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翻译 python隐藏标题_python的隐藏类

python隐藏标题In this article we’ll explore two powerful features of python present in the standard library yet almost always missed through their lack of publicity. 在本文中,我们将探讨标准库中存在的python的两个强大功能,但由于缺乏宣传...

2020-09-30 04:19:48 660

翻译 简单工厂模式_简单

简单工厂模式 重点 (Top highlight)This was originally published as a podcast episode of Bite-Sized Philosophy on all streaming platforms. The transcripts of Bite-Sized Philosophy episodes will all be published...

2020-09-30 04:09:16 387

翻译 aws ec2 变更pem_用aws和jira建立一个连续的变更日志

aws ec2 变更pemSo you’ve decided to go CI/CD. You read all about the org changes, understand the ins and outs of the development pipeline, and feel confident you can get it done. 因此,您决定使用CI / CD。 您阅读了有关...

2020-09-30 03:58:39 542

翻译 可变参数函数模板_可变函数

可变参数函数模板Nov. 30. 2015 2015年11月30日 A function with variable number of arguments is called a variadic function, and also known as variable argument function [1]. Due to its flexibility in size of the l...

2020-09-30 03:48:05 428

翻译 远程桌面编程_在这一大流行时期,远程对编程仍然有效

远程桌面编程 介绍 (Introduction)Today, I have been working from home for more than 4 months. Everything was done remotely. Honestly, working from home have several benefit instead of working from office. I c...

2020-09-30 03:37:39 530

翻译 您可以在下一次编码面试中使用的5步骤策略

Unlike coding tests, where you solve algorithm problems with a keyboard silently, coding interviews go beyond keyboard communications. 与编码测试不同,在编码测试中,您可以使用键盘静默地解决算法问题,而编码采访则不只是键盘通信。 It can be a daunt...

2020-09-30 03:27:36 146

翻译 okhttp或Android改造

学习Android开发 (Learning Android Development)If you work on networking in Android, you probably heard of OkHttp and Retrofit. They are not really totally different. In fact, Retrofit is just a higher-l...

2020-09-30 03:18:05 161

翻译 使用Selenium和beautifulsoup进行网页抓取

Scrapy framework to solve lots of common web scraping problems. Scrapy框架可解决许多常见的Web抓取问题。 Today we are going to take a look at Selenium and BeautifulSoup (with Python ❤️ ) with a step by step tutorial...

2020-09-30 03:08:54 1125

翻译 jetpack tx2_了解jetpack构成第1部分,共2部分

jetpack tx2 重点 (Top highlight)The expectations around UI development have grown. Today, we can’t build an app and meet the user’s needs without having a polished user interface including animation and...

2020-09-30 02:59:36 273

翻译 在Google Cloud上运行容器化应用程序并与之通信

Cloud Computing has completely revolutionized the way we interact with the internet. Today, it’s impractical to maintain personal machines to make your app or website reach the general public around t...

2020-09-30 02:48:42 246

翻译 图形数据库 关系数据库_在微服务中使用图形数据库

图形数据库 关系数据库Microservices architecture doesn’t require an introduction. It has been widely adopted in recent years by many companies in various domains and sizes. Some companies have redesigned their m...

2020-09-30 02:38:43 205

翻译 语义分割辅助回环检测_辅助功能部分3语义html和aria

语义分割辅助回环检测Web Accessibility is vast and complex. This has become abundantly clear as I endeavour to teach myself the tools necessary to make the Web truly egalitarian, as it was designed to be. As suc...

2020-09-30 02:28:26 498

翻译 目标跟踪python代码_使用少于30行的python代码进行联系人跟踪

目标跟踪python代码Contact tracing is the name of the process used to identify those who come into contact with people who have tested positive for contagious diseases — such as measles, HIV, and COVID-19. D...

2020-09-30 02:19:07 947

翻译 彩机显影剂初始化_如何减少显影剂对颜色的吸收

彩机显影剂初始化This article has been co-written with Esther Boulanger, who is a UI designer. Many thanks to her for helping me with the content and the drawings! 本文已与 UI设计师 Esther Boulanger 共同撰写 。 非常感谢她为我提供的...

2020-09-30 02:09:33 409

翻译 mysql api使用_使用go和mysql构建一个api

mysql api使用 范围 (Scope)The project scope is to build an API to manage content posts. You’ll create an API with three functionalities: create a post, read a single post, and list posts. The database is...

2020-09-30 01:59:11 210

翻译 bash 重定向_使用描述符进行bash重定向的乐趣

bash 重定向 Bash重定向:基础知识 (Bash Redirection: The Basics)A bash script is commonly a set of commands. There are three standard file descriptors of any command: bash脚本通常是一组命令。 任何命令都有三个标准文件描述符: 0 → stdin 0...

2020-09-30 01:49:11 342

翻译 wsgi python_揭开HTTP请求和python代码wsgi之间的黑匣子

wsgi pythonWe cannot deny the fact that we live in the world of internet. Every day we come across multiple websites. If we type http://medium.com in our browser, it will return us some webpage. 我们不能否...

2020-09-30 01:38:20 191

翻译 lo云中_云中的mysql 8 0

lo云中 万岁! (Hooray!)The most popular and widely used open-source database finally saw its arrival on the cloud trinity two days ago when Google Cloud announced that it supports MySQL 8.0 GA on Cloud SQ...

2020-09-30 01:28:26 147

翻译 在供应商选择过程中是否应使用线性编程来减少主观性

The linear programming technique (Data Envelopment Analysis) objectively determines the weights of evaluation criteria after suppliers are scored as opposed to the traditional process where the buyer ...

2020-09-30 01:19:10 510

翻译 适用于新软件工程师的6种有趣的API

One of the first things I learned as a new developer is how to make an API call. We used an easy, straight to the point API called Dog API. It gave information on different breeds of dogs that we, in ...

2020-09-30 01:08:58 517

翻译 aws创建几个vpc_如何使用AWS CDK创建VPC

aws创建几个vpcAWS CDK is a software development framework that allows you to define your cloud infrastructure in code and provision it though Cloudformation. 一个 WS CDK是一个软件开发框架,可以让你在代码和提供它虽然Cloudformation...

2020-09-26 22:04:22 454

翻译 bit1618c 功能简介_c 9中的新功能简介

bit1618c 功能简介With the upcoming release of .NET 5 — the release which unifies the .NET runtimes — Microsoft recently announced the features that will be included in C# 9. With the final Preview version...

2020-09-26 21:54:27 414

翻译 量子相干与量子纠缠_量子硬件101

量子相干与量子纠缠As part of the peer learning series, Quantum Computing India had a session on Quantum Hardware 101 hosted by Nilay Awasthi, Kedhar Guhan and Parth Bir — Batch 01 of Apprentis. Here’s a quick ...

2020-09-26 21:44:46 368

翻译 python函数参数和参数

This week I’ve been reading all about parameters and arguments. I’ve learnt that there are five types of parameter and two kinds of argument. In this article, I will be explaining with custom examples...

2020-09-26 21:35:06 152

翻译 集群apache_如何建立一个完全复制的Apache点燃集群

集群apacheDoes one care for yet another key-value store ? not really. Fortunately, Apache Ignite is a lot more than that. It’s an “In-Memory Computing Platform … horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, d...

2020-09-26 21:24:47 151

翻译 golang简介_Golang简介

golang简介This post intends to be an introduction to the Go programming language, also known as Golang. 本文旨在对Go编程语言(也称为Golang)进行介绍。 免责声明 (Disclaimer)I’m not an expert in Go. In fact, I’ve started lea...

2020-09-26 21:15:23 497

翻译 wsl 安装 rust_在wsl2上调试rust代码

wsl 安装 rustIf you are developing using Rust on Windows with a WSL2, adding support for debugging is very easy. If you haven’t started using WSL2(Windows subsystem for Linux 2) yet, you can follow my p...

2020-09-26 21:05:34 1439

翻译 开源 自定义字段 crm_热点仅使用低代码平台开发自定义crm

开源 自定义字段 crmThe proliferation of low-code and no-code technologies during the last several years has been profound. Across the globe, more and more people that don’t possess traditional computer scien...

2020-09-26 20:55:47 1305

翻译 系统环境编码_编码环境中的设计

系统环境编码This is a story about why basic design principles should be important to you as an object orientated programmer. 这是一个故事,说明为什么作为面向对象的程序员,基本设计原则对您来说很重要。 What is design in its basic form? When use...

2020-09-26 20:46:13 269

翻译 抽象类抽象变量_抽象相等比较如何工作

抽象类抽象变量 重点 (Top highlight) JavaScript没有不好的部分! (JavaScript doesn't have bad parts!)The best way to learn how to write code is to write code. 学习如何编写代码的最佳方法是编写代码。 — Kyle Simpson — 凯尔·辛普森 ( Kyle Simpson...

2020-09-26 20:36:14 194

翻译 在mlh奖学金期间对茱莉亚的贡献20

I got Julia Summer of Code in May’20. I was excited and started learning about UCX networking and MPI. After 3 weeks, I came to know I was selected for MLH-fellowship’20. I was to contribute to Julia ...

2020-09-23 13:03:41 327

翻译 用rspec测试

First, a little on the subject of Test-Driven Development or TDD. It is a recursive process by which we write code, test code, and repeat. In the words of Kent Beck, author of “Test-Driven Development...

2020-09-23 12:53:55 295

翻译 苹果不成为开发者如何打包_成为或不成为苹果开发商

苹果不成为开发者如何打包Follow me @humankale for more content like this. 跟随我 @humankale 以获取更多类似内容。 I am not an engineer and I’ve never been interested in becoming one. Engineers are concerned with building in th...

2020-09-23 12:44:21 218

翻译 深入了解apache_您需要了解的关于Apache实木复合地板的详细信息

深入了解apacheParquet is a columnar file format that supports nested data. Lots of data systems support this data format because of it’s great advantage of performance. Parquet是一种支持嵌套数据的列式文件格式。 许多数据系统都支持这...

2020-09-23 12:33:52 245

翻译 如何使用d波量子计算机以qubo格式表示来解决问题

Quantum computers have immense potential to bring new advances in current technology, however they are still at the nascent stage of development. This is easy to gauge by formulating a simple problem ...

2020-09-23 12:23:05 1520

翻译 aws lambda_在AWS Lambda上进行无服务器我的线性回归api

aws lambdaAbout a year ago, I had a fun idea for a small side project. I wanted to build an API to do a simple linear regression on two series of data. If you don’t know what a linear regression is, i...

2020-09-20 05:57:42 148

翻译 敏捷估算 视频_敏捷估算您回答的所有问题

敏捷估算 视频I’ve had a few people asking questions about estimation when doing agile software development so I decided I would write down some ideas in the hope that others may find it helpful. 我有几个人在进行敏捷软...

2020-09-18 11:16:01 198

翻译 etl dag 图构建_dataops的曙光能否按照ci cd原理构建100个无服务器的etl

etl dag 图构建I admit it, as a data engineer I have been full of envy and jealousy towards my colleagues — application engineers — in countless times.When they were automating their production release an...

2020-09-18 11:06:59 310

翻译 riptrace调试微服务和容器应用程序

介绍 (Introduction)Debugging microservices is an inherently complex topic due to the interactions between multiple disparate applications. Yes, decoupling should always be kept at the forefront when d...

2020-09-18 10:57:25 100

翻译 wifi覆盖规划

The fact that we are doing our own WiFi does not mean that we are not in the field and that we are not solving other than our own issues. So following article is not to be understood as “looking for e...

2020-09-18 01:48:45 761



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