As you are reading this, you probably know about Epic Game’s lawsuit filing against Apple and Google.

在阅读本文时,您可能知道有关Epic Game对Apple和Google提起的诉讼

For the uninitiated:


  • Epic Games, within Fortnite app, offered to purchase its V-Bucks for 20% through its own payment system.

    Fortnite应用程序中的Epic Games提供了通过自己的支付系统以20%的价格购买其V-Bucks的条件

  • This constituted the violation of App Store’s terms, which states that app developers cannot bypass in-app purchase framework.

    这违反了App Store的条款,该条款规定应用程序开发人员无法绕过应用程序内购买框架。
  • Apple removed Fortnite from App Store within few hours of this violation, because not doing so will be visible injustice to its million other developers who are paying 30% fees from all the income resulting from App Store.

    苹果在违规行为发生后的几个小时内就将Fortnite从App Store中移走 ,因为如果不这样做,对于数百万其他正在从App Store产生的收入中支付30%费用的开发人员来说,这是不公平的。

  • Epic Games pulled a similar move on its Android app, resulting into its removal from Google Play Store as well.

    Epic Games在其Android应用程序上也采取了类似的措施,因此也从Google Play商店中删除。

目的是苹果: (The Aim Is Apple:)

While Epic Games has sued both Apple and Google for their monopolistic behavior, its main target for this open legal challenge is Apple, considering that:

尽管Epic Games已就苹果和谷歌的垄断行为提起诉讼,但针对这一公开法律挑战的主要目标是苹果,考虑到以下几点:

  • Google, while strict on what could remain on Play Store, still allows to install apps on Android devices from outside its Play Store. This is also in line with the fact that Google is primarily a licensing company (barring meagre market share belonging to Google smartphones and tablets), while Apple is the hardware owner.

    Google严格规定了Play商店中可能保留的内容,但仍然允许在Play商店之外的Android设备上安装应用。 这也符合以下事实:谷歌主要是一家许可公司(不属于谷歌智能手机和平板电脑的市场份额很小),而苹果是硬件所有者。
  • Apple wants tighter controls over what should, and should not, remain on iDevices, because Apple controls the entire supply chain from design to shipping + development of iOS. As a result, Apple does not allow installing third party app market software on iDevices — something in contrast with Google. This is also in line with its increased focus on privacy and protection against malware.

    苹果希望对iDevices上应该保留和不应当保留的内容进行更严格的控制,因为苹果控制着整个供应链,从设计到iOS的运输和开发。 因此,Apple不允许在iDevices上安装第三方应用程序市场软件-与Google有所不同。 这也符合其对隐私和恶意软件防护的日益关注。
  • Soon after its pullout, Epic released a campaign showing Apple changing into Big Brother just like IBM it vibrantly took on in 1984.


While the lawsuit may take its course, this is sure to make significant dent into Apple’s public image.


为什么30%的苹果税这么讨厌: (Why 30% Apple Tax Is So Much Loathed:)

App Store developers’ outcry against steeper cut is nothing new. In 2018, Netflix pulled out in-app subscription purchase option altogether from its iOS app. Spotify also did the same.

App Store开发人员强烈反对降价已不是新鲜事。 在2018年, Netflix从其iOS应用程序中完全撤消了应用程序内订阅购买选项 。 Spotify也做了同样的事情。

Apple also had a similar battle against Basecamp’s Hey, an email app that sold its subscription services outside iOS.

苹果还与Basecamp的Hey进行了类似的战斗 ,后者是一款在iOS之外出售其订阅服务的电子邮件应用程序。

Yet, they all could stay on App Store, as long as they do not offer an alternate payment method (e.g. Stripe) within the iOS app. Such a system is viable for players who are already famous enough to pull its user base from outside app boundary.

但是,只要他们没有在iOS应用中提供其他付款方式(例如Stripe),他们都可以留在App Store中。 对于已经足够出名的用户将其用户群从应用外部边界吸引出来的玩家来说,这样的系统是可行的。

If you want to sell your iOS app on your terms, you not only have to create an alternate app store. You also need an alternate iOS.

如果您想按自己的条件出售iOS应用,则不仅需要创建替代应用商店。 您还需要备用iOS。

Such an option is not viable for game/app companies simply because in-app experiences are best sold during encompassing in-app scenarios.


Imagine being an App Store rookie, releasing a game, and offering to buy your loot boxes from your website, instead of from within the game.

想象一下,成为一名App Store新秀,发布游戏,并提供从您的网站(而不是从游戏内部)购买战利品盒的机会。

This is where Epic Games thought it needed to offer an optional in-app marketplace to bypass Apple’s 30% cut.

这就是Epic Games认为需要提供可选的应用程序内市场来绕过Apple的30%降价的地方。

Epic (and many others) thinks it to be fair, also because there are no such restrictions for Mac apps. A mac developer can choose to sell his app on App Store for Mac, as well as his website.

Epic(以及许多其他公司)认为这是公平的,也是因为Mac应用程序没有此类限制。 Mac开发人员可以选择在Mac的App Store及其网站上出售其应用程序。

Smaller developers have been quite vocal complainant about Apple’s 30% (tax, as they describe it), because they are completely reliant on App Store for their app’s discoverability — a thing quite difficult to attain even for high quality apps (with no marketing dollars) because of high app volume, App Store’s historically skewed app search algorithm, and Apple’s efforts to sell iAds on top those two factors.

较小的开发人员一直强烈抱怨苹果30%的 (正如他们所描述的那样,是 ),因为他们完全依赖App Store的应用来发现应用-即使对于高质量的应用(没有营销费用),这也是很难做到的由于应用数量庞大,App Store 历来偏向应用搜索算法 ,以及苹果在这两个因素之上努力销售iAd的努力。

Unlike Android, iOS cannot have an alternate App Store without jailbreak. If you want to sell your iOS app on your terms, you not only have to create an alternate app store. You also need an alternate iOS.

与Android不同,iOS必须在没有越狱的情况下拥有备用App Store。 如果您想按自己的条件出售iOS应用,则不仅需要创建替代应用商店。 您还需要备用iOS。

Apple’s 30% cut is completely disconnected from costs incurred in app store hosting, visibility and payment processing.


Apple’s latest push to authenticate advertising was publicized as its tighter measures for privacy. However, this can potentially reduce how much advertising revenue an app store developer can earn — a regime where no app store % cut is involved.

苹果公司发布了最新的身份验证广告,以作为其更严格的隐私保护措施。 但是,这可能会减少应用程序商店开发人员可以赚取多少广告收入-一种不涉及应用程序商店削减百分比的机制。

Apple also follows the most rigorous standards for app submission, so small to medium developers always have to walk on a tighter rope.


In his interview with Bloomberg, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, stated that Apple’s 30% cut was completely disconnected from costs it incurred in app store hosting, visibility and payment processing.

Epic Games首席执行官蒂姆·斯威尼 ( Tim Sweeney)接受彭博社采访时表示,苹果削减30%的成本与应用商店托管,可见性和付款处理所产生的成本完全没有关系。

为什么这次苹果(不仅仅是律师)必须谨慎: (Why Apple (And Not Just Its Lawyers) Must Be Cautious This Time:)

A time when political strings are too precarious to pull.


Apple recently sued a small developer for cloning their logo — apparently a case without merit and completely unworthy of Apple’s brand positioning.

苹果最近起诉一家小型开发商克隆其徽标 ,这显然是毫无根据的案件,完全不值得苹果的品牌定位。

While 30% cut shoutout is not new, Epic Games, with its experience and (possibly) not so small legal strength, has baited Apple into a battle that will remain under the public eye during the election season — a time when political strings are too precarious to pull.

尽管削减30%的喊叫声并不是什么新鲜事,但Epic Games凭借其经验以及(可能)法律实力不那么强,已经将苹果引诱到一场大选中,这场大选将在选举季节一直受到公众关注-当时政治因素太过紧迫car可危。

It isn’t that Epic didn’t know what it was trying to pull off by offering an alternate payment method within Fortnite. Epic has clearly stated that it is not seeking monetary compensation. It has taken high moral ground, reminding Apple of its own maverick spirit against monopolies.

Epic并非不知道在Fortnite中提供替代付款方式的目的是什么。 Epic明确表示, 它并未寻求金钱赔偿 。 它具有很高的道德底蕴,使苹果想起了自己反对垄断的特立独行精神。

Irrespective of where the verdict lands, it is the public perception front where Apple might take more wounds.


And unfortunately, that’s the front Apple must open — earlier, the better. The only way to do it is by making its developers feel at home in the ecosystem, rather than selling to them.

不幸的是,这就是苹果公司必须打开的前沿-越早越好。 做到这一点的唯一方法是让开发人员在生态系统中有家的感觉,而不是卖给他们。

In order to dust off any possibility of a class-action suit by tiny developers, and regain its prestige as a tech maverick that it was in 1984, Apple can respond by taking one or more of the following steps.


#1:为App Store开发人员介绍Dynamic%Cut: (#1: Introduce Dynamic % Cut For App Store Developers:)

Apple wouldn’t lose much by subsidizing smaller developers.


Apple’s services arm, the segment that includes App Store revenue (including the infamous 30% cut) has been continually growing. However, its combined revenue is still far off from its dominant product: iPhone.

苹果的服务部门,包括App Store收入(包括声名狼藉的30%削减)在内的细分市场一直在持续增长 。 但是,其总收入仍与主要产品iPhone相距甚远。

At the same time, besides App Store, services include its other offerings such as ‌Apple News‌+, ‌Apple TV‌+, ‌Apple Arcade‌, and Apple Music.

与此同时,除了应用程序商店,服务内容包括它的其他产品,如苹果新闻+, 苹果电视+, 苹果商场 ,和苹果的音乐

As anyone can imagine, all content acquisition is money pit for Apple, and the only thing that makes up to keep service segment afloat is App Store — namely, the lucrative 30% cut Apple takes off of each developer’s revenue.

谁都可以想象,所有内容的收购对苹果来说都是钱,而使服务领域维持生计的唯一因素是App Store-也就是说,利润丰厚的30%削减使苹果从每个开发者的收入中脱颖而出。

People buy iDevices not only because of iOS’s new features. They buy it to continually enjoy innovative experiences built by millions of developers.

人们购买iDevice不仅是因为iOS的新功能。 他们购买它是为了不断享受由数百万开发人员构建的创新体验。

This makes more the reason to strengthen the hands that feed its ecosystem: Despite being small segment in its revenue breakup (almost 1/5th of the iPhone+iPad+wearables+Desktops+itself), it feeds almost every other thing that Apple sells.

这使得更多的理由有必要加强为生态系统服务的力量:尽管在收入细分中只占很小的一部分(约占iPhone + iPad +可穿戴设备+台式机+自身的1/5 ),但它几乎可以为苹果出售的其他产品提供服务。

Beyond revenue, there is the value perspective, too.


People buy iDevices not only because of iOS’s new features. They buy it to enjoy innovative experiences built by millions of developers. That’s how newer iPhone model sells year over year. That’s how era of mobile arrived, and reined in.

人们购买iDevice不仅是因为iOS的新功能。 他们购买它可以享受数百万开发人员构建的创新体验。 这就是较新的iPhone型号每年销售的方式。 这就是移动时代到来并受到控制的方式。

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.

技术无非。 重要的是要对人有信心,他们基本上是善良而聪明的,如果给他们工具,他们就会与他们一起做美好的事情。

Steve Jobs


Game engine makers like Unity 3D have been hailed historically for making themselves free until developer earns $100K off it first. Unreal, product of Epic Games (yes, the Fortnite maker) is free until developers make their first $3000, and charges $19+5% of revenue/month thereafter.

像Unity 3D这样的游戏引擎制造商一直被誉为免费,直到开发者首先从中获得10万美元Epic Games的 虚幻产品(是Fortnite的制造商)是免费的,直到开发人员赚得第一笔3000美元,此后每月收取19 + 5%的收入。

Valve, the desktop gaming marketplace for Steam, has dynamic revenue split rewarding its higher earning developers (70/30, 75/25, 80/20 splits for <$10M, $10M-$50$ and $50M+ respectively), while subsidizing smaller developers under Steam Direct Program.

Valve是Steam的台式机游戏市场,其动态收入分配奖励其较高收入的开发人员(分别以<$ 10M,$ 10M- $ 50 $和$ 50M +的收入获得70 / 30、75 / 25、80 / 20的收入 ),同时补贴较小的 Steam Direct计划下的开发人员

Developers are suppliers in the app ecosystems. While Apple made history by being the first to create a groundbreaking software market with an unprecedented 70%-30% ratio, it is well beyond its point of breakeven.

开发人员是应用程序生态系统中的供应商。 尽管苹果公司是第一个以空前的70%-30%的比例开创突破性软件市场的公司,但它的收入远远超过了收支平衡点。

It is time to empower the hand that feeds its mouth. It is time to alter the game again. If Apple does that, Google is sure to follow.

现在是时候增强喂食嘴巴的手了。 现在是时候再次改变游戏了。 如果苹果这样做,谷歌肯定会跟随。

An ecosystem increasingly dependent on its suppliers revenue cut to grow its next flagship arm is a time-bomb


Many argue that Apple spends big money training developers, hosting apps, and processing payments. However, all developers under its iOS and Mac Developer program already pay their fees to be eligible, starting at $99 / year minimum. This more or less makes up for the hosting costs already.

许多人认为,苹果花了大笔钱来培训开发人员,托管应用程序和处理付款。 但是,其iOS和Mac Developer计划下的所有开发人员都已经支付了费用,才有资格参加,最低费用为每年99美元。 这或多或少弥补了托管费用。

Apple even sold its new Mac with Apple Silicon for porting iOS apps to newer Mac — $500 for one year (Mac to be returned to Apple past that). Imagine shelling out $500 for a desktop to keep for a year, and to beta-test it.

苹果甚至还出售了带有Apple Silicon的新Mac,用于将iOS应用移植到较新的Mac上-一年的费用为500美元(Mac将在之后退还给苹果)。 想象一下,花500美元购买一台台式机可以使用一年,并对其进行Beta测试。

Like any other marketplace, App Store has app revenue pyramid with top few % of developers earning most. Apple wouldn’t lose much by subsidizing the wider, bottom part, but its popularity and credibility will surely grow.

像其他任何市场一样,App Store的应用收入也呈金字塔形,收入最高的开发人员中占前几%。 通过补贴更大,最底层的部分,苹果并不会损失太多,但是苹果的受欢迎程度和公信力肯定会增加。

In any case, an ecosystem increasingly dependent on its suppliers revenue cut to grow its next flagship arm (services) is a time-bomb — both for the company and the investors.


#2:改进其工具集,摆脱发行麻烦: (#2: Improve Its Toolset, And Get Rid of Distribution Woes:)

In 2020, XCode lacks crucial productivity boosters such as hot reload


While Apple is way more lucrative for its developers than all other platforms selling mobile apps, it may soon face retention challenge by combined attack from Android + cross platform community.

尽管与其他所有销售移动应用程序的平台相比,苹果对开发人员来说更有利可图 ,但它可能很快会面临来自Android +跨平台社区的联合攻击而面临的保留挑战。

Cross platform toolchains like React Native, Flutter and Xamarin are inroads by Facebook, Google and Microsoft into Apple’s territory. Startups are increasingly choosing them in their roadmaps, despite native yielding the best possible personal experience.

像React Native,Flutter和Xamarin这样的跨平台工具链正在被Facebook,Google和Microsoft入侵苹果领域。 尽管本土企业会提供最佳的个人体验,但新兴企业越来越选择他们的路线图。

While they do not earn any direct revenue off of those tools, they are taking away the mindshare of Apple’s most undervalued commodity: App developers.


They do it by offering them an alternate platform (iOS/Android) for distribution against their one time effort in development.

他们通过为他们提供另一种平台(iOS / Android)进行分发,而不用一次开发。

On top of that, they also ensure that a developer needs mac only for building/testing the iOS binary, not for the entire app development life cycle. This could be a small dent in Apple’s desktop market share that would gradually widen, given the booming presence of virtual servers and cloud computing.

最重要的是,他们还确保开发人员仅需要Mac来构建/测试iOS二进制文件,而不需要整个应用程序开发生命周期。 鉴于虚拟服务器和云计算的蓬勃发展,这可能对苹果台式机市场份额造成很小的影响,而这一份额会逐渐扩大。

All those developers begrudgingly hold Apple as a walled garden that enforces Mac purchases for development + eats into their efforts and money.


While iOS, based off BSD, is quite robust, the overall developer experience of developing for iOS has not improved in the last decade.


XCode is far behind VSCode, the de-facto IDE maintained in open source and primary tool for almost all programming environments except Apple’s.


As of this writing, StackOverFlow is replete with almost 6x more questions about XCode compared to VSCode.


Whether it is app distribution signing hell, costly hardware, or unlimited radars for obvious design flaws, Apple makes it so visibly hard for developers to publish onto their platform that a majority of newcomers abandon publishing on Apple.

无论是应用分发标志着地狱 ,昂贵的硬件,还是无处可见的设计缺陷雷达,苹果公司都使开发人员很难在其平台上发布软件,以致大多数新手放弃在苹果计算机上发布软件。

Other systems (especially the ones like Flutter/RN that depend on 3rd party GitHub packages) sucks big time, yes. Apple’s end product — an iOS app running on iOS device — is decidedly superior. That’s precisely why quality devs consider Apple first as their publishing platform.

是的,其他系统(尤其是依赖于第三方GitHub软件包的Flutter / RN这样的系统)浪费了很多时间。 苹果的最终产品-在iOS设备上运行的iOS应用程序-绝对优越。 这就是为什么质量开发人员首先将Apple视为其发布平台的原因。

But Apple’s messaging to developer community is mostly sluggish and often indifferent. Many developers selling subscriptions via Apple got reprimanded by poorer user ratings, mostly arising from Apple’s undocumented subscription purchase API.

但是,苹果向开发者社区传达的信息通常很迟钝,而且通常无动于衷。 许多通过Apple销售订阅的开发者都受到较差的用户评分的谴责,这主要是由于Apple未记录在案的订阅购买API引起的

Swift attracted quite some newbies to the platform, but continual updates with little or no backward compatibility made it extremely hard for developers that were already heavily invested with ongoing projects.


SwiftUI successfully followed declarative UI bandwagon, but Apple did little to improve its existing UI WYSIWYG tools (storyboards and XIBs) that have so many developers engaged already. Worse, SwiftUI is not backward compatible.

SwiftUI成功地遵循了声明性的UI潮流,但是Apple并没有采取任何措施来改进现有的UI WYSIWYG工具(故事板和XIB),该工具已经吸引了许多开发人员。 更糟糕的是,SwiftUI不向后兼容。

In 2020, XCode lacks crucial productivity boosters such as hot reload, and developers have to rely on some benevolent 3rd parties to come up with them, which Apple might sherlock some day — much to the applause from WWDC audience.

2020年,XCode缺乏诸如热重装等至关重要的生产力提升工具,而开发人员必须依靠一些仁慈的第三方提出要求,而苹果公司可能会在一天之内将其搁置 ,这在WWDC观众的掌声中尤为明显。

#3:全球范围内的固定费用结构已过时: (#3: Flat Fee Structure Across the Globe Is Outdated:)

Flat fee structure + 30% is quite outdated in the world where pay-as-you-use is prevalent.

在按使用付费的世界中,固定费用+ 30%的费用已经过时了。

Amid the ongoing trade war, China, Apple’s biggest market, announced that all iOS apps to be distributed on App Store in China must have governmental approval.

在持续的贸易战中,苹果最大的市场中国宣布要在中国App Store上发行的所有iOS应用都必须获得政府的批准。

Apple warned all of its developers to get the approval by 31st July, or be ready to be removed from Chinese App Store.

苹果公司警告所有开发人员必须在7月31日之前获得批准 ,或者准备将其从中国应用商店中删除。

Such measures can snowball when geopolitical tensions rise. Other countries with enough leverage on Apple are likely to follow suit. Bigger developers can easily go around such fences with their legal teams. But small developers — who came into an ecosystem with worldwide distribution guarantee — takes the blow.

当地缘政治紧张局势加剧时,此类措施可能滚雪球。 对苹果有足够影响力的其他国家也可能会效仿。 较大的开发人员可以与他们的法律团队轻松地绕开这些障碍。 但是小型开发商-进入了具有全球分销保证的生态系统-受到了打击。

How does Apple help them ensuring an entry into the biggest app market? After paying platform distribution fees + 30% cut, if developers are still at the mercy of the laws of the land, maybe it is time to devise developer contracts suited to individual distribution needs.

苹果如何帮助他们确保进入最大的应用市场? 在支付了平台发行费+ 30%的折扣之后,如果开发商仍然受土地法律的支配,也许是时候设计出适合个人分销需求的开发商合同了。

Flat fee structure + Flat 30% is quite outdated in the world where pay-as-you-use is prevalent.


Taking a parallel from cloud environment, I do not pay Amazon for Chinese server if I do not have an AWS server in China. Likewise, I do not pay Apple 1/6th of my fees if my app isn’t distributed in China and 1/6th of the world population isn’t going to see it at all.

从云环境中获取并行数据,如果我在中国没有AWS服务器,则无需向Amazon支付中文服务器费用。 同样,如果我的应用程序未在中国发行,而全世界的1/6人口根本不会看到,我也不会向Apple支付我费用的1/6。

Developers from underdeveloped countries could be subsidized too. After all, it is merit that creates level playing field, and Apple will only increase its goodwill if it incentivizes its underprivileged evangelists.

来自不发达国家的开发商也可以得到补贴。 毕竟,优点是可以创造一个公平的竞争环境,而苹果公司只有在激励其弱势的传教士时才会提高其信誉。

结论: (Conclusion:)

Developers want Apple to succeed. Their criticism of Apple is that of despair, not that of demerit.

开发人员希望苹果成功。 他们对苹果的批评是绝望,而不是缺点。

Epic has presented Apple with an opportunity — a window to correct its structural misdeeds. The spirit with which Steve Jobs took on the IBM monopoly must be awakened.

Epic为苹果提供了机会-纠正其结构弊端的窗口。 必须唤醒乔布斯(Steve Jobs)垄断IBM的精神。

People want Apple to succeed. Their criticism of Apple is that of despair, not that of demerit.

人们希望苹果成功。 他们对苹果的批评是绝望,而不是缺点。

Apple stands on the giant shoulders of combined knowledge of its vast developer community.


It’s time it recognizes it before starting to lose on credibility. And profits.

是时候在开始失去信誉之前认识到它了。 和利润。

No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.

没有人想死。 甚至那些想去天堂的人也不想死去那里。 然而,死亡是我们所有人共同的目的地。 没有人能逃脱它。 那是应该的,因为死亡很可能是生命的唯一最好的发明。 它是生命的变革推动者。 它清除了旧的东西,为新的东西让路。

Steve Jobs


有关Apple的更多信息: (More about Apple:)

翻译自: https://medium.com/macoclock/heres-how-apple-should-respond-to-the-epic-1984-bait-df301b286628


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