Java 生成 outLook .msg 文件


和一个不要钱的 Apache POI,不要钱的却这能读MSG,写的方法还没实现,害我读啊读啊,读到最后的write方法 “not yet supported, sorry.” 悲催!
Yea.. I was hoping the POI lib would be expanded .. but the project couldn't wait for it unfortunately..

I redid the code using another lib that made it easier.. using JMSG is basically recreating the message from the inputstream and saving it to .MSG file... so I decided to go with "JWebDav for Exchange", both by It takes care of setting all the properties of the MSG file as well as attachments. You can also do the same with JMSG, but it takes over double the amount of code to do what JWebDav does automatically.

I don't work for Independent Soft, so if there is something better out there definitely let me know.
测试JMSG可以生成 可以使用的 .msg 文件