DIY Roomba virtual wall (part 2)

Previous tests based on Arduino were quite promising so I decided to make a ready-to-use device and test it in field (ehm.. at home:)).  In this arti...

2018-12-26 09:16:26

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DIY Roomba virtual wall (part 1)

Recently I got an iRobot Roomba as a gift (wedding gift to be precise). With the Roomba itself there was one Virtual Wall included. The idea of divin...

2018-12-26 09:15:23

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DIY Virtual Wall for Roomba – Part Two

This is the second and probably final part of my Roomba virtual wall project.  In my first post, I talk more about the technical details that of how ...

2018-12-26 09:13:18

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DIY Virtual Wall for Roomba – Part One

Last weekend, we finally decided it was time to get a Roomba robotic vacuum.  This decision was made easier by the relatively good price and availabi...

2018-12-26 09:12:22

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DIY Roomba Virtual Wall

We recently got an iRobot Roomba 805 from Costco to help keep up with our dog’s continuous shedding.  While it does a pretty good job keeping the flo...

2018-12-26 09:11:17

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