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The Aim of This AssignmentCourse Summary
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(1) Compared with the course objectives and expectations of your first blog, “I hope to enhance the ability and employment competitiveness of computer major through practical exercise”. Compared with the current learning and practice, in what aspects have you achieved your expectations and objectives, what are the deficiencies and why?

After learning the course of software engineering, I think my code ability has been further strengthened, not to complete the task, but to enable everyone in a project to understand it. In addition, I have a deeper understanding of teamwork.

(2) Summarize the practice and improvement of this course.

  • In this course, my code volume is about 2000 to 3000 lines.
  • Time spent
Previous LabContentTime
Lab 1Self introduction & Course plan45 min
Lab 2Extract keywords in C/C++1060 min
Lab 3Design the Bobing software interface910 min
Lab 4Bobing software3105 min
Lab 5The development of a oral calculation program125 min
Lab 6Team presentation & Selected topic report1 week
Lab 7Demand analysis & Prototype design738 min
Lab 8Alpha Sprint2 weeks
Lab 9UML Exercises240 min
Lab 10Alpha Sprint Improvements1 week
Lab 11Software Testing120 min
  • Lab 2 is the most impressive because it has the freshness that I just came into contact with the course of software engineering, and it was completed by me alone without consulting any data, which cost me a lot of energy.

  • I spend at least 20 hours a week on software engineering experiments outside the lab.

  • I learned how to test my code performance and know how to use Unity, C#, Processing and Wechat Developer Tools.

  • In terms of team collaboration programming, I have mastered the code specifications, and will write notes in difficult places for easy understanding.

The Mythical Man-Month

Let’s briefly talk about the precautions in team programming, according to their own good, give play to their strengths, determine their own division of labor, communicate with teammates, docking with the team leader, when there is a problem, look for information, self-study, ask teammates, help together.


For exercises, it is better to plan exercises reasonably according to the students’ learning situation and available time, rather than blindly pursuing results.

Team analysis

In my opinion, although our team has various shortcomings and shortcomings, it is still an excellent team in general. We are in the embryonic stage of team building and the first collaborative programming period. We just got to know each other and cooperated for the first time In the ALPHA sprint period, the team experienced a transition from the running-in stage to the standardization stage, and gradually developed from a team full of doubts and conflicts with low efficiency to a standardized team with established rules, clear goals and sufficient confidence The team was able to work together to create something meaningful and complete the project as it progressed from ALPHA to now.


Here are links to all our CSDN experiments this semester to prove our learning progress.

lab 1Self introduction & Course plan
lab 2Extract keywords in C/C++
lab 3Design the Bobing software interface
lab 4Bobing software
lab 5The development of a oral calculation program
lab 6Team presentation & Selected topic report
lab 7Demand analysis & Prototype design
lab 8Alpha Sprint
lab 9UML Exercises
lab 10Alpha Sprint Improvements
lab 11Software Testing
lab 12Course Summary


Good bye, Software Engineering.

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