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Diaspar wrote in Contract Test:
Contract Tests explain how a class should extend a superclass or implement and interface, so that I don't have to read a bunch of prose to figure out how to do that.

一直困扰我的关于如何告诉其他人正确使用我写的基类的问题,通过contract test即可以较好的解决:

Typically, a contract test case class is abstract, then I extend it and implement a creation method or two to return instances of my own implementation of the given interface. That gives me a standard battery of tests I can run to drive my implementation. It might not be perfect (I'll have n failing tests to start) but I prefer it to documentation written in prose.

So if you're delivering something you want me to extend and I need to follow more than three rules, please deliver me some contract tests.

又google了一下,找到Joe Walnes一篇相关的Blog:Design by contract: testing implementations of interfaces

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