Vocabulary List:

  • portrait
  • likelihood
  • qualm
  • absence
  • scary
  • wreak
  • proactive
  • pinch
  • mindset
  • nurture
  • pay off
  • benchmark
  • narrative
  • hygiene
  • disparity
  • subtle

portraita painting, drawing or photograph of a person, especially of the head and shoulders 肖像;半身画像;半身照
a detailed description of sb/sth 详细的描述;描绘
Self Portrait 私相簿白石草衣图We hung her portrait above the fireplace.
likelihood[ Using. ] the chance of sth happening; how likely sth is to happen 可能;可能性 The likelihood of infection is minimal.
qualm~ (about sth) a feeling of doubt or worry about whether what you are doing is right (对自己行为的)顾虑,不安 He had been working very hard so he had no qualms about taking a few days off. 他一直辛勤工作,所以休息几天他觉得心安理得。
absence[ UC ] ~ (from...) the fact of sb being away from a place where they are usually expected to be; the occasion or period of time when sb is away 缺席;不在
[ U ] the fact of sb/sth not existing or not being available; a lack of sth 不存在;缺乏
absence from 缺席缺乏I can't think of any possible explanation for his absence.
scary( informal ) frightening 恐怖的;吓人的 It was a really scary moment.
wreak[ VN ] ~ sth (on sb) ( formal ) to do great damage or harm to sb/sth 造成(巨大的破坏或伤害)wreak havoc 肆虐
Wreak damage 造成伤害
These insects can wreak havoc on crops.
proactive( of a person or policy 人或政策 ) controlling a situation by making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen and then reacting to them 积极主动的;主动出击的;先发制人的Be Proactive 主动积极主动主动积极第一个In order to survive the competition a company should be proactive not reactive.
pinch[ VN ] to take a piece of sb's skin between your thumb and first finger and squeeze hard, especially to hurt the person 拧;捏;掐
[ VN ] to hold sth tightly between the thumb and finger or between two things that are pressed together 捏住;夹紧
if sth such as a shoe pinches part of your body, it hurts you because it is too tight 夹(脚);夹痛
[ VN ] ~ sth (from sb/sth) ( BrE informal ) to steal sth, especially sth small and not very valuable 偷摸;行窃
[ VN ] to cost a person or an organization a lot of money or more than they can spend 使花费过多;使入不敷出
[ VN ] ( old-fashioned ) ( BrE informal ) to arrest sb 逮捕
pinch ˈpennies
( informal ) to try to spend as little money as possible 一毛不拔;吝啬
pinch sth←→ˈoff/ˈout
to remove sth by pressing your fingers together and pulling 掐掉;摘掉
I'd pinch his buns and kiss his neck.
These new shoes pinch. 这双新鞋夹脚。
Do you remember when I pinched your glasses?
Consumers are spending less and merchants are feeling the pinch.
I was pinched for dangerous driving. 我因危险驾驶而被抓住。
mindseta set of attitudes or fixed ideas that sb has and that are often difficult to change 观念模式;思维倾向Growth Mindset 成长心态成长型思维模式成长型思维成长型心智The greatest challenge for the Americans is understanding the mindset of Eastern Europeans.
nurtureto care for and protect sb/sth while they are growing and developing 养育;养护;培养
to help sb/sth to develop and be successful 扶持;帮助;支持
to have a feeling, an idea, a plan, etc. for a long time and encourage it to develop 滋长;助长
 It's important to nurture a good working relationship.
The human organism learns partly by nature, partly by nurture.
Nurture your gifts and talents.
pay offPHRASAL VERB If you pay off a debt, you give someone all the money that you owe them. 还清
PHRASAL VERB If an action pays off, it is successful or profitable after a period of time. (某行动) 取得成功; 带来好结果
 It would take him the rest of his life to pay off that loan.
Will the investment of time and effort pay off?
benchmarksomething which can be measured and used as a standard that other things can be compared with 基准benchmark test 基准测试基准程序测试评效测试性能评价试验The truck industry is a benchmark for the economy.
narrative[ C ] a description of events, especially in a novel SYN story (尤指小说中的)描述,叙述
[ U ] the act, process or skill of telling a story 讲故事;叙述;叙事技巧
 The novel fails to achieve narrative continuity.
The novel contains too much dialogue and not enough narrative.
hygiene[ U ] the practice of keeping yourself and your living and working areas clean in order to prevent illness and disease 卫生oral hygiene 口腔卫生口腔卫生用品口腔清洁口腔卫生情况She wasn't very fastidious about personal hygiene.
disparity( formal ) a difference, especially one connected with unfair treatment (尤指因不公正对待引起的)不同,不等,差异,悬殊 There's also huge disparity.
A key reason for the disparity is that incomes among black men have declined when adjusted for inflation. 造成这一悬殊差距的重要原因是,考虑到通货膨胀因素,黑人男性的收入不升反降。
subtle( often approving ) not very noticeable or obvious 不易察觉的;不明显的;微妙的
( of a person or their behaviour 人或其行为 ) behaving in a clever way, and using indirect methods, in order to achieve sth 机智的;机巧的;狡猾的
organized in a clever way 巧妙的
good at noticing and understanding things 敏锐的;头脑灵活的
subtle humor 巧妙的幽默微妙的But TV images require subtle gradations of light and shade.
She was praised for her ability to convey subtle adjustment of emotion.
The job required a subtle mind.
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