Windows XP considers zip as folder, how to disable this?

In windows xp and 2003, there's a feature named “zip folder”. It's enabled by default. With the feature, whenever you navigate to a folder with big zips, windows will scan the content of the zip and list it as a folder. Thus this feature sometimes makes the browseing very slow, eg, in my Oracle_downloaded folder, there are serveral disks of Oracle software. It's boring to wait windows stupidly to finish scanning the zips while I only need to copy a small file in this folder. Actually, it's not difficult to disable this. In 'Run', type “regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll”, enter, then the component is unregistered. And later if you regret to have removed this feature, you can bring it back by “regsvr32 zipfldr.dll”. Quite easy, isn't it?

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