[Tue, 11 Aug 2015 ~ Mon, 17 Aug 2015] Deep Learning in arxiv

Image Representations and New Domains inNeural Image Captioning

we find that a state-of-theart neuralcaptioning algorithm is able to produce quality captions even when providedwith surprisingly poor image representations


Deep Boosting: Joint Feature Selection andAnalysis Dictionary Learning in Hierarchy

This work investigates how the traditionalimage classification pipelines can be extended into a deep architecture,inspired by recent successes of deep neural networks



Digging Deep into the layers of CNNs: InSearch of How CNNs Achieve View Invariance



A practical guide to CNNs and FisherVectors for image instance retrieval

CNN robust to scale but not robust torotation (unless your training data contains rotation samples)

FV + CNN maybe better


Submodular Reranking with Multiple FeatureModalities for Image Retrieval


Our submodularreranking framework can be easily generalized to any generic reranking problemsfor real-time search engines


Benchmarking of LSTM Networks

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