               040  Parallelogram Balance (Key Distortion)
               042  Trapezoidal Distortion (Key)
               044  Tilt (Rotation)
               046  Top Corner Distortion Control
               048  Top Corner Distortion Balance
               04a  Bottom Corner Distortion Control
               04c  Bottom Corner Distortion Balance
               056  Horizontal Moire
               058  Vertical Moire
               05e  Input Level Select
               060  Input Source Select
               06c  Red Video Black Level
               06e  Green Video Black Level
               070  Blue Video Black Level
               0a2  Auto Size Center
               0a4  Polarity Horizontal Sychronization
               0a6  Polarity Vertical Synchronization
               0aa  Screen Orientation
               0ac  Horizontal Frequency in Hz
               0ae  Vertical Frequency in 0.1 Hz
               0b0  Settings
               0ca  On Screen Display (OSD)
               0d4  Stereo Mode
HUT 84  Power Device Page
               000  Undefined
               001  iName
               002  Present Status
               003  Changed Status
               004  UPS
               005  Power Supply
               010  Battery System
               011  Battery System ID
               012  Battery
               013  Battery ID
               014  Charger
               015  Charger ID
               016  Power Converter
               017  Power Converter ID
               018  Outlet System
               019  Outlet System ID
               01a  Input
               01b  Input ID
               01c  Output
               01d  Output ID
               01e  Flow
               01f  Flow ID
               020  Outlet
               021  Outlet ID
               022  Gang
               023  Gang ID
               024  Power Summary
               025  Power Summary ID
               030  Voltage
               031  Current
               032  Frequency
               033  Apparent Power
               034  Active Power
               035  Percent Load
               036  Temperature
               037  Humidity
               038  Bad Count
               040  Config Voltage
               041  Config Current
               042  Config Frequency
               043  Config Apparent Power
               044  Config Active Power
               045  Config Percent Load
               046  Config Temperature
               047  Config Humidity
               050  Switch On Control
               051  Switch Off Control
               052  Toggle Control
               053  Low Voltage Transfer
               054  High Voltage Transfer
               055  Delay Before Reboot
               056  Delay Before Startup
               057  Delay Before Shutdown
               058  Test
               059  Module Reset
               05a  Audible Alarm Control
               060  Present
               061  Good
               062  Internal Failure
               063  Voltage out of range
               064  Frequency out of range
               065  Overload
               066  Over Charged
               067  Over Temperature
               068  Shutdown Requested
               069  Shutdown  Imminent
               06a  Reserved
               06b  Switch On/Off
               06c  Switchable
               06d  Used
               06e  Boost
               06f  Buck
               070  Initialized
               071  Tested
               072  Awaiting Power
               073  Communication Lost
               0fd  iManufacturer
               0fe  iProduct
               0ff  iSerialNumber
HUT 85  Battery System Page
               000  Undefined
               001  SMB Battery Mode
               002  SMB Battery Status
               003  SMB Alarm Warning
               004  SMB Charger Mode
               005  SMB Charger Status
               006  SMB Charger Spec Info
               007  SMB Selector State
               008  SMB Selector Presets
               009  SMB Selector Info
               010  Optional Mfg. Function 1
               011  Optional Mfg. Function 2
               012  Optional Mfg. Function 3
               013  Optional Mfg. Function 4
               014  Optional Mfg. Function 5
               015  Connection to SMBus
               016  Output Connection
               017  Charger Connection
               018  Battery Insertion
               019  Use Next
               01a  OK to use
               01b  Battery  Supported
               01c  SelectorRevision
               01d  Charging Indicator
               028  Manufacturer Access
               029  Remaining Capacity Limit
               02a  Remaining Time Limit
               02b  At Rate
               02c  Capacity Mode
               02d  Broadcast To Charger
               02e  Primary Battery
               02f  Charge Controller
               040  Terminate Charge
               041  Terminate Discharge
               042  Below Remaining Capacity Limit
               043  Remaining Time Limit Expired
               044  Charging
               045  Discharging
               046  Fully Charged
               047  Fully Discharged
               048  Conditioning Flag
               049  At Rate OK
               04a  SMB Error Code
               04b  Need Replacement
               060  At Rate Time To Full
               061  At Rate Time To Empty
               062  Average Current
               063  Max Error
               064  Relative State Of Charge
               065  Absolute State Of Charge
               066  Remaining Capacity
               067  Full Charge Capacity
               068  Run Time To Empty
               069  Average Time To Empty
               06a  Average Time To Full
               06b  Cycle Count
               080  Batt. Pack Model Level
               081  Internal Charge Controller
               082  Primary Battery Support
               083  Design Capacity
               084  Specification Info
               085  Manufacturer Date
               086  Serial Number
               087  iManufacturerName
               088  iDeviceName
               089  iDeviceChemistry
               08a  Manufacturer Data
               08b  Rechargeable
               08c  Warning Capacity Limit
               08d  Capacity Granularity 1
               08e  Capacity Granularity 2
               08f  iOEMInformation
               0c0  Inhibit Charge
               0c1  Enable Polling
               0c2  Reset To Zero
               0d0  AC Present
               0d1  Battery Present
               0d2  Power Fail
               0d3  Alarm Inhibited
               0d4  Thermistor Under Range
               0d5  Thermistor Hot
               0d6  Thermistor Cold
               0d7  Thermistor Over Range
               0d8  Voltage Out Of Range
               0d9  Current Out Of Range
               0da  Current Not Regulated
               0db  Voltage Not Regulated
               0dc  Master Mode
               0f0  Charger Selector Support
               0f1  Charger Spec
               0f2  Level 2
               0f3  Level 3
HUT 86  Power Pages
HUT 87  Power Pages
HUT 8c  Bar Code Scanner Page (POS)
HUT 8d  Scale Page (POS)
HUT 90  Camera Control Page
HUT 91  Arcade Control Page
HUT f0  Cash Device
               0f1  Cash Drawer
               0f2  Cash Drawer Number
               0f3  Cash Drawer Set
               0f4  Cash Drawer Status
HUT ff  Vendor Specific
# List of Languages
# Syntax:
# L language_id  language_name
#               dialect_id  dialect_name
L 0001  Arabic
               01  Saudi Arabia
               02  Iraq
               03  Egypt
               04  Libya
               05  Algeria
               06  Morocco
               07  Tunesia
               08  Oman
               09  Yemen
               0a  Syria
               0b  Jordan
               0c  Lebanon
               0d  Kuwait
               0e  U.A.E
               0f  Bahrain
               10  Qatar
L 0002  Bulgarian
L 0003  Catalan
L 0004  Chinese
               01  Traditional
               02  Simplified
               03  Hongkong SAR, PRC
               04  Singapore
               05  Macau SAR
L 0005  Czech
L 0006  Danish
L 0007  German
               01  German
               02  Swiss
               03  Austrian
               04  Luxembourg
               05  Liechtenstein
L 0008  Greek
L 0009  English
               01  US
               02  UK
               03  Australian
               04  Canadian
               05  New Zealand
               06  Ireland
               07  South Africa
               08  Jamaica
               09  Carribean
               0a  Belize
               0b  Trinidad
               0c  Zimbabwe
               0d  Philippines
L 000a  Spanish
               01  Castilian
               02  Mexican
               03  Modern
               04  Guatemala
               05  Costa Rica
               06  Panama
               07  Dominican Republic
               08  Venzuela
               09  Colombia
               0a  Peru
               0b  Argentina
               0c  Ecuador
               0d  Chile
               0e  Uruguay
               0f  Paraguay
               10  Bolivia
               11  El Salvador
               12  Honduras
               13  Nicaragua
               14  Puerto Rico
L 000b  Finnish
L 000c  French
               01  French
               02  Belgian
               03  Canadian
               04  Swiss
               05  Luxembourg
               06  Monaco
L 000d  Hebrew
L 000e  Hungarian
L 000f  Idelandic
L 0010  Italian
               01  Italian
               02  Swiss
L 0011  Japanese
L 0012  Korean
               01  Korean
L 0013  Dutch
               01  Dutch
               02  Belgian
L 0014  Norwegian
               01  Bokmal
               02  Nynorsk
L 0015  Polish
L 0016               Portuguese
               01  Portuguese
               02  Brazilian
L 0017  forgotten
L 0018  Romanian
L 0019  Russian
L 001a  Serbian
               01  Croatian
               02  Latin
               03  Cyrillic
L 001b  Slovak
L 001c  Albanian
L 001d  Swedish
               01  Swedish
               02  Finland
L 001e  Thai
L 001f  Turkish
L 0020  Urdu
               01  Pakistan
               02  India
L 0021  Indonesian
L 0022  Ukrainian
L 0023  Belarusian
L 0024  Slovenian
L 0025  Estonian
L 0026  Latvian
L 0027  Lithuanian
               01  Lithuanian
L 0028  forgotten
L 0029  Farsi
L 002a  Vietnamese
L 002b  Armenian
L 002c  Azeri
               01  Cyrillic
               02  Latin
L 002d  Basque
L 002e  forgotten
L 002f  Macedonian
L 0036  Afrikaans
L 0037  Georgian
L 0038  Faeroese
L 0039  Hindi
L 003e  Malay
               01  Malaysia
               02  Brunei Darassalam
L 003f  Kazak
L 0041  Awahili
L 0043  Uzbek
               01  Latin
               02  Cyrillic
L 0044  Tatar
L 0045  Bengali
L 0046  Punjabi
L 0047  Gujarati
L 0048  Oriya
L 0049  Tamil
L 004a  Telugu
L 004b  Kannada
L 004c  Malayalam
L 004d  Assamese
L 004e  Marathi
L 004f  Sanskrit
L 0057  Konkani
L 0058  Manipuri
L 0059  Sindhi
L 0060  Kashmiri
               02  India
L 0061  Nepali
               02  India
# HID Descriptor bCountryCode
# HID Specification 1.11 (2001-06-27) page 23
# Syntax:
# HCC country_code keymap_type
HCC 00  Not supported
HCC 01  Arabic
HCC 02  Belgian
HCC 03  Canadian-Bilingual
HCC 04  Canadian-French
HCC 05  Czech Republic
HCC 06  Danish
HCC 07  Finnish
HCC 08  French
HCC 09  German
HCC 10  Greek
HCC 11  Hebrew
HCC 12  Hungary
HCC 13  International (ISO)
HCC 14  Italian
HCC 15  Japan (Katakana)
HCC 16  Korean
HCC 17  Latin American
HCC 18  Netherlands/Dutch
HCC 19  Norwegian
HCC 20  Persian (Farsi)
HCC 21  Poland
HCC 22  Portuguese
HCC 23  Russia
HCC 24  Slovakia
HCC 25  Spanish
HCC 26  Swedish
HCC 27  Swiss/French
HCC 28  Swiss/German
HCC 29  Switzerland
HCC 30  Taiwan
HCC 31  Turkish-Q
HCC 32  UK
HCC 33  US
HCC 34  Yugoslavia
HCC 35  Turkish-F
# List of Video Class Terminal Types
# Syntax:
# VT terminal_type  terminal_type_name
VT 0100  USB Vendor Specific
VT 0101  USB Streaming
VT 0200  Input Vendor Specific
VT 0201  Camera Sensor
VT 0202  Sequential Media
VT 0300  Output Vendor Specific
VT 0301  Generic Display
VT 0302  Sequential Media
VT 0400  External Vendor Specific
VT 0401  Composite Video
VT 0402  S-Video
VT 0403  Component Video


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