Notepad++ v7.1

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Notepad++ 7.1 enhancements and bug-fixes:

1.  Fix x64 crash on macro recording.
2.  Fix x64 crash on new language dialog of UDL.
3.  Check plugin architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) before loading.
4.  Enhance Smart Highlighting feature: 1. match case 2. whole word only 3. use find dialog settings for both.
5.  Fix poor performance of hex XML entities.
6.  Reshow CallTip text on separator character.
7.  Skip Auto-Complete self-closing HTML tags (<br>, <base>, <track>... etc).
8.  Fix 2 UI issues for RTL layout.
9.  Fix Folder as Workspace toolbar button inconsist behaviour.
10. Add option to skip word completion on numbers (default: ON).
11. Fix bookmarks toggled off's bug.
12. Sort plugin menu by plugin name.
13. Installer: Add 64-bit/32-bit old install detection, and old installation removal ability.
14. Installer: Ask user for keeping user data during uninstallation.
15. Installer: Fix uninstaller bug to not remove themes files from APPDATA.

Included plugins:
1.  NppExport v0.2.8 (32-bit x86 only)
2.  Plugin Manager 1.3.5 (32-bit x86 only)
3.  Converter 4.2
4.  Mime Tool 2.1

Updater (Installer only):
* WinGup v4.1

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