Note: UNIX Network Programming

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int socket (int family, int type, int protocol)


Family:   AF_INET


Type:      SOCK_STREAM



Protocol: 0                             

Return value:-1 is returned if an error occurs; otherwise  the  return  value is 

a   descriptor referencing the socket.

bind()-把一个名字绑定到 socket

int bind(int sockfd, struct sockaddr *my_addr, socklen_t addrlen);


sockfd:      socket descriptor from socket() return

my_addr:  local address

addrlen length of my_addr


listen()—在 socket 上监听连接

int listen(int s, int backlog);


s: is the TCP socket (already bound to an address)

backlog:the number of incoming connections the kernel  should be able to keep track of.


accept()--accept a connection on a socket


int accept(int s, struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t *addrlen);


s: socket descript that is the passive mode TCP socket

addr: is a pointer to allocated space

addrlen: is a value-result argument, must be set to the size of cliaddr, will be set on return to be the number of bytes in cliaddr set by the call to accept

accept()  is called by a TCP server to return the next  completed connection from the completed connection queue which is created by listen system call.  After accept returns a new socket descriptor ,I/O can be done using the read() and write() system calls.

If  no  pending connections are present on the queue, and the socket is not marked as non-blocking, accept blocks the caller until a connection is  present.  If the socket is marked non-blocking and no pending connections are present on the queue, accept returns EAGAIN.

connect()--initiate a connection on a socket

int  connect(int  sockfd,  const  struct sockaddr *serv_addr, socklen_t addrlen);

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