What's your resolution for 2006?

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What's your resolution for 2006?

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In 2005, I try my best to do following things:

1. Lose weight

Health always is most important to us.
Although I made a little progress on losing weight, but it is still not enough.
I have to improve it in next year.

Low calorie, do aerobics everyday!

2. To be a good husband

Who can tell me how to be a good husband?

May be I'll trying to become sensitive and romantic...;)

3. To be a good engineer

I'm not sure which way is easy? A kernel hacker or a good engineer?

Let me fulfill my dream, I wanna both of them!

Following fields need me to be familiar:

  IA-32 architecture
  Solaris kernel & driver
  Linux Kernel & driver

I will continue to learn and practise them by writing blogs, participating in activies of opensolaris&linux community...

That's all. Almost same with last year. haha.... :)

What's your resolution for 2006, my friends?