各行业的英语术语(绝对精华 1)


    makeup(粉底)   mask(面膜)   mascara(睫毛膏)   milk(乳)   moisturisor(保湿面霜)   mult-(多元)     nail color(指甲油)   nail enamel(指甲油)   nail polish(指甲油)   nail saver(保甲液)   normal(中性皮肤)   nutritious(滋养)     oil-control(抑制油脂)   oily(油性皮肤)   pack(剝撕式面膜)   peeling(敷面剝落式面膜)   pressed powder(粉饼)   purify(清洁用)   quick dry(快干)   remover(去除、卸妝)   repair(修保)   revitalite(活化)   scrub(磨砂式(去角质))   sensitive(敏感性皮肤)   shading powder(修容饼)   solvent(溶解)   spot(青春痘用)   sun block(防晒用)   toning lotion(化妝水)   trentment(修护)   wash(洗)   waterproof(防水)   -white-(美白用)       acne(青春痘用品)   active(賦活用)   after sun(日晒后用品)   alcohol-free(无酒精)   anti-(抗、防)   anti-wrinkle(抗老防皱)   balancing(平衡酸碱)   blusher(腮紅)   clean-(清洁用)   combination(混合性皮肤)   correct(遮瑕膏)   cream(霜)   day(日间用)   dry(干性皮肤)   essence(精华液)   exfoliator(去角质)   eye gel(眼胶)   eye mask(眼膜)   eye shadow(眼影)   eyeliner(眼线(笔、刷))   facial(脸部用)   fast dry(快干)   firm(紧肤)   foam(泡沫)   foundation(粉底)   toner(化妝水)   gel(胶狀)   gentle(温和的)     hydra-(保湿用)   lip care(护唇用)   lip coat(口红弧膜)   lipstick(口红)   long lasting(持久性)   lotion(水、露)   [color=red]loose power(蜜粉)[/color]



[/b]中华民族的喜庆节日( Chinese Festivial ) 国庆节 National Day 中秋节 Mia-Autumn Festival 春节 Spring Festival 元宵节 Lantern Festival 儿童节 Children's Day 端午节 Dragon Boat Festival 妇女节 Women ' s Day 泼水节 Water-Splashing Day 教师节 Teachers ' Day 五四青年节 Youth Day 中国独特的传统饮食( Unique Traditional Chinese Foods ) 馄饨 wonton 锅贴 guotie (fried jiaozi) 花卷 steamed twisted rolls 套餐 set meal 盒饭 box lunch; Chinese take-away 米豆腐 rice tofu 魔芋豆腐 konjak tofu 米粉 rice noodles 冰糖葫芦 a stick of sugar-coated haws (or apples,etc.)火锅 chafing dish 八宝饭 eight-treasure rice pudding 粉丝 glass noodles 豆腐脑 jellied bean curd 中国新兴事物( Newly Sprouted Things ) 中国电信 China Telecom 中国移动 China Mobile 十五计划 the 10th Five-Year Plan 中国电脑联网 Chinanet 三峡工程 the Three Gorges Project 希望工程 Project Hope 京九铁路 Beijing ?C Kowloon Railway 扶贫工程 Anti-Poverty Project 菜篮子工程 Vegetable Basket Project 温饱工程 Decent-Life Project 安居工程 Economy Housing Project 扫黄 Porn-Purging Campaign 西部大开发 Go-West Campaign 具有文化特色的现代表述 大陆中国 Mainland China 红宝书 little red book 红色中国 socialist China 四化 Four Modernizations 终生职业 job-for-life 铁饭碗 iron rice bowl 大锅饭 communal pot 关系户 closely-related units 外出打工人员 migrant workers 关系网 personal nets, closely-knitted guild 五讲 ( 讲文明、讲礼貌、讲卫生、讲秩序、讲道德 ) : the Five Merits focus on decorum, manners, hygiene, disciplines and morals 四美(心灵美、语言美、行为美、环境美): the Four Virtues are golden heart, refined language, civilized behavior, and green environment 近一季度见诸报端的中国现代特色词汇翻译 基层监督 grass-roots supervision 基础税率 base tariff level 婚介所 matrimonial agency 婚外恋 extramarital love 婚纱摄影 bride photo 黑心棉 shoddy cotton 机器阅卷 machine scoring 即开型奖券 scratch-open ticket/lottery 集中精力把经济建设搞上去 go all out for economic development 价格听证会 public price hearings 甲 A 球队 Division A Soccer Team 家政服务 household management service 假帐 accounting fraud 加强舆论监督 ensure the correct orientation is maintained in public opinion 叫板 challenge; pick a quarrel 矫情 use lame arguments 渐进式台独 gradual Taiwan independence 借调 temporarily transfer 扩大中等收入者比重 Raise the proportion of the middle-income group. 扩大内需,刺激消费 expand domestic demand and consumption 安居工程 housing project for low-income urban residents 信息化 in& # 102;ormation-based& # 59; in& # 102;ormationization 智力密集型 concentration of brain power& # 59; knowledge-intensive 外资企业 overseas-funded enterprises 下岗职工 laid-off workers 分流 reposition of redundant personnel 三角债 chain debts 素质教育 education for all-round development 豆腐渣工程 jerry-built projects 社会治安情况 law-and-order situation 民族国家 nation state “台独” "independence of Taiwan" 台湾当局 Taiwan authorities 台湾是中国领土不可分割的一部分。 Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory. 台湾同胞 Taiwan coMPAtriots 西部大开发 Development of the West Regions 可持续性发展 sustainable development 风险投资 risk investment 通货紧缩 deflation 扩大内需 to expand domestic demand 计算机辅助教学 computer-assisted instruction ( CAI ) 网络空间 cyberspace 虚拟现实 virtual reality 网民 netizen ( net citizen ) 电脑犯罪 computer crime 电子商务 the e-business 网上购物 shopping online 应试教育 exam-oriented education 学生减负to reduce study load 总裁助理 assistant president 综合治理  comprehensive treatment 安居工程  housing project for low-income urban residents下海  plunge into the commercial sea 下网  off line 小康之家  well-off family; comfortably-off family 新秀  up-and-coming star, rising star 新新人类  New Human Being  ;  X Generation 信息港  info port 摇钱树  cash cow 形象小姐  /  先生  image representative of a product or a brand 易拉罐  pop can 虚拟网  virtual net 学生处  students' affairs division 在职博士生  on-job doctorate 研究生毕业证  /  学位证  graduate diploma/graudate degree'sdiploma 早恋  puppy love 以人为本  people oriented; people foremost义务教育  compulsory education 运球  dribble 应试教育  examination-oriented education system 舆论导向  direction of public opinion 招生就业指导办公室  enrolment and vocation guidance office 证券营业部  stock exchange; security exchange 知识产权  intellectual property rights 中专生  secondary specialized or technical school student 中流砥柱  mainstay, chief corner stone 专卖店  exclusive agency; franchised store 自我保护意识  self-protection awareness 综合国力  comprehensive national strength 综合业务数字网  integrated service digital network (ISDN) 公正、公平、公开  just, fair and open 好莱坞大片  Hollywood blockbuster 黄金时段  prime time 假唱  lip-synch 劲射  power shot 拉拉队  cheering squad 来电显示电话机  caller ID telephone 论文答辩  (thesis) oral defense 泡沫经济  bubble economy 票贩子  scalper, ticket tout 拳头产品  competitive products; knock-out products; blockbuster 三角恋爱  love triangle 三 维 动 画 片  three-dimensional animation "  扫黄  "  、  "  打非  " eliminate pornography and illegalpublications 申办奥运会  bid for the Olympic Games 市场疲软  sluggish market 实现中华民伟大复兴  bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinesenation 素质教育  education for all-around development 筒子楼:  tube-shaped apartment 脱贫致富  cast (shake, throw) off poverty and set out on a road toprosperity 网吧  Internet bar 网恋  online love affair 网上冲浪  surf the Internet 网上交易平台  online trading platform 网友  net friend 无人售票  self-service ticketing 无绳来电显示电话  cordless telephone with caller ID 无线应用协议  WAP  (  wireless application protocol  ) The classification for the commodities: 1.frozen food 速冻食品 2.dairy products 牛产品 3.packaged foods 包装食品 4.cleaning supplies 清洁用品 5.personal-care supplies 个人护理用品 6.toys 玩具 7.car-care products 汽车护理用品 8.yard-care products 庭院护理用品 Different stores 1.Convienience store 便利店2.Grocery store 小卖部 3.Supermarket 超市 4.Drug store 药店 5.Department store商场6.Discount store 打折店7.Factory outlets厂家直销点8.Specialty shop 专卖店9.Shopping mall/shopping center 购物中心 1.Houshold department: dish 碟子 silverware 银器 cooking utensils 厨具 pots 壶 pans 锅 2.Hardware department: tool工具paint涂料light-fixture灯饰plumbing supplies home improvement products 家庭装修用品 3.Appliance department: sewing machine 缝纫机 washer 洗碗机 dryer 烘干机 refrigerator 冰箱 vacuum sweeper 吸尘器 water heater 热水器 washing machine 洗衣机 air comditioner 空调 electric cooker 电炉 microwave oven 微波炉 pressure cooker 高压锅 kettle 水壶 chopping board 切菜板 truner 锅铲 cleaver 切肉刀 4.Office supplies executive desk 办公桌 photocopier 复印机 laser printer 激光打印机 floppy disk 软盘 fax machine 传真机 appointment book 记事簿 stapler 订书机filig box 档案分类箱 clip 纸夹 stationery cabinet 文具柜 5.Electronics and entertainment department: television 电视 radio 广播stereos/High-Fi 高保真音响 recorder 录音机 computer 电脑 积压产品 overstocked commodities (inventories) 基因工程 genetic engineering 基因突变 genetic mutation 基因图谱 genome; Gene chip (DNA microarray) 绩优股 blue chip 集约经营 intensive operation 记帐式国债 book-entry T-bonds 记帐式国库券 inscribed treasury bond 记者席 press box 记者招待会 press conference 家政服务 household management service • 加班 work extra shifts 集中精力把经济建设搞上去 go all out for economic development 集资房 houses built on the funds collected by the buyers 甲 A 足球队 Division A soccer team 嘉宾 distinguished guest, honored guest • 假唱 lip-synch 假动作 "deception, feint" 价格浮动范围 price-float range • 价格听证会 public price hearings • 甲骨文 oracle bone inscriptions • 加工贸易 trade involving the processing of supplied raw materials 加快市场步伐 accelerate the marketization; quicken the pace of marketization • 假冒伪劣产品 counterfeit and shoddy products • 加密



缩写 英语含义 汉语含义
A / C Air Conditioning 空调 A / T Automatic Transaxle (Transmission) 自动变速器 ACC Air Condition Clutch 空调离合器 ACT Air Charge Temperature 进气温度 AFC Air Flow control 空气流量控制 AFS Air Flow Sensor 空气流量传感器 AI Air Injection 二次空气喷射 ACL AirCleaner 空气滤清器 AIV Air Injection Valve 空气喷射阀 ALCl Assembly Line Communication Link 总装线测试插座 ALDl Assembly lne Diagnostic Link 总装线诊断插座 ALT Alternator 交流发电机 APS Absolute Pressure Sensor 绝对压力传感器 ATS Air Temperature Sensor 空气温度传感器 AP Accelerator Pedal 加速踏板 ABS Anti-lock Brake System 防抱死刹车系统 ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid 自动变速箱油液 A / F Air Fuel Ratio 空气燃料混合比 AMP Ampere(S) 安培 ( 电流强度 ) APPROX Approximately 大约,近似 ATDC After Top Dead Center 上止点后 AUTO Automatic 自动 ATT Attachment 附件 ALR Automatic Lock Return 自动馈回缩器 B+ Battery Positive Voltage 蓄电池正极 BARO Barometric Pressure 大气压力 BARO Sensor Barometric Pressure Sensor 大气压力传感器 BP Barometric Pressure Sensor 大气压力传感器 BAT Battery 电瓶 BTDC Before Top Dead Center 上死点前 BDC Bottom Dead Center 下死点 CMP Camshaft Position 凸轮轴位置 CARB Carburetor 化油器 CCC Converter Clutch Control 转换离合器控制 CDI Capacitive Discharge Ignition 电容放电式点火 CMFI Central Multiport Fuel lnjectoion 中央多点燃油喷射 CES Clutch Engage Switch 离合器接合开关 CFI Central Fuel lnjection 中央燃油喷射 CFI Continous Fuel Injection 连续燃油喷射 CID Cylinder Identification Sensor 汽缸传感器 CIS Continous Fuel lnjection 连续燃油喷射 CKP Crank shaft Position 曲轴位置 CKP Sensor Crank shaft Position Sensor 曲轴位置传感器 CL Closed Loop 闭环控制 CP Crank shaft Position 曲轴位置 CPP Clutch Pedal Position 离合器踏板位置 CPS Camshaft Position Sensor 凸轮轴位置传感器 CPS Crank shaft Position Sensor 曲轴位置传感器 CTP Closed Throttle Position , 节气门关闭位置 CTS Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 发动机水温传感器 CYP Cylinder Position 汽缸位置 CAT Catalytic Converter 触酶转换器 CO Carbon Monoxide 一氧化碳 CYL Cylinder 汽缸 CPC Clutch Pressure Control 离合器压力控制 CARB Carburetor 汽化器,化油器 CPU Central Processing Unit 中央处理器 CHG Charge 充电 D — Jetronic Multiport Fuel Injection D 型多点燃油喷射 DLC Data Link Connector 数据传递插接器 DFI Direct Fuel Injection 直接燃油喷射 DI Direct lnjecton 直接喷射 DI Distributor lgnition 分电器点火 DID Direct lnjection — Diesel 柴油直接喷射 DTM Diagnostic Test Mode 诊断测试模式 DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code 诊断故障码 DLI Distributorless Ignitioo 无分电器点火 DS Detonation Sensor 爆震传感器 DIFF Differential 差速器 DOHC DoubleOverhe~IdCamshaft 顶置双凸轮轴 DPI Dual Point lnjection 两点喷射 DRL Daytime Running Light 白天行驶灯 E2PROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 可以擦写的只读存储器 EATX Electronic Automatic Transmission / Transaxle 电控自动变速器 EC Engine Control 发动机控制 ECA Electronic Control Assembly 电子控制总成 ECM Engine Control Module 发动机控制模块 ECT Engine Coolant Temperature 发动机冷却水温 EDIS Electronic Distributorless lgnition System 电子无分电器点火系统 EEC Electronic Engine Control 电子发动机控制 EEPROM Electrially Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 可电擦写的只读存储器 EFI Electronic Fuel lnjection 电控燃油喷射 EGOS Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor 氧传感器 EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation 废气再循环 EGRV ExhaustGasRecirculationvalve 废气再循环阀 EGS Exhaust Gas Sensor 氧传感器 EPROM Erasable PrOgrammable Read Only Menory 可擦写的只读存储器 ESA Electronic Spark Advance 点火提前 ESAC Electronic Spark Advance Control 点火提前控制 EST Electronic Spark Timing 点火正时 EVAP Evaporative Emission 蒸发排放污染 EX Exhaust 排气 ELD Electrical Load Detector 电子负载检测器 EPS Electrical Power Steering 电子动力转向 FC Fan Control 风扇控制 FP Fuel Pump 燃油泵 FWD Front Wheel Drive 前轮驱动 FR Front Right 右前 FSR Fail SafeRelay 失效安全继电器 FIA Fuel lnjection Air 燃油喷射进气 GEN Generator 交流发电机 GND Ground 搭铁 GAL Gallon 加仑 H / B Hatchback 掀背式 H02S Heated Oxygen Sensor 加热型氧气传感器 HC Hydrocarbons 碳氢化合物 lA Intake Air 进气 IAT Intake Air Temperature 进气温度 IATS Intake Air Temperature Sensor 进气温度传感器 lAC Idle Air Control 怠速控制 IACV Idle Air control Valve 怠速空气控制阀 ICM Ignition Control Module 点火控制模块 ISC Idle Speed Control 怠速控制 lAB Intake Air Bypass 进气歧管 IAR Intake Air Resonator 进气共鸣器 IMA IdleMixtureAdjustment 怠速混合比调整 IMPS Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 进气歧管压力传感器 IN Intake 进气 IG or IGN Ignition 点火燃烧 ID Identification 辨证,识别 ID or I . D . Inside Diameter 内径 KAM Keep Alive Memory 磨损修正系数存储器 K — Jetronic Continous Fuel lnjection 机械式连续喷射 KE — Jetromc Continous Fuel lnjection 机电结合式连续喷射 KS Knock Sensor 爆震传感器 KOEO KEY — ONEngine — OFF 点火开关 ON 发动机不启动 KOER KEY — ONEngine — Running 点火开关 ON 发动机运转 L — Jetronic MultiportFuellnjeetion L 型多点燃油喷射 LH — Jetronic MultiportFuel lnjection LH 型多点燃油喷射 LHD Left Handle Drive 左侧驾驶 L / C Lock — up Clutch 锁定离合器 LF Left Front 左前 LSD Limited Slip Differential 防滑差速器 LR Left Rear 左后 L 一 4 In — Line Four Cylinder(engine) 直列式 4 汽缸 ( 发动机 ) LED Light Emitting Diode 发光二极管 M / C Mixturure Control 混合气控制 MAF Mass Air Flow 质量空气流量 MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure 歧管绝对压力 MAT Manifold AirTemperature 歧管空气温度 MCS Mixture Control Solenoid 混合气控制电磁线圈 MCU Microprocessor Control Unit 微处理器控制单元 MFI Muhipoint Fuel lnjection 多点燃油喷射 MFE MultipointFuel lnjection 多点燃油喷射 Mil Malfunction lndicator Lamp 故障指示灯 M / S Manual Steering 手 ( 机械式 ) 转向 MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor 空气流量计 M / T Manual Transmission 手动变速箱 MCK Motor Check 马达检示 MAX Maximum 极大值 MIN Minimum 极小值 MPI Multi Point lnjection 多点喷射 NPS Neutral Position Switch 空挡开关 N Neutral 空转位置 ( 空挡 ) NOX Nitrogen Oxides of 氮氧化合物 02S Oxygen Sensor 含氧传感器 P / N Park / Neutral Position 停车/空挡位置 P / S Power Steering Pressure Switch 动力转向压力开关 PCM Power train Control Module 动力控制模块 PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation 曲轴箱强制通风 PFI Port Fuel lnjection 进气门口燃油喷射 PIP Position lndicator Pulse 曲轴位置传感器 PNP Park / Neutral Position 停车/空挡位置 PROM Programmable Read Only Memory 可编程只读存储器 PSP Power Steering Pressure 动力转向压力 PSPS Power Steering Pressure Switch 动力转向油压开关 p Park 停车 PSAI Pulsed Secondary Air lnjection 脉动式二次空气喷射 PGM — FI Programmed — fuel lnjection 程式控制燃料喷射 PGM — IG Programmed lgnition 程式化点火 PMR Pump Motor Relay 由泵马达继电器 PSW Pressure Switch 压力开关 PSF Power Steering Fluid 动力转向油 Qty Quantity 数量 RAM Random Access Memory 随机存储器 RM Relay Module 继电器模块 ROM Read Only Memory 只读存储器 RR Rear Right 右后 RHD Right Handle Drive 右侧驾驶 REF Reference 参考 RL Rear Left 左后 SBEC Single Board Engine Control 单板发动机控制 SEFI Sequential Electronic Fuel lnjection 次序电控燃油喷射 SFI Sequential Fuel lnjection 次序燃油喷射' SMEC Single Module Engine Control 单片发动机控制 SPI Single Point lnjection 单点喷射 SAE Society of Automotive Engineers 美国汽车工程师学会 SOHC Single Overhead Camshaft 顶置单凸轮轴 SOI Solenoid 线圈 SPEC Specification 规格 S / R Sun Roof 遮阳板 SRS Supplemental Restrgint System 安全气囊 STD Standard 标准 SW Switch 切换开关 SCS Service Check Signal 维修检示信号 SEC Second 秒、第二 TB Throttle Body 节流阀体 TBI Throttle Body Fuel lnjectlon 节流阀体燃油喷射 TC Turbocharger 涡轮增压器 TCM Transmission Control Module 变速器控制模块 TP ThrottlePosition 节气门位置 TPS Throttle Position Sensor 节气门位置传感器 TPS Throttle Position Switch 节气门位置开关 TPI Tuned Port lnjection 进气口喷射 TWC Three Way Catalytic Converter 三元催化反应器 T Torque 扭力 TDC Top Dead Center 上死点 TDCL Test Diagnostic Communication Link 自诊接头 T / N Tool Number 工具编号 TCC Torque Convertor Clutch 变扭器离合器 TRC Traction Control 牵引控制 VAF Volume Air Flow 体积空气流量 VAT Vane AirTemperature 进气温度 VCC Viscous Converter Clutch 变扭离合器 VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor 车速传感器 VSV Vacuum Solenoid Valve 真空电磁阀 VTEC Variable Valve Timing Valve Lift 可变式气门正时 VC Viscous Coupling 粘性偶和 VIN Vehicle ldentification Number 车身号码 ( 出厂号码 ) VVIS Variable Volume Intake System 可变进气系统



Adjustable bed 可调床  Air bed 气床  Anti-slip strip for stairs (儿童床)防滑楼梯打击扶手  Antique furniture 古式家具  Antique reproduction furniture 仿古家具  Armchair 扶手椅  B  Baby crib 婴儿床  Backless wall-unit 不设背板的壁橱  Bamboo furniture 竹家具  Banqueting chair 宴会椅  Barstool 吧椅  Bathroom accessories 浴室配套装置  Bathroom combination 浴室组合柜  Bathroom consoles 浴室多用架  Bathroom furniture 浴室家具  Bathroom vanity 浴室盥洗台  Batten door 板条门  Bed base床架,床套  Bed base set 成套床架  Bedroom suite 卧室系列家具  Bedstead 床架  Bentwood furniture 曲木家具  Beside table 床头柜  Birch door 桦木门  Board-room and conference table 会议桌  Bookcase 书柜  Bookshelf 书架  Built-in kitchen 配套厨房家具  Bunk 双层床  Bunk bed 双层床 C  Cabin bed 儿童多功能床  Cabin furniture for ships 船用家具  Canopy bed 带天篷的床,四柱床  CD-video storage cabinet边 音响组合柜  Chair with castors 脚轮椅  Changing table 可调桌  Chest of drawers 多屉橱柜  Child cot 童床  Children’s bed 儿童床  Children’s bedroom suite 儿童卧房系列家具  Children’s chair 儿童椅  CKD(complete knock down) 整体拆装式家具  Clothes rail 挂衣杆  Cocktail cabinet 吧柜,酒柜  Cocktail table 鸡尾酒桌  Coffee table 茶几,咖啡桌   Combine-unit 组合柜  Composite furniture 复合家具  Console 小桌  Console table (装在墙上的)蜗形腿台桌  Contract furniture 订做家具,承建家具  Contract programmes 订做家具  Corner sofa suite 拐角扶杆  Cot 童床(婴儿床)  Couch 长沙发椅  Cupboard 橱柜  Cupboard wall unit for flat 套房衣柜  Curtain 窗帘,挂帘  Customized furniture 订做家具  D  Decorative lighting 装饰灯具  Dining room furniture 餐厅家具  Dining room set 起居室配套家具  Dining table 餐桌  Divan 长沙发,沙发床  Dividing wall and fitted wall unit 隔墙板及系列  DIY furniture 自装式家具  Double-bed 双人床  Double function sofa-bed 双人沙发床  Double sided mirror 双面镜  Draughtsman chair 吧椅  Drawer 抽屉  Dressing table 梳妆台 E  Easy chair 轻便椅  End table 茶几  Entrance hall furniture 门厅家具  Exterior door户外门  F  Filing cabinet 文件柜  Fireplace壁炉  Fitment 固定家具  Fitting 家居用品  Flap 翻门  Flower stand 花架  Flush door 平面门,全板门  Folding chair 折叠椅  Folding furniture 折叠家具  Folk furniture 民间家具  Foot-stool 踏脚凳  Framed mirror 带框镜子  French-type furniture 模式家具  French cabinet 法式桌椅弯脚  French door 玻璃门  Function sofa多功能沙发椅  Furniture for bedrooms 卧室家具  Furniture for public premises 公共场所家具 G  Game table 玩具桌  Gate-leg table折叠桌  Glass cabinet 玻璃陈设柜  Glass case玻璃陈设柜  Glass unit and container 玻璃容器制品  Glazed door 玻璃门  H  Hall furniture 厅房家具  Hat and coat stand 衣帽架  Headboard 床头  Heirloom quality furniture 祖传家具   High bed 儿童高脚床(不带屉柜)  High chair 高脚椅  Highback executive chair 高背办公椅  Home furniture 家庭家具,民用家具  Home office furniture 家庭办公家具  Hotel furniture 酒店家具  Household furniture 家庭家具  Hutch碗架 I  Institutional furniture 风俗家具,公用家具  J  Junior desk chair 学生书桌椅  K  Kitchen block /kitchen rock 厨房地砖  Kitchen cabinet 餐具柜  Kitchen chair, stool and bench 厨房椅、圆凳及条椅  Kitchen fitment 厨房固定家具  Kitchen table 厨房餐桌  Kitchen unit 厨房成套家具  L  Lamp table 灯桌  Lath grid 板条格  Ledged door 直板门  Link chair 写字板椅  Living room furniture 起居室家具  Locker 衣帽柜  Lounge furniture 客厅家具  Louvered door 百叶窗柜门  Lowback executive chair 低背办公椅  Lowback guest chair 低背来宾椅  Lowback visitor chair 低背接待椅 M  Managerial mediumback chair 中背经理椅  Margined flush door 镶边平板门  Mattress 床垫,席梦思  Mediumback executive chair 中背办公椅  Metal furniture金属家具  Mirror door 玻璃门  Mirror for chest of drawers 多屉柜梳妆镜  Multi-purpose sofa 多用沙发  Multi-purpose table 多用桌  N  Nest 茶几  O  Occasional furniture 配套家具,休闲家具  Occasional table 休闲桌  Office furniture 办公家具  Office seating 办公座椅  Office table 办公桌 P  Partition wall 隔断  Pembroke table 折面桌  Planters chair 园艺工用椅  Plastic furniture 塑料家具  Play furniture 娱乐家具  Presidential highback chair 高背办公椅  Pull-out table 伸缩餐具  R  Rattan furniture 藤家具  Recliner 躺椅  Refectory table长餐桌  Rocking chair 摇摆椅  Rotary chair 转椅  Rustic style furniture 乡村风格家具  rectangular table 长方桌  red-lacquered chest 红漆木箱  round bed 圆床  round stool 圆凳  round table 圆桌  round-backed armchair 圈椅 S  School table 课桌  screen 屏风  Seat 座椅  secretaire 写字桌(尤指有抽屉及分类格者)  Secretarial chair 秘书椅  sectional sofa 拼合沙发  semi-CKD 半拆装家具  separate wine cabinet 独立厨柜  serving table 送餐桌  settee; chaise longue 长靠椅  shelving combination 组合架  shoe rack 鞋架  side table 小桌  sideboard 餐具柜  simmous bed 席梦思床  single bed 单人床  slat stool 板条凳  sleeper sofa 可睡沙发  sofa 沙发  sofa bed 沙发床  sofa table 沙发桌  soft chair 软椅  spring bed; steel cot 钢丝床;弹簧床  spring-seat chair 弹簧座椅  square stool 方凳  square table 方桌  steel chair 扶手椅  steel desk 钢制写字台  steel safe 保险柜  step stool 梯凳  stool 凳子;搁脚凳  storage for umbrellas 伞架  straight back chair 直背椅  strong box; safe 保险箱  studio couch 单人沙发床  suitcase; trunk 衣箱;小型旅行箱  swivel armchair 帆布折叠躺椅  swivel-top stool 转动凳


出口信贷 export credit 出口津贴 export subsidy 商品倾销 dumping 外汇倾销 exchange dumping 优惠关税 special preferences 保税仓库 bonded warehouse 贸易顺差 favorable balance of trade 贸易逆差 unfavorable balance of trade 进口配额制 import quotas 自由贸易区 free trade zone 对外贸易值 value of foreign trade 国际贸易值 value of international trade 普遍优惠制 generalized system of preferences-GSP 最惠国待遇 most-favored nation treatment-MFNT -------------------价格条件---------------------- 价格术语trade term (price term)   运费freight 单价 price          码头费wharfage 总值 total value       卸货费landing charges 金额 amount         关税customs duty 净价 net price        印花税stamp duty 含佣价price including commission 港口税portdues 回佣return commission   装运港portof shipment 折扣discount,allowance   卸货港port of discharge 批发价 wholesale price  目的港portof destination 零售价 retail price    进口许口证inportlicence 现货价格spot price    出口许口证exportlicence 期货价格forward price 现行价格(时价)current price prevailingprice 国际市场价格 world (International)Marketprice 离岸价(船上交货价)FOB-free on board 成本加运费价(离岸加运费价) C&F-cost and freight 到岸价(成本加运费、保险费价)CIF-cost,insurance and freight --------------------交货条件---------------------- 交货delivery    轮船steamship(缩写S.S) 装运、装船shipment 租船charter (the chartered shep) 交货时间 time of delivery  定程租船voyage charter; 装运期限time of shipment   定期租船time charter 托运人(一般指出口商)shipper,consignor 收货人consignee 班轮regular shipping liner   驳船lighter 舱位shipping space       油轮tanker 报关clearance of goods   陆运收据cargo receipt 提货to take delivery of goods 空运提单airway bill     正本提单original B/L 选择港(任意港)optional port       选港费optional charges 选港费由买方负担 optional charges to be borne by the Buyers 或 optional charges for Buyers account 一月份装船 shipment during January 或 January shipment 一月底装船 shipment not later than Jan.31st.或shipment on or before Jan.31st. 一/二月份装船 shipment during Jan./Feb.或 Jan./Feb. shipment 在......(时间)分两批装船 shipment during....in two lots 在......(时间)平均分两批装船 shipment during....in two equal lots 分三个月装运 in three monthly shipments 分三个月,每月平均装运 in three equal monthly shipments 立即装运 immediate shipments 即期装运 prompt shipments 收到信用证后30天内装运 shipments within 30 days after receipt of L/C 允许分批装船 partial shipment not allowed partial shipment not permitted partial shipment not unacceptable ---------------交易磋商、合同签订----------------- 订单 indent       订货;订购 book; booking 电复 cable reply    实盘 firm offer 递盘 bid; bidding   递实盘 bid firm 还盘 counter offer   发盘(发价) offer 发实盘 offer firm    询盘(询价) inquiry;enquiry ---------------交易磋商、合同签订----------------- 指示性价格 price indication 速复 reply immediately 参考价 reference price 习惯做法 usual practice 交易磋商 business negotiation      不受约束 without engagement 业务洽谈 business discussion 限**复 subject to reply ** 限* *复到 subject to reply reaching here ** 有效期限 time of validity   有效至**: valid till ** 购货合同 purchase contract   销售合同 sales contract 购货确认书 purchase confirmation 销售确认书 sales confirmation       一般交易条件 general terms and conditions 以未售出为准 subject to prior sale 需经卖方确认 subject to sellers confirmation 需经我方最后确认 subject to our final confirmation ------------------贸易方式------------------------ INT (拍卖auction)       寄售consignment 招标invitation of tender 投标submission of tender 一般代理人agent      总代理人general agent 代理协议agency agreement 累计佣金accumulative commission 补偿贸易compensation trade    (或抵偿贸易)compensating/compensatory trade    (又叫:往返贸易) counter trade 来料加工processing on giving materials 来料装配assembling on provided parts 独家经营/专营权exclusive right 独家经营/包销/代理协议exclusivity agreement 独家代理 sole agency; sole agent; exclusive agency;    exclusive agent -------------------品质条件----------------------- 品质 quality      原样 original sample 规格 specifications   复样 duplicate sample 说明 description    对等样品 countersample 标准 standard type   参考样品 reference sample 商品目录 catalogue   封样 sealed sample 宣传小册 pamphlet    公差 tolerance 货号 article No.    花色(搭配) assortment 样品 sample 5%     增减 5% plus or minus 代表性样品 representative sample 大路货(良好平均品质)fair average quality --------------------商检仲裁----------------------- 索赔 claim        争议disputes 罚金条款 penalty      仲裁arbitration 不可抗力 force Majeure  仲裁庭arbitral tribunal 产地证明书certificate of origin 品质检验证书 inspection certificate of quanlity 重量检验证书 inspection certificate of weight (quantity) **商品检验局 **commodity inspection bureau (*.C.I.B) 品质、重量检验证书 inspection certificate ---------------------数量条件----------------------- 个数 number         净重 net weight 容积 capacity        毛作净 gross for net 体积 volume         皮重 tare 毛重 gross weight      溢短装条款 more or less clause -----------------------外 汇------------------------- 外汇 foreign exchange   法定贬值 devaluation 外币 foreign currency   法定升值 revaluation 汇率 rate of exchange   浮动汇率floating rate 国际收支 balance of payments   硬通货 hard currency 直接标价 direct quotation    软通货 soft currency 间接标价 indirect quotation   金平价 gold standard 买入汇率 buying rate      通货膨胀 inflation 卖出汇率 selling rate     固定汇率 fixed rate 金本位制度 gold standard    黄金输送点 gold points 铸币平价 mint par    纸币制度 paper money system 国际货币基金 international monetary fund 黄金外汇储备 gold and foreign exchange reserve 汇率波动的官定上下限 official upper and lower limits of fluctuation


一.Poultry  家禽类 1.鸡鸭: Fresh Grade Legs(thigh) 鸡大腿 Fresh Grade Breast 鸡胸 chicken fryer小鸡块 Chicken Drumsticks 鸡小腿 Chicken Wings 鸡翅 Turkey 火鸡 chick gizzard鸡杂 Duck trim drum鸭翼脾 2.猪肉: Liver 猪肝 Pork ribs 排骨 feet 猪脚 Kidney 猪腰 bag 猪肚 Hearts 猪心 Pork Steak 猪排 Pork-pieces 廋肉块 Pork Chops 连骨猪排 Rolled Pork loin 卷好的腰部瘦肉 Rolled Pork Belly 卷好的腰部瘦肉连带皮 Pork sausage meat 做香肠的绞肉 Pork Fillet 小里肌肉 Spare Rib Pork chops 带骨的瘦肉 Spare Rib of Pork 小排骨肉 Pork Dripping 猪油滴 Lard 猪油 Joint 有骨的大块肉 Hock 蹄膀 Casserole Pork 中间带骨的腿肉Butt猪的肩前腿肉 3.牛肉: Stewing Beef 小块的瘦肉 Steak & Kidney 牛肉块加牛腰 ground beef已铰好的牛肉 Frying steak 可煎食的大片牛排 Rump Steak 大块牛排 Leg Beef 牛键肉 OX-Tail 牛尾 OX-heart 牛心 Homey come Tripe 蜂窝牛肚 OX-Tongues 牛舌 Barnsley Chops 带骨的腿肉 Shoulder Chops 肩肉 Porter House Steak 腰上的牛排肉 Chuck Steak 头肩肉筋、油较多 Tenderised Steak 拍打过的牛排 Roll 牛肠 Cowhells 牛筋 Tripe Pieces 牛肚块 Best thick seam 白牛肚 4.羊肉: lamb chops羊肉片 leg of lamb 羊腿 二.海产类 (Seafood) 1.鱼(fish): Herring 青鱼,鲱 Salmon三文鱼 Bass 鲈鱼 Corvina黄花鱼 Milkfish奶鱼 Mullet梭鱼,胭脂鱼, 鲻鱼 Cod 鳕鱼 Tuna金枪鱼 Sea Bream 海鲤 Hake 鳕鱼类 Carp 鲤鱼 Halibut 大比目鱼 flounder比目鱼 Plaice欧蝶鱼 Swordfish箭鱼 Octopus 鱆鱼 Squid 乌贼 cuttlefish 墨鱼 Dressed squid 花枝 Mackerel 鲭 Haddock 北大西洋鳕鱼 Trout鲑鱼 Cod Fillets 鳕鱼块 Conger (Eel)鳗鱼 Tilapia罗非鱼 Dace鲮鱼 Red Mullet 红鲣 Herring roes 鲱鱼子 Boiled Cod roes 鳕鱼子 2.贝类海鲜(Shellfish): Oysters 牡_? Mussels 蚌类、黑色、椭圆形、没壳的是淡菜 Crab 螃蟹 Prawn 虾 clams 蛤蚌 scallops扇贝(小) Crab stick 蟹肉条 Peeled Prawns 虾仁 King Prawns 大虾 Tiger Prawns 虎虾 Whelks Tops 小螺肉 Shrimps 基围虾 Cockles 小贝肉 Lobster 龙虾 Winkles 田螺 三.蔬菜类(Vegetables): Daikon白萝卜 Carrot 胡萝卜 Radish 小胡萝卜 Tomato 蕃茄 Parsnip 欧洲萝卜 Bok-choy小白菜 long napa(suey choy) 大白菜 Spinach菠菜 Cabbage 卷心菜 Potato 马铃薯 russet potato褐色土豆 Sweet potato红薯(红苕) Eggplant茄子 Celery 芹菜 Celery stalk芹菜梗 Asparagus芦笋 Lotus root莲藕 Cilantro芫荽叶 Cauliflower 白花菜 Broccoli 绿花菜 Spring onions(scallion 或green onion)葱 Zucchini美洲南瓜(西葫芦) Mushroom 洋菇 Chives Flower韭菜花 shallot葱 Red cabbage 紫色包心菜 Squash(pumpkin)南瓜 acorn squash小青南瓜 Watercress 西洋菜豆瓣菜 Baby corn 玉米尖 Sweet corn 玉米 Bitter melon苦瓜 Beet甜菜 chard甜菜 Onion 洋葱 lima bean 青豆 Brussels sprout 球芽甘蓝(小包菜) Garlic 大蒜 Ginger(root) 姜 Leeks韭菜 Scallion(green onion) 葱 Mustard & cress 芥菜苗 Artichoke洋蓟 Escarole 菊苣, 茅菜 Chilly 辣椒 Green Pepper 青椒 Red pepper 红椒 Yellow pepper 黄椒 Courgette小胡瓜,绿皮番瓜(不可生食) Coriander 香菜 Cucumber黄瓜 String bean(green bean)四季豆 Pea豌豆 lima bean青豆 Bean sprout 绿豆芽 Iceberg 透明包菜 Lettuce 生菜 romaine莴苣 Swede or Turnip 芜菁 Okra 秋葵 Taro 大芋头 Eddo 小芋头 yam山药, 洋芋 kale羽衣甘蓝 B.鱼的英文名字和吃法 CATFISH-鲶鱼,新鲜鲶鱼做酸菜鱼很好吃,具体做法可查询,帖子很多,也可以做红溜鱼片 TILAPIA-鲷鱼,可以把两面煎得金黄然后加水、木瓜花生或节瓜豆腐煮鱼汤,也可以加柠檬片、盐、胡椒粉裹在锡纸里用烤箱烤,新鲜的可以清蒸然 FLOUNDER-龙利, 比目鱼一类的鱼,扁扁的,新鲜的清蒸,冷藏的切块红烧、油炸都可 RED SNAPPER-一种买得挺贵的海鱼,我会用胡椒粉、盐稍腌,然后煎的金黄,加点新鲜番茄块、一点番茄酱、水、汤稍稍焖一下,然后开吃,非常不错! COD-鳕鱼,我的至爱,可以直接用点盐、胡椒粉腌一下,然后加葱白、天津冬菜放在干荷叶上清蒸,蒸好后撒青葱花、芫荽(香菜)碎,然后浇上滚烫的热油!好吃!还可以腌好后煎得金黄,然后倒入加了糖和姜汁的酱油煎入味! SWORDFISH-剑鱼,我通常把剑鱼切块裹鸡蛋液然后沾上面包糠油炸,沾甜酸酱吃 MILKFISH-虱目鱼,煎得金黄后加胡萝卜、荸荠(去皮)煮汤,鲜美无比 BELTFISH-带鱼,用胡椒粉、盐腌好,然后煎得金黄香脆的吃 WHITEFISH-白鱼,一种海鱼,我通常把姜用油煎香,下鱼块煎一下,然后加酱油、糖、水、葱段煮沸,关火后加点陈醋 TUNA-吞拿鱼、金枪鱼,新鲜的可以生吃,也可以煮熟后拆肉加入沙拉中吃,还可以加生菜丝、美奶滋、番茄片做三文治馅,还可以把熟的TUNA罐头鱼肉加入芋泥中做成芋饼然后煎得金黄香脆 TROUT-鳟鱼,跟SALMON是亲戚,您用查询查“TROUT”或“鳟鱼”,会找到很多种做法 CARP-鲤鱼,不用说了吧,什么葱烤鲤鱼、红烧鲤鱼你都知道啊 DRUMFISH-鼓鱼,新鲜的清蒸,冷藏的煎一下,然后加姜汁、蒜蓉豆豉汁、水焖一下,最后下葱花OK BUFFALOFISH-水牛鱼,长得象国内的魭鱼,但是很大,我现在还没有敢买一条来试试呢,大得太恐怖啦! SQUID-乌贼,鱿鱼,弄干净,在里头一面切菱形刀花,然后配合蜜糖豆、胡萝卜片、青椒什么的爆炒,也可以切成鱿鱼圈裹炸粉油炸 SCALLOP-扇贝肉,可以灼熟后跟鸡蛋一起清蒸,也可以配合西兰花胡萝卜片一起清炒 bass 海鲈鱼, 肉质鲜嫩, 清蒸或烧均可 catfish 鲶鱼, 淡水鱼,肉质滑嫩但土腥味较重,可红烧 croaker 白花鱼,跟黄花鱼是一类,肉质很嫩,清蒸 flounder 比目鱼,又叫龙利,肉质极嫩,清蒸 grouper 石斑鱼,肉质很嫩,清蒸或烧鱼块均可 mullet 胭脂鱼, 肉质较嫩但油脂高,可红烧 orange 香橙鱼,像石斑鱼,肉质很嫩,清蒸或烧鱼块均可 perch 河鲈鱼,淡水鱼,肉质很嫩,清蒸或烧鱼块均可 red snapper 红鲷鱼,肉质很老,可鱼头做汤或豆腐煲极为鲜美 ribbonfish 带鱼. salmon 三文鱼,做生鱼片最好吃.烤或做熏鱼也不错,但烧或做汤则有些油腻. shark 鲨鱼,FDA说含汞量较高,应少吃 tilapia 罗非鱼,又叫吴郭鱼,非洲鲫鱼,肉质很嫩,清蒸或烧均可,我也用他做过鱼米 whiting 不知中文叫什么,肉质一般,可烧鱼块

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