ABSTRACT Many real-world reinforcement learning tasks require multiple agents to make se- quential decisions under the agents’ interaction, where wel...

2019-06-24 10:56:55

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Learning to Communicate with Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Abstract We consider the problem of multiple agents sensing and acting in environments with the goal of maximising their shared utility. In these env...

2019-06-23 23:59:28

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2019-06-22 17:50:30

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Ann Nowe´, Peter Vrancx, and Yann-Michae¨l De Hauwere Abstract. Reinforcement Learning was originally developed for Markov Decision Processes (MDPs)....

2019-06-22 11:22:50

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About communication in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Communication is one of the components of MARL and an active area of research itself, as it might influence the final performance of agents, and it a...

2019-06-22 10:28:52

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A Unified Game-Theoretic Approach to Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

Today we will dig into a paper ripped of A Unified Game-Theoretic Approach to Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning , one of the core ideas that has bee...

2019-06-22 10:15:59

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Tensorflow——占位符 我们通过为输入图像和目标输出类别创建节点,来开始构建计算图。 x = tf.placeholder("float", shape=[None, 784]) y = tf.placeholder("float", shape=[...

2019-06-10 09:07:53

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AdamTechLouis's talk:Why Knowledge Graphs Are Foundational to Artificial Intelligence

AI is poised to drive the next wave of technological disruption across industries. Like previous technology revolutions in Web and mobile, however, t...

2019-06-03 15:06:43

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AdamTechLouis's talk:Deep Learning approaches to understand Human Reasoning

For a doctor who is using Deep Learning to find whether the patient has multiple sclerosis, it is not at all good to get a yes or no answer from the ...

2019-06-03 15:03:04

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AdamTechLouis's talk:Decoding the Best Papers from ICLR 2019 – Neural Networks are Here to Rule

Introduction I love reading and decoding machine learning research papers. There is so much incredible information to parse through – a goldmine for ...

2019-06-03 14:47:23

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AdamTechLouis's talk:Building a Knowledge-Graph.

Introduction I’ve been talking about the data fabric in general, and giving some concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the data fabric. A...

2019-06-03 10:44:31

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AdamTechLouis's talk:Deep Learning on Graphs.

Introduction We are in the process of defining a new way of doing machine learning, focusing on a new paradigm, the data fabric. In the past article...

2019-06-03 10:24:13

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AdamTechLouis's talk: The Data Fabric for Machine Learning.

Introduction If you search for machine learning online you’ll find around 2,050,000,000 results. Yeah for real. It’s not easy to find that descriptio...

2019-06-03 09:37:18

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AdamTechLouis's talk: The Beginner’s Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graphis

Google is building the largest warehouse of knowledge in human history – and it’s doing it with your help. Authoritative sites, such as Wikipedia, CI...

2019-06-03 09:14:46

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AdamTechLouis's talk: Deep Learning with Knowledge Graphs

Last week I gave a talk at Connected Data London on the approach that we have developed at Octavian to use neural networks to perform tasks on knowle...

2019-06-03 07:56:35

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Speech2Face: Learning the Face Behind a Voice

Abstract How much can we infer about a person’s looks from the way they speak? In this paper, we study the task of recon-structing a facial image of ...

2019-05-28 00:55:38

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An Easy Guide to Gauge Equivariant Convolutional Networks

几何深度学习是一个非常令人兴奋的新领域,但它的数学正在慢慢地进入代数拓扑和理论物理领域。 这篇论文尤其如此(https://arxiv.org/abs/1902.04615), 我想在这篇文章中探讨。 本文使用规范理论的语言,它位于物理学中任何喜欢同时使用“量子”和“场”这两个词的中心。 它有望直...

2019-05-26 18:19:00

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Learning to play snake at 1 million FPS Playing snake with advantage actor-critic

In this blog post I’ll guide you through my most recent project, which combines two things I find fascinating — computer games and machine learning. ...

2019-05-21 23:29:42

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Here we will learn the details of data preparation for LSTM models, and build an LSTM Autoencoder for rare-event classification. This post is a conti...

2019-05-19 00:58:01

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In this post, we will learn how to implement an autoencoder for building a rare-event classifier. We will use a real-world rare event dataset from h...

2019-05-19 00:35:23

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