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Bobing Game
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Bobing Game

1.The CSDN links of each Lab

Lab1-1: Self-Introduction
Lab1-2: EE308FZ Lab1_2
Lab2-1: Prototype Design
Lab2-2: Bobing Game
Lab3-1: Topic selection and requirement analysis
Lab3-2: Sprint Summary

2. Summary and harvest

2.1 Personal Programming

The first task of the course is to ask us to do a personal project and make a flow chart of thinking. For the first time, I realized the convenience brought by the flow chart to programming, and provided a clear logical idea to help me program.

2.2 Pair Grogramming

This is my first attempt to develop a software. For software design, I personally prefer to write small programs that are relatively easy and practical. I use WeChat developer tools to learn new languages and use them that I have never used before. The technology, such as inserting background music, making dynamic special effects, and learning with the partner, how to design a prototype and realize the function step by step, and finally meet our expectations.

2.3 Team Project Practice Experience Summary

“Personally design the icons”
In the team project, I found that a project does not require everyone to participate in the development and programming, but each person performs their own duties, develops their own strengths, and chooses the modules that they are interested in and good at. For me, I am mainly responsible for report writing, prototype and icon design in this project. I think a good prototype is the cornerstone of a good software, so I took the initiative to learn how to design icons, how to design beautiful prototypes and take the initiative to communicate with Programmers communicate with each other and try to realize the functions as much as possible.

3. Technology and tools

3.1 Technology

-ajax:ajax is a technology for creating fast and dynamic web pages. By exchanging a small amount of data with the server in the background, ajax can make the webpage update asynchronously. This means being able to update parts of a webpage without reloading the entire webpage.
-VUE: Simple and compact core, progressive technology stack, enough to handle applications of any scale and get started quickly on the basis of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

3.2 Tools

-Adobe XD:The user interface is clear and easy to understand, and the designed prototype meets the software requirements.
-WeChat Developer Tools:It is easy to realize front-end and back-end interaction, and a large number of ready-made functional modules can be used and modified.
-IntelliJ IDEA :Has a slick, polished, and fluid UI with tons of autocompletion and contextual hints. It loads fast and has a similar level of plugin support as Eclipse. It has an excellent built-in Java decompiler and works well as a debugging tool.

4. Personal Growth and Feelings

First of all, I would like to thank the teacher and the teaching assistants for their help. When I encounter difficulties, someone can help me to point out a solution. In the past courses, we learned more about algorithms, not based on practical operations, so that the content of learning could not be combined with reality. After taking the course of software engineering, the knowledge I have learned has been put to use. I can finally put aside the theory and design and create some small software. Although my ability is limited, I can only make some software with basic functions, but I am very satisfied. I feel that what I have learned can be used to create something meaningful. In short, although this course is messy, there are many knowledge points and many theoretical things. At the same time, we need a lot of time Self-study various programming techniques, but I think it is a very meaningful course, worthy of five-star praise.


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